July 2013 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Fords Pair 2013 II

Sales are strong and steady for the big players, with GM making the biggest leap this month with the first full month of sales data for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra half-tons. It looks like just about every manufacturer with a full-size pickup available is set to have a record year, with the exception of the Nissan Titan.


Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2012
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. Month 2012
1 Ford F-Series +22.1% July 2013 60,449 +22.6%
427,935 July 2012 49,314

2 Chevrolet Silverado +27.4% July 2013 42,080 +45.2%
284,666 July 2012 28,972

3 Ram Truck +24.2% July 2013 31,314 +31.4%
201,633 July 2012 23,824

4 GMC Sierra +24.0% July 2013 16,582 +49.3%
104,215 July 2012 11,105

5 Toyota Tacoma
+21.1% July 2013 13,882 +22.3%
95,070 July 2012 11,350

6 Toyota Tundra +13.1% July 2013 9,820 +7.0%
61,385 July 2012 9,176

7 Nissan Frontier -0.2% July 2013 5,615  +0.1%
34,931 July 2012 5,611

8 Chevrolet Avalanche*
+4.3% July 2013 1,496 -17.9%
13,374 July 2012 1,823

9 Honda Ridgeline +29.3% July 2013 1,645 +67.7%
10,665 July 2012


10 Nissan Titan -21.1% July 2013 1,168 -42.4%
10,020 July 2012


11 Chevy Colorado* -87.3% July 2013 207 -94.9%
3,241 July 2012 4,096

12 Caddy Escalade EXT* +37.3% July 2013 182 +11.7%
1,341 July 2012


13 GMC Canyon* -85.9% July 2013 22 -96.9%
898 July 2012


14 Suzuki Equator** -41.0% July 2013 0 -100%
457 July 2012


15 Ford Ranger* -100% July 2013 0 -100%
0 July 2012


* No longer in production but still being sold.

** No longer produced by American Suzuki (effectively a clone of the Nissan Frontier) because that company declared bankruptcy. The new company, Suzuki Motors of America Inc., does not produce pickups.


I predict F-Series Sales at 650-725K units by the end of '13.

Chevy sales are up from last year.

But from last month to this month, the first full month of sales data for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, sales are less...

June 2013
Silverado: 43,259

July 2013
Silverado: 42,080

Sales are decreasing for the first full month of sales with the 2014.

On the other hand, Ram and F-series sales are going up from last moth to this month.

Jaime: you did not take into consideration that the Chevy trucks sold the month before, were mostly of the older truck, and were with heavy discounts, and now most of the sale are of the new truck and have either none or very little discount, and if this trend continues? there could be even more sales than last yr to date.

Wow Ford just keep pulling ahead even farther with the oldest truck line up. Love my 2005 FX4 but will be tempted when the 2015's roll around

Sme retards out there gm last year 9237 under ford NOW 1787 Under NEXT year over 5000.

Ram is getting closer to Chevy. Soon ram #2 nice

If Honda ever updated the Ridgeline it could have a shot at catching the Frontier on the sales charts.

Nissan looks like it is struggling to sell trucks, when are the new Titan and Frontier supposed to arrive?

The reason Ford sells so many trucks is because they don't last and need to be replaced so often. Guys with Chevy's and Dodges don't have to worry about this and can hang on to their trucks longer.

It is true. That's my excuse...and I'm sticking with it. LOL.

"The reason Ford sells so many trucks is because they don't last and need to be replaced so often."

The most stupidest idiotic comment I have seen. F'ken retarded as the person who posted.

So, GM and Toyota sell the most cars in the world, I bet they don't last as long either.

I think he might have something, Fords break so often and their owners to ignorant to realize thiers something better out thier. They probably are so used to it they think its normal.

I still that it would be good if Mark Williams or someone would break down the information even further. i am sure most guys here want to know how many HD. Ld. and fleet sales too. good to see the big 3 dominating.

GM's year to date sales are almost double of what Ram's are, I wouldn't say they're anywhere near catching them. Right now, Ram has had their all-new truck out for several months while GM is still trying to get their new trucks out to dealers. Just wait until the Denali and High Country models come out, not to mention the 6.2 liter which will be the most powerful engine available in a 1/2 ton. Things are just going to get better for GM from here forward, meanwhile, Ram has already blown their wad and dreaming of the day (that will never come) they catch Chevrolet in sales. LOL!!

No Guts
No Glory
More Recalls
Ram Sucks...and always will.

Ram is tracking for a great 2013, no small feat considering the fact that my local Ford and GM dealers are bragging about taking $10k off the sticker of any new truck on the lot.

Seriously - $10k off?! Does that mean you pay $10k too much if you buy a truck in the winter time? They're not offering those kinds of deals in January...

So what sandwoman is saying, the first 7 months of Silverado sales should be taken with a grain of salt because they were inflated by "heavy" discounts and massive channel stuffing of the dealer lots. The sales from here on out will be more authentic and are those you should keep an eye on.

Month to month:

Silverdo: -1,179 from last month.

Ram: +1,670.


If you don't get 10K off any of the Crew Cab 4x4 models your paying to much.

The Ford dealer near me offered 10k several times throught the year on loaded f150 crew cabs they might not always publishize the price but its well known that you shoulld pay about 10k below sticker on a half ton crew.

Sandman is wrong.

Incentives do not do anything for sales.

A sale is recoreded when a truck hits the dealer lots. What actually sells is another matter.

What you want to track is the days of supply level.

GM had very high inventory supply levels which helped "increase" sales.

By contrast the days of supply at Ford was lower, yet they sold more, which means Ford's montly turnover is a faster.

Hey Frank. It was a joke! Relax son...

Some of you guys take this site WAYYY too seriously.

Its there a way to find out how many dealerships ford chevy and ram have?

Yeah I agree with Jamie RAM up Ram: +1,670 from last month....had they been able to actually get the 8 speed transmissions in, finished the work on the rear axle spindle recall, driveline differential unit recall, electronic stability control recall, spare tire that does not match recall, engine cover that could overheat recall, faulty windshield defrosting system recall, parking brake recall, airbag and restraint head rests recall and a host of others, who knows how much money Fiat would have made!

Hemi Tick, I agree. Don't forget the 8.4" nav/wiring harness fiasco.

Parts shortages and problems continue...

(Reuters) - Fiat's (FIA.MI) U.S. unit Chrysler, which generates most of the group's net profit, cut its profit forecast as it struggled to fill orders due to parts shortages, hitting the Italian automaker's shares.

Chrysler's booming U.S. sales have compensated for Fiat's losses in Europe, where demand hit a 20-year low in the first half of the year.

Fiat-Chrysler Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne said most of Chrysler's plants had experienced parts shortages as it tried to keep up with strong demand. That resulted in lost production.

Its competitors General Motors (GM.N) and Ford (F.N) both trounced expectations in their earnings releases last week. Automotive supply chain glitches have proven a headache for the much smaller and less diversified Chrysler, which is overly dependent on Jeep and truck models to make money.

"We're trying to reduce the recurrence of these events, but they keep on happening at a sufficient rate that we had to look at the forecast and admit that the overall number that we had set for the year may be at risk," Marchionne said on a conference call"


PS Chrysler confirmed that the critical launch of a new Jeep Cherokee was delayed by a month to September to resolve calibration issues with the SUV's new nine-speed transmission.

@Jamie, Who's side are you on? Make up your mind.

People are waiting for the 2014 HD Hemi AND Power Wagon with the new 6.4.

Interesting to see Tacoma sales exceeding Sierra sales this time last year.

Jim, you a wrong, the sale figures are for retail and fleet sales.

Gee! What incentive does Ford have to bring out all-new trucks? They are dominating with their old trucks!

Sandman, You are confusing revenue with sales.

GM counts a sales when vehicles are shipped from the factory to the dealer, not when they are ultimately purchased by the consumer.

Why is the ranger even on the list anymore?

Of course you are right. Think what it looks like INSIDE their heads.
And this is just great news for American truck makers. They are on a roll and it looks good if they can keep Washington weirdos at arms length.
Oh, sorry about that little thing about GM being owned by all us tax payers.

Counts sales when shipped from the factory? Do you have any proof to back that up? I have read conflicting reports. Some say all companies count sales when shipped to the dealer, some say only GM does, some say Ford and GM, some say it only counts when sold to the customer? Please provide a source for your info because I am throughly confused.

@Paul, Ram is taking down Chevy in 2014.


With Chrysler Group's all-new 6.4-liter HEMI V-8, the 2014 Ram Heavy Duty will deliver to best-in-class horsepower and best-in-class torque among pickups with gasoline engines.

Engineered to deliver capability, durability and bang for the buck, the largest displacement V-8 in its class provides a worthy gas-powered option to the segment's overall standard-bearer – the 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel.

Compelling numbers tell the story of the new 16-valve engine with 410 horsepower (306 kW) at 5,600 rpm and a peak torque rating of 429 lb.-ft. (582 N•m), at 4,000 rpm.

One of the enablers for such performance is an active dual-runner-length intake manifold optimized specifically for the Ram Heavy Duty lineup. The result is improved low-end torque without sacrificing high-end power.

The legendary HEMI architecture provides the foundation of the 90-degree V-8. But its advanced technology is decidedly forward-looking. Cooled exhaust-gas recirculation (CEGR), variable-valve timing (VVT) and Chrysler Group's trademark Fuel Saver cylinder-deactivation technology all contribute to efficiency and help to capitalize on every cubic inch.

The new 6.4-liter HEMI is standard on the 66RFE six-speed automatic transmission.

Thanks frank for showing once again you are the least educated, most clueless troll, with the poorest knowledge of pick up trucks in these forums. But then again, ford counts on uneducated dumbazzes like you to buy their junk.

Don't forget ford have big rebate...to December and watch ford the sales by one get on free...

I think the Titan would at least be doing a little better if they had them on dealer lots, one Nissan dealer in my area has one on the lot and its been like that all year. I think they are concentrating on building the NV's down at the Canton Mississippi plant.

Jim is confused, and wants to believe what he needs too, but the numbers given are for those trucks delivered to retail and fleet customers! and not those sold to dealers!

Go Frank!! You need to pull out the troll pole again and start thinning some of them out. Make take several poles!!

The Dodge does seem to be catching the Chevrolet. I like the new square body tribute but part of me thinks they should have rounded out those wheel openings and gone more modern on the front end after seeing a few on the road. They need a Platinum model too. Not just a cowboy truck. I think they'll be in trouble when the Atlas arrives. As an ex Chevy guy I'd still like to see them keep their second place position. As a Ford guy I'm glad to see we keep selling more. Our 150 Platinum is the best truck we've ever owned. Beautiful too.

Atlas is looming on the horizon...

If sales were only counted from the manufacture to the dealers, one could control the outcome.
It doesn't make sense to me.
Retail & Fleet sales are what make sense.

Such a big engine for having weak power numbers. they need to super charge it. power should be in the 500s. maybe i am asking too much. i do like the 5.7L hemi. my 2006 doge truck is a good truck.

Why ford is number 1 on sales years after years because there America's truck best class interiors difrences on trucks more models best class horsepower towing payload and torque ford will always be number 1 no matter what all u crying winers say period eve if its older model ford will always dominate built ford tough period

Why ford is number 1 on sales years after years because there America's truck best class interiors difrences on trucks more models best class horsepower towing payload and torque ford will always be number 1 no matter what all u crying winers say period eve if its older model ford will always dominate built ford tough period

Posted by: Lariat9907 | Aug 2, 2013 10:25:37 AM



Gimmie a FORD and a load of Mcdonalds hamburgers any day and it will be better than any fiat ram could ever think of being, even on its best day, if fiat ever has one. FORD, a REAL MANS TRUCK.

Looks like the GovtMoCo Sierra from GovtMotors is PILING On incentives!!!!! NO SURPRISE. That old Silverado is UGLY as hell. DODGE will DESTROY CHEVROLET Within a Year.

Best class horsepower from Ford? What class is that? The class of turbo gas v-6s? Oh, that's right...they are the only in the that class. 5.0? So so. Needs to be revved to make 380 ft pounds. 6.2? Needs revved more...lol, the Heavy Duty Shootout in 2011, Ford had to get a 4.3 gear to make their (at that time) biggest engine in class 6.2 tow good. Now compare that to the 6.4s torque of 425, the 6.2 would need to make 411 ft pounds to be on the save level of the 6.4, (makes only 405) and don't forget the 6.2 needs another 500 rpm to make it's power. Sure Ram coulda made more power from 6.4. This is an engine that can continuisly have a heavy load. It will also smoke the 6.2 on mileage. Even the 2011 shootout shows Fords nasty 6.2 mileage, and yet the 6.4 and the new 6 speed (the one pickuptrucks.com never seemed to test) that's been in use since 2012, will out do the 5.7 mileage.

So if you want a gas sucking (sucks alot of gas)3 quarter ton, Ford has you covered, and with less power! In a heavy ass truck, that rides low in the ass end.

As for the 6.2 Chevy, you have only heard of 1500 numbers, which will drop when installed in a 2500.

I'm Chivy will over rate it's towing ability as well, since they have jr high students guessing what they can tow.

Oh, and since the Ford v-6 is no "class leader", (GM's 4.3 is, oops, was, but MSN autos say it's a joke to tow with, so why bother? Might as well buy one for mileage) maybe Ford can work on making it tow IT'S RATED WEIGHT WITHOUT OVERHEATING!

6.2 in a half ton? Has nothing on a Hemi 8 speed. Egoboost? We seen what it does with 3.73s in the last shootout, for something with more torque, the 8 speed smoked it. Ram needed about 300 more pounds of payload, they woulda won that. Maybe if they came up with towing numbers the same way as Ford and GM do, they woulda won too. (just guess and say it's higher then the competition, lol) Mark Williams would still find a reason to make Ford win.

Stop crying Tom.

Stick the pole to him Frank!!

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