July 2013 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Fords Pair 2013 II

Sales are strong and steady for the big players, with GM making the biggest leap this month with the first full month of sales data for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra half-tons. It looks like just about every manufacturer with a full-size pickup available is set to have a record year, with the exception of the Nissan Titan.


Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2012
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. Month 2012
1 Ford F-Series +22.1% July 2013 60,449 +22.6%
427,935 July 2012 49,314

2 Chevrolet Silverado +27.4% July 2013 42,080 +45.2%
284,666 July 2012 28,972

3 Ram Truck +24.2% July 2013 31,314 +31.4%
201,633 July 2012 23,824

4 GMC Sierra +24.0% July 2013 16,582 +49.3%
104,215 July 2012 11,105

5 Toyota Tacoma
+21.1% July 2013 13,882 +22.3%
95,070 July 2012 11,350

6 Toyota Tundra +13.1% July 2013 9,820 +7.0%
61,385 July 2012 9,176

7 Nissan Frontier -0.2% July 2013 5,615  +0.1%
34,931 July 2012 5,611

8 Chevrolet Avalanche*
+4.3% July 2013 1,496 -17.9%
13,374 July 2012 1,823

9 Honda Ridgeline +29.3% July 2013 1,645 +67.7%
10,665 July 2012


10 Nissan Titan -21.1% July 2013 1,168 -42.4%
10,020 July 2012


11 Chevy Colorado* -87.3% July 2013 207 -94.9%
3,241 July 2012 4,096

12 Caddy Escalade EXT* +37.3% July 2013 182 +11.7%
1,341 July 2012


13 GMC Canyon* -85.9% July 2013 22 -96.9%
898 July 2012


14 Suzuki Equator** -41.0% July 2013 0 -100%
457 July 2012


15 Ford Ranger* -100% July 2013 0 -100%
0 July 2012


* No longer in production but still being sold.

** No longer produced by American Suzuki (effectively a clone of the Nissan Frontier) because that company declared bankruptcy. The new company, Suzuki Motors of America Inc., does not produce pickups.


Slap an eight speed in the Ford, Hemi takes an a$$ whoopin! Keep trying Tommy!

Ford trucks do not last as long as GM trucks. That is why Ford's warranty does not match what GM offers. If you want to trade trucks often, buy a Ford. And if you enjoy your truck and want to keep it, buy a GM truck. That is not hard to figure out!


It's obviously hard for you to figure out! GM's warranty is better because it has to be to cover all the problems! Ford doesn't have to have a long warranty because it's not needed! Vehicles with the shortest warranties have the fewest problems! Toyota and Honda prove that! Vehicles with longer warranties have more problems! That's not hard to figure out!

You hit the nail right on the head Jim.

it really doesn't cost manufacturers all that much to have a longer warranty. The way I see it my ram has a lifetime powertrain warranty. Yeah it might save me a few thousand dollars when the engine blows and cost Ram that money, but it probably would have been better for me just to take a few thousand off the purchase price. They got me on the deal, but if I thought about it would be better just to have a rebate and a regular warranty from the start. And even the lifetime warranty is only good for the original buyer. How many people trade their truck before any major problems? Probably most everyone that buys new.
You can slice the numbers all you want, but the fact is Ford has about the oldest design and continues to INCREASE market share. That means more people are switching from either chevrolet, ram, toyota, nissan, etc to ford than to any other brand. You can call them idiots. But the fact is an increasing number of people are choosing ford trucks. at the end of the day it's probably because they have the best overall value.

You are on to something...A Ford guy I know said "Ford trucks are reliable, I am *ONLY* on my third transmission in 200K". They are so narrow minded that they won't even look to see if there is something better. This is true with most truck buyers...Unthinking Willful Ignorance. Like Sky-Daddy believers.

Troll = Everyone I don't agree with.

so Jmmy bob what do you say about ford's increasing market share the last few years? It's not just increasing it is increasing more than any other brand including the new ram trucks. What do you say about the thousands of people that traded in a chevy, dodge, toyota, nissan, etc. for a ford? did they just wake up and say "i want my truck to break down more so I'll buy a ford this time." Most truck owners I know have owned chevy, dodge, and ford. Including myself. Most people have common sense and are relatively open minded about trucks. Most people I know test drive multiple trucks before they buy one.

I have now owned all Domestic brands, and the only one I have had any trouble with is the F-150, and to top it all off, the dealer tried to screw me on my cold air intake, by saying that caused my head gasket to leak? but I contacted Ford MoCo. and was rewarded with a dealer, that received the truck after I paid to tow it there, and after examining said truck told me right out the other dealer was F O S, and fixed my truck, then after not 5k later the head gasket is leaking again! and the dealer will not fix it, because it is out of warrantee! so no one can tell me about the lousy short and not very well the manuf. believes in their own product as Ford MoCo! Now lets touch on the ownership experience I have received on my Dodge Dakota! every one of my problems (3) have been serviced and fixed with NO questions asked by the dealer I moved next to after buy said truck the first was the heater relay at 34K and covered under the 3ys/36K bumper to bumper, next was the water pump at 58K covered under the 7/70k, and then the ball joints covered under a recall and the dealer even installed my superior parts with grease fittings, after I paid for the parts wholesale over the internet! and he installed them for FREE under the recall, I ask you all how many dealers would do that? but that is why they are called what MOPAR calls a 5 Star Dealer!! if this truck was a Ford I would have been out of luck, and do not tell me the Ford would not have broken, because I know better now, and for the Chevys I have owned, the ONLY problem I have ever had with any Chevy is the tranny in my 93 failed only because I missed a gear at 5,000rpm! and the dealer still replaced the tranny! at 35K!! and the 05 Avalanche I bought had a recall for the intermediate steering shaft bearing, fixed under warrantee/recall, with NO OTHER problems with that truck!, now my 2011 Chevy had 42K on it with NO problems, and the drivetrain is still covered for another 18K or 2 yrs! and again if this was a Ford, I would be $hit out of luck in what? 2 thousand more miles? so do not try to tell me about warrantees being nothing to worry about, then there is my brothers Honda Odyssey, that had the tranny go out, on a trip with just over 37K, and they had to stop for 4 days on their vacation to get it fixed with vacation money!! some vacation! the truck he traded on for the Honda so called bullet-proof van? a Jeep Cherokee with over 180K on it, he traded 8 o. before the vacation because he thought he could not trust it? and now my cousins Tundra just had the engine fail (cam-chain) at 56K, and now he is on the hook for it! and I just do not seem it is a good idea to bust his alls about it, especially since I told him to buy a Chevy when I did! and he thought his Tundra has been the best truck he ever owned and was so much faster and more powerful than my Chevy! now? he is kicking himself in the a$$, over buying any vehicle with such a short warrantee!

Well I have had a lot less trouble with my Ford than any of the GM products I have had. All I have had to do is routine preventative maintenance on the F150, and I go off-road, tow, and haul. Often all three at the same time, which I will be doing this weekend. It's now nearly at 109,000 miles. I have had such good luck with it, I am seriously considering a Super Duty when I am done with my MBA program.

I have an 02 F-150 with 163,000 miles on it with the original transmission. Some little maintenance things replaced, normal wear and tear. It's a great truck! Couldn't ask for anything better!

No crying Frank. Unless you are? Ford cant make torque without a turbo anymore. And their turbo engines are having issues, whether you admitt it or not, they have had alot of issues. And changing spark plug gaps isnt a fix all.

6.2 Fords are such a joke! And what's the big deal about the 5.0? Less mileage then a 8 speed hemi with less torque at more rpm.

Keep trolling Frank, like somebody pointed out, you think a troll is anybody that doesn't share your Phord loving mentality for old trucks.

Hey JIM, if you put an eight speed behind the egoboost, what good is it when the engine will need work? Oh, you want to talk 5.0? It won't run with a hemi if it had an 8 speed. LOL. Funny how the Ford folks all screamed thehemi is a race engine when first placed in trucks, now they are fine with 5.0s and 6.2s! The ones that need more rpm!

@Greg - funny how you mention GMC reliability. I just came back from a 2,000 km (1,250 mile) trip and while driving through the Fraser Canyon in 40C (104F) and several 7% grades, I saw 3 vehicles dead on the side of the road.
1 - Chevy HD gasser pulling a 5,000 lb boat with a pool of antifreeze/water under it,
1 - Chevy HD diesel older gen pulling a 15,000 lb horse trailer with tranny oil on the ground.
1 - '60's era VW microbus full of 20 something kids pretending to be 60's era hippies.

My friend has a 2011 HD gasser. It has 45,000 miles on it and the front rotors have been replaced twice.

@TRX4-Tom - still hurting over the results of that last shootout.
You are starting to sound a lot like PorscheV8.

Any fire advisories. LOL

@Lou, "@TRX4-Tom - still hurting over the results of that last shootout. Funny". Why should he be hurting. Ram kicked everyone's @$$ pulling a load with the lowest tow rating.lol
Lou, I will be in your favorite fishing hole, camping hole, R.V. site,riding spot before you get there. LMFAO!

P.S. Stay thirsty my friend.

Let the @$$ kicking commence.

All Guts

All Glory

Ram ;)

@PorscheV8 - yeah.............right.

Nissan has neglected the frontier like ford did with the ranger and the numbers show! Lets see if that joint partnership between GM, Nissan, Chrysler to develop and bring to market a small turbo diesel opens up a diesel option for the frontier.
First manufacture to offer a turbo diesel in a midsize getting 35mpg+ will own that segment, period!!

This is why America can not keep anything going...just look at how childish everyone is acting about these trucks...FORD buyers will buy FORD...CHEVY buyers will buy GMC and CHEVY...and DODGE buyers will buy DODGE...they are 1,2 and 3...we should be glad,as our domestic cars are being beat out by the others...as for DODGE RAM...yes that is right....it is not a fiat...fiat bought out 58 % of CHRYSLER...but they do not build RAM.....As for RAM taking CHEVY out of 2nd place...yes it can happen...DO THE MATH,it is easy...just subtract......grade school stuff......CHEVY......284,666....minus...RAM.....201,633=83,033.....RAM can possibly take them out by 2014...and drop them to 3rd........only 83.033 to go...and as for RECALS..they have all had them...Check out CONSUMER REPORTS.....they rated RAM as best PICKUP....MOTOR TREND....RAM as TRUCK of THE YEAR......I could go on and on......RAM took all the awards this year...DIESEL ...no contest THE CUMMINS has always been the best...And RAM can tow 30,000 ilbs.I like all trucks ,old and new......BUT RAM is the best of the bunch...and FORD sells the most FLEETS...that is why they have been number one...But if it were not up to companys...CARPENTRY...HEAT & COOLING ect who buy because they are cheap for multi buying...then it would be CHEVY#1...RAM #2 and FORD #3.

We run these trucks in the oil fields of West Texas driving around 300 miles per day every day only changing the oil once a month. We never have engine problems out of any of the manufactures. The problem is the Ford interiors just crumble due to all of the off road rattling. The axles snap loose from the transfer cases and the carrier bearings are made of crap. The GM trucks seem to be in the shop every day all day due to electrical problems. The Ram's have hub assembly problems and thats about it.

I would drive any of these trucks based off what looks you like, but as far as structural integrity goes, it is darn sure not with the Ford. There is not one problem with the F150's it is all over the board. They sell the most based off of MARKETING and client loyalty (and I have no idea why), but hey if you like the looks and trade in every 2 to 3 years then have at it.

The Ford Super Duty series definitely does better in the field but still has a piece of crap interior that will fall apart around you as you drive. But why would I want to buy from a manufacture that has sold 4 different diesels in the last 4 years? Have you ever works on a 6.0 or 6.2? It's a nightmare!!!!!! But people still buy the darn things!

I'm just giving a real life personal experience in running all 3 of these trucks.

Jackson, Mississippi or 100 miles from Brandon, Mississippi

2012-15 chevy pickups / 4 wheel drive /45,000 miles or less
Silverado 2-door extended cab

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