Midwest Pickup Fans Set Guinness World Record

World Record 9 II

In celebration of a new SiriusXM radio station called Rural Radio (channel 80), more than 500 pickup truck owners showed up at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Aug. 3 to participate in a Guinness Book of World Record attempt for the world’s largest pickup  truck parade. In the end, 386 pickups met the strict criteria necessary to qualify for the World’s Largest Parade of Pickups (actually, not so strict--no camper shells and must be more than 10 feet from the truck in front of you), and official certification was awarded. 

The pickups came in all shapes and sizes and owners did have to register and provide proof of ownership. The huge group of pickup trucks staged outside the speedway track then proceeded onto the track in an orderly fashion for a full lap past officials for verification. The previous record was set last year with 273 pickups at Dresden Raceway in Ontario, Canada. 

For more information about the new satellite radio channel and other farming community issues, go to www.rfdtv.com

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World Record 17 II

World Record 4 II



These people must have nothing better to do, then watch a bunch of pickup drive at low speeds in a circle.

I wish I could have been a part of this parade. Reminds me of traffic in Texas. Great article!

I would have loved to show up at this meet, just to observe and maybe participate. But I wonder how that Willys Jeep passed qualification, since it would have qualified more as a utility vehicle.

And thanks to a fatal accident last month here in Alabama, our fine legislators are trying to fast-track a bill to prohibit passengers in open-bed pickups. Those poor kids riding in the bed of that
Dodge would have been walking instead over here. Scott Beason would have run alongside and snatched them out and chastised the driver on the spot.


Is that girl giving me the finger?

imoore- I can see your point for driving down the highway, but it they are going pretty slow here, I bet.

Wonder if Scott Beason wants to go grab Nascar drivers out of trucks at Talladagaduring prerace trips around the track?

I bet your kids wear helments when they climb trees. Or walk the side of the road.

If that Willys has a pickup truck bed and was factory designed that way (which they were), then it qualified. A modern Jeep Wrangler, even the current mod versions, probably would not qualify.

I believe it is against the law to ride in the bed in Indiana. Being on private property might be a way around this.

@TRX 4 Tom:

"Wonder if Scott Beason wants to go grab Nascar drivers out of trucks at Talladaga during prerace trips around the track?"

Given the chance to do it, yes. Even during the actual race, too. If you live here in Alabama and follow Beason's antics (referring to African-Americans as "aboriginals" during the recent gambling corruption trials, making off-handed remarks when the school bus fell off the interstate overpass bridge in Huntsville killing students, and championing police officers when they arrested Mercedes and Honda execs for driving "illegally'" and causing international embarrassment, among other things-and don't get me started on his mocking farmers who lost workers and thousands of dollars in rotting crops because of his immigration law), then you would understand what I'm referring to. It just disturbs me that someone would make riding in the bed of a pickup a criminal offense. Next, he'll be banning pickup rides in parades.

Beason for Alabama Governor in 2014? Truck owners beware!

" I bet your kids wear helments when they climb trees. Or walk the side of the road."

I don't mind the personal digs. I can take it. But please leave my children out of this. That's crossing a line.

Here in Australia its illegal to have any person in the back of any vehicle unsecured, anywhere.

It's similar to ROP (roll over protection) on tractors, forks, etc. To have an expemption you must prove the vehicle can't be operated with the protection.

I'm even thinking, but not sure that seatbelts are to be worn even on tractors.

I do believe in the law of not having anyone ride in the back of a vehicle at anytime. We have what is called Workcover, this is a government body that can close any operation down if safety laws aren't adhered to.

Even here all must wear bicycle helments riding a bike, even a kid.

The head apparently can only sustain an impact of 28kmph. Not very quick, even on a farm.

It makes sense to be safe, lots of farmers in Australia used to be killed working the land. Over the past 20-30 years this has reduced significantly, due to the safety laws.

It shouldnt be illegal to ride on back of truck in dirt roads or private property.unless your insurance company says something. it should only be illegal to do that on paved roads highways.

REMINDS ME of that stupidazz law they wanted to pass or might of passed. that made even farmers wear their seatbelts on dirt roada.

@Big Al:

I'm all for safety, but what bothers me is the actions of the politicians and lawmakers who will seize the opportunity to turn an issue into a vehicle for political gain.

Concerning the politician I referred to in my previous post: When the school bus crashed in Huntsville, the question regarding seat belts on school buses was raised. Several US states make seat bets mandatory on their buses, but Alabama does not. The agency I work for operates belt-equipped buses as mandated by the our federal funding agency, and that supercedes state rules. Beason opposed equipping belts for school buses, and stopped the discussion cold.

So my feeling is this, if riding in pickup beds should be illegal, then there should be some sort of safety ruling for all vehicles. Don't pick on one and leave the rest alone.

It took several large bus crashes in Australia for the laws to be changed here regarding bus safety.

It started with the Grafton Bus Accident years ago (late 80s?), then another one a couple of months later.

In Australia I do know all buses other than suburban buses seatbelts are a must, even school buses.

I don't believe in wrapping a person in cotton wool, but we have to have realistic safety standards. Imagine air travel if you had the views that some on this site hold.

Standards, including safety is our biggest difference from developing nations. This includes enforcing standards.

It's all part of good governance.

@Big Al
Thats very important and true what you said Al, thanks for that. THough the safety laws can be a nuisance they are put in place for our own protection and that must be recognized. THe thing about air travel is very true. All that security is a pain but it can save a whole jumbo jet of people plus the thousands on the ground from terrorist attacks when they happen. It only takes one terror plot caught to pay off all that security. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Man, people (and socialist governments) need to lighten up. The "but if it saves only a single child" or "its for... the children" nonsense to try and bubble wrap the risk out of every single aspect of life and legislate and ticket the fun out of everything is ridiculous.

Every single Halloween, I load a bunch of the neighbor kids (everyone where I live has at least a 2.5 acre lot) and I drive them around (at about 10 mph) in the back of the bed from house to house. They have an absolute blast. Would I do it on a main road or highway, no. Do my kids wear helmets/gloves/goggles on their dirtbikes, yes. People just need to use a little darn common sense. Don't let limp wristed control freaks make EVERYTHING dangerous and turn our kids into sissies afraid to take a risk in life.

I am also one of those evil parents that shoots bb/pellet guns with my kids in the back yard and take them to range to shoot real guns--where they need to recite the 4 basic rules of shooting safety before we even get started.

Hank, we all know your ride is a moped, I hear they call you moped Hank around the homeless encampment. Maybe one day you will get lucky and find a lost winning Powerball ticket. Then you can tell all those critics who said after you dropped out of the 3rd grade and got your 15th DUI arrest they were wrong, you are not only a loser but a loser with a winning lotto ticket.

Its been proven in side impacts that side airbags greatly reduce the risk of death and serious injury.


@Canadian Hot Rod/CandaianRamOwner or what ever you call your self.




Make a post implying that you speak for all Canadians.

You are a childish idiot.

" 40-50 km/h faster than the speed limit on the highway "

In BC 40 km/hr over the speed limit means huge fines and a vehicle impound (on the spot) if you are caught.

I just came from the lower mainland and most were driving at 110 kph on the TransCanada out of Vancouver to Hope. Some were 120 kph.
Heading into the interior, most were 110kph.
110kph seems to be the standard. Most traffic cops allow 10kph over the speed limit and everyone knows that.

Most drivers in the Lower Mainland were idiots that were not following safe stopping distances.

"and we love to drag race on rural roads(even at stop lights in the city),"

As previously mentioned - don't speak for the rest of us.

The irony is the fact that you are a Chrysler/Ram fan.

You fit in with all of the Rambo Motard Retards on this site.

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