New Configurations for 2014 F-150 STX


Ford is expanding the number of cab options on its popular STX trim package; it will now include the four-door full-size SuperCrew with a choice of either the 3.7-liter V-6 (only 4x2) or the 5.0-liter V-8 engine (4x2 or 4x4) options for 2014. The STX package fits in between the base XL and midlevel XLT packages, but was previously only offered in regular and SuperCab models; additionally, STX will get a Sport Package option as well.

Base-model STX regular cab 4x2 models will start at less than $30,000 (all prices include destination), but the new V-6 SuperCrew (with an EPA fuel economy rating of 17/23 mpg city/highway) will start at $34,240, and the 5.0-liter V-8 SuperCrew (offering 9,500 pounds of towing capacity) will start at $38,665. Previously, no SuperCrew STX models were offered.

This announcement is part of a strategy Ford is undertaking to offer more value-driven packages with more engines, wheelbases and cab configurations than any other competitor to take advantage of surging sales of full-size pickup trucks. For the first half of this year, pickup sales are up almost 25 percent when compared to 2012, about double the auto industry as a whole.

Among other standard features, the STX SuperCrew will have power doors and mirrors, a perimeter alarm, 17-inch aluminum wheels, cruise control, 40/20/40 front cloth seats, driver's adjustable lumbar, air conditioning, AdvanceTrac and more.

The new STX Sport Package adds 20-inch wheels, 275/55 tires, black billet grille, body-color grille surround, black running boards, a center console on SuperCab and SuperCrew models, box decals and more.

To download the complete Ford press release, click here.

Editor's note: This post was updated Aug. 29 to include more detailed information.

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This is just more of Ford's long standing practice of "de-contenting." They strip out features and raise the cost.

I like Lou's commentary, he provides insight that is good for PUTC.

The reality is this guy who is posting under Lou's name is a problem. I have a fair idea on who it is as most probably do.

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I know what Lou is going through.

35K is for the STX model, not the base model. XL also is available in SuperCrew. I agree that the pricing is outlandish for a near low-level trim. I was looking at Chevrolet Tahoes back in 2004 or so and the LS models were already $35K. Now I imagine that they start at $45-50 grand.

35K is cheap for a four door truck, keep in mind the STX may be at the lower end of the trim levels but its still is fairly well equpped, Its about 10 grand cheaper then the higher end models if not more. also you should be able to get 6-8K off that price at the dealer if you have any negotiating skills.

I am going to pick up my new STX next week. Currently have an XLT with most of the options. I love the 5.0 and all the amenities. It was the biggest step up in vehicles I have ever experienced. I had a 2008 Silverado LT 2 and even this new STX with a few things missing still is a significant upgrade. How it compared to the 2014 GM twins idk, because I only cross shopped RAM. The STX was about 15 bucks less a month than the express, plus I got a 36 gallon tank and a 3.73 rear end for my towing responsibilities. All in all, I was looking to save abit over the XLT and ended up saving a lot with sacrificing 3 things: keypad entry, center console, power drivers seat. The savings was worth the sacrifice. Also, I drove my buddy's 2013 5.3 silverado work truck. He stole that off the lot. I think GM is missing the boat by not offering a sport package. He could use that in between offering. I think the STX is a home run if they stick to the plan with it.

@Mad Max - You can look at the STX as a de-contented XLT if you wish. But no other truck OEM gives you nearly as many trim levels or specially trucks.

None of the XLT exclusive features/options interest me in the slightest and it has way too much chrome on everything. GM, Toyota and the rest need to come up with similar, lower level sports/trades models. Or at least, let dealers order/upgrade their base trucks to STX content.

There's no reason to deny cheapskates like me, pwr windows, locks, alloy wheels/tires upgrade, limo tint, fog lights, tach, rear slider, just because we don't want the SLT, SR5, LTZ, etc.

You can't even get a base V8 or the 5.7 DOHC in a Reg cab/SB Tundra. They need to try harder or quit crying that they can't sell trucks.

The Blogger formerly known as LOU

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I see they've finally realized that not everybody wants a big-rig wannabe chromed grill and surround. The two noses above actually look good to me.


Boring is good. If I wanted a full sized truck, I'd actually consider these.

As it is, I'm still waiting for something smaller.

ANY post that uses my new blog name Lou_BC but does not have a link to my TypePad account, was not made by me. Any new post using "Lou" my prior blog name was not made by me.

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I ain't stooping down to your level of trollness. It ain't worth it, go troll someone else.

The advertised retail price for the F150 is a whole lot more than what a person can actually get one for. I bought my 2013 STX 4WD supercab (extended cab) for just under $27k. This was with the 5.0 V8, spray in bed liner and 201A options package. Sticker was close to $37k.

I looked at Toyota and Nissan but could not get them to do much with their pricing. The RAM and Chevy are nice but I couldn't get the truck I wanted for the price I wanted.

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