NHTSA Makes Recall Info Easier to Find

Car-Recalls II

As part of a new ruling, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will offer a dedicated section on its website (www.safercar.gov) where car owners can type in their vehicle identification number to find out whether their vehicle is part of a pending recall or if the necessary repairs have already been made to their vehicle. Additionally, the regulation requires all automotive manufacturers that sell in the U.S. to provide online access to this information on their customer websites by Aug. 14, 2014.

The Detroit News notes that several manufacturers already comply with this requirement or offer recall information on their customer websites, but as part of this new regulation, all manufacturers will have to update the information weekly.

The new requirements will also make it mandatory for automakers to contact owners with a direct notice within 60 days of announcing the recall to NHTSA and to have some kind of website searchability for uncompleted recalls for various makes and models.

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due to the large # of recalls and defects on ford vehicles the NHTSA will be overloaded and will probably crash. they have no idea what they decided to take on. the gov't will never learn.

Johnny Doe, a Government Motors shill, needs to be sued for libel.

Thas good. maybe make it so truck owners get a txt message if there is a recall on their trucks.

This is good news for all of us pickup truck owners.

Toyota is installing all new servers with multi-teraflop hard disk space to run their websites on so that all their recalls will be searchable without crashing the site.

In other random news... remember that Mahindra diesel truck that was planned for the U.S.? Evil Protection Agency killed that too, didn't they? Even that thing looked better than a Toyota Tundra.

Johnny Doe, a Government Motors shill, needs to be sued for libel.
Posted by: K | Aug 16, 2013 8:41:33 AM

Nice try Frank or whoever you are!

They say that on-star will have this feature built in to it so all the recalls will not be missed on all government motors cars and trucks. fiat is gonna install a strobe light on the dash of all its cars and trucks too, that way everyone will see it and get away quickly as possible.

Wow...this is great for FORD and FIAT owners a central database to keep track of all the recalls on their trucks. Good Job!

Unless a person is willing to pay $300,000 for a truck instead of 30,000 for 100% QC checks, there will always be recalls.

If your brand if perfect, then step foreward and with righteous indignation, cast aspersions upon the brands owned by others.

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@Johhny FAG,

You need to get a f'ken life. You are a laughing stock.

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Take that stuff to the War Room in the PUTC forums. It has no place in the comments section of stories.

Thoughtful debate and intelligently comparing the merits of one truck/brand versus others is welcomed and appreciated.

Posted by: Mike Levine | Feb 8, 2011 9:20:41 AM

@ johnny doe for president and Fix or Repair,

Take that stuff to the War Room in the PUTC forums. It has no place in the comments section of stories.

Thoughtful debate and intelligently comparing the merits of one truck/brand versus others is welcomed and appreciated.

Oh yes Lou and to quote the god of American auto makers the great Mr. Iacocca "Safety doesn't sell"...lol

That sounds like an:

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@Fix Or Repair Daily - You can quote the Old Testament but since the USA is a Christian country, that part of the bible carries less weight than the New Testament.

I was quoting the bible because most of the USA's legal system and even what constitutes fair, just, and civil conversation is built upon biblical/Christian values.

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should be the rule for any thread. Brand bashing is just that.

@Lou - I agree. It would hugely improve the quality of PUTC if the posters did follow those basic principles.

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@Phinehas - where did rule of law come from?
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Keep the topic on trucks and you might stand a chance.

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More fake posts. This site's attempts at improvement are a joke.
Mike Levine must shudder when he thinks about what has happened to the site he worked so hard to build.

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