Ram 1500 Named Top Tailgater

Tailgaters II

You can almost smell the hot dogs and hamburgers, hear the roaring fight songs and feel the fierce rivalry in the air. It's time for the football tailgate season to start. Whether you owe your allegiance to your high school or college alma mater or your heart bleeds for your city's professional football team, you need to have the right vehicle to carry all the essentials: coolers, grill, garbage bags, beverages, meats and more.

The experts at sister site Cars.com recently published their list of the Top 10 vehicles for tailgating, and the winner is the Ram 1500 pickup truck. The editors' favorite options include a load-leveling air-suspension option that allows owners to lower the bed for easy access; gigantic, lockable waterproof bedside containers; adjustable tie-down cleats and a bed divider; and available Uconnect WiFi hot-spot connection for all the latest team updates.

The Honda Ridgeline, one of our tailgating favorites, was also on the list with its huge, under-bed rear trunk that can be used as lockable storage or filled with ice to hold case after case of 12-ounce cans.

Tailgate RamBox II



Have to admit, the Ram is great with the Ram boxes used as coolers.

I have seen like wait 0 Rams with this box on the road. So who's buying them?

But like I told a woman at work the other day, nothing makes a man feel more like a man then working off the tailgate outdoors.

Tell us more about the new Ram Diesel , not silly tailgating story . zzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

@Daffyduck Why, the Cummins Titan will be more important than the VM Ram.

Only issue is you add cans of pop and ice and a few folks on the tailgate and the coils are maxed out... They should have a flip down support under the hitch to keep it level when tailgating... ;)

So the Ridgeline's trunk works well enough to hold everything, but it really offers terrible insulation. With the ridgeline you are better off putting a cooler in the trunk than using the trunk itself as a cooler (my experience anyway), I wonder if the Rambox is similar - all of your ice will melt relatively quickly?

So the Ram Box is a copy cat version of Chevy's Avalanche, and it now gets some kind of kudos for it? Bravo Ram, you've once again copied another's idea because you're a bunch of no talent a$$ clowns.

No Guts!
No Glory!
No Brains!

Ram Sucks!

@Common Man
Load-leveling air-suspension. Something other trucks can dream of.

@Chris Yes I do love my Ram but this idea was stolen from chevy and that's the only way Ram can try and get ahead. We've stolen tons of things from Ford and look where its got us!! Now we are the Tailgating champions of the world!!!! Thanks chevy!

I heard it through the grapevine that next year 2014 Chevy may get rear disk brakes.

I prefer the F150 for tailgating cause you can just roast the hamburgers and hot dogs on the flaming remains of the truck.

This is an important for owners of RAM. They spend a lot of time on the side of the road wait ing for a tow, having this capability helps.

Like I always say, some people walk into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts. Others walk into our lives and we want to leave footprints on their face!

its ok they copied the idea from chevy, when chevy had it they failed(as usual) so now the real truck takes it on, makes it work.

@zviera Tell me what happens when you overload those air marshmellows . Do you have to take out the second golf bag or do just put some duct tape over the flashing waring icon?

you idiots that talk your garbage about the air suspension...have you looked under an 18 wheeler or a train lately??? Do yourself a favor.

@ Chris,

In truth, the Ram Box idea was copied from the old Powell Sport Wagon pickups and utility vehicles from the 1950's. Those trucks had pull-out drawers on each side where you could put your fishing gear, rifles, tools, etc. They weren't lockable, though.

You should look this truck up and find the pix. Too bad there aren't many left on the road.

"I heard through the grapevine that next year Chevy might get rear disc brakes."

Funniest thing seen on the internet this week.

There are two kinds of men in this country: those who own a Ram, and those who are jealous.

John, I was trying to say tell us any story about any truck ,as long as it was not this stupid story mate . Cheers .

While I'm a loyal Ram owner, the boxes are a little gimmicky.
Thats my opinion.
I'm sure a contractor would like it.
I have only seen a couple of trucks with them, since it came out.

@ HEMI V8- I heard through the grapevine that you can get a 2014 Silverado TODAY at your friendly Chevy dealer. With rear disk brakes, no less.
@imoore- those are hilarious.

@Common Man
Somebody answered your jealous question already.

I see Ram boxes around and have seen only one on a work truck.
PorscheV8 must be proud. Since they won an award for his favorite past time - tailgating and picking off klingons.

Ram box. Better option then ford or chevy's man step. lol



So your telling me that i need to pay over $1000 to get a box which kills the volume of the bed, and one i cant remove to put in my next truck or make room for a large load. I'm gonna say at least Dodge is trying. But maybe they should have put the effort into relocating the brackets for the rear sway bar so they don't hang so damn low.

@Shaun, You don't need to pay anything. It's an OPTION.

op·tion [op-shuhn] Show IPA
the power or right of choosing.
something that may be or is chosen; choice.
the act of choosing.
an item of equipment or a feature that may be chosen as an addition to or replacement for standard equipment and features: a car with a long list of extra-cost options; a telephoto lens option for a camera







@hemi v8 thats what's up bro !
What else can a somebody ask for with so many ram exclusive features
Ram is way ahead of the competition!!!

@PorscheV8 - The point that you completely missed is that it is an option that limits the bed space or causes restrictions on other potential accessories. It can't be removed or transfered to another truck.
Ford had a built in box well before Ram. It didn't sell well enough to continue on. GMC had it in the Avalanche which is being discontinued.
Ram has it and will they be discontinuing it?
Coming to a bailout near you? Actually not, Fiat management has done wonders for Chrysler.

I was a Chevy truck guy for years, until I got tired of all the time in the shop and $$$ for repairs. Went to Ford, again for years. They did great for a long time, then had major problems with two in a row. This time went with a new 2007 Ram 3500 with Cummins diesel and 68RFE automatic. 103k trouble free miles so far. We're fulltime rv'ers traveling the country, towing a 39' fifthwheel, so the truck is not just tooling around. I did change fluids and filters, brake pads, tires. The truck remains so solid that should I ever decide to trade, it will be another Ram. I'm sold and that's tough to do.

I am glad ram has the options like the rambox, air suspension, etc. But I'm not glad that ram has such poor quality. My truck at 100,000 miles has now reached the point of a new problem about once a month. I really loved it for about the first 30,000 miles and was convinced that dodge had finally fixed their quality issues. I just don't think I can trust to buy a ram again for a long time.

P.S. Just because big rigs use air suspension doesn't mean it is always great. Maybe they are fine on a truck that hardly hits bumps being on the highway all the time. On the farm with trucks pulling in and out of fields the air suspension is the number one problem we have. Big rigs also use diesel engines that are often very reliable and long lasting, but some diesel engines end up having all kinds of problems and don't last any longer than a comparable gas. Just depends on the build quality I guess, but I don't trust ram right now.

Top 2013 J.D. Power Dependability Study. Ram above Chevy and Ford.


The Blogger formerly known as LOU

It’s not like I haven't done bizarre things before. After all, I’m the guy who is known to take late-night bike rides around his neighborhood — in the buff. But the collective heave of public puzzlement on August 29 was nearly audible to me: on this day I laid my pronounceable past to rest with the announcement that I would henceforth be known by a scepterish rune that combined the astrological symbols for man and woman intersected by...well, something horny. “LOU BC”

Never a particularly orthodox blogger — as evidenced by posts like “A nice camper trailer can be had for that.” — I hear that my decision had the media (and copy editors in particular) howling. Officially, my new designation is an unpronounceable symbol whose meaning has not been identified. It's all about thinking in new ways, tuning in 2 a new free-quency. Both LOU and LOU BC

Questions of social utility quickly arose yesterday. Did I have it changed legally? No. As far as the government was concerned, I was — and still am — known by his birth name: Lou. What about introductions? Not a problem, I’ll sometimes blog as “Lou BC” and sometimes simply as “Lou”. Not confusing you all know it is LOU!

But more than anything, the name change symbolized a break from Pickuptrucks.com; with whom I’ve been blogging since Jaws was a minnow. The fit had never been comfortable. I mean I think FORD builds quality, while Pickuptrucks.com posts lies about the 1.2 million F-150’s with defective air bags.

So I know you all want to know what does the BC in Lou BC stand for? Well “Before Chrysler” of course (used to indicate that before the Chrysler era recalls were still a rare event).

But to all my friends that follow every word I write, be it “LOU BC” or just plain old “LOU”….it is all 100% hot, steaming, wet LOU!

I’ll answer any questions now.

@beebe - as you have pointed out, heavy equipment uses air ride and it isn't without its problems. One can't make the direct comparison because the air bags, air tanks and compressor is considerably larger on a commercial unit. If one looks at diagrams/photo's of the Ram air ride, the tanks are very small and so is the compressor. There have been plenty of reports on the internet of "overheat" warning lights on Jeep SUV's with air ride. An Off road magazine was able to trigger an "overheat" light on a test it did of the new Ram.

The Ram box is an okay option but despite what the Rambo Motards say, it isn't the "be all end all" of the truck world. Funny that they bring up the man step, it is an option as well. It depends on what you want and what you are willing to spend your money on.
I'd rather buy a steel or aluminum "dry box" and that gives me the option of removing it if I need the full pickup box and as Shaun eluded to - it can be swapped over to another truck. I've had the same galvanized steel tool for close to 30 years and it cost me around $150 dollars.

@Canadian Dodge Rammer
Here a good burnout by a HQ Holden trayback ute. A bit better than a Fiat/Ram.


Here's a 1971 Ford Falcon ute, very nice looking ute.



What appears to be a 1963 Falcon ute doing a burnout.


A Datsun 620 trayback ute doing a burnout, better than a Ram.


EH Holden burnout.


A massively humungous Fiat/Ram burnout.


@Fake Lou. Since you are so completely puzzled and confused by what BC stands for, I'll enlighten you. I've said before that I am from British Columbia or more simply "BC".

I'm sure that you find yourself completely amusing and the very fact that I am answering one of your posts must have you firing a wad into your coloured underwear (yellow front, brown back).

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This will be the last time that I will acknowledge your presence and to the rest of the bloggers, any post using "Lou" from now on was not made by me.


@Fake Lou. Since you are so completely puzzled and confused by what BC stands for, I'll enlighten you. I've said before that I am from British Columbia or more simply "BC".

I'm sure that you find yourself completely amusing and the very fact that I am answering one of your posts must have you firing a wad into your coloured underwear (yellow front, brown back).

Ultimately, your cowardice hurts PUTC and if you do have a problem with my presence on this site then you should have the intestinal fortitude to debate me face to face without hiding behind a false name.

This will be the last time that I will acknowledge your presence and to the rest of the bloggers, any post using "Lou" from now on was not made by me.


@Lou BC
Here is a late 70s Ford Fairlane.


1970 Fairlane


I do think the Ford's of that era where on average better looking than all GMs/Chrysler/AMC products.

We also had these 4x4 Falcon utes believe it or not. They are as rare as hens teeth now.


@Big Al from Oz - that 4x4 Falcon would be sweet. It would be cool to bring to Canada as people would think it was a modded Falcon. Jaws would drop one you told them it was factory stock. One could win a lot of bets on that one.

@ Big Al from Oz - did you mean LOU BC or Lou BC. This is not me...OK it's me, but it is the last time it's me. It’s the last time I acknowledge me.

Maybe not the last time, but next time it's me it might not be me, it's him. He is Fake Lou but the real phoney Lou is LOU or LOU BC, when Lou is ersatz it might not be real even though Lou BC is Ersatz is real and not fake. He is Fake Louis but the real Mock Lou is LOU or LOU Fake, when Luigi is ersatz it might not be real even though Lou BC a mock Louis is real and not fake. However, Lou is only bogus if the L is capital and the U is small on Wednesday’s after that it is the last time I acknowledge Luigi or Lou BC or LOUBC or lOu on Saturdays.

Sometimes I wish that Canada was still aligned with Britain. We'd have access to a much broader range of products. T

@Lou BC
Here is a website with the XY Fords, check out the prices!


A story on the XY 4x4 Falcon Ute and why it was stopped. It seems design regs caused their demise.


Lol, Common Man....they did that squat test in the 2008 light duty shootout, wow, the Chevy was maybe a quarter inch less squat, wow. Sounds like you haven't been around a Ram much? Since around 2007 they had the same GVWR (if you happen to even know what that means?) Many years were max 6800 quad longbed-pre 2009, or 6650 for quad cabs. They also gained weight in safety/luxory stuff, but not raised the GVWR up. They finally added 100 pounds to the quad cab 4x4 GVWR.So maybe you will actually see that yes, the payload RATING is low in some cases, but the squat will not be so bad. I've used mine, and it's had alot of weight on it.

Funny thing, Edmunds and a few others thought the coil springs did pretty good with a trailer. You're probably quick to overload a GM or standard suspension Ford. You can spend a whopping $90 on airbags for a Ram. When you say you don't need them, hey, there are people like Sandman 4x4 running air bags on a Chevy. It's funny, the Ram handles 1000 pounds as well as the others with higher ratings, so I wonder how those trucks with those magic dust inspired payload ratings would do at max weight?

More like the common mis-informed man.

@ TRX-4 Tom, And the Ram out pulls Ford, Chevy, G.M.C., and Toyota.


@Big Al from OZ,
Your stealing my thunder. The Ford Falcon and Commodore 4 X4 Utes were a bit before their time. Introduced later they would have had more of a market.
Too bad Ford killed this Ute and thought the Ranger could replace it. A Bit of a loss. the Ford Falcon RTV.

Wow!!!!!! wish I could back up half the stupid things I say. Hey, Ram is #1 Guys!!

Back on the topic.

@zviera - won everything?
PUTC shootout - NO.
Car and Driver - NO.
The Ram came in 3rd in the Car and Driver shootout.

The Chevy was faster:
Chevy 15.3 sec 92 mph versus 15.6 sec @ 88 mph.

It also stopped better:
Chevy 178 feet versus Ram 197 feet

@PorscheV8 - Interesting statistics on the 2013 Dependability Study from JD Power.
Did you actually look at the results?
Probably not.... too busy cleaning the spooge from your shorts when you saw that little gem of information.

Lets fill in the blanks for you.

How did the rest of that Fiat portfolio fair?

Industry Average: 126
Chrysler: 153
Jeep: 178
Dodge: 190

Lucky Ram did well at 122, you'll need one to tow the others in for repairs.

This is where things get interesting, if one looks at the listed Top 3 Most Durable Full Sized trucks, Ram isn't on the list.
#1 GMC Sierra HD
#2 GMC Sierra LD
#3 Chevy Avalanche

Lets look at small trucks, this is where things get interesting:
#1 Ford Ranger
#2 Ram Dakota
#3 Honda Ridgeline

Dakota must of gave Ram that edge.

Chevy: 125
Ford : 127
GMC: 134

This may be a bit much for you to grasp but the stats cover every vehicle wearing a Chevy badge or Ford badge or GMC badge.

If you lump Ram, Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge under Fiat's USA division this is what you get: 161

That would indicate that Ford USA, GMC USA, and Chevy USA kicks Fiat USA's corporate ass.

I suggest you stick to your lame anti-Ford fire bulletins.

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