Ram 1500 Named Top Tailgater

Tailgaters II

You can almost smell the hot dogs and hamburgers, hear the roaring fight songs and feel the fierce rivalry in the air. It's time for the football tailgate season to start. Whether you owe your allegiance to your high school or college alma mater or your heart bleeds for your city's professional football team, you need to have the right vehicle to carry all the essentials: coolers, grill, garbage bags, beverages, meats and more.

The experts at sister site Cars.com recently published their list of the Top 10 vehicles for tailgating, and the winner is the Ram 1500 pickup truck. The editors' favorite options include a load-leveling air-suspension option that allows owners to lower the bed for easy access; gigantic, lockable waterproof bedside containers; adjustable tie-down cleats and a bed divider; and available Uconnect WiFi hot-spot connection for all the latest team updates.

The Honda Ridgeline, one of our tailgating favorites, was also on the list with its huge, under-bed rear trunk that can be used as lockable storage or filled with ice to hold case after case of 12-ounce cans.

Tailgate RamBox II



@PorscheV8 - I forgot to mention this........... The Ford F150 was also mentioned in that list.

Sad to say but Ram wasn't even in the Top 4.


@PorscheV8 - "I suggest you stick to your lame anti-Ford fire bulletins." Look if you really want my opinion I think the RAM would make a great pizza truck.


I meant serious prices with real price you can put on the table or hang on the wall, not a paid advertising in Ford and Chevy magazines.

My biggest regret in life is that I didn't hit Jack Layton in the mouth while I had the chance.

@ faggera

"Back on the topic.

Yeah including MOST RECALLS award.

@Lou BC, Did you read the car and driver article?

The Ford F-150 When one of our team climbed out and said it felt old. From the moment you hop way up into the cabin—it was the one truck here without side steps—and close the door . . . oh, wait, why is the door flapping like that? The same thing happens when you close the hood; the attached front grille jiggles in a way so shocking that, if you’re like us, you’ll open the hood and slam it another time just to see it happen again. And again. Others will wince.
But it sure doesn’t leave you with a high-quality impression, either. And, compared with the other two trucks, the F-150 rides a little more like an old truck. Jittery. Shaky.

Guess the Trembler is a good name for Ford's new truck. lol

@Lou BC, Did you read the car and driver article?

Ram with 20's and 321 gears. Heaviest truck with all options.

Chevy with 342 gears lightest truck.

Ford with 18's and 331 gears.

P.S. Ford = " And its steering is what once passed for decent in pickup trucks. But by today’s stand­ards, it lacks feel and allows the truck to wander on the highway."

What a peach!

"Rams ride is pure old-school Cadillac. And we mean that in the most complimentary way. It has none of the jitters normally associated with pickups. Combined with trusty, natural-feeling steering responses, the Ram is the long-haul truck of choice here."


@PorscheV8 - The Chevy had virtually identical tires/wheels to the Ram and the Chevy IS lighter, they engineered it that way.
So what?
All of the trucks were running Good Year Wrangler SRA's.

The 5.7 Ram still lost.

Gearing excuse:
According to TRX Tom, that 8 speed is supposed to give a Ram the same advantage as much lower gears.

The 5.7 Ram still lost.

Now - did you notice that the Ram had the best power to weight ratio?

Obviously not.

#1 - Ram = 15.2 lb per hp
#2 - Chev = 15.8 lb per hp
#3 - Ford = 16.0 lb per hp

The Ford was the heaviest and still beat the Ram.

The 5.7 Ram still lost.

So where is your weight excuse now?

As far as the Ford being old, so what?
I agree.
I've already said that if I had to replace my F150 in the next year, I'd go with a 2014 Chevy or GMC.
When is Ford coming out with a new truck?
2015 but with a 2014 release.

What year is your truck?

Isn't it kinda old?

Sucks to be you............ stuck......... blindly loyal to one truck.

How many more excuses do you have?

The 5.7 Ram still lost.

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On the subject of old Fords, MotorTrend posted spy shots of the 2015 Ford F150's ON AUGUST 9.
That was 22 days ago.

@Rick - if I am going to say something targeting troll/guys like HemiV8, I am NOT going to hide under a presumed name and/or lie about it.

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2013 light duty challenge= Ram 1500 won five separate events (both autocross tests, both hill-climb events and the empty zero-to-60 run), as well as coming in a close second in three categories. Additionally, the new Ram was a strong player with our judges, winning both the interior and overall value categories.



@PorscheV8 -

Did the 5.7 Ram win the PUTC shootout?

If I set a test were most points is gained for roomy interior or how many pieces of luggage you can transport without freezing, my wife Grand Caravan can win PUTC shootout.

You all make me sick...Ford is and always will be king.

"You all make me sick...Ford is and always will be king"


@Lou in BC, king of the Ford Tards; actually, that was a much higher equiped Ram then the Chevy in the Car and Driver test. Had they just had a plain Larimie or Sport, it would be alot lighter.

Ram was wrong for sending a 3.21 geared truck, 400 pounds heavier then the Chivy, and worse yet, it had 33" tires, while the Chivy had 31.5 tires, pretty big differance, ambulance man. Maybe they shoulda compared a 3.08 geared Chivy?

Yeah, the Ram 3.21 truck should still have had the gear advatage, I believe it is in the tuning, as in torque management, if you have a clue what that means. Anyway, I drove a 3.21 geared crew 4x4 8 speed hemi Big Horn, seemed to not have the gumption of my 2010 3.92 geared 4x4 quad, but we all know the Ram with it's middle option gears of 3.55 and 20" wheels with 33" tires, kicks Chevy to the curb with their 3.42 and 31.9 tires, as used in the LD Shootout! Every acceleration test, damn near, I think 0-60 with payload, Chivy mighta won...gas mileage? One Gm did great, one was not so CLASS LEADING, lol. But yeah, Lou, we all seen what that truck did to Chivy, and Phord Egoboost.

The Car and Driver test was yet another test where 4x4 is required, but not taken offroad. One of these days I will see how these Rams/Chivys compare with ride heights, and various heights of things underneath. Like I am pretty sure the air dam on the Chivy with 31.5 tires sits alot lower then the Ram, before the air suspension raises it 2 inches. But maybe low riding 4x4s are still fine with you, knowing the Chivy plows snow for sure with it's low ride, and yet you live where alot of snow falls. Whatever dude!

Yup, Mark Williams and C and D couldn't even figure a place to even go offroad, lol.
As far as the braking, don't know what happened there. Obvioulsy a truck that is 400 pounds lighter with smaller diameter tires, yet wider, SHOULD stop better. I do know the Chivy stopped good empty in the 2013 LD, yet add some weight? You notice that? Probably not, but they gained the most as weight was added, once again, would be nice to see them stop when loaded to GVWR.
who would order a 3.21 geared Ram 4x4 crew with 33" tires anyway? Somebody that does more interstate driving at 75 mph?

Funny how Mark Williams made sure the last gas mileage test was at a speed where the air ride didn't lower it? Too slow of a speed...not very real world, you ask me...

@TRX Tom - I wouldn't of mentioned anything about the Ram and the C&D test but Zviera made the comment that Ram has won everything.

I don't really care about drag race testing pickups since it isn't reality for most drivers. Auto/truck journalists have to come up with some way to rate vehicles in the limited time they have. That is how we end up with drag race tests. I do agree that 4x4 tests should include off road testing. I'm not saying hardcore 4x4'ing since most don't use trucks for that.
I did have to crawl through a washout this weekend when I took my kids fishing and used 4x4 last weekend to get some soil "in the back 40" for repairs to my lawn. If I was running stock tires, I would of been f-cked in both instances. Those types of 4x4 usage should be simulated in a test.
If one is to do any testing like that, the testers should put the same tires on all of the trucks to eliminate that variable.

Most journalists use what is supplied by corporate press fleets. That can limit or skew a test due to mismatched trucks. Another problem with testing from corporate test fleets is that is causes a symbiotic relationship to develop. Journalists NEED corporate vehicles to test and they will not be overly tough or judgemental due to the fear of loosing access to that fleet. I just read a story of Ford blacklisting a Canadian journalist due to his overly critical opinion of a new Lincoln he tested.

Breaking news Chevy will be adding a extra leaf spring to the all old 2014 Chevy 1500...

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