Ram Reveals Rumble Bee Concept

Rumble Bee reveal 1 II

Just as we predicted, Ram took the wraps off its newest concept truck today during the Woodward Dream Cruise. The debut marks the 10th anniversary of the previous Ram Rumble Bee debut. This version has an R/T-based interior with bucket seats with black and drone-yellow leather.

The platform is a regular-cab half-ton chassis, but it does have a King suspension 2-inch drop to accentuate the monster 24-inch rims. Under the Mopar hood cold-air induction feeds a normally aspirated 5.7-liter V-8 Hemi (What? No 6.4-liter Hemi?) running on 4.10:1 axle gears. Finally, the Mopar exhausts have a dual-direction switch, manually activated inside, that allows the driver to offer a loud and LOUDER! setting. Although we're pretty sure a version of the Rumble Bee will eventually make it into production, we're also pretty sure that particular switch will not.

"The Ram 1500 Rumble Bee continues to have a strong fan base and what better place to celebrate its 10-year anniversary than Woodward Dream Cruise," said Reid Bigland, president and CEO of Ram Truck. "There's a lot of energy surrounding concept trucks and buzz models, and the Ram design team revels in creating something that is unique for our customers to enjoy."

As you might expect, there were throngs of Ram fans at this introduction, and more than a few were heard shouting that Ram should make this truck. Unfortunately, a Ram Truck representative declined to announce whether this package would go into production, stating, "This is only a concept." But I think we know what that means. 

Editor's note: We've updated the photos since our first posting of the story to include some of the images captured during the actual reveal.

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  2 Rumble Bee II

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Not bad looking, but don't really see the point in this type of truck. I doubt it would be doing much hauling or work, I would rather just buy a two door sports car.

Shut up and build it. What is there to think about? Where's the factory Ram Runner? No one wants your crappy, disposable Fiat 500s, get it together. And don't overprice it like the SRT 10.

It's Ram's 2wd version of Ford's Raptor--and just as useful.

They need to drop a 329 HEMI into it & then they would have my attention!

@Hank, Vulpine - You ever do a donut in a parking lot? Or on dirt? A Brodie? Rockord? Trail brake? Power shift? Over 150 MPH? Four wheel drift an off camber? Are you alive 'down there'? Can you even drive a stick shift?

Just be aware men start to produce estrogen at a certain age..................

Cool truck! I want to trade my Super Duty in on one!! Where do I sign??!!

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes
4) Yes
5) Yes
6) No
7) Yes
8) Irrelevant
9) Yes

Interesting thing about all that: I didn't need an over-priced, over-powered, otherwise-worthless truck to do any of it.
And I drive a stick shift every day.

This only goes to prove that Toys for Boys hide an emotional problem down below. I understand fun, but I sure don't need to spend $40K or more to advertise it. Especially when the truck is effectively worthless for any other purpose. (Though I'll grant its capacities are good enough for my needs. Still, it's too big for my tastes.)

Put it this way, Mike:
I like the fact that it's lowered by 2".
The wheels are too big, meaning the tires have no sidewall. I'd be replacing wheels and tires after every pothole.
The color is LOUD! Gets the attention of every cop for miles around; they're just hoping they'll see you do something stupid.
The hard tonneau cover makes it near impossible to carry anything oversized. Sure, you might carry plywood and basic lumber--maybe even handle a visit to Ikea--but what about those trees you need to plant? What about mulch? What about decorative stone? What about simple, easy access to those groceries you now have to carry in the bed because the cab doesn't have sufficient storage space?

Sure, the Rumblebee is a "sport truck", but really that's all it's good for on average and is far more expensive than most cars that can outperform it.

@Vulpine - I don't "need" this truck either. I want it though... Not for everyday, but once or twice a week would be perfect! But which one of the Golden Girls best represents you?

This or any truck like it, isn't for you, we get it. I won't buy it either, at least not 'new'. Same with small trucks. I like them, but never enough to buy new, just like most Americans.

Still, I don't want to deny middle America, blue collar, 20 somethings, or mid-lifers the joy of such a truck. And it betters the 'sport' for all truck enthusiasts, not that you can relate... Just like what Shelby/Boss/GT Mustangs, ZL1/Z28/SS Camaros and SRT8/RT Challengers do for SS Cobalts', SVT Contours and Neon SRTs.

And these cars and trucks are rolling tributes to Americas muscle car and truck heritage, if not works of art, ya geezers........................................




just the same piece of turd.. with a different smell.

@Hi: Yeah. And they're the ones paying 2x to 3x what the truck's really worth just because it has a few fancies. They're the people all the American car builders market to; they're the ones who make the car companies' profitable.

The rest of us Americans buy more sensible cars and trucks; once that do the job and maybe offer just a little bit of added comfort.

I'm glad you and some of these others on this board are part of the 20%.


just the same piece of turd.. with a different smell.
Posted by: Arnie Murphy | Aug 17, 2013 10:51:53 AM

Meet me somewhere. I don't like your attitude....MEET ME!! I'll be there if I can get my truck started.

So it will be the same as a R/T basically? MoparMadness talks about GM with two of the same truck with the only difference being interior and exterior.

There's always a small subset willing to pony up, up to 3X more (than the car it's based on) for the ultimate bragging rights. GT500? SVO, SVT Cobra/Lightning/Raptor, SRT8/10? BMW M3/M5? Buick GNX? ZR1/ZL1? Syclone/Typhoon? There's and endless list and so what? Let them. Thank Gawd they do!

Suckers? Who cares? They're happy. OEMs are happy. Some people just need something to complain about. Anything whatsoever...

The rest of us enthusiasts will wait patiently for someone to not make the payments on the Hot Rod, dump it with high miles or wreck it. Otherwise, do us all a favour and shut it!

These trucks are so limited in quantity that they are more for advertising the brand, but then that is not necessarily a bad thing. I don't want one of these trucks but I like them and see the value in promoting the Ram brand. It is a lot like the NASCAR racing, the manufacturers promote their brands through the racing teams, but the cars are not anything like you would get on the showroom floor. It would be nice to see Chevy come up with a single cab Silverado SS. This is a sharp vehicle and they should just go ahead and make some.


I work hard to be a part of the 20%. Don't get dumb because I choose to drive a truck that has more then you want, or can afford.

AD what?

Do you realize that you are comparing two different trim packages on the same brand (something that GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan do too); to TWO different brands that have the SAME truck (Only GM does this), right?

@Jeff S - A reg cab, short bed, SS Silverado would be great. A ZL1 Silverado with an 8.1 all aluminum V8 or blown 6.2 would be even better. Everyone wins here except angry old "YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!!!" types. We all know who they are...

OEMs are just using off-the-shelf hardware with not much in the way of R&D or advertising. The media and internet will dive on news like this. GM would be nutz not to join in. Wasn't there a few mid-sizers with smaller V8s? Sport Trac Adrenaline? Dakota RT? SS Colorado?

@DM--GM would have nothing to lose by SS models in Silverado and Colorado. Sure SS will not be volume sellers but they would sell all of them and if anything it would help their reputation with their trucks. GM needs to do some things that will rock the car and truck world. One thing they need to get aggressive with Cadillac and come out with a good rear wheel drive sedan and coupe with a V-8 even if they do not sell in larger volume. I am more into smaller more efficient vehicles myself but this has nothing to do with my tastes, but more to do with shaking the market up and reestablishing their credibility. GM has more to gain by taking these risks. Will be interesting to see if Ram follows through with this. Stick a Hemi in this and offer it with a 6 speed manual then they would get everyone's attention.

I have zero need for such a truck but I have to agree with DenverMike. There are those who want these trucks. It may be for nothing other than "look at me I have a small package" but who cares. If it puts a smile on your face, that is what matters. It is cheaper and much more fun than therapy ;)
Nice to see yellow. I am sick and tired of black, silver and white.

I like the idea of sports trucks, but I do think it will be limited in sales. The funny thing is this is not a muscle car, it doesn't handle. If you want a sports truck our Maloo style vehicle is about the best you can get.

The person who buys this wouldn't use it for work. The biggest killer is the colour and that 'rumble' knob. The rumble knob really shows the target audience. Knobs.

We used to get a lot of limited run vehicles one time. They originally had meaning. In the end the limited run vehicles became to many.

So is it going to be a vehicle that retains it's value better than most?

Again, with the amount of variety in your full size trucks, the market needs to expand with more brands.

@big Al & Lou--I saw the previous one of these in yellow but with a large spoiler a few years ago on the roads where I live. I agree with you Lou about something different than black, white, and silver even though I have a black truck, a diamond white crossover, and a pewter truck. Big Al I agree with you about the truck market being diverse, but this truck breaks the monotony and this is what Detroit does best. I can stand to see a little more spiced up vehicles on the roads besides the appliance like vehicles that are predominate on the roads. I myself will go for the appliance but I like to see diversity.

@Jeff S
I think the biggest issue I have with the vehicle is the rumble knob. It might sell a few more vehicles, but I would love to see the profile of the 'rumble knob' buyer, both in personality and age.

The appliance like vehicles are the future I think. With the expected efficiency gains I would imagine cars will look a different from each other as a A320 to a 737.

'Art' can only go so far when science and engineering need to reach a goal. Sort of like a ruler, most look the same.

where is the mopar cold air intake? no 6.4 Hemi? 4.10 behind the 8 speed isn't overkill (well the srt-10 did have like 4.56 gears with a short 1st gear so then again maybe not)? don't say the exhaust buttons will not make it into production, because porsche has it right now. however if it makes it into production it will not be as extreme in terms of decibels. this is the perfect truck for me. and why?

1) at my house i can drive a truck up on some wooden wedges i have and change the oil, a challenger would be a challenge itself.

2) sports cars like a challenger tend to start in prices where this leaves off.

3) i can fit a small tool box behind the seats inside the cabin for all i need to carry around and i have a bed with a bed cover for groceries; a bed cover like this makes the bed a giant trunk.

4) it is unique in design, besides would you rather drive this or a honda civic si?

i don't need 4 wheel drive, more than 2 doors, but like something sporty with a V8 in it, want to be able to change the oil at my house, and has a enough capability, in example, towing/hauling a small to medium load. a truck is more comfortable to drive longer distances than a small car and there is less chance of dying in a wreck lol. a sport truck is more manly than a toyota carolla xsp guys. cars don't last as long and don't have as much value or capability. this truck is for the mopar guys that like fun and capability leaning predominantly towards fun. my only complaints are no manual transmisson and no 6.4 hemi (what is the purpose for a limited edition with a common motor?). other than that BUILD IT!

in short for you guys, this is the truck you hot rod around with and take to kmart parking lot auto shows. maybe even do a few burnouts or take to the drag strip every once in a while. and fix up over time (performance wise). what better project vehicle than one that is already well equipped. i would really like a matte gray with the black head, fog, and tail lights as well as the black rims, ram badges, and tail pipes and the lowered suspension. a limited edition 6.2 supercharged or a mopar 426 Generation III Hemi crate motor with a six or seven speed manual with the 4.10 gears would be bad ass! oh yeah, give it long tube headers and true dual exhaust with an x pipe or a single muffler with 2 inlets and 2 outlets with a crossover pipe inside like the dynomax ultraflow x or cherry bomb vortex.

maybe the reason chrysler is using the 5.7 so much apart from the fact that it has enough power already, is that it may soon disappear. sergio's original 5 year plan had the 6.4 as the only V8 listed and the 6.2 is very limited (when it enters production). the 5.7 will eventually disappear leaving the 6.4 as a high end option for trucks or a base motor for hd trucks in the future and maybe the base hemi for cars (which isn't saying much because fully loaded chrysler 300s are coming with 3.6/8spds nowdays) with the only srt's being very exclusive with 6.2s. come to think about it, the 5.7 hemi has become the true replacement for the original 350 c.i. chevrolet small block in the fact that they are in every kind of vehicle that it can fit in that is still in production, cheaper by the dozen, has decent power, parts are easily attainable and easy to find. it is still cam in block and has a strong following/roots, the list can go on.

@ big al from oz

is it true that in the land down under the 6.4 is the next step after the 3.6 in the LX car engine lineup?

@Big Al--I agree that vehicles for all purposes will become even more appliance like. We will see more global designed vehicles. This truck and any of these specialty trucks are more like your Falcon and Holden utes. I do like to see choice and those that want these type of vehicles should be able to buy them. I like to see Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers but I would not own one. Many miss the muscle car era that was the high point of Detroit iron. When I was younger I would have wanted something like this, but just because I no longer desire something does not mean I don't want others to have the choice. I don't care much for orange and lime green vehicles but others might. I think there will always be some specialty vehicles like this, but they will never sell in large numbers.

I myself would like to see a decent affordable smaller truck that would be more fuel efficient. That might not ever happen, if it does it will be the Chinese that make it.

I am not a rumble knob fan myself, but then I guess there are a few big kids out there. Reminds me of when I was a kid putting playing cards in the spokes of my bicycle to make a sound that I thought was neat. Not my cup of tea, but I hope the rumble is not too loud. I am with you on the rumble knob and I like my rulers with large clear numbers and marks, my eyes are not what they use to be.

The biggest Chrysler V8 we get from a Chrysler dealer (not grey import) is the 5.7.

The engine that slots in between the 5.7 and Pentastar is the 3.0 VM diesel.

Of the US companies GMH has the largest and most powerful V8 with the supercharged 6.2.

Ford has the supercharged 5.0 Coyote in some Falcon utes and sedans.

The 6.2 in the Maloo ute moves the ute along very well. I saw on the Top Gear laptimes (Wikipedia) the Maloo was quicker than a lot of supposed performance vehicles. The ute did better than a Roush Mustang and Comaro SS.

This Ram is based on the same philosophy as the Maloo. A toy to tote your Jetski, quad, or trailbike.

There will be customers of this.


@BAF0 - The Rumble Bee still has the bones of a truck and can be used as such by tradesmen etc. Seems like a waste, but I see it done (with similar trucks) everyday. Except with a trailer and maybe a lumbar rack. It's still a tax write-off, no matter how sporty.

The Maloo is a Hot Rod no doubt, but not much else. I wouldn't put it to any kind of work though. It's basically a 2 seater Camaro with a long, long trunk. What's the point? We had the EL Camino and Ranchero for generations (including the SS and GT) until we'd had enough.

@Jeff S - You can build your own RCSB Chevy SS (with factory 20" wheels and skunk stripes?), but not with the 6.2 V8. Still, it would haul A$$ with the 5.3, locking rear end and 4.27 gears plus basic bolt-ons including headers, exhaust, shift-improver kit and tune.

You'd still come in under $30K with mods while GM would ask about $45K for a real SS Silverado.

I've driven V6 Cadillacs and they all feel cheesy. No substance, despite "luxury" features. Once the new car smell wears off and the gadgetry obsolete, what's left? You've got a Impala/Malibu under the skin. Just bring back the Cimarron already.

The 5.3 V8 should be the base Cadillac engine. Nothing exotic, rumbling or sets the Nurburgring on fire. Just a normal V8 and RWD. My STX F-150 feels like it has more heart and soul than any V6 or TT4 Cadillac. And a 6 speed manual for Gawd sakes. The CTS-V is kick ass, but overkill for most.

Actually you have is ass up again. A Comaro is a Commodore.

I really don't think the intent of this Ram is for work, just like the Maloo. That's why they are called 'Sports'. I suppose the 'bones of a truck' as you call it must have been reduced with MS. It seems very 'de-trucked'.

You really don't like non UAW product blogs on this site. So how much does the UAW waste paying you to constantly misinform, troll and lie.

I suppose you don't mind stealing from the UAW rank and file.

Went to one of those Chinene massage places, had a happy ending but now I have a rash on my hind side....can't tell the wife...anyone know how to make it better?

The truck is a two-door regular cab model based on the Ram 1500 R/T. Shows that RAM continues to step up their game. Would love to get one if the price is right

@Big Al from Oz I would go see a Doctor if I were you, those "happy ending" places aren't clean and you could have caught a serious bug.

@BAF0 - Yeah, I know the Camaro is really a Commode. That's why I said "the Maloo is basically a 2-seater Camaro with a long, long trunk" Drrrr...

True, the "Rumble Bee" wouldn't target tradesmen and DIY'ers, but there's always that option for enthusiasts with a job to do and don't wish to own 2 trucks. Because it's still a real truck with low profile tires. And not based on passenger car platform like the Maloo's "Zeta".

And why can't anyone comment on a truck, independent of who or where it was assembled, without you crying about some agenda or other conspiracy non sense?

My preference in trucks cross many market segments, company lines and international boundaries. You only notice when they favour the UAW. And my likes and dislikes are far from unique around here, so why do you repeatedly single me out as UAW stooge?

You have a huge problem with the UAW and any UAW trucks. Me I don't care who built a truck. Not my deal and anyone that loves trucks. If you were a truck enthusiast instead of troll, you would appreciate or dislike them on their own merit. You automatically hate any UAW truck before you've even seen it.

No one mentioned any conspiracy.....................until you entered the fray. You seem to be the one throwing the word 'conspiracy' around on several occasions.

You see DlM, you over state, over expand the truth and reality to the point your arguments become ambiguous in truth, validity and most importantly creed. You try to sell, always trying to sell. You write total unsupported information and try and pass it off as credible. But what you try to sell is always a UAW product. At least TRIX 4 Tom sells Rams, not UAW like you.

Must be some kind of connection don't you think.

DlM, have you ever looked at yourself? You know a self assessment? Be honest, sorry, that's the problem with you, if you can't be honest with yourself, then how will you ever be honest with others?

So, who are trying to convince you aren't UAW? The same as your view that the Chicken Tax and all the regulations and barriers don't impact the US vehicle industry?

So now you don't care who builds the vehicles that enter the US market? Trying to get sympathy from the other bloggers? Really? The new DlM will have do more than just write a few words that you have reformed. You will have to sustain this new DlM for several months. Wow, keep on spinning.

I'm sorry DlM, I think you are full of pootang.

I agree this truck would not be used for work by most, this is a special edition which will be bought mainly by middle age guys with cash to spend. So let them have their toys and let Ram have the image that will draw more customers into CJD showrooms. Chevy and Ford do the same thing. Many can dream about such a truck but will not buy it but they will come into the showroom to see it and see the other Chrysler products offered.

DM--a rear wheel drive V-8 Cadillac need not compete with a BMW but many want a American luxury car with rear wheel drive and a V-8. Such a vehicle would go a long way for Cadillac's image.

Big Al--I hope that GM steps up to the plate with the Colorado/Canyon and gives the midsize market a long overdue shakeup. Offer a diesel and offer better a fuel efficiency and a better finished interior. GM needs to get these trucks right, otherwise they will be a big let down GM and Ford have both added some real game changing compact cars and crossovers. GM needs to just spend the money and knock it out of the ball park with these twin trucks.

@BAF0 - The only truck I've ever tried to sell is the RCSB Tacoma. With an occasional Frontier King Cab. Those aren't trucks I'd buy myself unless I'm in the market for a small truck. But I recommend buying them because they're such great deals that they WILL be taken away. I will however, point to the truth and reality when I see gross exaggerations and false tales, which you direct at full-size trucks and UAW products exclusively.

Every time you open your mouth, a conspiracy theory flies out. Pure garbage. Whether it's the UAW planting bloggers here or US policy shaping consumer demand and buying trends. If US consumers wanted global junk on wheels, we would have them. Just like when we wanted import Japanese trucks, we had them and bought them up by the millions. The key word here is we WANTED them. And your simple mind automatically thinks all OEMs want to bring all their cars and trucks to America. Hell no. Does Toyota bring all their cars here? Nope. Your top selling trucks in OZ would interfere with the cars and trucks OEMs already sell in the US or interfere with their trade partner's line up. The rest are pure junk.

And if any OEMs are lobbying DC for trade "barriers" (as if they worked), it has to be Toyota, VW, Nissan, Subaru, Honda, Mitsu and the like. They have the most to lose by global junk selling in the US. And they have nothing to gain by the Europe and other key markets opening up trade with Big 3 OEMs. Why would Toyota, VW, Nissan, et al want Big 3 OEM competition in markets around they already sell and thrive in?

Try selling your crap on YouTube or TacomaHeadquarters.

Not that I'm saying I would buy one of these, but...

IF I did, the first thing I'd do is take it to a reputable paint shop and have the thing totally repainted in a much more subdued color--like canyon orange (what some might call 'burnt umber'), then have the Rumble-bee graphics put back on. Then I'd swap out that hard-shell tonneau for something more flexible, making it more useful as well as more handsome.

I don't mind stylish--I had custom stripes put on the sides of my Wrangler--but I don't like LOUD! I want color--which means white, black or any shade of silver, grey or pastel goes right out the window. I've never owned a pale-colored car and I never will; even if it means I have to get it repainted right out of the showroom. All of my cars except one has been properly colored; dark red, chocolate brown, orange, teal, blue. The one exception was a Buick 'T-type' in champagne gold (a color I didn't like) that was one of the best cars I'd ever driven ('til someone totaled it by crossing the road in front of me).

SCAT PAK has returned!

@Vulpine - if you are going to spend a fortune on repainting the truck, why buy it in the first place?
I'm sure they will offer it in different colours.

Here's your sign!

@Lou: Thank you. You made my point for me.

There is more pipes in this trucks engine then johnny doe's a$$hole. Hahahah

@ Frank stop talking bout you're own butt and putting other people names in place of you're own name. We all know you take it in the rear, that's why you're always on here bi*&ching like a woman.

@ Frank stop talking bout you're own butt and putting other people names in place of you're own name. We all know you take it in the rear, that's why you're always on here bi*&ching like a woman.
Posted by: johnny doe | Aug 18, 2013 10:16:29 PM

Way to go Johnny Doe for telling it like it is. Keep it up brother....you are the man!

I'll take a set of those headlights for my 2012 1500 Laramie please.

Ram Rumble Bee,


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