There's a Simple Formula to Build the Truck You Want

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Are you frustrated with the way your favorite pickup truck maker is building its newest truck? Do you think you have a better way? Do you have a list of upgrades for your favorite pickup that would smash the competition? Well, we're here to tell you there may be a way to take control of any of truck-making company you like, but it might take a while. In fact, you may have to extend your truck-buying loyalty for a few more decades.

How can you accomplish this? Model yourself after Floyd Pullin of Confluence, Penn., who just turned 102 years old. Pullin bought his first Ford almost 90 years ago, back in the 1920s when the original Henry Ford was running the company.

In honor of Pullin purchasing his 16th Ford vehicle in his lifetime (a brand new 2013 Ford F-150 STX), Ford named him honorary Ford Truck president for a day. At a special party held at Thurby Riverside Ford in Confluence, Pullin's family and friends celebrated with him, where they all got to view a special video put together by Ford employees wishing him happy birthday and thanking him for being such a diehard Ford fan (see video below).

Ford made no comment about any F-150 or Super Duty design changes instituted by Pullin during his tenure or what type of golden parachute the former executive was able to negotiate.



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Great looking pickup Floyd. Hope you have a great time in it. See you down the road.

Happy birthday Floyd. I admire Fords much the same way you do! If I live that long I plan to still be driving Fords!

16 fords in 86 years of driving? Shame he wasted all that money on something that would only last 5 years. Should have bought Chevy trucks, then he would only need 3 pick ups in 86 years.

Poor Floyd wouldn't be here today if he had been driving Chevy's for 86 years. Mostly likely would have died in the 80's after his Chevy truck exploded from being t-boned. Remember, Floyd is older and wiser for a good reason.

Floyd is only alive because he made a pact with Henry ford and the devil that he can't die until ford makes a reliable truck.

why cant you people just shut up. this is a neat story. the man is 102 years old and you sorry s.o.b.'s have to make comments like that. you people make me sick.

If I were Ford, I would give him a new Ford truck of his choice (let him keep his present truck). I would ask him if he would be interested in doing a couple of commercials. Floyd would be a much better spokesman for Ford than some of their new commercials. I would listen to Floyd before I would listen to a highly paid spokesman from Hollywood. I hate the new Ford, Toyota, and Honda commercials which have little to do with the products and market to those who are not buying new cars and trucks.

@dan: The main reason for the ignorant and punk comments is simple: they allowed by this site's face man. We all know who he is.

The former site's face man has landed a professional gig with Ford because he was professional and did not allow "pot shot" comments. He kept the site clean and professional.

I hope ford don't fix there trucks I make a lot of overtime sitting on the side of the road with time and a half. In MY new 2011 truck. I Love my boss for overtime.

Very classy move FORD. I sure hope I can drive and be alive at 102:) Happy Birthday Floyd.

Happy Birthday Floyd. I hope I can make it to 102 as well. Fords are great trucks now. Good looking too. Better than what Chevrolet's have looked like the last 10 years. I never thought I'd live to see the day where I said those words but it's here and it's true.

Love the Ford Mustang. 1969 fast back boss is my favorite muscle car in Raven black. My black 5.0 1989 fast back was my favorite car i owned up until............ it caught on fire from a recalled ignition switch. I love the styling of the new mustangs.
With the millions of fire recalls of ford's past, and continued fire recalls of recent ford cars and trucks. I will not buy another ford. I can only hope they can get these fire recalls under control someday. Until then i will not risk my money, house, family on one. My son in law has a 2013 ford fusion and has already had two recalls. One i know for sure was for fire risk.

@Hemi, Ram has fire recalls.

RECALL Subject : Engine Cover Creates Risk of Engine Fire

Chrysler Group LLC (Chrysler) is recalling certain model year 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks manufactured January 7, 2013, through March 6, 2013. The engine cover may trap an excessive amount of heat under the cover.

The excessive heat under the engine cover may result in an under hood fire.

@Jason, Ford fires don't need engine heat. They spontaneously combust in your garage and burn your house down hours after you park it. THAT IS THE SCARY PART.

Defect in Ford’s cruise control burned down Aurora home
By Matt Hanley September 25, 2011 10:01PM

@Hemi, It happens to every maker and Ram most recently. You are using this thing that happened in your past as an excuse not to take responsibility for not buying insurance while ignoring the fact that Chrysler/Ram has the same issue. You choose your behavior; you chose the consequences. You are an adult now and you need to take responsibility for your actions. You can't blame your anyone else anymore.

Jeep Wrangler Fire Risk Investigated by NHTSA

Comment by Josh on 22 April 2011:
My house burned down in august 2010. There was an 2010 jeep wrangler Rubicon in the garage. The fire defiantly started in the garage. I was home at the time. I had to run for my life it was such a big fire. 15 mins before the fire i was outside at the pool. In the matter of mins the garage was up in flames. What could possibly make that big of a fire that fast? The car was investigated and the engineer said that the burnt patterns were inside out. Which means that the fire started in the car. I have not gotten the report yet, but it will very interesting.


@Jason, So insurance money will bring back your loved ones?

AUSTIN (KXAN) - An accidental house fire -- sparked by an electrical malfunction in a truck nearby -- killed two brothers, ages 5 and 7, Tuesday morning in Southeast Austin.

@Hemi, It would have helped you. The problem is you won't accept that Ford is not the only one with the issue. I believe Chrysler has it worse since they sell less vehicles.

The maker says it so far received word of seven incidents involving the 2013 Dodge Challenger. It is warning motorists to park the vehicles outside of their garages and away from homes or other structures in case they do catch fire.

PS Chrysler has agreed to recall 2.7 million Jeeps, ending a dispute with federal regulators. Government safety officials say the Jeeps pose too great a risk of fire in a rear-end accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says there have been at least 37 accidents that caused fires and resulted in at least 51 deaths.

PPS Go on the Cummins forums and look up all of the burnt electrical wiring problems on the 2013 Ram HD's.

@Jason, Thanks for the info. I drive a Ram Truck. I will do some research before buying another vehicle. As it stands right now Ford is the Fire Recall king. Until they get these electrical fires under control i will not be buying their product period. My 03 1500 4x4 5.7 has had no recalls what so ever. Why do i need to buy a ford truck, when my Ram has treated me so well?

Holy crap you guys are stupid.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLOYD! Don't let these damn kids ruin it.

102? And he's still driving?

...Wondering if they have regular testing for the elderly in that state.

23? A he's using a cell phone while driving?

... Wondering if they can ban young people from driving in that state because they are on their phones while driving.

I'll take Floyd behind the wheel any day over a person on their cell phone.

Wow, a feel good story turned into a page of stupitity by trolls and brand loyal numbnuts.

16 trucks in 90 years. That would be a new truck every 5 1/2 years.

Good luck Floyd and I wish you well. May their be at least 1 more truck in your future.

@HemiV8, Nobody said what truck you should buy. But you have to admit that you are using scare tractics against the Fords and ignoring all of the Ram/Chrysler with the same issues.

Fact is Ram is the only truck in the past year or two with any fire recalls. On a company as a whole Chrysler has more fire recalls and investigations than Ford. Do the research and buy what you like. You don't need to use the scare tacticts.

Just another example today...

NHTSA investigates MORE Jeep fires

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Friday it is investigating reports of three major fires in Jeep Grand Cherokee sport utility vehicles.

The agency said a preliminary investigation into 146,000 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokees was prompted by reports from consumers the vehicle headliner near the passenger side sun visor had caught fire, The Detroit News reported.

On a side note, Floyd also received a second award for most visits to the service department by any living human being.

@Paul, Sure thing buddy. You can believe that. lol
Ford Recalls 2011 F-Series After Two Fires.

Continuing its proud history of vehicle fires, Ford is recalling the 2011 F-Series and the Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX crossover after two 2011 Ford F-150s caught fire at the Dearborn Assembly Plant. Built Ford flammable?

I like to look at men in speedos laying on the hoods of Super Dooty trucks. mmmm mmmm gooooodddddddd!!!

I like to look at men in speedos laying on the hoods of Super Dooty trucks. mmmm mmmm gooooodddddddd!!!
Posted by: Frank | Aug 26, 2013 11:02:52 PM

Us too Frankie!!!!!!! We should meet up sometime!!! Wooohoooooo!!!

Whoa. Is that 102 year old going to be driving that truck??!?!!!?


The Ford brand has had 92 recalls since 2009, substantially higher than the next highest brands — Chevrolet, at 70, and Toyota, at 68, a search of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database reveals. Of course, such a search doesn't take into account the severity of individual recalls or that the Ford nameplate is part of the larger Ford Motor. When recalls in its various divisions are added up, General Motors outpaces Ford on recalls overall

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