'Tis the Season for Pickups, Football and Texas

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It's that time of year again: tailgate parties, alma mater face paint and sore throats in the evening. Yes, it's football season, and a good pickup truck marketing team will never let an opportunity to connect with passionate football fans go to waste.

GMC, a big sponsor of NFL football, recently announced it will partner with "Monday Night Football" when its season starts Sept. 9 on ESPN. In fact, GMC will once again be taking a full "road show" experience on a 12-stop tour this season, giving fans in the hometowns of the Monday night games a chance to drive a 2014 Sierra Denali. In addition, the tour will travel to 11 locations in Texas — the country's largest pickup truck market. But don't think GMC is the only truck maker to figure this out.

Chevrolet just announced it will partner with the University of Texas Longhorns and make the 2014 Silverado the official truck of Bevo, the Texas Longhorns' mascot — a beloved live steer. According to some studies, one in three households in Texas (did we mention how important that state is to truck sales?) has a Longhorn fan inside.

"There is no more appropriate place to showcase the stronger, smarter, more capable 2014 Silverado than in the heart of truck country at Texas Longhorn sporting events," Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet marketing, said in a statement.

Not to be outdone, Ford Truck has an eight-year connection to high school football, sponsoring a high school player of the week trophy in — you guessed it — Texas. In fact, over the life of the program more than 400 players have won the award, including two Heisman Trophy winners.

"Honoring Texas high school athletes with this program is one of the Ford's favorite endeavors," Chris Rushwin, Ford's central market area sales and marketing manager, said in a statement. "What began as an effort to salute outstanding high school football players has become the premier recognition program for the best student-athletes in the state. The F-150 is the best-selling truck in Texas, and clearly, the state is tops in producing some of the best football players anywhere."

As for Ram Truck, although they don't sponsor any particular high school, college or professional football programs, they do advertise heavily with the NFL and college networks. However, as many will note, they did offer a Red Wing Edition Ram 1500.

We don't expect any truck makers to stop pandering to Texas or football anytime soon, especially when both are so directly tied to full-size pickup truck sales and profits.

To read the full GMC press release about "Monday Night Football," click here.

To read the full Chevrolet press release about UT sponsorship, click here.

To read the full Ford press release about the Texas player of the week, click here.

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The New Silverado, what a beautiful truck.

Don't care for the Silverado to much, the Sierra looks better.

@Rick, I do love a White Sierra All Terrain but I'm Chevy all the way. Z71 yeah a real man's truck.

Lovely, but you don't need to buy a new pickup.

My Orange Mazda Rotary pickup gets 27 mpg and goes from 0-60 in 6 seconds. (It's heavily tuned). I cab haul anything I need in it's long bed.

@Guy from New Jersey –don’t look at me in that tone of voice. I’m real happy for you with the “Mazda Rotary pickup”, but when Mazda stop selling Ford Rangers in NA, they got out of the pickup game. So get over it, who cares about zoom zoom anything.

Emotions sell products and studies have indicated that men are emotional vehicle buyers and are less picky when buying women. Men are brought up being supposed to know trucks and women. Loyalty to brand is also something that is imprinted at a young age (loyalty to women….not so much). When I see a Ford add with that annoying Denis Leary, I don't think about the capabilities he is harping on about, think about he said about John Lennon. He said: “I live in a country where John Lennon takes eight bullets, Yoko Ono is walking right beside him and not one hits her. Explain that to me” He’s right....explain that!

Since GMC, is a big sponsor of NFL football, 60% of my brain thinks "strong", the other 50% thinks cheerleaders. The logical part of my brain can push it aside but since I like cheerleaders (regardless of the GMC tie in) I spend a lot of time in the shower. It is no different than the Ram/Paul Harvey add. It hits an emotional chord that sticks more than a teenager’s magazine.

Another part of advertising is the fact that you see the commercials over and over again. We become "familiar" with a product. Our primitive survival mechanisms respond favourably to the familiar. They also respond to long legs, blue eyes and a summer dress. Again survival mechanisms. Advertisers, at least good advertisers, know how to push those buttons. A hot chick, girls on the beach or cheerleaders, a loyal owner will be more likely to remain loyal. Like I always say, a day without sunshine is like night.

Seriously, Texas is talked about to no end. Texas has he best economy, the top places in the country to live, the best football players, lowest unemployment, prettiest girls, etc. It's no wonder its the fastest growing state in the country, everyone wants to live here!! Now, GM is targeting Texas because its the hottest truck market in the country through The University of Texas. Smart move Chevrolet!!! Bevo has been pulled by a Ford Superduty for as long as I can remember, so the move to a Chevrolet is awesome! The Texas Longhorn is the most recognized school mascot and Texas is #1 in royalties/merchandise sales in the country for Universities. Can't wait for the Texas State Fair in Dallas! I also hope I can test drive the new Denali. I'd be surprised if it doesn't make a stop in Austin. Hook 'em Horns!!!!!

Lou what the hell are you on about.

Yeah Chrysler advertising is all about trying to draw emotions in people. It's all a psychological experiment. The Ram ones in particular are largelu a copy of Ford truck ads in the 90's.

You can thank the Frenchman Francois for that cord that was struck. He is responsible for Chrysler's psychological advertising. The Frenchman was actually reposnible for the Guts Glory Ram slogan.

A true truck buyer buyer, or car buyer in general shouldn't base their decesion on a manufacturers' advertising campaign.

@ Guy from New Jersey
"My Orange Mazda Rotary pickup gets 27 mpg and goes from 0-60 in 6 seconds. (It's heavily tuned). I cab haul anything I need in it's long bed."

Is your name Guy or are you a male from NJ?

So you have a rotary Mazda pickup, if it is highly tuned how do you achieve 27mpg?

Rotaries are one of the worst engines around.

What rotary do you have a 13B? I don't even think you would know a rotary from stationary.

What form of induction does it have? Is it injected and what type of injectors are you running or does it have a carby?

What seals are you running if it is as you call it 'highly tuned'?

Why write such nonsense.

So you are a fanboi? This type is worse than a person you researches using advertisements.

A Ramphan? I think so. HemiV8.

Texas is a good place to advertise trucks. Smart move by GMC and Ford. Dennis Leary not so much as a spokesman for Ford, give me Mike Rowe. If I let the ads influence my purchase of a vehicle I would have never bought a Honda. Honda commercials are horrible with a bunch of twits hashtaging. Those who are mostly twittering and tweeting are mostly the younger people who are living with their parents and driving a Honda from the 90s. The Toyota commercials are dumb as well especially with the reptile that changes colors and Jan shrieking. My favorite is the Hyundai commericial with the dog slobbering.

I prefer the Silverado too unlike the last model. Well, and the slant eyed one before that too. Kind of dumb not to advertise Chevrolet for the NFL of all things. Biggest sport in the country going into millions of homes. The competitive Ford vs. Chevy arguments will be boring this season during the games. They need to leave the GM truck for things like golf and tennis when they advertise the Buicks. Not the NFL.

@FordTrucksSuck- why don't you read something informative for a change. Try this: http://www.caranddriver.com/comparisons/2014-chevrolet-silverado-1500-ltz-z71-vs-2013-ford-f-150-lariat-2013-ram-1500-laramie-longhorn-comparison-test

Yeah, that's right, the Ford Ecoboost motor sucks! Chevy's 5.3 liter engine gets the same gas mileage as Ford's Turbo V-6 and you get to drive a real man's truck with a V-8, not a pansy sounding truck that a woman should be driving! As you can see in the article, the Chevy can even tow more than that pansy Ecoboost. Yeah, the Ecoboost is faster by .5 seconds in the quarter mile, but who buys a truck to drag race? If you're buying a truck because of how fast it is, you're a poser and have no business buying a real truck anyway.

As for you Dodge fanboys, the new motor from GM is faster and tows more than your beloved Hemi which is outdated and overweight. The Chevrolet can tow more, brake in a smaller distance, gets similar or better MPG, and is faster. Oh well, Dodge will always suck even when they think they're "catching up" to Chevrolet and GMC. LOL!! Nice try Ram fans, but time to go back to the drawing board, your truck is still a distant 3rd from Chevrolet and Ford. Suck it.

This article is about advertising not about which product is better. I agree with FordTruck1 that Chevy trucks would have been a better fit for NFL football. Ford is smart marketing at high schools and the high school football player of the week trophy. High school football is big in Texas, much bigger than most states. All the trucks on the market are highly competitive, it is important to target a particular product to the market where the message can be more effective, in other words get the most bang for the buck. A manufacturer can have the best product available but without effective marketing their product will remain unknown to many.

In Alabama, Ford runs advertisements every thirty minutes with Nick Saban driving a crimson red F-150. I haven't seen any ads with Auburn's new coach, although Ford had a deal with the last coach. I wouldn't by a truck based on an ad but I did go test drive a truck once after seeing an ad with Jeff Gordon driving a Silverado. I had been looking at Tundras and F-150s and had about decided to do the deal on the Ford. I was home one Sunday watching a NASCAR race and saw the Chevy ad with Jeff Gordon and I was reminded that I hadn't given the Chevy a once over. Anyway, I went and drove the Silverado and the others didn't have a chance. I bought it and drove it for five happy years. I'm in my second year of a F-150, and I'm pleased. I paid less for the Ford in 2012 than I paid for the Chevy in 2007, and the Ford is a loaded XLT versus the Chevy which was a stripped LS. I've got the Ecoboost and its doing fine. The engine is probably over-hyped, but I am getting 16 mpg versus 12 mpg with the small Chevy V8.

The new GM trucks are vanilla ice cream. Workable but not exciting, like vanilla ice cream they do a lot of things ok but they are outstanding at nothing. Ram has its niche, with all the cowboy themed stuff I think they want the Marlboro man to drive a Ram and that cool its an identity. The Ford is the truck of America, it seems there is one on every single city block across the country, many are there for work. Toyota and Nissan are 2nd tier players for now until they get new trucks. Then we come to the GM twins. In profile the trucks look badly disproportioned, there is no real beauty engineered into their looks. The interior is Ram and Ford elements jumbled together. I can't tell what this trucks id is who does it identify with? I can't identify with it on any level. Maybe I'm tainted because my 2011 Silverado was so bad but in looking at these new GM trucks I'm not drawn to them. Today I drive a year old F-150 EB 4x4 Super Crew that I bought new. I love this truck, I did not buy it for gas mileage though it does a pretty good job there. I bought it for capability and it has not disappointed at all. Recently I pulled a 9000# travel trailer about 1200 miles for vacation. The EB never ran out of power I could do the speed limit all day long. It was the hardest I've worked it to date and it met the challenge without a blink. Would I do this everyday with it, no way but when I needed it, it was there. I just don't think that even the latest iteration of the Chevy SB could have done as good of a job. It will be interesting to see what happens under the hoods of these trucks in the coming years. I'm going to keep my EB for a long time, as someone who has owned a lot of different trucks and SUV's over the years, mostly Chevy, I've never enjoyed or liked a truck more than this one.

lmao!!! an ugly square truck for a cow. that is to much!

To read the full GMC press release about "Monday Night Football," click here.

- GOOD TIME to take a leak. Just ANOTHER reason to Boycott the NFL this season!! NO Company Needs 2 freaking TRUCKS! NOT on the American Taxpayers Dime! Pick 1 Truck Govt Motors! The GovtMoCo Sierra or the Chevrolet Silverado! Either that or PAY us Back IN FULL. Rush and Hannity should be ALL Over THIS. What a WASTE!

@Jeff: You've got a real point there. Market to the kids now and you're more likely to have loyal buyers in the future (assuming you can keep from pissing them off).

@MoparMadness- Jealousy will get you nowhere. Why do you care if GM has 2 trucks? and it's pretty damn ironic that you call GM "Govt Motors" when Chrysler took bailout money as well, you moron! How is having 2 truck lines on "American Taxpayers Dime?" You're so ignorant and uneducated (as are most Dodge/Ram fanboys) that you don't have a clue what you're talking about. I guess reading that Car & Driver article about how your Hemi Ram placed a distant 3rd behind the Chevy and Ford, got your panties in a wad. Realistically, Ram will never pass GM or Ford in truck sales, not in our lifetime and the reason being is that Ram is an Italian owned POS and Americans who are educated will never own a pile of junk. Ram is the least reliable and has the poorest name/brand recognition of the 3. In other words, Ram sucks. LOL!!

No Guts!
No Glory!
Ram Sucks!

What's funny is Chevrolet doesn't have it's top of the line "High Country" model out yet and it went up against Ram's "Laramie Longhorn" which is the best it has to offer, and the Chevy still beat it in most categories. So much for your "Hemi is the best motor, the best race motor, etc". It's a pile of crap if a smaller displacement motor whooped it's ass. LOL!! Hemi sucks! And when Chevy's 6.2 liter comes out in the next month or two, it's really going to make your Hemi look like a red headed step child! Fiat doesn't know $hit about American trucks, it's use to building rice burning bumper cars. That's why Toyota's Tundra trucks never gained any traction despite the billions of dollars Toyota has spent on them. Ram will go by the wayside before long. Poor Ram, has nowhere to go but down. LOL!

Texas needs to get rid of Mack Brown. Just like GM, overrated.


2012 Ram 3500, 2012 Ram 4500, 2012 Ram 550

The Problem: Some heavy-duty six-speed automatic transmissions in the Ram chassis cab trucks may not meet the company’s design specifications. In that case, the Ram truck transmissions could suddenly lose motive power, potentially causing a crash. However, Chrysler says it has no reports of any accidents or injuries related to this problem.

The Fix: Chrysler will recall the Ram trucks and replace the transmissions for free, starting next month.

Somehow PUTC missed this recall. As you may recall, this was the "new" 6 speed tranny Ram received in 2012.



Be careful with these Rams. Give them a good 4 years for the bugs to be worked out.

@Guy from New Jersey - that was a fake Lou. PUTC has a severe troll issue that could be easily fixed by a moderator reading the blogs.

Another story wrecked by stupidity.

It is smart to target sports with an extremely large audience. Ford providing awards to high school kids is a great strategy. Get them thinking about your brand when young.

GMC 2 truck strategy is okay as long as the high volume seller gets the attention or options that people want. The Silverado is the best seller in the USA but gets downgraded because Sierra gets the better packages. Many are brand loyal to Chevy only. In that respect, it makes no sense. Those kinds of decisions illustrate why GMC may be the #1 global seller but makes 2.5 times less profits than Ford that isn't even in the top 5 for global sales.
The Canadian market has Sierra as the best selling brand over Chevy but our market is tiny compared to the USA.

@Mike D. - I think that Ram is the class leader pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards.

Is Nissan still involved in the Hiesman promotion? That was as close as the Titan was being involved in the college football season. I've witnessed Toyota Tundra ads on TV and radio only via local dealerships.

And, Stephen Hood, I'm already seeing the Ford ads with Nick Saban on TV and hearing them on Radio. Nothing yet on Gus Malzon, but I expect something shortly. Probably this weekend.

And what's with the fascination with the Longhorns anyway? Everyone knows that Texas is yesterday's news. They should be looking for a new head football coach by season's end if not sooner. In fact, the only team, college or pro, that's worth mentioning is Texas A&M. That is, as long as Johnny Football isn't kicked off the team at some point during the season.

That said,
Everybody else - good luck this season. You'll need it.

@Mike D., Ford recalls 16,000 F-Series pickups over transmission concern!

Ford is recalling thousands of F-Series pickup trucks from the 2011 and 2012 model years over a transmission problem that, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "fails to comply with the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard number 114, theft protection." NHTSA reports that the transmissions in these defective trucks can be shifted out of the park position without pressing the brake pedal due to a problem with the brake shift interlock switch.

Affected models include 2011 F-150s built between September 9 and September 22, 2011, as well as F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 Heavy Duty trucks built between September 12 and September 22, 2011. A total of 16,091 trucks are included in this recall.




Texas a&m worth mentioning? They are the sheep humping, milkman loving, laughing stock of the state and you think they should be in this discussion? That's like saying Auburn is the only team worth mentioning in your state. Puh-leaze. GM knows what kind of exposure the Texas Longhorns will bring them, we own this state. Hook 'Em Horns!!! I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching all you Alabama fans, as well as Saban eat a big ole pile of dog $hit after getting beaten last year by Texas a&m! LMAO!! That was priceless!!!

Maybe so, Chris, but look who won the championship last year. Too bad the Horns aren't on the schedule.

Oh, and the statement you made about Auburn? It's true, their fans do think that way. I see you enjoy baiting them as well as I do.

Pssst....Dan, Your city slicker is showing.

BEVO has balls. If you see an utter, that's a cow.

Don't feel bad. Lots of guyirls cant tell the difference.

@Fake Lou. Since you are so completely puzzled and confused by what BC stands for, I'll enlighten you. I've said before that I am from British Columbia or more simply "BC".

I'm sure that you find yourself completely amusing and the very fact that I am answering one of your posts must have you firing a wad into your coloured underwear (yellow front, brown back).

Ultimately, your cowardice hurts PUTC and if you do have a problem with my presence on this site then you should have the intestinal fortitude to debate me face to face without hiding behind a false name.

This will be the last time that I will acknowledge your presence and to the rest of the bloggers, any post using "Lou" from now on was not made by me.


Chris, They have erected a 15' pole w/a Denali on top down at the tailgate area for tomorrow's NM game.
That could be the test-drive location. Even if it's not, at least you can score some BBQ and beer!

ANY post that uses my new blog name Lou_BC but does not have a link to my TypePad account, was not made by me. Any new post using "Lou" my prior blog name was not made by me.

PUTC does not seem interested in controlling trolls:

- That hurts them.

- That makes them look bad.

- That deteriorates their site.





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