Toyota Releases Pricing for 2014 Tundra

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Toyota has just released its pricing for the newly redesigned 2014 Toyota Tundra, which now offers five distinct trim package options: the base SR, the volume-leading SR5, the upper-trim Limited and a choice of sophisticated or cowboy luxury with the Platinum and the 1794 Edition.

Overall, prices decrease from 2013 models by 0.7 percent, or $263, but depending on what package and configuration ordered, the savings over equivalent models could be as much as $2,000. The base SR regular cab V-6 4x2 worktruck will start at $26,915 and a fully optioned Platinum or 1794 Edition CrewMax 4x4 will start at $48,315 (all prices include destination of $995).

All Tundra models have a standard windshield wiper de-icer, front and rear mudguards, power window and door locks, and heated, power outside mirrors. A tow hitch is also standard equipment on models equipped with the 5.7-liter V-8 engine.

All SR and SR5 models come standard with air conditioning, while all Limited, Platinum and 1794 Edition models come with standard dual-zone air conditioning with separate driver and front passenger temperature settings. An auto-dimming rearview mirror with compass and HomeLink is standard on Limited, Platinum and 1794 Edition grades.

All 2014 Tundras will come standard with updated next-generation Entune Audio systems, which feature an array of popular apps including new additions such as Yelp and Facebook Places. To download a PDF of all the new features and looks offered by the new Entune system, click here.

To download Toyota's full press release, click here.

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How is it that the tundra is made in the USA, and you cannot go to a dealer and order exactly what you want? but you can order a domestic exactly like you want? when you go to the tundra dealer, you have to buy what they have there?

Australia has a 'set menu' for vehicles now, generally the car dealer will install any options you want.

But, also our vehicle choices allows us to buy more or less what we want straight from the factory.

Even Ford and GMH has moved to the 'set menu' approach as it saves the manufacturer money and produces a cheaper product.

@ sandman4X4
That has nothing to do with American content it is more of Toyota only wants to produce what know they will sell. They will only build certain number of certain kinds and if you want something not offered in your are the dealer can order something that was to be sent to another area will be sent to you or something that was scheduled to be later can be built now and sent to you. The only thing is when ordering it must be something they planned on building which is good business for them as in terms of units sold they are not Ford or GM. They don't have as many personal use customers and hardly any fleet sales which is the killer so they have to do business differently and they do. That is also why it is assembled in Texas, has longer Gens and fewer updates which helps make the vehicle profitable for Toyota.

@paul, really????? Tundra's sit on the lot for months and Ford's average a couple of weeks? Where did you pull these bogus numbers from?

Maybe in your xenophobic fantasy view of the world but where I live (in the heart of coal country), the Toyota dealers cannot keep Tundra's on their lots and the Ford dealers are overflowing with both new and used truck-mostly F150's-that sit there for weeks on end. To move trucks they have to offer serious discounts. I know this first hand when I was shopping around for a new truck just recently. GM and Dodge are also out selling Fords where I live, hmmmmm.

Now does my experience make this a blanket statement that applies to all Fords, ABSOLUTELY NOT. So please stop trying to pass your comment like it's written in stone gospel.

BigAl: sorry to hear about that, but here I can, and have on more than one occasion, gone to my local dealer and ordered exactly what I wanted, not only that, it states right on the window sticker, "made for Sandman4x4" not really, but with my real name, on one truck, it was stated custom made for me on the option code in the glove box and as far as having the dealer install some optional equipment? we can do that, BUT it is very expensive, at least twice as if installed at the factory on a order.

@ sandman 4x4

Lets clear up your misunderstanding really quick.........

I, meaning ME, ORDER Tundra's very frequently.... so YES, you can ORDER Tundra's with equipment you want and not just have to buy whats on the lot. I'm sorry you had that misunderstanding but now its all cleared up

Overpriced by $5000 across the board.
Lacks certain trim/powertrain options desired.
Too Bloomin' Big!

If you like it 'buy it'!
If you don't, or can't afford it, 'then don't !
Personally, I like it, and will buy it, and enjoy it.
If I preferred the other offerings then I'd go that way.
Freedom of choice. A beautiful thing!
Don't begrudge me my happiness, by talking nonsense!

@ carilloskis

um your pricing is off! if you check each website and actually build one spec'd the correct way this is what you'll find

Ford s-crew platinum 4x4 with 6.2 MSRP $55,385

Ram 1500 laramie limited $53,905

GMC sierra 1500 crew with ONLY 5.3 (since the denali OR the 6.2 isnt available yet) and its still MSRP $53,335

Tundra crew max 4x4 1794 edition is MSRP $49,400

looks like i'm right and your incorrect...............

1794 competes with the King Ranch.

Who the hec buys the 6.2?

F-150 SuperCrew 4x4 King Ranch with EcoBoost $48,290.


if you want to compete with the tundra outside in the real world you will need the 6.2. in la la land here on putc between drivers and mashin the throttle from a stop and getting a tundra thats 5 grand cheaper with crappy tires they will have you believe that the ecoboost competes with the 5.7 i-force. well its slower and wont tow the same amount of weight as the 5.7. before you open your mouth explain why if Ford figured they could do it then why havent they certified the truck by the j2807 standard. i dont wanna hear they are waiting until their redesign because Toyota DIDNT.

BTW JASON if you equip the f150 with all the things that are STANDARD on the 1794 you'll come up with $53,270.00 before a 1000 instant rebate they give you.

The tundra was ugly and now even more so. weak chassis elephant doors coke bottle side view all make this one hidious truck. Now toyota has a western themed truck. lol lol

How can toyota call there 1794 or what ever number it is with a straight race. Toyota is a japanese car co. No matter how many cars they assemble here they will still be a foreign car.

Maybe ford can come out with a rice patty 1794 hong kong phooie edition this fall.Oh wait japan won't let us sell our cars there I forgot.

@ paul w

your blind ignorance and racist talk are almost comical. your one of those people dumb enough to buy something built in mexico or canada and act like its somehow supporting your neighbor. you are clueless

lol, is it really worth blogging every time someone writes something you disagree with? Do you honestly feel you have to defend Toyota that much?

what was racist.Toyota wasn't here .For toyota to build a texas edition is a joke. Hemi you want to talk racism lets talk japan. We the united states can't sell many cars there because they protect there auto industry and will not let us sell cars .

Blind ignorance.No the truck is ugly and has a weak chassis.It doesn't compare to the new ford and ram in anything but motor

The fail here is toyota wants people to think because they assemble some vehicles here they are a american company and they are not. They are a foreign car co no matter what they build here.

For those of you who insist Ford makes the most reliable trucks, I might point out that while I was in the Air Force (US) my unit was issued a brand-new F-150 crew cab 4x4. Now, for those of you who haven't been in the military, they tend to buy their utility vehicles by putting 2x to 3x the purchase price into an escrow towards the maintenance of that vehicle. That Ford truck, as nice as it was, burned through its escrow in less than 18 months due to nothing more than breakdowns. It was never wrecked; it was never abused (base speed limits are low) and it was never mistreated. It just simply never wanted to run when we needed it and it spent nearly half the time we 'owned' it back in the motor pool.

The base sold it as surplus when only 2 years old and from what I understood the new owner soon stripped out the engine and the computers and dropped an older German engine into it that didn't use computers. After that, it was a solid truck.

@Paul, true. I can't imagine the F150 being offered in Japan. Not even the 東京 ドリフトをすきだ edition. with a 2.0L turbo. But I hope Ford gets the EcoBoost 4 banger Mustang there. They love turbo 4 cyl RWD coupes.

All our good electronics come from Japan, all our cheap stuff come from China. I figure I can at least buy an American car. Perhaps we should try to make electronics and sell those to Asia too.

@Paul W - Most of the comments I read are from bloggers that say that the Tundra is "Made in the USA" or has the most "USA" content. That is considerably different than saying that Toyota is an American company.

What constitutes an "American company?
- Flag of head office?
- Country that company originated from?
- Country of origin of the largest shareholder?
- Location of factory?
- Amount of investment?
- Where the profits go?
- Government ownership?

If you look at any of these companies, they are all listed as "multinational".

They'd all set up shop in some tax haven banana republic if they found that it was the most beneficial for their profits.

The "1794" Tundra is based on the incorporation of the JLC Ranch. It was the OLDEST working ranch in Texas and now is the site of Toyota's factory building Tundra and Tacoma.

I've said this before, you've had bad luck with Tundra. Leave it at that.

Anything else just makes you look bad.

A american co is a american business born in the usa.

head office determines co orgin







There is the answer to all your questions.

yes we all know what the 1794 is.It was a cattle ranch of one of the richest farms in texas. I've never seen to many japanese cattle farmers so i'm still baffled why a japanese car co would want to mislead the public into thinking they were around back then.The 1794 also wasn't the oldest farm in texas but the most popular at that time.

Its really not that hard to understand that if a co is owned and operated by a foreign land its a foreign company. Look up any literature you please and it says toyota is a foreign brand.Toyota could have every peace assembled here and parts built here but by origin and ownership its still a japanese car co.

@paul w - what part of my post aren't you understanding? I NEVER said Toyota was an "American" company.

Is this where you mention Pearl Harbor again?

@ paul w
I can't really see Ford doing such a thing since Hong Kong started out as a protectorate of Great Britan as it was known then. It was handed back to China in 1999, by I think Prince Charles. Hong Kong ended up becoming a territory of the UK.

Even your timing is out. Also I would expect to see Hong Kong on a Range Rover or Jaguar, a British vehicle. Imagine a "1999 HK Jaguar" with a 3.0 litre Lion V6 diesel. That has a nice ring to it.

Ford might be able to come out with the "Detroit Bailout Model #2013". Make it bare to the bones.

Or maybe they should be a Chev/GMC or Fiat Ram.

Or how abouts the UAW special Monday morning or Friday afternoon Ram 1499 :), oh with wiring harness problems.

How about a Ram 1500 Warren?

@hemi lol
What is standard on a Tundra platinum vrs an f150 Platinum? a moon roof , the tundra doenst have standard remote start like the fords, intigrated trailer break controller is MIA as well, no easy access to the bed of the truck. . As i have said before on this site If the tundra's i force was beter than the ecoboost thenn toyota would by an f150 with ecoboost and show the tundra wooping it.

ok here we go assembled by toyota in kentucy by orgins and ownership unknown. previously know as toyota of japan but now owned by someone we can't say .

We could call them by there proper name toyota of japan but then you'd be labled a racist because you properly named there correct orgin.

We could go with people of the unknown assembly plant in kentucky building a un-japanese sort of japanese owned depending on who you ask model parts oriented truck of the usa sort of japanese toyota.That would be politically correct .

You asked me what made something a american co and I gave you the correct answer.I answered all 8 of your question the way they would be answered by a american or japanese car co. When you look at a window stick on a tundra does it say toyota of kentucy as its orgin .Afraid not.

No matter where its made its still ugly and it still has weak chassis's.Its basically a 2007 tundra with a uglier grill and a ford looking interior.Toyota decided not to fix many of its problems. I don't think it would surprise anyone to see this model run as it is now a few more yrs then die out. It doesn't sell alot now and with fords new atlas coming along with rams and now gm the tundra is just about out classed in every catagory. With the yen dropping lets see if toyota adds to its japanese production and slows there factories here.

Yes Lou the japanese bombed pearl harbor you get an a plus on your older history but a f or you newer history. lesson.

big al no one has any idea what you just wrote but ok..I think?

*Standard "remote start": Why? It's a fuel-wasting feature that is essentially useless under all circumstances.
*Integrated Brake Controller: Why? It's essentially useless UNLESS you regularly tow a trailer over 3000 pounds. For some users, it will never be used. Best to keep it as an option, not standard.
*Easy access to the bed of the truck: You really call having to climb up on the bumper JUST to access the bed "easy"?

Not one of those three things you mentioned is a significant selling point to anybody but a 'dandy'--a City Slicker. Maybe you should try again, featuring something that really is useful about your choice of truck.

Ummm... Paul? Exactly WHO was in Texas in 1794?

Based on one Toyota site, the land Toyota's Texas plant sits on was granted to a Spaniard out of the Canary Islands and who specifically fought AGAINST Texas independence from Spain. While the site has history, in many ways it's a slap in the face by Toyota by making a Texas-themed "1794 Edition".

@Vulpine you thalk about one vehicle in the masive Air Force Vehicle Fleet, i ran the Vehicle Managment Flight at a Large AFMC Base with 1400 vehicles its not that hard to find vehicles from all brands that are either lemons or heavily abused, not saying that you abused your truck bust someone else may very well have or the truck could be defective, also during the warentee period the trucks are Taken down town for warrentee work, you think the AF or GSA, if its a lease, Are going to pay for a defective Truck that the manufacture is responsable for? In a logistics readiness squadron all the money comes form Vehicle Managment so if we can pass the costs on to the manufacture or the unit for abuse we will.
Also who strips an F150 motor and adds in a German Motor, the motor mounts will not line up.

Also our data Says that Ford and GM are neck and neck for reliability, Your talk of your bad experince with one vehicle just like Hemi V8 with his mustang that he ignored a recall on and didn't have insured or properly maintained, burned. I could go on about my problembs with my Chevy z71 with fuel pumps and guage cluster, transfer cases, fron differentials,etc or myt parents 99 suburban that ate 3 transmissions under warrenty, and had two doors fall of the hinges on seperate occasions, our 95 suburban was flawless, we just ended up with two lemons, just un lucky, as i know people whos suburabns of the same years never had these problems. you have to look at the bigger picture of reliability and dependability .

@paul w - Your answers are riddled with inconsistencies and also a very feeble attempt at turning this into a "freedom of speech" stiffled by political correctness debate.

Lets look at 2 of your answers, the first two.

"A american co is a american business born in the usa.
head office determines co orgin".

"A american co is a american business born in the usa"

Chrysler/Dodge - they were as you say "born in the usa" but the Dodge brothers did spend some time working in Canada.

Now pay attention, this is were your logic (or attempt at it) goes astray, "head office determines co orgin".

Fiat owns controlling interest in Chrysler. Fiat is working through the courts to sort out buying off VEBA. Once that occurs, Fiat can set up shop or move Chrysler anywhere they want. The Netherlands is what Marchionne has said. Currently, the head office for the mother company is Turin Italy.
Toyota USA is a legally registered company in the USA with the "mother" corporation based in Japan.
GMC is a socilaist/government owned company. Odd since the USA is supposed to be the capitalistic bastion of the world.

I'll continue on in another post.

@Paul w -

Lets look at the definition of import and domestic since those 2 words are misused and bastardized by many.

Domestic is misused to refer to Ford, GMC, and Chysler. The true deffinition is based upon the location of the factory. If the factory sits on USA soil, it is a domestic vehicle, if it sits on the soil of a foreign country, it is an import. Location of head office does not define import or domestic.
Ford, GMC, Chrysler import vehicles and also build on USA soil, just like Toyota.

Quote 1:
"For the purposes of Federal regulations, such as Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) and the American Automobile Labeling Act of 1994 (AALA),vehicles produced in the United States, regardless of brand, are considered "domestic", while vehicles produced outside the United States are considered "imported"."

Quote 2:
"Each vehicle sold in the United States carries a Vehicle Identification Number, as required by NHTSA regulation — Title 49, Part 565 of the U.S. Code.
The VIN identifies the vehicle's country of manufacture, and the company responsible for its production. Vehicles manufactured in the United States have VINs beginning with the numbers 1, 4, and 5 — regardless of where the company is based."

Quote 3:
A spokesman for the Society of Automotive Engineers, the agency responsible for assigning the three-digit "World Manufacturer Identifier" that begins the VIN label, was quoted as saying "We assign (codes) according to the dirt the plant's built on, not the headquarters of the company."

You allegedly owned a Tundra, what was the first number of the VIN?

You were puzzled as to why Toyota would use the name "1794" on their truck. "1794" was not the name of the ranch but the year that it was incorporated. The Toyota Tundra/Tacoma factory sits on the soil that used to belong to the "El Rancho de la Purisima Concepcion". It was originally 24,000 acres but the Republic of Texas only recognized 4,000 acres.

@hemi lol
you are a toyta salesman and have addmited to it. you have to sell me on whats better about toyota or your a pretty terrible salesman, also i priced all the trucks on their manufactures web site for 2013 and for 55k i can get a Raptor Crew with luxary , hids, ac seats, nav, front camera sun roof, 2k worth of stickers etc. the top of the line f150 limited is 53k with evey option standard. So im having trouble beliving that 55k number for the 6.2 platinum you keep throughing out there, which btw includes second row heated seats does tundra? Also a gas f250 platinum fx4 is 52k with heated stearing wheel. i think thats a better tow vehicle than tundra dont you?

The 3.5l is the direct competitor to the 5.7l iforce. As I have stated before if the toyota was better they would buy a f150 hitch it and a tundra to trailers and race them somewhere davis dam, drag strip, etc, Toyota does not show that they are better then Its competitors therefore it must offer inferior products, im sure if your dealer takes an ecoboost in trade you can race it against a tundra but im pretty sure toyota marketing already figured that one out, that would be a cheaper spot to make than towing a space shuttle and do more to boost sales. I'm sick of the tundra fan boys saying that its the best but never backing it up.

@carilloskis - I have to agree that broad generalizations about reliability and durability by individual owners based on a small volume of vehicles is risky or ill advised. Getting stuck with a "lemon" often sours a person for an entire brand. My brother goes through pickups at a very rapid pace and he finds little difference between Ford, Ram or GMC when it comes to drivetrain reliability. Each brand has weak spots and most of those weak spots tend to be related more to body and interior components.

@Vulpine - I am surprised by your comment. Does that mean you won't buy a vehicle made in a former "Confederate" state?

look at lou spamming the board with with all of his "wisdom" what a waste of bandwidth.

These are luxary items that people spending lots of money on a truck want, they are options on the lower level trims on Fords.
The remote start is for people whos comfort is more important to them than the gas used in starting the truck, they want the truck warmed up or cooled down befor they get into it. i remeber when i was growing up in arizona having to start my parents suburban without toughing anything on the interor but the brake pedal then having to wait till the truck got cold enough to tough the stearing wheel, the seat belt and the shifter so i was wasting gas anyway as to not burn my hands, thank good they got the truck with cloth. My truck came out the year before this feature and i don't care that i dont have it untill i have to go home in the summer.
Trailer break controler, yup never used it, and on a raptor i cannot see ever towing enough to need it but the truck came with it but i can imagine that people who tow want it and they dont always buy new so it would help resale.
Tailgate step, i laughed at first, but i was driving a suburban and could reach anything in the cargo area, now I drive a raptor whos tailgate is at my hip and I'm 6'2 anything i put in the bed slides towards the front of the truck so i find myself jumping in and out of the bed of the truck with heavy objects I would much rather have the step it would save my back and knees getting hevy items in and out of the bed. Again this is optional on lower trim levels.

Guess what Lou you were wrong on every account from the 1794 editions plant heritage to what a american vehicle.

vulpine is the only one who looked it up and came out with the right answer and again Lou you get the ZONK button wrong.

us trade agreement describes a toyota as a foreign vehicle and a domesic as made in america.

Sorry dude i'm sure one day you'll actually get something right

@paul w - thanks for confirming the fact that you aren't worth the effort. A rational, logical man will debate in good faith and will agree to disagree.
Good luck with your F150. I haven't had any problems with mine.

4 f 150s 1 f250 1 nissan titan and I just sold one of my co trucks a frontier.

Guess what there window sticker said. Foreign vehicle on both nissans but again what would nissan know right!

Lou you said the dodge boys worked in canada in your earlier post to try and be right and failed.
You commented about some person who supposodly said a car orientation is the soil it was assembled on. Wrong again.

I made the right effort and you chose to make stuff up buddy and thats not debating thats story time with bozo!

@paul w- I didn't make anything up.

"The Dodge family moved to Detroit, Michigan, in 1886. One of the sons, Horace, was a gifted mechanic. Another son, John, was a skilled financier. In 1887, Horace created a dirt-proof ball bearing at his home workbench. John procured financial backing for a company to manufacture the first Dodge vehicle, a bicycle featuring the ball bearing. The bicycle was manufactured under the Evans & Dodge name in Windsor, Ontario, where they moved in 1899. Windsor is just across the river and U.S.-Canada border from Detroit. The bicycle was manufactured in a building leased from their former employer, the Canadian Typothetac Company. Modest profits from this venture allowed them to open a machine shop in 1901 (Latham 86).

@paul w -
I noticed that I forgot to add the link to my sources concerning the definition of import and export vehicle.

I cited legal definitions.

Again - you've proven yourself to be dishonourable with your comments.

This is the last time I will bother to reply to any of your posts unless you actually say something that is backed by third party unbiased sources.

I thought it was funny that you brought up the dodge boys working in canada to somehow justify toyota as a u.s brand.

The federal gov describes the toyota as a foreign brand as does nissan toyota and any other foreign brand except in your own head.

My nissan window sticker claims nissan [of its own doing] is a foreign vehicle.I guess you know more then nissan. You should write and tell them they have it all wrong.

What was dishonourable? Proving you wrong. You got the 1794 question about where toyota built its factory wrong.Vulpine was the one who checked it out and proved me right and you wrong again.

You were wrong on where the factory is built is where a vehicle is domestic or foreign.Thats not how our federal gov see's it but again you know more then them.

You just type crap to what you think is right and its not but you are so small of a person to just keep trying different angles to make yourself right and you failed miserably

Dang man you shoulden't respond you keep digging yourself deeper in guestaments and half truths.

This discussion should be limited to Ford and Toyota. GM and Dodge should have a far superior product, as the taxpayer relieved all of their debt and gave them a clean slate to start with. It is simple to run a business and develop new products when someone else pays your debt. Ford and Toyota have to compete within a normal business structure, and have both produce a fine product.

Oh Oh Oh read your wikipedia article again. It says and I quote the big 3 are considered domestic including vehicles made in mexico or canada by ford and gm as domestic vehicles

Vehicles assembled here by foreign companys are considered foreign vehicles even though they are assembled here. lol lol You posted a article that proved yourself wrong priceless!

To simplify fuel economy caff [NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT] considers a car domestic when averaging fuel economy standards of cars assembled here as domestic.

This is there policy for testing fuel economy not establishing where a vehicles orgin is from.

Thanks for the help Lou. lol lol

Toyotas goverment has helped toyota .It also can change the yen to help toyota and nissan. It also doesn't allow ford or gm to build factories in japan.

Our gov also bailed out 68% of the banking industry as a whole.Some how only gm and chrysler are brought up. Chrysler has paid back its loan and the gov last fri sold more shares of gm so gm should be gov free in 2 yrs.

You do realize not only gm and chrysler but ford toyota nissan as most other car industrys would have been crippled by gm and chrysler going bankrupt because most of the cars have the same suppliers of parts.With out gm and chrysler the parts industry would have went bankrupt also so the gov bailout not only saved gm but the whole car business as we know it.

Oh cmon! So many negative comments. Haters will always hate. Pride blinds my friends. I had Chevy trucks, GM, Ford... I was leery of purchasing my Tundra in 2007. I have NEVER owned a better truck. Yes all cars/trucks are plastic inside, but the quality of materials used and put together....pfff no comparison. I was thinking of a new Silverado. I Gave it a chance and checked it out.. Cheaply made interior. One of the mouldings next to the seat had a "box cutter" finish to it. Seriously!!? Quietness... Just drive one, and drive a 5 year chevy,dodge,ford and toyota. You tell me which one is falling appart. My Dad's "B" pillar on the passenger side is loose and undone at seam, and just one piece of thin plastic in his Sierra('09) Who ever owns a Tundra knows What they have. Last but not least is pricing. My 2007 Crewmax Limited was 43k New. Same as a fully loaded anything if not less. 6-7 years later is worth ALOT MORE than the others sharing its same class (26k private party, vs Silverado LTZ crewcab 19k) Do your homework before talking please. I speak facts not pridefull thoughts. Good day :)

had one terrible truck. case closed

Paul, i have read all your comments. You obviously dont face facts and wait for a chance to write your retarded prideful comments. Lou told you over and over again that he never said Toyota is an American co. Because it is NOT. Their trucks are assembled in the states. Just buy whatever you want, stick with your ford or whatever you have and dont bash on other companies with biased opinions. Many have opinions, few have factual comments. None are perfect, but ill tell you THIS and pay close attention. ANY object, no matter what it is, will hold value if its worth it. The reason Toyota holds its value a LOT better than many is because they last longer, they ARE better quality, and are not made with crappy materials. Do yourself a favor, go to the car lot and compare seams, moulding spacing, materials AND close attn to leather stitching. Silverado is a joke when I saw it. Good luck to everyone and their trucks. I advise you to test drive all before buying. And if you want to do even better research, drive a 5-6 year old one of the same class.

Ivan i'm glad you brought up 5 yr old trucks.See My co buys a truck every 2 yrs or so And as you say listen to this and pay close attention. The toyota and nissan we have had DO NOt hold up better then the fords we've owned..

My opinion is not biased its a factual statement from what we've seen as a whole as a company.The biggest thing we have saw is corrosion and rust with the toyota. Its great you brought up materials because the toyota had more squeeks and rattles then any of our previous trucks.The fake chrome around the dial's faded badly and we went threw 3 air condition controllers in 80 thousand miles along with a jumpy shifting tranny toyota could never fix.

The nissan I still own has had radio controls that quit working in the steering wheel and a rear end that has had a ton of slack in it from about 40 thousand on. The rear window quit working twice as well.

The 3 fords we still use all have better then 125 thousand with just one alt going bad between the 4. Regular oil changes and go is the normThe 4th ford has 250 thou and has went threw one radiator and a power steering pump.

Save all your so called ethics about how great toyota or nissan are I don't have to guess I live it daily.The fords are better two fold over anything we have ever had.

Also think about this toyota has had more recalls then ford and gm togeather the last 5 yrs and toyota reputation for the last 10 trs /Sludgey motors/rusting frames /tundra frames that had rusted so bad they had to be totaled or replaced./Tacomas that had rust problems I can go on and on but toyota called them safety enhancements/sudden acc cases/lieing to congress .I guess thats the quality you somehow believe toyota has.

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