What If Ford Made the SVT Atlas Raptor?

2015 ford-f-150-raptor front II

Our friends at TopSpeed.com thought it would be interesting to see what a 2015 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor might look like if they integrated the styling cues and design features from the Ford Atlas concept seen at the 2013 North American International Auto Show. The results are pretty interesting. 

The bubbles above the main images are the specific callout features from the Atlas. We thought you might want to see what a new-generation SVT Raptor might look like. There's no question, from our viewpoint, that with continuous month-over-month and year-over-year sales increases for the SVT Raptor Ford will continue the unique model beyond the complete next-generation revamp of the F-150. Whether Ford will decide to include some new technology or widen the performance parameters of the truck remains to be seen. 

Raptor sales continue to be a strong profit center for Ford; likewise, Raptor also serves as a kind of halo vehicle for Ford truck dealerships. Both of these points have us asking how long will it be before at least one of the segment competitors creates a true rival. 

2015 ford-f-150-raptor II



Cool idea. Not knocking the idea or being a fan boy here but you could say that with combining any two models. But I guess top speed wrote an article on atlas+raptor so yea. I like the Raptor but hate the looks and like the looks of the atlas but the mechanical part is very bleh. So IMHO this would be a cool direction for Ford Trucks

A BIG yes. I'll start saving now. And all the graphics comes off right away.

Looks good! Add the hydraulic hybrid for increased torque, fuel economy, and range!

I'd like to see automatic fire suppression added.

Sigh.... North American excess on steroids... If Michael Bay designed trucks...

Id buy something like this i want a raptor with better gas millage. this will need to beet my 5.4l in Fe or have way better off road preformance my guess is that 2016 will be the reales date for these like 2010 was for the first gen.

Now I have to say that looks really good. Someone needs to show Ford this!

I'll take one in black with silver trim.

WHAT IF..... The Ram Runner was production with a 6.4L 6.2L Hemi with a supercharger.

YES!!! I would love to see the 15 style in Raptor guise. I hope Ford is succesful at weight saving, making the 6.2 a little more efficient. It would be nice to see a new 8-10 speed auto trans tho, which would also greatly improve fuel economy. Or offer an Ecoboosted Raptor. In any case, with Raptor sales being as strong as they are, it would be crazy for Ford to scrap this model.

BTW- what will power the Raptor after the 6.2L is dropped? Ecoboost?

2nd gen EB.

5.0 V8 EcoBoost with 600/600+, 8 speed, paddle shifters...

10 speed. The 8 speed is history....

Why not? If someone wants one, have one for them to buy.

But I would love to see the 5 litre supercharged Coyote in it, with a 6 speed manual.

But with the Raptor I would think it wouldn't be available straight away. Remember all of the aluminium?

I would think Ford would require extensive testing of the Raptor to see if it can withstand the rigours of off roading by overly zealous people at times.

Funny how all the people criticized ram cause of the 8 speed they were going to bring , now that ram has it all those people want 8 and 10 speeds! What a joke by the way those lights kinda look like the Chevy's but with a slant IMO.

The people who want these mega speed transmissions will be the first people to complain about the cost of your pickups.

All of these 'new beaut' technologies cost money and lots. Sooner or later prices will rise just to meet CAFE/EPA regulations.

As I keep on bringing up the Ram 8spd, Pentastar pickup with the short 6.5' bed for $27 000. That's the future of full size trucks.

A Raptor with all of the aluminium, 10spd transmission will make them quite expensive.

It will come to the point where less and less trucks will sell.

That's why I think a manual 6spd with a supercharged V8 would work well in a 4x4.

You will get torque off of idle, unlike an Eco Boost. The engine will be powerful and lighter than a larger block V8 as well.

Not everyone criticized the Ram and in case you haven't noticed there will always be those who criticize. Also, did you fail to notice the Ram people who criticized the Ford and GM 10 speed? As you say, what a joke!

Ram having the 8 speed and now everyone wanting on is not exactly how everyone headed in this direction.

GM and Ford announced an 8 speed with split cooling in 2010 and 2011 before Ram even had one in a truck. Then Ford decided to skip the 8 speed and build the 10 speed. Ford and GM are working on the new 9 and 10 speeds for 2014 (CY).

I like Ford and GM's idea better because they are designing their own and not just buying it from somebody else.

Ford/GM approach takes a little more time and thought and hopefully will arive at a better product. Ram just buys their powertrains from another company and has endless delays.

The problem is the Italians were given Chrysler for free and now Fiat plans to take 100% ownership. When Fiat has complete control of Ram they will set up Chrysler/Ram HQ in the Netherlands and funnel the Chrysler/Ram money to Italy. Nice. When they go through another bankruptcy in 10 years they will not have the US/Canada to bail them out again because they will be in the Netherlands.

Sure beats the pants off the so-called ram runner that never made it out of the box to start with.

It is propoganda that people are bashing Ram and then copying them.

Ram had 4 and 5 speeds.
Ford/GM had 6 speeds. Ford first with all 6 speed lineup.

A few years later in 2012 Ram came out with a marketing ploy to make a new 6 speed which was really the 5 speed. Ram was last to get a 6 speed which wasn't really one.
Ram came out with 8 speed for 2013, but still has 6's in some.
Next for Ford and GM is the 10 speed for 2014/5.

Who's copying who? Nobody is copying anybody. If anybody is copying it is Ram.

All of these new technologies that is being offered from all the manufactures is definitely running up cost.
As long as pick-up buyers keep buying them at any cost than the manufactures will keep upping the ante.
All in all I like it!
Theirs a limit to our budgets and sales will reflect it. Right now America has not exceeded their budgets having viewed the July/2013 sales figures.

Here we go with the CRAPTOR AGAIN. They should change the name of this site to CRAPTORTRUCKS.COM


@Big Al from Oz or whoever you want to call yourself.

Quit the crap, really.

It's getting long in the tooth.

You want to debate, but it has to be on your terms.

Learn how to debate, then we might be able to have a decent debate.

Opinions are good, but if they are only your view to support Australia, then how good are they.

"As I keep on bringing up the Ram 8spd, Pentastar pickup"

You mean as you keep bashing the U.S. to favor Australia and it Unions.

look really nice, i am pretty sure that in few year the raptor will be available only in limited number, with strict cafe rule and poor fuel economy, and strong pick up sale, i see this as the z06 to the corvette

Nah. The only part of it I like is the grill, and it's still overly exaggerated to make the nose look bigger than it needs to be. I won't comment on the size issue.

The Raptor and the FX4 are the only Fords with decent grills. Acres of chrome plastic looks fake on any truck. The one's that look the crappiest are the corrugated look. Ford, Ram, and GM/Chev have a version of that grill.

Just a few of Chryslers inventions that we take for granted now. http://www.allpar.com/corporate/technology.html


Stop posting bullshit man. Ever wonder why Ford and GM don't have a list of all their firsts/innovations/inventions? Because they have done so many it would be a waste of time and resources. Kinda sad when your lists fits on a small page on a fanboi website. Think about how many more cars/trucks GM and Ford have designed/built/sold/produced over the years, and how they get the best engineers since they have the most money and largest corporations to take them away from little peon companies like Fiat motors (which is always why they are trailing). Get real, that list is a joke. Try putting something constructive out there rather then just sound like a 12 year old when someone else comes with something better you always have a "yeah but" arguement to post. You are a joke man, your like is pathetic and I would love to see where and how you live you life. Have fun buddy...

PS, have you seen the latest comparison in car and driver of half ton trucks? Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge, guess where dodge places? 3rd!

@PorscheV8 - you have a lot of experience with owning and driving a modified truck, you also have experience towing a large toy hauler, add to that dune and offroad experience.

Sharing your expertise is welcome and that is how one gains respect.

Trolling does the opposite.

The raptor already uses more non steal components than the regualr f150 the controll arms are al, the rear bed is Al and the front fenders are plastic, the hood is Al, skid plates are Al. only the cab and the frame, and the drive line components are steel.
The raptor allows you the freedom not to be a slave to mainitained roads and is very fun to drive on and off the road, i grove 130 miles off roaf yerterday and it was a blast.

5.0 V8 EcoBoost with 600/600+, 8 speed, paddle shifters...

Posted by: Alex | Aug 9, 2013 4:45:36 PM

Hahahaha... unless it is some sort of SMG or DSG type transmission paddle shifters are about as use-full as a second a**hole. Still a slushbox, and its going to shift when the computer tells it to no matter how much programming and makeup you try and slap on it to make it feel like paddles give you anything resembling true manual shift authority. Then again, I dont want to even think how much a Raptor would cost if they put a real sequential gearbox in it. We can dream though right?

Raptor perfect name for this dinosaur.

I love the Raptor as much as i love the Lamborghini Aventador i wish i own one,but i am not sure if it is available in India.

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