2013 State Fair of Texas Preview

State Fair of Texas Tex

We'll be heading to 2013 State Fair of Texas (Sept. 27-Oct. 20 in Dallas), and our fingers are crossed that there will be some big news coming from at least a few truck makers. So far we've heard nothing official, but there are plenty of rumors that something big will be coming from GM. We'd guess it's time for the heavy-duties to get their time in the sun (certainly they're due — the last significant change they had was in 2011 with all the platform and suspension changes). Of course, we may see another version or new trim package from the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or GMC Sierra 1500. We're still waiting to hear about some kind of Z71 package on steroids to better compete with the class-of-one Ford SVT Raptor.

Worth noting is that Ford just tweeted that it will have some kind of announcement about changes to the Super Duty's turbo-diesel 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 engine. Ford has been quiet about this one, which usually means there aren't many significant changes or there could be a huge surprise waiting for us at the fair. Last year we got some new luxury trim packages; maybe this year we'll get more towing capacity to better compete with Ram HD.

Ram has made a pretty big push for the last 18 months, but we haven't heard if it’s going to do anything special for Texas. You can probably expect a unique trim package specifically for the largest truck market in the U.S. That's always a good idea.

We've also heard some rumors about Toyota making some big announcements and having some special trucks on display. Whether this is a new tie-in with an extreme-sports celebrity or an upgrade to the Baja Tacoma, we'll have to wait and see. No matter what happens, you can bet PickupTrucks.com will be there to get the information as soon as we can; we’ll even put together a few video for your viewing pleasure. More to come.

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Of course there is gonna be big news from FORD. They're gonna wave a magic wand and sprinkle some fairy dust on the SuperDuty and presto. 420 hp, 900lbs tq, 35000 lbs towing, 9000lbs payload, and 30mpg. Isnt that how FORD rolls?

And all that without adjusting a single bolt or retuning a computer. FORD is awesome

Hahaahaaa sad put true^^^^^^

Some of the announcements I would like to hear are all diesel related. I would like to hear;

Ford - A 3.2 Duratorque F-150.

GM Twins - A 2.8 diesel Colorado/Canyon.

Toyota - A 4.5 V8 diesel option. Hilux/Taco replacement, with a BMW based diesel.

Nissan - More on the Cummins diesels, ie Frontier with a 2.8 ISF Cummins. News on the replactment Navara/Frontier.

Fiat/Ram - A cheaper 6spd manual VM diesel 1500 work truck.

I hope GM reveals the Colorado and Canyon there.

Now who wouldn’t want a good Power Stroke? ;)

Speaking about power stroke, the one regret I have in life is not kissing Tony Abbott on the mouth when I had a chance.

ha ha jeff. you...are...so...funny. and original. i'm happy so see miath's brother Chorizo19 thinks so too.

All New 2015 SuperDuty.

CAN YOU DIG IT????? SUCCKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@HemiV8 (not the real Lou)
Why don't you lay off? Really, mate.

@Mark Williams
I thought you are serious about cleaning up this site.

Are you a politician? All talk?

You know as well as most who are creating these issues.

Your talk of closing the site because of the trolling is tantamount to banning motor vehicles because people exceed the speed limit.

Enforce regulation.

Or, why doesn't PUTC invest money, like most other businesses do to remedy deficiencies?

Invest into a better system of security, how much will this cost?

I realise that most money on this site is made through other means and this blog site on PUTC doesn't earn the cash.

But what is the value of this blog site to attract customers?

Look at the total picture. Just like McDonalds, do they make the money on the burgers or the sundae's and drinks?


Stop whining. If you dislike the site, get off it.

You bring nothing of any value to a North American truck site. Your goal is to support non-Americans and that is the site you should go to.

DenverMike and others have called you out on your lies and trolling countless times.

IIRC Big Al is a US citizen or at least grew up here so lets not get into the arguement over who has the best country....yada,yada..... it leads no where good. He and Rob get some nice trucks we don't have access to and vice versa. Nothing wrong with another opinion if it isn't complete diatribe.

On a completely seperate note I bought a 1993 F150 4x4 XLT last night for $2300 with just under 130k miles and other than some normal wear is in really good condition. I love having a truck again!

@Booker T (not the real Lou)
Who are you?

Really, mate?

If you haven't got the balls to debate under your real name, then don't blog.

Plus, who said this is an American only site?

It seems to be available globally, I even blogged from France. I suppose you want the US to become like China with internet filtering, so only Americans can blog on this site.

Grow up. You are a racist, bigoted, selfish individual.

Patriotism is great, but to be a ultra nationalist like yourself is very dangerous.

Like I've stated you are gutless and probably hid behind guns as well just like you hid behind your mothers skirt and a computer screen.

You have contributed nothing to this site other than mayhem and disruption. This site isn't yours and yours alone.

You guys have nice trucks as well. We get them, but they are prohibitively expensive.

I would like to see diesel versions of your full size trucks, but at a realistic price here.

I'm hoping at this years Texas Fair they will be announcing more on diesel trucks for the US.

I'm seriously considering buying a 1/2 ton pickup the next time I'm in the US and shipping it back. But it will have to be a diesel.

The reality is it would have to be a Toyota or Nissan as parts sharing between the Tundra/Titan and the Landcruiser/Patrol will allow for easier maintenance.

It will also cost me $20-30k to convert from LHD to RHD.

I was there last year. Almost every model from every manufacturer was on display. Chevrolet was offering free rides in their vehicles. Several manufacturers had drawings to win a vehicle. It was nice, and I expect this year to be even better. If you get a chance, GO!

This is awesome, new Duramax and Power Stroke news coming. I'm not expecting the Ford news to be big, but I would love a nice surprise. An all-new Super Duty would be nice!

"Are you a politician?"

Being disrespectful to Mark Williams is not going to get you anywhere. If you want to banned, I highly encourage you to keep doing it.

You have nothing but contempt for this site, and our trucks. What you would like to have doesn't matter because you don't live here so I don't know why you are still here except to troll.

Is anyone else tired of BAFO's comments? Due to popular request, they are working on a voting sytem for comments. You will soon be able to down-vote BAFO. If he is not banned first, BAFO will be beaten back and in effect kicked off the site through the voting.

Ford is planning an all new Super Duty for 2015 after the F-150 launches. Ford will steal GM's thunder again.

The Mighty Blue Oval will have something big ups its sleeve! Trust me!

@Dave, most people here seem to have their good and bad posts. I think we all just need to think before we type a response. I'm all for post feedback votes, login to comment (monitoring IP to detect multiple accounts), rules, warnings, bans, and moderation. It won't get rid of all the problems, but it will get rid of most of them.

The up-and-down-voting will work because if the individual keeps getting down voted he will stop messing with the site, and like someone else put it stop posting about small diesel utes in threads about spark plugs or they will just leave for a site that wants to discuss that stuff.

Maybe ford afraid about the new dmax is conning soon.....nomather what gm have the best combo...??

Repost any comment I've made that has shown contempt for one of your trucks.

Those inferences were actually made by people like, yourself, DenverMike, HemiV8/zveria, TRX4 Tom and all the other names these guys use on this site because of the lax security here. Tell me about the quality of their blogs.

I have made some bad retorts against certain people, I will admit. But, I've never stated that your trucks are bad.

Just because I do admit that a new global midsizer would be competitive a 1/2 ton pickup doesn't mean that's a put down.

If you consider that a put down then your are very insecure. I mean you really better understand what a put down is.

Just because I think that your pickup truck market is very protected doesn't infer that the US is a bad country. You guys who can't see outside of the US should wake up to yourselves. The are billions of people outside of your door. This also isn't a put down. But a wake up call.

Maybe you are the one that is more biased, just by the response you just made.

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What you and Dave are proposing cannot and will not work, mate.

If you vote down any of Big Al from Oz's comments, we will vote down all of your comments and off the site you will go.

We will sign up for multiple counts if necessary. Bring it on.

@ Joe I agree I hope they do Debut the new Colorado/Canyon's but i have my doubts

Good to see trolls are threatened by my proposed anti-trolling countermeasures. Mark Williams, please take note. Now I am waiting for the usual response "that's against my first amendment rights!"

BAFO, Ya, thats just what we need to import more sweat shop labor items to compete with good paying union jobs with good medical & retirement. NOT!

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Quit the crap, really.

It's getting long in the tooth.

You want to debate, but it has to be on your terms.

Learn to debate with good information, then we might be able to have a decent debate.

Opinions are good, but if they are only your view to support the UAW, then how good are they. Look at what you guys have done to Detroit.

Terror tactics (union tactics) don't work on me.

If PUTC wants the UAW or whatever to control this site I suppose it's their decision.

It's not kids like I've been told by PUTC.

They don't seem to care. So this will go on.

@DeverMike/Paul/Tom Lemon/Greg Baird/TRX4Tom/Dave/Hemi V8/Tom Terrific/sandman 4x4/lautenslager/zveria/Bob/US Truck Driver/Glenn/Jason/Hemi Rampage/smartest truck guy/Maxx/SuperDuty37/Ken/Ron/johnny doe or whoever you want to call yourself.

Quit the crap, really.

It's getting long in the tooth.

You want to debate, but it has to be on your terms.

Learn to debate with good information, then we might be able to have a decent debate.

Opinions are good, but if they are only your view to support the UAW, then how good are they. Look at what you guys have done to Detroit.

Terror tactics (union tactics) don't work on me.

If PUTC wants the UAW or whatever to control this site I suppose it's their decision.

It's not kids like I've been told by PUTC.

They don't seem to care. So this will go on.

When my friend Big Al from Oz lived in the States, one day we had been out chasing parts for his '64Impala SS and we were discussing the recent performance tune-up he haddone on his '67 Chevy van, which we were riding in. To give me a demonstration of the van's newfound muscle, he came to a complete stop, revved the engine, and dropped the clutch. The rear tires squealed, and as the van launched we both said "Oh, s--" at the same time as the backdoors flew open and AL's stand-up toolbox spilled out the back onto the road. We spent the next hour picking up his tools, which had spread over an amazingly wide area. We didn't find some until winter when the grass died and made searching easier.

A few years later I purchased a used '63 Cadillac for my former boyfriend in 1970 and rebuilt the carburetor a few weeks later. Things were moving along well until one hot summer afternoon when he came walking in and told me the car had stopped running a few blocks from home. I grabbed my toolbox and it didn't take long to figure out that fuel was not getting into the engine. I removed the carb from the intake and then thought to check if the fuel pump was working by turning the engine over a few times with the starter. Yeah, the pump was working all right! Raw fuel shot into the intake manifold, and a funny thing happened: the car started without the carburetor and running at full throttle. It didn't take long before it backfired and the whole engine lit up in an engine fire. It burned to the ground but I rebuilt it. \boy was my boyfriend pissed. He left me shortly after that for a guy he met in the army.

lol, the list gets bigger of people big Al doesn't like, because they don't all share his opinion. So because they voice their opinion, he gets all mouthy, lol. He starts accusing everybody and their brother of inpersonating Lou, hey Al, not so funny is it? Cry me a river!

Anyway, I believe a 6 or 7 speed manual Ram would be a hit, nobody else offers a half ton manual, and lower cost as you noted.

Changes to the 6.7? I hope its not ECU re-flash 1.3 just to gain bragging rights over Ram. They did that a while back with GMC and still lost their lunch money in the "Hurt Locker" test.
I'd like to see a PowerStroke for the F150..... and please the magic spring dust at home.

GMC, how about a low-rider? Their trucks are almost there anyway. LOL
MPG on the 6.2???

Toyota big announcements??? A diesel would be about the only thing that would be big.

Looks like the dumbassed fake Lou knows jack sh-t about geography or climate.

"We didn't find some until winter when the grass died and made searching easier."

That means you are from some southern warmer climate. When winter comes in my part of the world it snows.

In your case snow means you need to buy a dandruff shampoo. Looks like the money your parents spent on that 4 year liberal arts program has paid off. Your first published story.

Maybe your granny can let you use her Datsun B210 so you can go to the Unemployment centre again to find a job.

You do know how to find your way out of her basement? Those horizontal and vertical planks are called stairs.

Anyone can look at my typepad account to verify if I actually made a post.

The Fake Lou can copy my typepad link but if you look at the account posting history, the post he made does not show up on my list of posts.

anyone who is tired of the trolling can click the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page and file a complaint.

or click here.


Jeff you're a complete moron, unlike Ram Ford upgrades their trucks structurally and mechanically before a major capability change as opposed to giving some lousy reason that holds no merit to someone who is actually knowledgable on the subject. Having been a machinist and an automotive engineer for a large span of time I have stated several times and given detailed reasons as to why the Ram 3500 HD is no more capable structurally, mechanically and other wise than the Ford F-450. Yet the countless Ram trolls would rather close their eyes and close their ears. I personally have no preference toward any trucks on the market, but I call it as I see it.

I think you should look at these links and really find out who is doing what in the global automotive industry.

It seems Metalsa designs and works for Ford and Fiat/Ram and many other vehicle manufacturers.




Bafo, Whatever dude. Go converse with the one nitwit that will tolerate you and your anti-USA trolling...

Mark, the trolling has gotten out of hand on this site. Lou BC is getting his name posted on comments that I know for sure the real Lou would never make. I don't see much improvement on the control on trolling.

This is an open forum, theirs no garentee someone will not have the same name as you, just part of an open forum. If you don't like it that demand some sort of mandatory log in from PUTC so that each person can have a unique name and identifyer.

anyone who is tired of the trolling can click the link below and file a complaint.


I suppose the pic is last year's Fair. I haven't heard any update on Big Tex. I assume they took the opertunity to build the new improved model for this years fair. I guess it depands on what the deductable was. Keep the hat, bolo, buckle and jeans. More flashy shirt? Alligator boots? This is Texas after all!

I haven't been there in a while and it's only a few hours drive or 30 min. by air. The plane barely reaches max altitude before starting it's decent.

Looks like a lot more reasons to put a trip to 2013 SFoT on my to-do list. One more vacation this year wont kill me.

No more excuses! Yippie-Ki-Yay Dallas!

@Joe, Dmax. I've heard that the Colorado/Canyon will debut at the LA auto show. It would still be cool to see them. There are persistent rumors that they will have an available Diesel (more than likely the 2.8 Duramax).
I read somewhere that the Chevy HD will debut in Texas (probably GMC as well). No solid rumors as far as powertrains, but it sounds like the Duramax will be updated. They'll probably use the new 6.2 gas as well.

@ Jeff is oxi still selling that spring dust to ford? LOL

Update: 2015 SD will be a refresh with a bunch of goodies. The all new model will be a 2016 after the 2015 F150 debuts.

@Truckerman - the difference is Ford has a ton (pardon the pun) of engineers that are willing to put their credentials on the line to say that a certain truck can carry more. Oxi just buys HD springs and then throws the "these springs do not alter manufacturer rated capacities" disclaimers in the garbage.
On one side we have a calculated risk and the other side a lack of calculation with an ego increasing the risk.

Actually they are the same, Ford's PR department is the same as Oxi's ego.

@Blang Yes the GM HD's will debut @ Texas State Fair

Yes the Duramax will be getting an upgrade from what I have been hearing

GM Authority and The Fast Lane Truck have reported this.

That would be cool and cant wait for the Colorado/Canyon's to debut, sooner the better. I have not heard when they will debut but that would seem on time for it the way debut, the way everything else is debuting at GM.


Yes the Colorado/Canyon ARE GETTING A DURAMAX 4 cylinder

GM Authority Made this official like a month ago, although don't know if it will be the 2.5L or the 2.8L


2014 Ram HD - refresh
2014 Silverado HD - same; loses a bundle of equipment, starting with extended cabs
2014 Super Duty - same; new brakes
2015 GM - refresh
2015 Super Duty Ford - refreshed
2016 Ford Super Duty - All New model

@Jim - "2014 Silverado HD - same; loses a bundle of equipment, starting with extended cabs"

Please elaborate.

@Lou BC

GM no longer makes Ext Cabs in the HD's. 2013 Was the last year you can get an EXT CAB in the HD's.

Everything else (that I know of) is a carry over from 2013

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