2013 State Fair of Texas Preview

State Fair of Texas Tex

We'll be heading to 2013 State Fair of Texas (Sept. 27-Oct. 20 in Dallas), and our fingers are crossed that there will be some big news coming from at least a few truck makers. So far we've heard nothing official, but there are plenty of rumors that something big will be coming from GM. We'd guess it's time for the heavy-duties to get their time in the sun (certainly they're due — the last significant change they had was in 2011 with all the platform and suspension changes). Of course, we may see another version or new trim package from the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or GMC Sierra 1500. We're still waiting to hear about some kind of Z71 package on steroids to better compete with the class-of-one Ford SVT Raptor.

Worth noting is that Ford just tweeted that it will have some kind of announcement about changes to the Super Duty's turbo-diesel 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 engine. Ford has been quiet about this one, which usually means there aren't many significant changes or there could be a huge surprise waiting for us at the fair. Last year we got some new luxury trim packages; maybe this year we'll get more towing capacity to better compete with Ram HD.

Ram has made a pretty big push for the last 18 months, but we haven't heard if it’s going to do anything special for Texas. You can probably expect a unique trim package specifically for the largest truck market in the U.S. That's always a good idea.

We've also heard some rumors about Toyota making some big announcements and having some special trucks on display. Whether this is a new tie-in with an extreme-sports celebrity or an upgrade to the Baja Tacoma, we'll have to wait and see. No matter what happens, you can bet PickupTrucks.com will be there to get the information as soon as we can; we’ll even put together a few video for your viewing pleasure. More to come.

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The 2015 GM HD's will be like 2007.

The 2015's will be 2014.5 and beyond.

Where the 2014's will only be made up to 2014.5

@Dmax fan - thanks for clarifying.

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