2014 Titan Pricing Released, but More Attention on Next-Gen

Nissan MVI_1986 II

Even though Nissan just released the pricing information about its 2014 Titan (spoiler alert--there is no change from 2013 models), it's making an even bigger deal about the next-generation Titan, which designers and engineers are deep into finishing right now. In fact, Rich Miller, chief product specialist and probably the key player in the final product, is working quite a bit with old and new Nissan customers to make sure the pickup truck is right. From what we're hearing, Miller's own Idaho ranch roots run deep; he grew up herding cattle, mending fences and fishing.

"When I was 10 years old, I remember it the most. I got to explore with my cousins, and we would go fishing in all the streams. There are three creeks here on the property, and I could go to any one of them and go trout fishing," Miller said.

Miller, who worked on the 1995 and 1997 small pickup and then on the first-generation Frontier doing durability work, took his Titan truck team to his Idaho ranch and put the team on mountain trails to give them a better understanding of what this next-gen truck will have to do.

From what we've heard, the next Titan will likely be a 2015 model, but no confirmations have been given yet.

For pricing and options on the 2014 Nissan Titan King Cab, click here.

For pricing and options on the 2014 Nissan Titan Crew cab, click here.

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I'm interested in the next Titan,with the Cummins.I know that one won't be cheap,but it will sell like gangbusters I believe.

Just think its odd America made and born enigine in this truck:/ o well I guess see where it goes

Um yeah that big diesel will be a colossal failure.
Nobody is ever going to buy one of those.

Now if they put a small, significantly improved fuel economy TD in there or PHEV, trimmed off a few inches here and there but kept the long bed option on crew cabs, I would buy one. And I could guarantee that other business owners and fleet buyers who are getting eaten alive by $4 a gallon regular unleaded will also be interested.

I'd even spurge for a proX4 model because knowing I could actually afford to drive somewhere to go offroading, I would put that to use a lot more.

Since the article says nissan is using feedback from it's buyers, well, here's some free advice for ya nissan. Rednecks don't now, nor will they ever buy a Titan. You can put all the loud, stinky guzzler engines you want in there and they still won't buy one. Let me save you from making a mistake that will cost you billions of dollars and instead direct your energy at doing something that will make you billions. Be the first major brand PHEV pickup. Be the first major brand to put in a small diesel. Not all of us Birkenstock wearing hippies can drive Subarus. Some of us need trucks. Right now, there's nothing for us to buy.

I wonder what Nissan has in store for the Frontier...


If they price it right, it could be a huge hit...Even though the Titan (and this new Cummins v8) are produced in the US, Nissan could choose to apply the money they're saving on the huge Yen-to-Dollars advantage they currently enjoy on every Japanese-exported vehicle they're selling us to offer smoking deals on their pickups and trade a little profit for a lot of market share.

...But they probably won't.

I am very open to looking at the next gen nissan ,as well the new ford F150 and Ram . For me it's all about value for money . The best bang for my buck.

The Cummins going into the Nissan has been developed hand in hand with the Dept. of Energy. Its main goal is to get the best fuel economy for the dollar.

Modern diesel engines are not smelly, dirty, or fuel guzzlers. Its a shame that more people can't get this through their thick heads. Modern diesel are quiet and clean and offer better fuel economy than any gas engines.

The latest scientific evidence suggest that modern diesel engines are not as bad for the environment as the EPA claims and in fact it now suggest that modern direct injection gas engines pollute more and are more dangerous for the environment.

I'm going to step out on a limb and say that Nissan will do well with the Titan diesel. It's success will really depend on the marketing, which is one of the major problems holding back the current model.

Nissan (and Toyota, concerning the Tundra) is in the big truck market for the long haul. If they haven't thrown in the towel yet, they're not about to quit now. These are loss leaders at best; they can make up the losses in the profits from their other products (Sentra, Altima, Maxima). One the full-sizers begin making money, they'll easily find something else to balance the profit/loss margin. (like reintroduce the Datsun brand to the US, perhaps with a federalized version of the NP200 pickup.)

A lighter 2wd drive version of the Titan with the ISF 2.8 Cummins would be nice for some.

The 5 litre Cummins diesels looks like a great vehicle, especially in a 4x4. Could take sales away from the Big 3 HDs.

If the Titan uses much of the Y62 Patrol architecture then it could be a fantastic off roader as well.

The revised Nissan V8 is supposed to do quite well in the FE stakes in the Patrol I've read.

Nissan if they can keep on top of their game might be producing a very compeititve range of pickups.

I hope they do. A new Frontier with the ISF 2.8 Cummins would also be nice.

A Titan here if strong enough could be a Patrol pickup replacement.

Come on Nissan.

I'm really hoping that the 2.8L ISF Cummins ends up in the new Frontier as I don't want,or need a fullsize truck.

@ Shawn. Currently all diesels in pickups are fuel guzzlers due to the size and complexity of the backwards engineered emissions junk. Why cant one of the PU mfgs make a diesel engine with 400lbft of torque that gets in the high 20s in town and mid 30s mpgs on fwy. Dodge may do it but the others still just play HP Torque wars and most of us dont need that much truck. We just want one that gets the job done and doesnt cost $35-$50K. and that gets decent mileage. Its too much to ask. Its such a shame that the rest of the world gets these great small diesel engine vehicles but we dont. Thank our Govt for sticking it to us.

@Shawn - the 5.0 Cummins wasn't the one developed in conjunction with the De0p of Energy, it was the I-4 2.8 litre.

@Dodgeguy65 - why do you find it odd that there is going to be an "America made and born enigine in this truck"???

Cummins engines in a foreign built and foreign owned truck company is not new.
I'll give you a hint - your blog name ;)

Lots of promises so far. I really want to see something and I do hope Nissan does it. The Frontier is a good compact truck, but the Titan - not so much.

@Maxx - I'm sure that you find yourself completely amusing and the very fact that I am answering one of your posts must have you firing a wad into your coloured underwear (yellow front, brown back). Ultimately, your cowardice hurts PUTC and if you do have a problem with Nissan then you should have the intestinal fortitude to debate me face to face without hiding behind your fat ass.

@cmon And who's fault is that? Lay blame where it belongs. Not with the truck makers but the EPA and the current administration who runs this country. They made these asinine rules with no scientific data that diesels were the actual problem. Only assumptions. I know a few guys who are rocking HD pickups that are getting solid 23 to 25 mpg. Some with some deletes, some with some gearing changes and tuners.

Bring on the Cummins V8!

PickUpTrolls.com fake Lou strikes again........... and will there be site moderation?

I'm betting we don't see this new truck until 2016. If it was 2015 they would be done with testing and starting retooling soon. Also the Armada is scheduled through 2015 before its axed. I would expect it would be axed when the old Titan stops production and the new one starts since it shares a lot of the same parts.

LouBC, It's not a "fake" Lou and it's not your name. Mark Williams is hard at work on a shoout and other more important things and doesn't need you to be such a tattle-tail.

No thanks, I am not interested in a diesel. With the new gas engines offered that are getting 20 plus mpg, why would anyone want a diesel that cost more money to purchase, more to service, and more per gallon to fill the tank.

@boob - on the subject of trolls........... there is a name that is synonymous with that subject.

Mark Williams will be unemployed if this site looses more traffic due to trolling.

I have a pickup that is very close to that, the BT50GT 4x4 dual cab.

Hopefully the new Chev Colorado will come with the 2.8 diesel in the US. If it does it will come close to what you want as well.

I really can't see these costing much more than mid 30s for a well spec'd pickup.

These things are great for towing (7 500lbs+) and FE.


@greg - has the 6.0 ever gotten 20 plus mpg? Maybe behind a tow truck but not on its own.
The GMC diesel powered HD siblings have one of the best returns on investment when comparing a diesel GMC to a gasser GMC.
Why is that?????
This is your ROI with a Duramax. BTW, this savings over the gasser includes all costs, ie. additional purchase price, cost of diesel, cost of oil changes. You are still ahead by the numbers posted.
3 yrs - 3,673.00
5 yrs - 1,720.00
3 yrs - 2,720
5 yrs - 2,613

@ Shawn
Your assumption that the manufacturers are blameless is quite inaccurate.

The Big 3 along with the UAW have been pushing for the regulations and tariffs to protect themselves from imported pickups.

This all started in the 50s and really started to take hold in the 60s.

If the manufacturers wanted change the government would grant them.

Read up on the UAW as well, they actively fight any changes and continue to increase barriers on pickups to protect themselves at the expense of the consumer.

@Lou, I'm sure his job is just fine. Thank you.

In an open forum there can be more than one person of the same name but he isn't using your name. You are Lou_BC and he is Lou. There is more than on Lou, Dave, Bob, Paul, Greg, etc. Just deal with it until they can get a new system up.

Meanwhile stop insulting Mark Williams. If you want a sign in system, ask for that, but stop the crap about "trolling" and the Mark Williams put downs. You are one of the biggest if not the biggest trolls around.

@Big Al from Oz - and we will soon see a scathing counter post with zero substance from our favorite tariff apologist Dead Man.
Funny how he always pops up when tariffs, taxes, and technical barriers are mentioned ;)

I hadn't seen or heard from him in a long time and the moment I mention poultry on TTAC, he is on me like Al Gore on Climate Change.

@Bob - I was using the name "Lou" for years on this site and all of his posts are attempted parodies of my posts.

If you are the one and same Bob, logic, or clear thought processes have never been your strong point................ but then again, trolls don't need to be bright, they just need to piss everyone off.

Odd how "Bob" surfaces once cleaning up trolls gets mentioned.

Things always get smellier once you stir up the bottom of a portapotty.

Come on guys... seriously. ...???

LouBC, Act your age. Stop crying over user namess. Nobody really cares. You take the comments section too seriously.

Mark Williams is doing a hec of a job on the shootouts and videos and that's what the site is for. Stop hassling the man over BS. Keep it up and he will find another job and we will get some douche in here that hates pickup trucks taking over the shootouts.

Actually Lou BC the only one that seems to be "piss off" is you. So why don't u $uck off and go to another site.

Leave Mark alone he is fine....you're the cry baby.

@Big Al- The only way for Ford to get a 3.7 TT DI is to go to a larger hoe on the 3.5 Ecoboost. The current hoe isn't built to handle the pressure. A 5.0 TT DI is feasible since the hoe was built with turbo's in mind. We most likely will see a hoe in that aplication since the height of the last hoe is too high to fit under the my bonnet. The hoe should be ditched for bbw but it is still good hoe for a HD. The hoe can be converted to do head cams rather easily. I agree with your assessment of the Hoe. The street hoe should NOT be a 1,000 dollar option. The manual box is for keeping a small group of drivers happy. I would suspect that it will disappear soon. I need to ditch all of the head configurations for one good hoe. Time for the shower

More signs that this site needs to go to a secure log in process to deal with trolls.

@The real Lou this site does need it own log in, as for diesel we do need a cheaper way to control emissions but until we get more diesels out to raise the money to test for better ways to make emissions we are screwed

I think the Titan is still the best looking truck on the road with the Ram a close second. Its not a box on wheels like the Ford or Chevy, doesn't have low hanging crap up front and looks great.

@The Fake Lou
You really are a winner, still bitter.

Why are you destroying this site?

You know this site isn't about what you think it should be with a few other Phiat Phans.

The world is full of trucks, trucks aren't just a US thing. You will have to learn to live with the rest of us.

And judging by your comments you have a problem with the us part, colour, nationality, etc.

You would have to be one of the biggest losers in the US. I'm glad my family and friends in the US are nothing like you. I have yet to met an American like you, most are very decent, upstanding and accepting people.

Actually Al most Americans that I've met are ass holes. The Only difference between them and you is that they know it.

@Big Al from Oz - I kind of agree with Mr Cigar's most Americans that I know are so stupid that they wouldn't know a tram was up him 'til the bell rang!

If you weren 't the world's only living brain donor you would know that I am from British Columbia home of No 5 Orange Showroom Pub where me and the boys hang.

You can' t talk about ROI-return on investment about diesel (especially a Duramax) without including the cost to replace the Bosche diesel fuel injectors every 100,000-150,000 miles at a cost of $4000-$5000. I know because I just paid to have the replaced for a second time at 259,000 miles. GM paid for the 1st replacement.

Even here in Australia injectors aren't that expensive.

The other issue is these smaller diesels are 4 and 6 cylinders and they are more common than your HD diesels.

How many HD diesels are there in comparison to the 3.2 Ford Duratorque's?

As diesel become more popular the associated costs do drop significantly. We had the same here in the 80s when diesel utes were regarded for use by farmers and industry.

Now almost all are diesel and they are much cheaper, competition is great.

So the cost of injectors would be cheaper.

Over the years here we have found that people who try and drive a diesel like a gas engine and continually rev them out have lower injector life.

It is common here to get the figures you are quoting, or a little more like the 250 000km mark.

Also most light diesels are designed for a 500 000km life cycle (rebuild).

The economies of scale dictate that the nissan/cummins/usdoa diesel will be more expensive than the detroit brands.

Even if I wasn't a redneck and used my truck to haul heavy loads, I still wouldn't buy a Titan diesel because the Titans have an abysmal record for reliability and economy.

There's really no reason to buy one at the moment aside from price and that they can't seem to give them away. Putting a big diesel in the titan and making it more expensive isn't going to move units. They're going to end up doing the same thing those NV shoeboxes are doing, sitting on the lot. They make a good place to hang up a banner.

Big Al,
This is the cheapest place on the net to buy Bosche injectors for the Duramax.
Injectors alone are $1700. The book calls for 13 hours labor. Chevy dealers here charge $130 per hour, so that' another $1700. Then there is another $500 for flushing the entire fuel system, oil change and filter, fuel filter change, 2 gallons of antifreeze, and misc shop charges. The total bill was over $4000.

It's not just Chevrolet, I have a buddy with an 6.0L Powerstroke, his Bosche injectors went out outside of warranty. His repair bill was $4600.
All these Bosche injectors for Chevy, Ford, Mercedes, Jeep, Cummins, etc. operate at 30,000+ psi. Over time dirt and poor quality fuel destroy the tips of the injectors.
Austrailian diesel fuel, like Eurpean diesel fuel "may" be cleaner than the fuel sold here in the US, I don't know. I can tell you that injector replacement across all brands and manufacturers in extremely common between 100,000-175,000 miles. I can also assure you that all of those Bosche injectors are VERY expensive to replace in the US.

I do know that some of the Gulf States are refining diesel for the Euro market. Diesel is sent to Europe and they are sending back gasoline.

I don't know why the US can't improve the scar rate, cetane level improvement and reduce the sulphur to match what we are using elsewhere.

It seems you guys are getting the dregs. I read months ago that the Mazda Skyactive was having problems in the US because of the diesel quality.

Using Euro spec'd diesel will save on maintenance and make diesel more attractive.

Oh well, governments and big business work in weird and self rewarding ways.

@NLP - the study I cited only looked at 3 and 5 year amortizations. With that being said, 5 yrs - 2,613 for the GMC and 5 yrs - 1,720.00 for the Chevy helps offset the injectors. The price drop from 3 - 5 years may also include injectors.


A 3 liter diesel is to small IMO. 4 liter would strike a better balance in a half ton and still get you better mpg. If the motor is to small, like what RAM wants to use in their trucks then you are not going to save any fuel when you load it up. The majority of guys who are looking at these trucks are the RV's who pull on the weekends but don't need a heavy duty or super duty through the week.

I have seen this play out to many times in fleet trucks I have driven. Company wants to save some money so they order the smallest diesel for the biggest truck only to realize that when you put some weight on it, it does not get anywhere the fuel mileage that the same truck with a bigger motor gets.

Just my two cent worth but for them to sell these truck, they need to be able to design them so they do not look like Roger Rabbit would be driving them in ToonTown, same thing with Toyota, I have driven both and they are fairly nice trucks, but look like an escapee from a cartoon, it cannot be anything else, both have great engines, but burn gas, a lot of gas, mostly the Nissan though, but it is the style, and I know that is objective, but come on! something has to be wrong with the sales figures, as they do not lie! and for any of you out there who dispute me, tell us then why are the Toyota and Nissan trucks not selling in huge numbers if they are so good? or are they not so good? or are they not styled like a trucks should be?

I don't think the US style is very good either, they are sort of cartoonish with the oversize grilles etc.

I think looks are very subjective and what you're used to seeing.

I hope Nissan moves away from the 'US' big rig look and offers something different.

Even though I do think the Ram looks very Korean, at least it's a little different.

@Big Al, I remember when I was in Australia, injectors for a Land Rover Discovery TD5 were about $1000 each. Definitely expensive ($5,000 for all 5), but you can always get remanufactured injectors for any diesel, which range from about $150-250 each. Still pricey, especially if you had to buy 8 of them, but wouldn't keep me out of a diesel.

BAFO: I am only talking about the American market, and need no input from you, as those good folk from down under do things a bit different from U.S. and I know I am right just from the sales numbers, if the trucks are so good a durable, and so much better than the domestics, then why are their sales numbers so dismal? yes the domestic trucks have large grills, but in saying that and even so, the sales numbers of the truck that started (Ram) it all went up over 100% in the very first year! and that was over 10 years ago! and things have never been better with their sales numbers, and the domestic trucks have never been better looking, and neither have the sales numbers, and it can not just be the quality, as much as the style! but it has to be both the quality and style that have generated such high sales numbers!


Toyota also considering the Cummins V8 for next Tundra.
Could get interesting....

I really don't see why Toyota would go to Cummins when they have their own V8 diesel.

The 4.5 Toyota diesel should be good for 230kw and over 700nm of torque. More than adequate.

I do know that the 4.5 in a 76 Series Landcruiser is struggling to get over 10 litre per hundred in mixed driving.

Toyota as of the past few years has had trouble with diesel engines. They are getting old and uncompetitive.

Toyota have been working with BMW in diesel tech. BMW has been getting Toyota hybrid tech and Toyota is getting BMW tech. But this from I've read is on 2 litre diesels and smaller.

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