2014 Titan Pricing Released, but More Attention on Next-Gen

Nissan MVI_1986 II

Even though Nissan just released the pricing information about its 2014 Titan (spoiler alert--there is no change from 2013 models), it's making an even bigger deal about the next-generation Titan, which designers and engineers are deep into finishing right now. In fact, Rich Miller, chief product specialist and probably the key player in the final product, is working quite a bit with old and new Nissan customers to make sure the pickup truck is right. From what we're hearing, Miller's own Idaho ranch roots run deep; he grew up herding cattle, mending fences and fishing.

"When I was 10 years old, I remember it the most. I got to explore with my cousins, and we would go fishing in all the streams. There are three creeks here on the property, and I could go to any one of them and go trout fishing," Miller said.

Miller, who worked on the 1995 and 1997 small pickup and then on the first-generation Frontier doing durability work, took his Titan truck team to his Idaho ranch and put the team on mountain trails to give them a better understanding of what this next-gen truck will have to do.

From what we've heard, the next Titan will likely be a 2015 model, but no confirmations have been given yet.

For pricing and options on the 2014 Nissan Titan King Cab, click here.

For pricing and options on the 2014 Nissan Titan Crew cab, click here.

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Sometimes it's just more cost effective to outsource than produce in-house.

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Big Al,
Good question. My somewhat educated guess is that existing Toyota diesel is not US-diesel emission compliant. You can't just add emission treatment (especially DEF fluid) to an existing engine platform. It's far more complicated than that.
My guess is the bean-counting-Accountants with Toyota have shown its cheaper to buy and already emission certified diesel engine than to get an existing Toyota engine US-emission certified.

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Did the Nissan company change hands with their American pickup division?

The basic trim packages were originally called XE, SE, and LE for the Titan.

Then it changed to S, SV, Pro 4x ( NISMO replacement?), and SL(?).

The payload increased for the Titan at some point in its run. That was a smart decision on their part.

You can get a Crew Cab with a 7ft bed, too?

I guess if I don't buy a brand new Titan with the Cummins engine installed by the factory, I'll get an older Titan and get rid of the aluminum block engine and replace it with an iron block. Just need to find out which engine that will be and which transmission I want to go with it.

Better gas milage has to be the key in pickups these days. Power what it can tow of course a second for some but most people I talk to would take a not so good looking truck with reliability quality like a Honda BUT with beefed up more truck like towing and of course WAY better gas milage. There really isn't that vehicle yet. The only way I see that happening is with diesels. Sure adapt a small diesel into the truck. Midsize truck with small diesel would really make things more today. You can always order a big boy truck with a big diesel or V8 monster gas sucker if your job requires it or you have a small unit complex. Look at me roar.

Ya but if they put duramax in it then it will be a good truck

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