2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500-3500 HD: First Look

2015-Silverado-3500HD lead II

GM has unveiled its latest version of the Chevy Silverado 2500 and 3500 HD pickup trucks. Although the suspension, frame and powertrains are effectively untouched, there are some significant changes that will be appreciated by heavy-duty truck shoppers. Here are some of the most notable changes:


Like the redesigned 2014 Silverado 1500, the 2015 Silverado HD got three completely redesigned cab configurations. Each was engineered to make them more aerodynamically “slippery,” stronger in case of a catastrophic crash or rollover, and better able to accommodate thicker door and window seals to create a quieter cabin. The biggest change to the lineup, as with the light duties, is in the Double-Cab structure, which used to be the extended cab. Engineers have now eliminated the swing-out rear passenger doors in favor of traditional front-hinged doors. The addition of B-pillars also makes the overall cab structure stronger and safer. Additionally, the crew-cab models have newly sized front and rear doors to allow for better legroom for both front and rear passengers.


Probably the biggest improvement in the heavy-duty trucks comes in the form of a vastly superior interior gauge, center stack and console layout. Although there’s a great deal of similarity to the light-duty GM trucks, there are some small differences in switches and gauge styles. The 2015 pickups will offer GM’s new MyLink system with a larger, smartphone-like console screen, along with an info-packed driver screen centered between the speedometer and tachometer. There are tons of storage spaces hidden in the doors and wedged in the center console (when so equipped) and in the dash, all close at hand. One new feature we’re happy to see is the new integrated trailer brake controller, though it’s oddly positioned to the left of the steering wheel, high on the dash. The setup is within easy reach and well within the driver’s line of sight.

2015-Silverado-HD interior II


Although nothing has been done to the mechanicals of the suspension or frame, there are some new ratings numbers you should know about. The configuration with the highest maximum payload (likely to be the two-wheel-drive gas engine regular cab long bed) has been bumped up to a segment-leading 7,374 pounds (up from 7,222). Additionally, these new trucks have had their maximum conventional towing (meaning hitched to the rear bumper) number increase from 18,000 pounds to 19,600 pounds, which is also segment-leading. Finally, the maximum fifth-wheel gooseneck rating for the Silverado HD (likely a regular cab, 2WD Duramax long bed) has been increased from 22,500 pounds to 23,200 pounds, which isn’t close to the segment leader.


We’ve already mentioned that 2015 HDs will offer an integrated brake controller, but it’s worth noting Chevy and GMC will have StabiliTrak and trailer sway control as standard features for all 3500 models. In addition, software engineers made the grade braking features much more aggressive on both six-speed transmissions, gas or diesel. Add to this, when equipped, a more sharply tuned diesel exhaust brake and you can see why the Duramax could make a great choice for those hauling and towing heavy loads through mountain passes. We thought the previous model had it pretty well dialed in, but GM engineers tell us it’s even more capable and controlled now.


As noted, many of the exterior changes were motivated by a unique collaboration between designers and engineers as they figured out a way to meld the new light-duty look and design language onto the bigger work truck while addressing many nasty aero problems. As you might expect, special attention was paid to the truck’s front, keeping gaps as tight as possible, and then paying close attention to where they wanted the extra airflow to be directed. Hoods, headlights and taillights were completely remolded to give the truck a taller look from the outside without obstructing too much of the driver’s or passenger’s visibility. We’re told those design changes also help vastly improve interior noise levels by decreasing the amount of wind noise.

2015-Silverado-2500HD rear II

New Beds

Like the light-duty cargo bed changes, Silverado HDs will offer the unique bumper step and bed-corner grab handle to help make access into the bed easier, as well as the EZ-Lift tailgate feature (strutted to make lifting and dropping an easier, safer procedure). Additionally, the higher tie-down spots in the bed offer stronger attachment points, and there are more of them.


What’s not new in this 2015 Chevy 2500 and 3500 Silverado HD are the powertrains. Chevy will continue (at least for the next year or two) to use the small OHV Vortec 6000 that’s still rated at a mediocre 360 horsepower and 380 pounds-feet of torque. Likewise, Chevy will continue to use the Duramax turbo diesel — 397 hp and 765 pounds-feet of torque –and Allison 1000 transmissions. Underneath, these GM trucks will keep using the double A-arm front suspension with torsion bar springs and the asymmetrical rear leaf setup across the board, all of which was update in 2011.

No doubt we’ll get more information from the engineers when we get the chance to drive the new HD pickups later this year. The trucks are scheduled to go on sale the first quarter of 2014. Pricing will be announced closer to its on-sale date.

To read the full press release and some brief specifications, click here.

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2015-Silverado-3500HD Dura II

2015-Silverado-3500HD headlights II

2015-Silverado-3500HD front II



Coming from a life long GM owner and fan, I have just 2 words. Major Disappointment!!!

nice job chevy!

@Jeff 2nd that

The Duramax-Allison is a great combo. I own one.
That said, 765 ft-lbs of torque is not 850 ft-lbs currently offered by the Cummins H.O. You can bet Ford's 6.7L will hit at least 900ft-lbs with it's new updates mentioned in the previous article. My '02 Duramax only has 520 ft-lbs, yet I can easily tow my 6000lb boat at 96mph if I was dumb enough to do it.

Looks great to me! Too bad Ford has such an ancient design for sale. A new grill every year or two doesn't cut it for me. Time to start shopping around.

Under the skin it's the same truck that's already on the market. It's still a good truck, but I don't get why they stagger their styling and mechanical updates the way they do.


Mike, other publications are reporting that the 6.0L gas engine will be putting out only 322hp in the 3500HD versions. Have you heard of this and why?

"The Vortec cranks out 360 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque on 2500 models, 322 hp on 3500s. A bi-fuel version of the 6.0-liter V8 with special hardened valves and valve seats for operation on gas or compressed natural gas will be available." - Autoweek



Look, Ford, Ram, and Chevy are facing uncertain futures in terms of light-duty trucks. No one knows where the price of gas and diesel is headed in the next 5-10 years. We do know that OBama and the EPA if new fuel efficiency standards and pollutant standards taking effect in 2016, 2020, and 2025. ALL businesses, especially auto manufacturers, HATE uncertainty. We're all going to have to wait and see what happens with fuel prices and emissions and the demand for light trucks. The main thing in the auto manufacturers favor when it comes to light truck sales today and in the future.....wealthy people and "posers" who act like they are wealthy are the two biggest customers bases for the light truck industry. Hence, all the up-level, premium option packages. If there is enough demand for a $100,000 truck, you will certainly see one in the next 10 years (inflation aside).
The next 15-20 years in the automotive manufacturing mode is going to be DRASTICALLY different than the last 15-20 years. That much IS certain.

@Jeff and @Dmax Fan
I'm trying to stay positive but yes this is a little disappointing that nothing hit now but I believe we'll see something big in a couple years as far as power and suspension It might be too late but we're getting used to that from GM!

^BTW, I wish my iphone would stop automatically replacing words.

Looks great. Want one to build!

Certainly a breath of fresh air. Good job GM!

Brake controller is finally in a spot where someone towing a trailer can easily get to it.

Mark, this statement contradicts itself? Why oddly.

One new feature we’re happy to see is the new integrated trailer brake controller, though it’s oddly positioned to the left of the steering wheel, high on the dash. The setup is within easy reach and well within the driver’s line of sight.

I tow a large trailer with a 2008 GMC, couldn't be in a worse spot on my truck. To keep my eyes on the wheel I have to find it by feel, definitely not driver friendly, especially in an
emergency. Definitely an improvement.

I think they planned that dually in the first pic for the next "Transformers" movie. Decided they would be nice to the production crew and save them from the effort of having to change it for the movie.

Surprised that GM spent no money whatsoever on the powertrain. In the last year, Ram introduced the 850 lb-ft Cummins HO with the Aisin AS69RC transmission in 3500 pickups, and now the 6.4L Hemi. Ford just countered with a revised Powerstroke available next spring, and they'll likely sprinkle that magic dust to get some more grunt from the 6.2L V8. Yet, GM feels they can go to war with the same engines and transmissions from the last few years.

To just have a 322 hp gasoline engine for the Silv/Sierr 3500 vs the Ram 3500 6.4 with 410 hp makes no sense. Similarly, a max 5th-wheel tow of 23,200, vs Ram already at 30,000 and Ford threatening to surpass that. GM is saying they don't want to compete with the big dogs.

Thats a good looking truck!

I had a 2007 classic LBZ duramax and loved it. I sold it for a 2010 Ram 2500 cummins and its also great. The duramax seems to have had a slight edge in power and the transmission was better. But after owning an inline 6 and actually having room under the hood I will be hard pressed to go back to a V8. Maybe though, I will have to drive the dodge and GM trucks when the time comes for a new one.

Mean while let Ram's Cl ass kicking towing and torque commence. lol

All guts

All glory


First time in a long time that I think the Chevy has a better look than the GMC. The GMC takes the crown as "ugliest" of all the HD's (all brands included).

"Mike, other publications are reporting that the 6.0L gas engine will be putting out only 322hp in the 3500HD versions. Have you heard of this and why?

"The Vortec cranks out 360 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque on 2500 "models, 322 hp on 3500s."

Ford has an even bigger drop on their 6.2 when you go from a 250 to a 350. The only explanation I can get is that vehicles rated over 10,000lbs use a different rating system. To me hp is hp and two numbers cannot both be right unless the engine is detuned in the heavier truck so that it can take more abuse. The dealers tell me it is the same engine and cannot explain the difference. I would love for someone that knows to tell us what is going on with the gas burners and why the diesels are not affected by the different rating methods.

Kind of disappointing that the powertrains weren't updated. I suppose from GM's point of view the 6.0 is a tried and true gas engine that gets the job done (though last in class in power), but doesn't sell enough to justify replacing just yet. The current Duramax hasn't lost a shoot-out yet (though I haven't seen a comparison against the latest HO Cummins). I would expect some significant updates for the '16 Model Year if nothing is added before then.
My father-in-law tows a 11k-12k lb 5th wheel up and down the steep grades of the Rockies with a 2005 Silverado HD with the 6.0 Gas (Gen III with allegedly only 300 hp and 360 lb-ft torque) and it gets the job done (doesn't slow down on steep grades near as much as one would think). With that said the current 6.0 gas engine in use is certainly not an inadequate gas engine.

@Walt - I do suspect that the engines are detuned once they hit the 1 ton. Mind you, how many one ton trucks do they sell with the 6.0?
The 6.0 seems to be the only real disapointment in the new Chevy HD's. My brother has had 2 crewcab HD's with that motor. The first one had chronic transmission shifting problems but the second one has been decent. He said that they do seem underpowered pulling a 10K enclosed cargo trailer through the mountains.
It is nice to see thse upgrades to the body and interior. My wife's best friend has one and I've driven it. It is no where as quiet inside or as comfortable as my F150. The engine had a lot of noise once you put your foot into it. Powerwise it didn't seem any better than my 5.4.
Guys can say that GM dropped the ball by not keeping up to Ford or Ram, but GMC did with the Hurt Locker against an F450 and again against the F350.
The power wars are crazy.

Nothing new here, move on.

I tihnk GM should just use the new 6.2 Even if it is de-tuned a bit it would out pull the old 6.0 and get better mpg's doing it. Maybe when the 8/10 speeds are out they will upgrade.

GM and Ford remind me of Harley-Davidson. They take the same bike and just add bags, remove bags, cut the fairing, add a fairing, etc. Paint it differently and call it something else. Still the same frame, suspension and drive train.

GM's doing the same. Trying to keep up with Ram and in some ways Ford. Look at the grill, it looks like a SD lite. I guess if it's quieter and smoother riding then so be it. But why does it take GM so long to catch up?

Too many people get hung up published powertrain figures when all that really matters are real world results. Last years Rumble in the Rockies proved that paper numbers don't always equate to the real world. Ford showed us that with their 800ft/lb claim yet couldn't touch the Dmax on the hill climbs Please guys get off the paper specs...



2nd that sandman. My new Dodge does not tow near as well as my 2013 Duramax did. I went with the higher numbers and felt I got taken. Wish I still had my duramax.

Doesn't do anything for me. I will still hold out for the 2015 F150 and 2016 SD.

"What’s not new in this 2015 Chevy 2500 and 3500 Silverado HD are the powertrains. Chevy will continue (at least for the next year or two) to use the small OHV Vortec 6000 that’s still rated at a mediocre 360 horsepower and 380 pounds-feet of torque."

Doesn't do anything for me. I will hold out for the 2015 F150 and 2016 SD.

@Old GM Guy

Yes it is, very much so...

They are taking after FORD changing little bits at a time

Yes we will see an updated version in the next few years...but GM need to be a leader NOT a follower

The biggest thing that ticks me off is the head engineer (@DMAX) said that it was fine and don't need updated....EVERYTHING NEEDS UPDATED If not you fall way behind....

Makes me wonder if we will be getting and UPDATED DURAMAX the same time we get a new ALLISON...

Guys...Ram Has Cummins. Cummins is offered in soo many trucks because it s a great engine I mean WHY DO YOU THINK FORD PUTS THE 6.7 Cummins in their F650/750 instead of the 6.7 Powerstroke? Cummins makes engines with class leading technology. Cummins has engines that have 2500+ torque....so pretty sure if they wanted they could get 950-1000 torque out of the 6.7 Cummins no problem. Does look like chevy isn't going to try to catch Ram but looks like Chevy is going after Ford now. I highly doubt The 2015 Powerstroke will tow anything near 30K....from experience. The F450 tows 24.600..I could see ford sprinkling that magic dust on their truck ( do no major changes like Ram did for the 2013 Ram HD) and they might be able to get 26K? Towing..maybe... I mean Ford does nothing to their trucks and claims Best in class something over night. Where at Chevy and Ram they redesign their while truck front he frame up. Does any1 not get the picture? I mean THERE IS A REASON PEOPLE DONT DO PWERSTROKE OR DURMAX SWAMPS......Just saying....2013 was rise of the Ram 3500. Now Ram is redesigning their Ram 2500 from the frame up(2014 Rise of the Ram 2500) as 2011-2014 has been rise of the Ram 1500. Ram seems to give the best for your buck they have really approved over the years. The new Ram HD's are on top....looks like Chevy admits it...Chevy knows they won't beat the Cummins in Towing I mean come on its Cummins all they do it make Diesel engines... Ford will try. Ford will fail. See when Ram redesigned their trucks they don't tell any1 in till it's done. It's 2013 and Chevy gave its numbers away for 2015. They are not close to Ram but they are to Ford. So this gives Ford a chance to top Chevy...notice how Ram hasn't said anything about their 2015 models....Ram trucks may get here last in 2015 like they did 2013....But man when they showed up they took the show.....No one new about it till they was out either....Ram shows its stuff last so they know its competitors numbers and so it can show up its competitors numbers. I must say Bravo Ram...sorry if it sounds like I am bragging but Damn it's the truth. Glad to see the top 3 still moving up doe.....Good day and thank you for reading my long comment. I will not reply to your kidish Comments if any1 makes them. I am just clearly stating the facts no need for name calling or bashing 1 truck or the other. They have all rose over the past 5 years...just seems like Ram rose higher....

good lord that thing is ugly

Hopefully, this is part of a chess game that Ford and GM are playing. Earlier, Ford revealed details about their new HD's but wouldn't reveal power #'s in fear that they wouldn't be able to spread their magic fairy dust and up their numbers over GM and Ram, in order to claim "most powerful" or whatever they claim in their commercials/advertisements. Hopefully, and I mean HOPEFULLY, GM got smart and is holding back real engine/power figures until after Ford has revealed theirs because I'm real excited about how these HD trucks look, but I'm completely disappointed with GM for using the same motors despite having all that technology in their arsenal (i.e. direct injection, 6.2 liter, etc). At a minimum, I would have thought they would have made the 6.0 a direct injection motor? How would that have made it "less reliable?" And what is that saying about their 6.2 liter by making that reliability claim? If GM does stick with these motors with no changes, Ford and Ram are going to eat their lunch in sales. People want bragging rights, and right now Ford and Ram are going to have it. The next "shootout" or comparison test is going to land GM in LAST place solely on performance. The looks are great GM, great job! But people buy these trucks for performance and if they can buy a stronger and more powerful vehicle from your competitor, they're going to. I HOPE GM is bluffing right now in hopes that Ford releases their numbers first.......

I just posted this on the GMC comments, but I figured it's just as relevant here:

They're still using the same mirrors that they've had since the last of the GMT800 models? I mean, not that it really matters, there's nothing wrong with them, but if you're going to update the small standard mirrors with every model, you should at least give a little tweaking to the towing mirrors every so often. Or put some lights on them, honestly.

No bluff. People had feared the old powertrains were going to hang around.

"According to GM they opted to continue offering the existing 6.0-liter V-8 as the base engine versus offering one of the half-tons new EcoTec3 V-8’s because of the 6.0-liter’s proven reliability. GM alleges that buyers of gas HD trucks are typically commercial customers that place a high value on reliability and low ownership costs, of which the 6.0-liter has."

That smells like a weak marketing excuse to me.

@Dodgeguy65 - why are you bragging about an engine that Dodge does not make?
Cummins is going to be providing engines to Nissan for their 1/2 ton. The 5.0 Cummins was an engine that was supposed to go into the Ram but since Fiat now calls the shots, a VM Motori engine went into the Ram.
How long will it take before Fiat will do the same thing with the 6.7 Cummins in the HD's?
Why pay an outside contractor money to make your engines when you already have "in-house" engines.

I've owned more GM vehicles in my life than anything else. And I'm not a young guy. I am retired. I finally gave up on GM after having so many problems with so many different GM vehicles. My problems with the Duramax include injectors going bad (all too frequently) and engines running hot (not conducive to longevity). Other than that I liked the trucks. But until they address those two problems I'll not be back. Just my opinion. Yours may be different and that's fine.

2015 !!! What happened to 2014 ?

dissapointed in the weak gas engine line up..Guess,the 410 392 cu.in RAM will replace my GMC !

@Dodgeguy65 - Why pay an outside contractor money to make your engines when you already have "in-house" engines.

That reminded me of my brother he had an affair with his best friend’s father Rick. I mean the guy was smoking hot! When I confronted by brother he said “why pay for the cow when you get the milk for free”. Just like Fiat he was right!

is anyone have given sae towing and hauling spec in hd market... for now its apple to orange comparison

in 2 years 10 speed auto with a bullet proof 6.2 why not... hope they got plan to update the duramax/allison combo before that

I look for the new larger Duramax and a 7.0 gas engine along with a 4500HD and 5500 HD next year.

"The GMC takes the crown as "ugliest" of all the HD's (all brands included). "

- STUPID GovtMoCo Sierra! Should NOT exist! NO COMPANY Needs TWO trucks!! NOT on MY Taxpayer dollars! PISS on GMC and it's GovtMoCo parent company.

sure looks better than a ram or ford

1. Why is the a/c heat exchanger in front of the engine radiator and not underneath or elsewhere on the truck?

2. Why with the diesel exhaust fluid is the engine not tuned to give more power to offset the cost of the fluid? The mpg is raised this way automatically. Some tractor companies have already done this.
'Please send me a reply email. Thank you.

G.M. Great looking truck but the old 6.0 cost you a lot of sales on the 2500. I will now be looking at the new Dodge.

Dodge is assembled in mexico. Ford has the worst engine.

Remember the King of the Hill runs at the Isenhauer Pass, forgive my spelling. GM won all three. Three years in a row, even with the second year update by the new Ford diesel. I remember the comment well, with a mighty lurch off the line the Dodge quickly fell behind because it just did not have the HP. Horse power is the rate of getting work done. It is torque times RPM and with elaped time added in. The Cummins STILL only has 385 HP. An inline does not hold torque as well at the higher RPMs, where all the hard work is being done climbing and shifting up the grade. You can have 1000 ft lbs on a crank shaft with no movement at all and you get nowhere.

The looks are good on both the GMC and Chevy. I have read a lot of whining about not updating the drive train. I have a 2011 2500 duramax that pulls a 36 ft enclosed car trailer on a regular basis. We pull it loaded with a 1972 montecarlo and a 2013 grand sport corvette from the front range of Colorado to San Diego CA and average 13.5 mpg. Neither the Ram nor the Ford diesels get that running empty. Our duramax has no problem pulling our loaded trailers over the mtns at 65 mph. The way I see it if its not broke don't fix it. I will be sure and wave as I pass all the Ram and Ford owners as we pull the hills and as we pass the fuel stations.

Hello all: I quit driving Ford diesels when I went to my dealership and was told No more 7.3's. So I switched to Dodge. I had three 5.9's and one 6.7. The 6.7 was quite a disappointment. Bought my first Chevy Dmax in 2009,then 2011 then 2013. I use my Trucks for pulling. I don't care how Dodge or Ford prints there Torque and Horsepower Specs. All I know in comparing my 5.9/6.7 to the 6.6 Duramax. The Chevy will pull the exact same weight as a Cummins only faster and get way better mileage. So evidently the specs on paper do not dictate what the truck can really do! And, what kind of fuel economy while it is doing it. O and by the way my 6.7 got 12.8 empty and my current Chevy is getting 18.6 pulling 5000lbs. I called it.. No Comparison that's why i'm still driving Chevy.

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