2015 Ford Super Duty F-450: First Look

15 Super Duty F-450 II]

Ford revealed the new 2015 Ford F-450 Super Duty Platinum at the State Fair of Texas. It will include many upgrades designed to give the monster hauler greater strength, capability and control. At the heart of the new heavy-duty pickup is the newly modified turbo-diesel 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8.

Many of the biggest changes to the 2015 F-450 are a result of the personal-use pickup truck adopting F-450/550 chassis cab parts and pieces. The new F-450 will get a commercial-grade frame, suspension components and 19.5-inch HD wheels and tires. Other upgraded parts include a stronger and more massive rear axle, other driveline components and larger rear driveline U-joints. The new truck will get heavier-duty steering gear and linkages, upgraded suspension components (front and rear) and bigger shocks. Additionally, because of the changeover to stronger and heavier chassis cab wheels and tires, the new F-450 will get bigger brakes and new antilock calibrations.

All of these changes will give the 2015 F-450 much higher payload, towing capacity, and gross combined weight ratings — all of which are likely to make it the new tow champ. In fact, from the looks of the video Ford showed at its press conference, it looks like Ford has been reading and watching the PickupTrucks.com tow tests pretty closely. No doubt we'll hear more about pricing and maximum fifth-wheel gooseneck towing numbers in the near future. More to come.

For the complete 2015 Ford Super Duty Power Stroke press release, click here.

6.7L PS Diesel Engine II



In other words, the F-450 is reverting back to its original form of a true 450 with a bed (2008-2010), instead of the last few years of being a 350 with a payload kit (2011-2014).

That's not "new" - it's "retro".

@RoadTrip - I was going to say the same thing. I'm sure that a bunch of "truckers" will bitch, moan, and whine that the tires aren't rated for 85 mph down the freeway.
Looks like Ford is taking Ram seriously in the HD ranks, what will GMC do?
They got to be tired of second place in sales.

Sounds like Ford alright go back to same ole same ole old stuff to funny.

@Lou_BC We will find out soon later today at 11:50 am eastern US time they show of the new GM HDs.

GM has a engine design from 2001. #sameoldstuff

@ B. Scott Yeah and it still whoops the Power Stroke and Cummins while being just as efficient too.

I wonder how they convinced marketing that a 70mph speed-limited truck was OK. This also means that the engine will have Dyno emissions (like all 45-5500 C&Cs) meaning it will likely not have the same power ratings as the F350. Will that still be plenty? Sure, but Those two factors will keep a lot of buyers in a 350, rather than this 450.

It's basically a commercial medium duty truck dressed to look like a normal consumer pick-up.

Not sure if this should go here or in the other one, but I think it's better here:

The press release mentions that the new King Ranch will have "Mesa leather." Does anyone know what that is? I know that up to 2007, Ford used Chaparral leather in all the KR pickups. The reason they switched to Castaño in '08 was because Chaparral was too high-maintenance for the Average Joe; if you didn't take care of it with a special cleaner, it would get cracked and faded. The Castaño is more like normal car leather, so it doesn't require as much maintenance, but it's not nearly as soft and supple as Chaparral. Plus, in moving to Castaño leather, the KR lost its uniqueness--the interior basically became a Lariat with differently colored seats.

I wonder if the new Mesa leather will be as soft and unique as the old Chaparral leather, but without the higher maintenance.

@B. Scott your pointless rant should include #stillfirsttothetopofthemountain while your at it or #HDShootout #HDRumbleinTheRockies or my personal favorite walking away with the #HDHurtLocker...

Tell me how did Ford's engines from that time period do? #catastrophicfailure #unreliable #recalsandclassactions

awww sad face for you

I was at my GM dealer last week they, and they told me that GM working on 4500 5500. By 2017

Haters like to rant about the same old stuff. But GM's idea of 'new' HD's are new bodies on the existing chassis and powertrain.

The shoe is on the other foot now.

@scott What a 2 or 3 year old one ? ford 10.plus.

i hate to remind all the gm guys but the duramax has not beat a powerstroke or cummins in anything besides mpg,s!

I think it's a stupid comparison, the Ram with 4.10 gears and the Ford with 4.30 and the Chev with 3.73's, that's a big difference when pulling a 20k pound load. I don't know why Ram doesn't offer 4.30's, but they don't. If you really want to have an honest test run, then do a test with all running 3.73 or 4.10's. Which engine was in the Ram, the one with 800/ft lbs or the 850 with the Aisin Trans? Dodge offers both, and the only the 850 gets the Aisin Trans. I do not like the 2 Cummins choices, just have one. The 850 lbs/ft and the Aisin.

I think it's time for Ram to put a bigger inline 6 engine WITH a CGI Block in their trucks, and I would like to see a beefed up 4500 and 5500 like what Ford is re-doing with the 2015 F450(19.5's), yes it's more retro than new.

Pickup Truck needs to do a real fair comparison, all need to use the same gear ratio's. For the record all 3 are great trucks, but I like the RAM the best, it defiantly has the best interior, the Longhorn edition.

The 2015 F450 how ever, looks like it will be the King of pull.

440hp and 860 lb/tq - all the details are on the following link:


noticed that the 350 will get the wider axle as part of a "high capacity towing package". This was also something you could order years ago. Good to see that they realized they were headed in the wrong direction with the 350-450 combination.

Also the F650-750 will get the new 6.7L in 2016

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