2015 GMC Sierra 2500-3500 HD: First Look

1 2015-GMC-Sierra-HD II

GMC debuted the 2015 Sierra HD alongside its sibling, the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 HD, and it’s mechanically very, very similar to its twin. If you want to know more about the long list of exact upgrades to the 2015 models, click here for the full Silverado HD story. For our purposes, we’re focusing on what’s unique about this 2015 GMC Sierra HD. You might be surprised to learn, beyond the mechanical similarities, there are many differences.

New Look

The Sierra HD has a more refined look and feel to the front end, with C-shaped LED lighting on most headlight packages. The grille is taller and wider than the previous generation and specifically designed to flow more (and cooler) air into the engine compartment. Wheel wells are a touch more rounded and offer small inlaid fender flares to frame the wheel openings. The hood — aluminum on all 2015 GM HD pickups — offers a larger, singular bulge that implies there’s something quite powerful underneath, though the powertrains are carried over. The GMC Sierra gets the same redesigned cabs and slicker aero designs as the lighter-duty Sierra 1500 and will offer more chrome accents than comparably equipped Chevys.

New Interior

Inside, the GMC Sierra HDs have slightly higher quality material and textures in the four trim packages. Both Chevy and GMC trucks will use the new center console design to maximize storage cubbies, cupholders and power ports. The new GM HDs can have as many as five USB ports in the interior — 2014 Sierra 1500 pickups can have as many as six — and offer a small 300-watt inverter for 120-volt plug-in devices. All knobs are rubber-covered for solid gripping, and the driver information center (set between the speedometer and tachometer) will have several unique readout features and gauge fonts for all Sierra HDs as well.

2 2015-GMC-Sierra-Denali-3500HD II

Denali Package

We’re told the Denali Package is likely to continue to be the Sierra’s most popular trim level even though GMC hasn’t gone far to separate it from its other premium packages. There will be unique grille surrounds, a polished stainless-steel exhaust, unique wheel options and plenty of Denali interior badging, but it doesn’t look like anything will be separating the truck mechanically from its family members. A few other unique features specific to the Denali include projector-style headlamps with LED signature daytime running lights, a Bose audio system, heated and cooled leather front bucket seats, a heated steering wheel and a power-sliding rear window with defogger. The Sierra Denali HD will continue to be offered in both 2500 and 3500 Double-Cab and crew-cab configurations.

Unique but Similar

The 2015 GMC Sierra HD pickups will have access to the same platforms and features found on the 2015 Chevy Silverado HD, but in many cases, the GMCs will offer those features as standard. The Sierra HDs’ trim package lineup changes slightly for 2015; there’s base, SLE, the well-equipped SLT and the top-of-the-line Denali trims. The only additional level the GMC Sierra 1500 offers is the All-Terrain Package. General Motors is trying to widen the distance between GMC and Chevy by distinguishing content between the two trucks and giving them separate body and styling looks, but we’d like to see more differentiation.

Our hope is more towing and hauling technology will debut on upcoming GMC models, and they could act as a test-bed for new Chevy features down the road. We’ll see if that happens, but we’re hoping that powertrain upgrades are in the Sierra HD’s future, especially after seeing GM’s powerful and efficient EcoTec3 6.2-liter V-8. Expect to hear more relatively soon.

To read the full press release and brief specification chart, click here.

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Major Disappointment. This coming from a GM owner and fan.

Hang in there Bud! Remember, the HD was completely reworked underneath in '11 so I bet we will be just a couple or so years from some power and suspension upgrades. And keep in mind GM said this design was going to be continuously refreshed during it's life cycle. At least, that's what I'm hoping because if they don't, did you see that story on the Ram 2500HD?

Like the exterior!

GM still has the steering wheel offset to the right of the driver.

So it's still going to be nearly impossible to differentiate the 1/2 ton and HD trucks...

Have to keep in mind that the previous duramax/Alison combo rates above all others in real life testing. The current suspension and frame have already been updated, which they've become the benchmark for ride quality. In the past, GMC/chev have been criticized for their dated styling and bland interiors and rightfully so. Now that we get fresh skin and an all new interior, sounds like a win win for GM.
Hopefully GM will give descent rebates for these new trucks because non of these new trucks are worth $65-80k in my books.

Why does GM have the steering wheel off center in its trucks. Is is really that hard to put the wheel in the middle? I mean if they can't get that right imagine what else is wrong.

Looks great, but I prefer the Silverado.

I was at the so called photo shoot a couple months ago for these trucks in the pictures with giant satellite dishes in NM. It's all fake and photoshop stuff. The trailer shots were shot alone and the fake trucks added latter.

The Silverado looks better than the Sierra but the Sierra once again has the better interior.

"Inside, the GMC Sierra HDs have slightly higher quality material and textures in the four trim packages".

Makes no sense to do this since there are enough guys out their that will by a Chevy but not a GMC.

The front end is horrible looking, worse than the SD which is growing on me. I will still hold out for the 2016 SD.

I actually like the interior & exterior of the GMC very much comming from a Ford guy!

I was a Chevy guy back in the day. The front end espcially on the Denali is very busy looking. The designors needed to clean it up a bit.


I like this look on the heavy duties, looks to boxy on the half tons though.

@Old GM Guy

I sure HOPE so

they better put a gas engine in those that's comparable to the half ton 6.2! ram has the 6.4 and from what I hear it runs in 4cyl mode under a load even while using the pto on the asc69rc transmission! if gm puts the 6.2 in this truck I will own one! if they don't it will be a shame. the chevy is gonna look stunning in person I can just tell!

They're still using the same mirrors that they've had since the last of the GMT800 models? I mean, not that it really matters, there's nothing wrong with them, but if you're going to update the small standard mirrors with every model, you should at least give a little tweaking to the towing mirrors every so often. Or put some lights on them, honestly.

I don't like the look of the Denali, but the regular version looks nicer than the Chevy. Disappointing about the lack of an upgrade to the powertrain. I think the 2015 Super Duty will have a short model cycle. Ford needs the redesigned trucks.

The engines are fine...

the Duramax/Allison combo is the best in the business has developed a loyal fan base. It has more than enough to get any job done.

the 6.0 is ancient and a little low on power (compared to competitors) but its a bullet proof engine that is the probably the most reliable gas V8 in this class. Its a perfect engine for fleet customers and people who don't need diesel power.

I do agree that the Duramax/Allison combo are great. I was expecting bigger changes with the body, engine performance and a all around better looking truck . Am still there, but changes are needed. Exhaust fluid ? did they put a gage, tank looks bad sticking out of the bottom, no a/c in the back seats, mirrors, box look , hope more room for some tires , turning radius etc. just some that come to ming . own gmc's a long time but the chev is looking good

always loved the sierra and the silverado. gm needs to make those rear wheel covers a little less overwhelming if you know what I mean

The gmc are a bland ride. Never appealed to me

It would be nice if they would have the same cab space options like the dodges, ford, and toyotas. Another thing that I would like to see is the whole back window to roll down like the toyota. As for the power I am pretty content with the capabilities that we have have.

Very disappointed in the 6.0 gas engine. I will be buying a Ram.

With the outdated 6.0 I will be buying the new Dodge.

I'm ordering the New 2015 GMC SLT 2500 HD. I buy a new truck ever year & 1/2. Buying the 6.0 Gas. I recycle cars and pull trailer every day towing as much as 16000 pounds. The 2013 I have now is a work horse and makes me money every day and haven't had any problems, so as they upgrade the truck I upgrade with them. If you work your truck for a living as I do it's hard to deny the tried and proven. Elgin

I don't know what all of these people are talking about! It's about time they changed up the body. I have and LMM 2500HD, CCSB. I will be ordering the DRW Denali. This truck blows the Laramie Longhorn away and the Kingranch. Sick is all I can say.

I'm looking to buy a 2015 2500 hd. I heard that the snow plow package comes with a heavier front axle. Is this true?

Snow plow package on a 2015 3500 gives you heavier springs. All other front suspension stays the same.

After all the research I have done on the 2015 Sierra HD model, I am very disappointed that there is still no rear air for the passengers. I can't understand why they did away with it, I am sure the cost was almost insurmountable. I understand the comfort of the driver but the passenger is just as important to me, as much as I am a GM fan, I am going to look at the 2015 Ford Super Duty to compare.


Awesome trucks. I like everything about the GMC and Chevy HD trucks, except their turning radius. I ended up with a Ram 3500 because it turns so much tighter (almost 8 feet for a Crew Cab SRW short bed). For my application, a turning circle of almost 52 feet is a deal breaker. If GM fixes that one thing and makes it turn as tight as the Ram, I will trade in a heartbeat.

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