Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: August 2013

Fords Pair 2013 II

Pickup trucks continue to do the majority of the heavy hauling in what some are calling a recovering auto industry. Clearly sales for full-size trucks are on the rise as the truck segment is outpacing the auto industry as a whole. In fact, the big players continue to see huge sales gains, especially when compared to August of last year. Some experts are even saying with just a few strong sales months ahead of us — sales for big pickups usually gain a bit in fall — the auto industry could hit the 16-million-unit mark by the end of the year; that’s something we've not seen since the early to mid-2000s.

Some of the big sellers this month are predictable, like the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, both with new 2014 models in dealerships with aggressively priced 2013 models right alongside. We're told demand for the 2013 models is strong, and average transaction prices are higher than GM was expecting. Additionally, the Ram lineup continues to improve, posting a stellar 29 percent gain over August 2012. We expect companies like Toyota and Ford to keep their steady and incremental gains for the remainder of the year but look for the bloodiest fight to take place in the heavy-duty arena in the coming months. Ram, GM and Ford are all likely to come to the 2014 marketplace with several surprises.

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Chrysler Canada reports best year-to-date sales in 25 years.

Hey Homo, is that you Frank?

Hey Homo, is that you Frank?

Posted by: tj | Sep 6, 2013 5:36:46 AM

Yes it is me. How did you know?

@Lou BC

Thanks for the info on Canadian sales. It's interesting to see the differences in sales between Canadians and our neighbours to the south.

"Sales Rankings in Canada as of July 2013. Totals Year to Date.

1. Ford F - Series .........71,824
2. Ram .......................49,904
3. GMC Sierra..............27,396
4. Chevy Silverado.......24,418
5. Toyota Tacoma........6,168
6. Toyota Tundra.........3,686
7. Chevy Avalanche.....2,239
8. Nissan Titan............1,727
9. Nissan Frontier........1,712
10. Honda Ridgeline.....1,030"

I would like to see what the sales of the F150 is alone without combining all F series sales....

Thanks Lou BC, so basically GM sells more half tons than Ford does, but its marketed as Ford sells more than Chevy. I would say if GM had one brand of half ton they would either sell more or be about the same

Look at it again. F-150 also outsold Silverado and Sierra combined.

Brand vs brand or half ton vs half tons, either way Ford is ahead.

I don't see why you only want to know what F-150 sales are alone. GM also combines all of their models into the brand, same with Ram. What you should be asking is why GM with several brands cannot beat Ford with one brand.

Ford - 343,186

Chevy - 263,964

GMC - 105,722

So 343,186 is more than 369,686? Im confused

They ought to put a break down of market share in that chart.

Reason why GM customers buy more half tons than HD's is because the they look like the half tons so people just buy the cheaper model.

Im glad GM keeps the same design for the HDs cause the K2xx platform is going to look badass as a 2500/3500

@Jared - That is the age old argument floated by GMC fans. GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado are registered as separate companies under the mother corporation of GMC. Since they are registered as separate corporations, sales figures are reported separately.
The interesting thing is that GMC Corporation when sales were combined, used to outsell Ford. They've lost that "total" sales quite a while ago. The same can be said for 1/2 ton sales. Chevrolet Silverado used to outsell Ford F150. They did that for decades. That change occurred in the last few years. GMC sat on the GMT900 platform too long.

The sales numbers above are from the 2012 year Lou so it hasnt been too long obviously...I admit I am biased to GM but I just get sick of seeing F-series bunched together when half ton sales should be seperated regardless if GMs halftons are losing or not.

@Jared - everyone does it. Silverado HD & LD count as one. The same apples for Sierra. GMC counts 1500, 2500, 3500 together.
Ram counts 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500 together.
Ford - despite popular belief counts 150, 250, 350, and 450 together. Anything larger is separate.

It's been the last few years. Here's an interesting graph with Ford vs GM combined sales since 1998. Recently, F-series has beaten GM+Chevy combined since mid 2009 to present. There were some earlier years too that this happened, too.

@Dave - great post. The truck market is very competitive. Regardless what the Ram guys say, they aren't going to catch Ford or GMC. GMC may gain sales with the 2014 but I seriously doubt that they will pass Ford.

@Dave - Just because Ford "sells" the most trucks DOESN'T MAKE THEM THE BEST ON THE MARKET!

Take your graphs and shove it!

@ Greg - ever wonder why GMC sales have dropped and Ford sales have gone up? The biggest change has been in the 1/2 ton ranks were GMC has lost the most customers. If GMC was as good as you say they are, that would never happen.

Since you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, you should look at Dave's graph once again. GMC combined sales beat Ford 8 years out of the last 15. In other words - GMC 8, Ford 7. Since these numbers do not include 2013, I'm betting on GMC 8, Ford 8 at year end.
The graph does show that GMC has lost much ground since the 2008 downturn.

The question is, will GMC regain lost ground?

If one looks at the lukewarm reception garnered by the Silverado - I'd say NO.

Studies indicate that GMC builds the best HD's, Ford builds the best 1/2 tons and Toyota builds the best small trucks.

The facts show that Ford sells almost double the HD's that GMC does. Ram sells as many HD's as GMC does.
Why the disconnect?
There has to be a reason people prefer Ram and Ford over GMC HD?

Sales and durability line up in relation to the F150 and the Tacoma.

Who is targeting Dave and Lou? What are they are being targeted for? Is it an inside job?

I just found from an administrator that the trolling posts are coming from the UK and Australia.

Just goes to show that the best product isn't always the one that wins sometimes it's more about perception than actual value.

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