Chevy Unveils SEMA Truck: Black Ops

1 Black Ops II

Photography by Evan Sears

At the State Fair of Texas, Chevrolet brought out two concept trucks for the Specialty Equipment Market Association show coming up in just a few weeks in Las Vegas.

The Black Ops Silverado is the truck you’d want, Chevy says, “if you had to take a truck to the edge of the Earth and back after the meltdown of civilization.” Based on an all-new 2014 Silverado, it comes with equipment meant to help you survive in the harshest of circumstances: zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, you name it.

Speaking of zombie apocalypse, one great nod was made to “Zombieland,” the Woody Harrelson flick, with a big stash of Twinkies tied down in the bed.

What makes the Black Ops roll? It has:


• An EcoTec3 V-8 engine

• Six-speed automatic (who’d have time to shift?)

• Lifted suspension

• Truck vault with survival supplies

• Solar-charging panel

• Rollbar with spotlights

• Black 22-inch Chevrolet Accessory wheels

• Spray-in bedliner


Among the items you’d want with you, Chevy has thrown in:


• Water

•Gas cans

• Shovels

• Generator

• Climbing equipment

• Ham radio

• Antenna

• Satellite radio


Just remember, when the black helicopters come, you’ll want to skedaddle.

To read the full press release, click here

6 Black Ops II

3 Black Ops II

4 Black Ops II

5 Black Ops II

7 Black Ops II

8 Black Ops II

10 Black Ops II

SEMA-BlackOps 1 II


The yellow cues gotta' go..

And, good luck finding enough gas to drive that thing to the "edge of the Earth" with those heavy a** Nitto MTs on it during the apocalypse.

Ram could bring a bone stock Power Wagon to the show and steal all the attention.

Looks like Chuck Norris's next truck.

Body colored bumpers and grille look SOOOOOOO much better than the nasty chrome!!! I actually LIKE IT!


Body colored bumpers and grille look SOOOOOOO much better than the nasty chrome!!! - x2

Would go with Goodyear MT's though

"If you had to take a truck to the edge of the Earth and back after the meltdown of civilization..." I would take an old diesel. 12V Cummins, 7.3 Powerstroke, something that's dependable, easily maintained, and can run on something other than just diesel. It doesn't have to be all that efficient or smooth-running, just dependable. And if it _were_ a gas, it would be any of the Big 3's old straight-sixes. 500,000 miles without a tuneup? No problemo. Anything with electronics? Good luck getting even to 100,000 without something failing.

And most certainly something hooked up to a manual transmission. When the battery runs dry--not if, but when--all I'll have to do is get my 5 kids (What? You thought I'd be going it alone? It's my duty now to repopulate the earth, wink-wink-nudge-nudge.) to help me push it to the top of a nearby hill, have the wifey put 'er in 1st and let 'er go.

But I like the crate of ramen and Twinkies in the bed. Nice touch.

Yeah a v8 gas guzzler is not exactly the truck I'd use in a SHTF scenario and gas is in very limited supply.

Generators and twinkies... Yeah that pretty much says it all right there about how much thought they put into this.

It's not a suitable BOV, it's another overpriced plastic fisher price toy.

Real trucks have a front bench and column shifter!

I have to say, this truck looks ridiculously good. I'm with Toycrusher, the all black looks fantastic! Chevrolet should make that an option package for their trucks anyhow. If that had a SFA or better yet, portal set up underneath the front end, I'd trade my SD off tomorrow for it and that's no lie. Especially since it's based off the 1500 so that the frame wouldn't drop down like the 2500's. I'm really liking this. The Twinkies are a nice touch! I had family who worked for Hostess.

@rick irvin I want the column shifter. I'm tired of the waste of space the console shifter takes up. That is one of the biggest changes I'd make in my Tacoma

I hate comulmn shifters, if you have big giant center console anyway its not that much space taken. I realize some people like column shifters so GM needs to make it optional either way like all the other manufacturers.


Too bad it's made in Mexico!

I'd take one without the graphics and yellow on the wheels.

Looks great unlike my present Ford truck.

Too bad it's made in Mexico!

@Ron Real TRUCKS have Column shifters

not your "CAR influenced Trucks"

@ It's me! 2nd that

Trucks are made to Haul Weather it would be Trailers or People

But People seem to just want them to "SHOW OFF" and/or use them as a "Grocery Getter"

DMAX man, Real trucks have floor mounted manuals. Column shifters came from the car LOL. Now the only place you find column shifters are in police cars.

Great concept, but the Twinkies are on overkill. Trying to escape the Apocalypse is meaningless if you wind up in a self-induced sugar coma.

Screw the truck , just give me the twinikes !


True But I meant the NEWER cars(&trucks) where its in between the seats

I thought Chevy might be bringing out a Raptor fighter until I found out it was just a truck with a lift kit.

The design of the cover for the winch detracts from the front end. Not a good look.
The truck really doesn't look camouflaged. It just looks dirt.
It does have other good points but I would prefer a 3/4 ton for this type of thing. And yes, with a manual transmission.

I would also like to hear about what could be done to protect electronics from electromagnetic blasts. Would a copper net, fiber glassed into the hood, roof, doors and fenders then ground with a metal strip dragging from a bumper be enough? Or would the windows be enough opening to cause a problem.

My ECM keeps talking to me. And she is afraid.

Very nice! but Chevy, you could keep the 22" though, too heavy, I would rather have something around 18" or so, with more rubber, although the tire on it are fine, just want bigger side walls, and yes I have to agree with someone on the yellow, maybe dark green or blue would be better!

One more thing, keep the column shifter! I would much rather have my wife next to me than any shift/console!

Both trucks need the AuraGen generator system and a welder. And those low profile tires just mean bent wheels and flat tires.

Those tires are really low profile, plenty of sidewall, but maybe twenties would look good and give some extra sidewall if thats what you want.

Looks great unlike my present Ford truck.

Posted by: FordTrUcks1 | Sep 27, 2013 10:30:43 AM

Once again you are spot on FordTrUcks1!

That is one badass truck. Instead of making these concepts why don't they just make the damn thing already. This is what we want, what us truck owners dream of... and then we get a watered down version of it in a few years instead.

I agree these aren't as bad as the emergency vehicle. But I like a lot of sidewall. Even on cars.
I have bent to many wheel driving in the dark and hitting a pothole.
If those were just plain steel wheels a sledge hammer would straighten them out. Not sure if that would work on those fancy spokes.
Oh, by the way where is my air compressor so I can re inflate my tires after I straighten out my wheel.
If this thing had some ARB air lockers their compressor would inflate that tire in about 5 minutes.
Write another check daddy!

How about a couple of DynaTrac 80 axels with those ARB lockers?
Daddy, Daddy Daddy
Write the check Daddy. Write it right now. :>)

Why keep the stock bumpers? especially with a winch. A HD with a "multifuel" diesel would be the way to go as a BOV. You get into the back country and there are always going to be diesel equipment around.

Which Ecotec is in this truck?

It does look cool as a concept truck. They should of done something with the tailgate. Standard black makes it look like they forgot about it. Any new truck seems to look better monochromatic. Fake plastic chrome is just that.... fake chrome.
Ditch the plastic and chrome "bed bar" and put a real cargo rack on the truck. A zodiac on the rack would fit the Black op's theme.

Why doesn't someone come out with real chromed metal grills or bumpers with 1950's era chrome. The current chrome is as thin and fragile as paint.

Nothing wrong with a column shifter but GM/Chev should have an optional console shifter. It gives married guys an excuse to not have the wife or kids crowding them ;)

@Lou BC--I agree with you on the thin electroplated bumpers, it just peels off. I doubt the companies will want to spend the money to put the extra thick chrome plate on. I would rather at this point have metal painted bumpers, but those too are disappearing as front bumpers replaced by plastic. Rear bumpers are still metal but in the future those will probably be plastic.

This truck looks nice, except it needs a bull bar up front, not a piece of plastic.

How good is this in a real off road situation?

The size of the truck will render it useless in many off road situations.

Like the Raptor it would be relegated to mainly cruising shopping malls. Who would destroy a truck like this?

Truck has the 18's you get on a regular Z71, so they aren't 22's as stated. Column shifter makes way more sense. I love checking out the stuff on this site, but a Power Wagon isn't going to steal the show here...people have already seen it. Raptor is great, too but same deal. The idea is something different, and it's many things are production there? Not many. Some good potential and pieces, but let's see what hits the lots.

Nice looking rig. "Speaking of zombie apocalypse" I would have to take the Power Wagon loaded with fuel instead of Twinkies.

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Again, I don't know what to say, I really don't. Stay tuned, faithful readers--alright, I may be getting a little full of myself here. But anyone who cares will probably know my writing from that of this immature spammer. Anyone who doesn't, well, sorry if I wasted too much of your time.

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From now on, consider all comments made under the name of "David" to be either trolls or a distinct, new individual (though probably the former). I can't speak for "Dave;" I'm assuming whoever he is, he's a legitimate commenter. But I am hereby formally retiring my use of the "David" name on PUTC. Goodbye? No--just, "until next time."

@David, my sympathies. It has been happening to me for several months. I've used the name "Lou" for 5-6 years on this site but I had to change it due to trolls and fake posting.

Odd, my initial post to you about this was deleted.


@The Real Lou & David,
I stuck it out, it was painful. The guy still blogs under my name every now and then.

@Big Al--I Agree show trucks like this are nice to look at but most who own them will use them for mall cruisers. Most are not going to spend money on a Raptor or Power Wagon to go off road or use for rough work even though these trucks are capable. Who wants to damage a truck like this especially as much as they cost. Nice to read about and look at but not practical for most who use their trucks.

Nice job keeping the crappie plastic bumpers on it. Should've thrown on some steel bumpers, after killing a couple of zombies with those bumpers you wouldn't have anything left.


@Jeff S
It would be a lot of cash to invest into something to take and get dented and scratched up.

A lot of guys here will buy a new mid to high end pickup 4x4 and never take them off road.

One thing I've found through my experience, is when you buy a new 4x4 and off road you become a much better off roader.

You tend to look more carefully before you 'leap'.

@Big Al--That would make sense. Those dents, scratches, and missing trim parts make for an expensive lesson learned. I can see why the guys around where I live use older 4x4s for off roading and save the newer truck for the road.

It would survive everything except an EMP attack. Yeah, modern electronics.

Nice truck though. I wonder how much it will cost.

This would have been really cool with the baby Duramax GM had been developing. A behemoth like this should have something big and powerful, not just a production engine off the line... 502 of diesel!

I love the colour keyed headlamps and bumpers!! Chevrolet better do this. Not sure why people think the column shifter is a bad idea, must be car people. Why waste usable console space?

One of three plants in Mexico. But still 91% north American parts.

They should do a custom Sierra. The GMC looks better than the Chevy. Use the Sierra all terrain as the starting point and create a TRUE raptor killer.

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