Chevy Unveils SEMA Truck: The Volunteer

1 Volunteer II

Photography by Evan Sears

In the second of new concept trucks for the upcoming Specialty Equipment Marketing Association show, Chevrolet showed off the Silverado Z71 Volunteer Firefighter Concept at the State Fair of Texas. Less pop culture than the Black Ops version, it’s meant to be a tribute to all those who give of their time and talents to help protect their neighbors, friends and families.

Chevy says it made the truck flashy — with “custom silver Liquid Metal paint and graphics” — to draw the attention of passing drivers, but the truck maker has also packed it with utility. Inside the truck is plenty of firefighter gear, including chrome fire extinguishers, a bed toolbox, firefighters’ turnout gear, an axe (of course) and a Halligan tool.

Under the hood you’d find an EcoTec3 engine tied to a six-speed automatic heavy-duty transmission. The truck comes equipped with Chevy’s CornerStep rear bumper, stability control, the Z71 off-road suspension and hill descent control.

Of course, safety is no second-tier concern. According to Chevy, the concept comes with lane departure warning, a Safety Alert Seat that uses “haptic vibrations” to alert the driver of impending danger and a forward collision alert system.

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6 Volunteer II

3 Volunteer II

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SEMA-VolFirefighter II


That looks pretty good and tastful without being overdone.

How do big rims and running boards make it a useful fire rescue truck?

ToyCrusher, the running boards help the firefighters get in, in the big rims help the truck handle better when speeding to a fire.

@Toycrusher: Rims, no; running boards, they're pretty useful given how tall 4x4 trucks are. Now, leather bucket seats, chrome interior, grille, bumpers and spotlights? C'mon, thos're about as useful as tits on a boar.

And yes, "thos're" is a totally legit word that I just made up right now. It means "those are" or "those were" depending on the context of the sentence.

Calling all whackers.
Calling all whackers.

When you have to do a boot drive just to keep the lights on and gas in the fuel tanks, who exactly is supposed to pay for one of these?

@John, I agree. This truck looks good in red too.

As a volunteer Fire Fighter I would offer myself to try out this truck for a couple of years and give feedback. I have always had great success with Ford's but I am always open to an adventure.

@John & @ FordTrucks1 2nd that

@NorthernMN 2nd that on being a Vol. Firefighter and trying it out

As for the FORD part.... HECK NO

Yes, yes and yes.

Both of these trucks need the Auragen, generator system. And a welder

There's the 22" wheels! I did not think to ones of the black truck looked like 22"s, but these do! still to big though!

And low profile tires just mean bent wheels and flat tires.

22 inch wheels on any rough service vehicle is begging for trouble. The max should be 18 inch wheels with 10 ply "E" rated tires.
The box accessories are much more useful on this truck than the "Zombie" Chevy.
I love the looks of that triangular "push" bar. It shoould be higher though, if its purpose is to protect the rad.
The centre console charging station for portable VHF radio's is a nice touch.

Does anyone know who makes the push bar for this truck?

When and If will this truck be available?

i want this chevy volunteer. how do i get it

Not going to cut it here unless it is only some basic pavement only command vehicle. Still good promotion for the Volunteer Fire Fighters.

I will build this truck for you.

I Will be done my copy cat this Friday..

As a REAL volunteer firefighter in the state of South Carolina i would be honored to not only test this truck to see its potential but to help spread the word about the reason why we volunteer. I would also like to mention that as a firefighter i have met a lot people from different departments who would love nothing more than to see this truck at the South Carolina Fire Academy in Columbia, SC. If Chevy does read the comments, please be reassured that if i were to be chosen that i would be able to travel all over the palmetto state to promote and market this truck and to share the joys of driving and riding in this beautiful piece of workmanship. Thank You.

Spotlights are useless? I use the crap out of mine.

Put a wench on it and I would love to have this as my personal vehicle.

First, this truck is a great design for any and every firefighter. The larger rims would be great for when a rural fire department put bigger off road tires on them.

Second, the spotlights would be used on every night call. For example: MVA with entrapment, if someone is stuck in their car the call car run four hours on end so having a low voltage smaller truck that can keep one lane of the road open and still shine light into and around the car.

Finally to all the haters, the big running boards makes it much easier to get in with bunkers on, and the push bar is great for running through brush and smalls fences.

Can you buy this truck and where can I get it?

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