Consumer Reports Chooses 2014 Chevrolet Silverado As Top Pickup Truck

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By Aaron Bragman

Influential consumer testing organization Consumer Reports has ranked the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado pickup as its top pickup truck choice, scoring the freshly redesigned truck above the 2013 Ram 1500 and the previously tested Ford F-150. The Silverado garnered a score of 81 points out of 100, just edging out the Ram's score of 78 points in a recent head-to-head comparison test by the publication, but the scores did not fully indicate how close the two trucks were in subjective testing.

The Silverado edged the Ram in objective numbers, coming out tops in payload capacity, tow rating, fuel economy, step-in height and the size of its bed — but the Ram 1500 was rated by CR's testers as "the better car." They cite it as a better daily driver, with more comfortable seating for passengers, better controls and quicker acceleration while still maintaining its own hefty pickup truck ratings. In the end, despite giving the nod to the redesigned Silverado, the organization said that "you can't go wrong with either truck." CR tested the Silverado LT crew cab with a 5.3-liter V-8 and four-wheel drive as well as the Ram Big Horn with a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 and eight-speed transmission. You can see Consumer Reports' article on the Silverado's win here (subscription required for full article).

Earlier this year, held its own Light-Duty Challenge, giving the nod to the Ford F-150 equipped with the EcoBoost V-6 engine as the top truck due largely to its own objective qualifications (power, towing, etc.). But the winner of our own subjective contest was the Ram 1500, with's editors agreeing that the Ram's interior comfort, power and user-friendly electronics made it the most pleasant place to spend time. The Ram placed just a hair out of winning our own competition as well, with fewer than 13 points separating it from the Ford's top score. Have a look to see how we scored the latest batch of light-duty trucks here.

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Dear Tyler

Clearly you have never even looked at a Tundra....... You have no clue what your talking about at all and it shows. Thats all.

@ all 1

you really should stop watching Ford propaganda videos and reposting them as if you know whats goin on. If the other trucks would fair as well as a Tundra in max towing then they would rate them by the J2807 method, PERIOD....... It would be the ultimate bragging rights. I know why they dont, you obviously dont. Also, from experience from someone who HAS actually towed with these vehicles with weight...... The tundra will run away from an ecoboost going up a steep grade and get 5 MPG BETTER while doing it. just because it can launch in a short run test doesnt mean it can keep it up, it clearly cant because they wont certify it!

@ Johnny Doe

The Chevy was on the heals of the Hemi and Ecoboost by what? Being over 2 seconds behind the Ecoboost from 0-40 towing 8,500 lbs and over 3 seconds behind the Ram is not close. What test where you watching? Also, the problem with the test is that the are real world test. Holding the speed limit of 60 mph while going up a 7% grade is real world testing, not going wide open throttle up a hill until you hit 60 mph. Oh wait, I forgot what truck I was talking about, the Chevy needs to go wide open throttle just to get a glimpse of holding 60 mph up a hill. Face it, the Chevy 5.3L was made for city folk who don't tow much and only care about fuel economy. For what a truck is really used for it is lacking the testicular fortitude, but has a comfy interior and bumper step which is why CR chose it like they did the Avalanche last year. Real world testing does not lie. The Ecotec 5.3L has been weighed, measured, and has been found wanting.

TRX 4 Tom GM trucks sit higher off the ground then any Ram truck unless you buy Rams high dollar air ride that will break and you only gain 0.3 inch more then a GM

Ram's V6 only gets 1 MPG better with an 8 speed with start/stop tech that will kill you're starter after restarting at every red light you meet plus has less TQ and has to be rev to make any TQ or HP then GM, while GM uses a simple plain jane 6 speed. Ram will lose the MPG lead once GM brings their 8 speed out mid 2014 and 10 speed in 2016/2017.

The Gm trucks do sit as high off the ground, the differance is they have a more car like seat that sits lower to the floor so it is easier to get into the seat but the floor is as high if not higher then the Ram.

rick with all do respect the chev sits dang near on the ground! hell the front air dam cant be 5 inches off the ground!! the ram and ford arent much better but they are better. the Tundra has ground clearance 3 inches HIGHER than the chev... and the approach and departure angle are laughable at best on the chev!!!!

@ ALL1 I'm talking bout this site's 2013 light duty shoot out where the GM trucks where closer to being evenly matched with 3.42 Ram had 355s with 8 speed and Ford had a Eco bust with 3.73. You're Youtube video test wasn't no where near fair they even say it in the video! as the Chevy had 3.08s. Go look at motor trend the GM 5.3l trucks with 3.73s run with the Eco Bust.

@ johhny doe

Yeah, the Chevy had 3.08 gear which is why it towed only 5,700 lbs and not the 7,200 lbs that the Tundra and F-150 did. The Chevy pulled a lighter trailer than the F150 by 1,500 lbs which is still under the Chevys 3.08 tow rating by 900 lbs. It couldn't even keep the speed limit towing less than what Chevy says it can tow. The Tundra had a hard time keeping the speed limit towing under what it was rated to tow by J2807 standards, and the Ecoboost easily towed the same trailer that thew Tundra towed even though the Tundra had a higher tow rating.

Dude, seriously drop the blinders. The Ecoboost makes more power than the Ecotec 5.3L throughout it's whole powerband by as much as 50 hp and over 100 lb-ft of torque more between 2,000 to 3,500 rpm. Facts are facts, and you should let the facts I know it hurts your feelings that the garbage that GM told you in their commercials is not true. Welcome to the real world. Just wait for the new Ecotec 6.2L to come out so you can do some real towing.

"start/stop tech that will kill you're starter after restarting at every red light."
Posted by: johnny doe | Sep 19, 2013 8:45:55 PM


But, with all this stopping and starting, the starter and other components will wear out soon, right?

Not so fast.

Because of the additional high-use and electrical load demands placed on the starter, alternator and battery, the components were upgraded for heavy-duty operation. The durability upgrades include a high-durability starter housed in a stronger case, heavy-duty flywheel teeth and a more robust starter solenoid.

Cheby can have their tracking big brother on star as well. More technology that the wonderful government will abuse. No thanks!

So let me get this straight, buy a $40k truck that will break after a few years due to GM's poor quality? Not me

Guts, glory Ram!
Take your Chevy
and your Ford
I'll take my Ram

This was bound to be a contentious issue about naming the 2014 Silverado as the top truck.

No doubt the 2014 Silverado is the best truck that GM has ever put out to date, but to say that it is better than the similarly-equipped competition? That's a stretch!

My top truck? I own both a 2010 Tundra Limited 4dr 4X4 5.7 and a 2012 Ford Raptor. I think they are both better than the 2014 Silverado, each for their own qualities. I drive whatever suits my mood at that time.

(BTW, I have owned Silverado, Dodge and RAM in the past)

I guess i will be good on towing my 9,000lb wet toy hauler up these western mountains with that 392 Hemi and 4.56 gears. ;)

I am going to try and pay $ cash for my new Power Wagon 392 Hemi V8. Gotta love those Ram trucks. Always at the top of the list or the winner.

Also looking into buying my wife a new SRT 8 Chrysler 300. 392 Hemi V8 with 470 Horsepower and 470 ft lbs of tire melting torque.
Posted by: HEMI V8 | Sep 19, 2013 2:14:24 PM





@ALL1 Facts are fact but the MPG gear Chevy still pulled the hill with out breaking or over heating on one of the steepest grades in the US. Semi Trucks don't keep at the speed limit up hills but are still rated to tow 80,000 pounds.

@ johnny doe

But it could not keep up with the 60 mph speed limit and kept falling back down bellow 50 mph even with less weight that Chevy says it can tow. This brings be back to my origional statement of not all manufacturers idea of towing is, is the same. Some manufacturers idea of towing is not having enough power to keep speed(the Chevy in this case),some is having just enough to keep speed(the Tundra in this case), and others is having plenty of power left when towing (the F-150 in this case). In my honest opinion, I think Chevy needs to re-evaluate how much they say that truck can tow because not even keeping the speed limit will not cut it. It may for you Chevy owners but not for me. My idea of towing is to tow the weight Ford says it can tow while still having power to spare. The funniest part of this is that the Tundra is rated to tow slightly more than the F-150 going by the J2807 standards, but it could berely keep speed. Maybe that is why Ford doesn't want to go be the j2807 towing standards because they don't want to have to lower their tow rating.

Chevy, beautiful truck, Real American style and an antidote to today's al the same SOAPS on 4 wheels cars and suvs, also the ram and f 150 are nice pickups but i prefere the conservative silverado! Take what you prefere, all 3 are great.

I don't give CR any weight in my decisions buying a pickup. I am totally bias when it comes to Dodge (RAM). So I am always happy when RAM gets good reviews, or when they don't. Sorry I am a loyalist. But, I think every truck maker out there has gotten to the point where they are all on the same level. Yet, they still show enough difference in product that it ends up being the personal choice of the buyer. There were earlier discussions on this thread about pricing of pickups nowadays, and i have to say that it i will be some time before i will ever own a 2012 model pickup. The price is ridiculous.

I don't give CR any weight in my decisions buying a pickup. I am totally bias when it comes to Dodge (RAM). So I am always happy when RAM gets good reviews, or when they don't. Sorry I am a loyalist. But, I think every truck maker out there has gotten to the point where they are all on the same level. Yet, they still show enough difference in product that it ends up being the personal choice of the buyer. There were earlier discussions on this thread about pricing of pickups nowadays, and i have to say that it i will be some time before i will ever own a 2012 model pickup. The price is ridiculous.

@Dave "I am going to try and pay $ cash for my new Power Wagon 392 Hemi V8."

It's great to have goals Dave...hope you get out of jail soon and make this happen.

@ all1

stop running your yap about tundras towing capability. if the ford could beat the tundra (it CLEARLY wont) ford would rate it by the same SAE J2807 standards. the Tundra's engine will shame the ecoboost if putc would actually test them over a long grade and actually use a correctly equipped tundra with equal tires as the ford they test. they ALWAYS give the tundra a disadvantage so it doesnt spank everyone. point blank that 5.7 iforce v8 is a better engine than the ecoboost and the fords 6 speed trans is a complete joke stacked up to the aisin 6 speed in the tundra. Truth of the matter is the ecoboost cant complete the Davis dam grade at max capacity at 100 degrees ambient temp with the air on, thats why they wont do the ratings! the turbos overheat and shut down and the little 3.5 v6 cant hold the load at the minimum of 40 mph after that. ALSO, just because ford programmed a transmission not to downshift on a hill doesnt make the engine somehow superior, your just showing your ignorance here.

@hemi lol

You want my address so you can come make me stop running my yap about howbthe Tundra got out towed by the Ecoboost? Are you close to San Antonio, Tx? I would love to be your Huckleberry. The video is not biased in any way. They tow the same trailer up the same road that many people commonly tow that have RVs. The Tundra in the video has a higher tow rating than the Ecoboost in the video yet it has a harder time keeping speed. So even with the higher tow rating going be the j2807 SAE standards, the Tundra gets out towed. It also got ot did by the Ecoboost in just about every performance test in the 2013 lighttruck shootout. So you are saying is biased? I understand that you have a lot of hate for the Ecoboost because of what ever reasons, but the fact is that the Ecoboost does out tow the Tundra. I have gone up hills towing 10k lbs in my truck pulling 10 psi for more than 30 minutes without any overheating issues. I know that you are saying that I am ignotant on thebfact but from your comments, it seems to that you have never towed with an Ecoboost to back up the claims you make. I sincerely hope in the future that you will let the facts change your beliefs, and not your beliefs change the facts.

Facts are facts and the fan boys can cry till the cow's come home, Tundra, Ram and Ford all Bow to GM.

@HemiV8 - I'm sure you will be bragging your ass off about that new Power Wagon soon enough. You deserve it, you've been through hell with your accident. Good luck to you.

@HEMIV8 I agree with you except that Ram has the worst ground clearance because of that ridiculous front overhang.

@Lou_BC funny how you're so friendly with people who are just Ram trolls like HemiV8. He really doesn't deserve a Power Wagon

Lou you think your posts are so unbiased yet you just agree with everything that trolls say on here. Instead of insulting everyone else on here for their posts, maybe you should look in the mirror because your useless posts really have no merit what so ever. Do yourself a favor and kill yourself. May I recommend the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

anyone who is tired of the trolling can click the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page and file a complaint.

or click here.

anyone who is tired of the trolling can click the link below and file a complaint.

@Svalbard Polaris - HemiV8 and I had an interesting conversation a while back in one of the old news stories that was no longer being actively blogged.
I found that there is a side to him that is likable and I do have a better understanding of where he is coming from.

I've battled it out with him on many occasions and it has been very amusing to both him and I. It hasn't changed my views nor has it changed his views.

Sometimes it is best to agree to disagree on the areas where there is no common ground and try to focus on the areas where there is mutual understanding.

Take it as you will.

I'm not blindly loyal to one brand and if Ram comes out with a great product, I will say that is so.
I had trolls jump all over a comment I made a real long time ago in relation to the new Ram.

That sort of behavior makes it hard to be honest.

Guys just assume that everyone is fixated on one brand. Everyone has favourites and however we chose the truck we buy means that particular truck was "our favorite" at the time of purchase.
We don't spend 40K on a truck we do not favour.

@Svalbard Polaris - one more observation, is your other name Salix?

With an evolutionary makeover, it's apparent that GM had the right Formula overall to have the Silverado rated with high remarks from Consumer Reports even though the RAM is also given a lot of credit in this category as well, the Silverado in the past has always been marginalized based on it's overall evaluation from Consumer Reports. Good Job Chevy, just be sure to take the result of this and keep the momentum going for the 2017 Mid Cycle make over and the 2020 Redisgn 1500.

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