Ford Upgrades 2015 Power Stroke

F-450 PS 1 II

Photography by Evan Sears

Ford’s big news at the State Fair of Texas centered on a good number of improvements it’s incorporated into its second-generation 2015 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo-diesel. Ford has increased the size of the turbocharger, included a more sophisticated injector setup and a bigger and smarter fuel pump, yet it still uses the same bore and stroke without any block changes. Thankfully we were told by David Ives, Power Stroke technical leader, that Ford has done some serious work on the Super Duty’s transmission grade braking capability and even added a dedicated exhaust brake switch near the trailer brake controller.

In other big fair news, Ford showed its significantly upgraded 2015 Super Duty F-450, which gets an all-new frame, 19.5-inch wheel and tire options, and significantly improved maximum payload and towing (fifth-wheel and conventional) ratings. Unfortunately, Ford did not reveal any info about horsepower, torque or maximum towing numbers.

F-450 PS 3 II

F-450 PS 2 II



I wonder who will be first to break the 500hp/1000ft-lb tq barrier for a factory pickup. They're already getting pretty darn close.

Do you see a engine under all that plumbing?
Only one room for two.
Looks like a smaller version of a semi-truck.

God help the man who has to work on that over-engineered piece of garbage...

Everything's over-engineered if the truck you like has out-of-date technology. My most unreliable car I ever owned had a 350 Chev and a 3 speed automatic. Why do people talk like old crap lasts forever?

How can something be over engineered?

Like I blogged in a previous article, this isn't only about Ford trumping the other's.

It's about meeting emission requirements. Emission standards are improving, they must be met.

Diesel's will naturally become better. Diesel has much more scope than gas for improvement.

But do you need all that power? Offer it, but also start looking at a smaller diesel as an entry level product.

350hp and 600ftlb is enough for most applications. A modern 4 litre diesel can offer this kind of power and torque.

"Over-Engineered" - isn't that what a person wants?

IN reality - It does not happen.

Engineers are given price points and lifespan end points or what is called planned obsolescence.

People pine away for the good old days of carbs, point ignition systems, vinyl seats and 3 on the tree.

Nope - I'd rather have my truck that has 115 hp more than my last new truck (1990), has a better ride, better suspension, better interior, is much safer, and gets 6 mpg better on the highway and I'm not even talking about any current engine, I'm talking about my 2010 5.4.

The new stuff is what people want in new trucks and car. And all
Computer bull s$$t is our fine government. Yeah back in the day u
Open the hood and see what was what and easy to work on. I would
Love To open the hood and be able to work on it without a labtop. But those
days are gone. God bless the men and women who work on them.


On the last picture you can just see the cover for the positive terminal for the second battery on the other side of the truck. Just pointing it out.

Holy cow, What a crammed engine compartment ! Pickup truck engines used to be easy to work on ! If I poured a gallon bucket of water over that engine, I wonder how long it would take to see the first drops of water reach the ground !!

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