Ford's 2015 Power Stroke Gets Huge Upgrades

6.7L PS Diesel Engine II

Ford will make significant upgrades and design changes to its 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbo-diesel for the 2015 model year, the automaker announced at the 2013 State Fair of Texas.

Although no exact power ratings have been released, Ford says this will be the most powerful Super Duty engine ever. Whether it will beat the Ram HD’s 850 pounds-feet of torque produced by the current Cummins or Ford’s own class-leading 400-horsepower number, we’ll have to see. (Nobody strings us along better than Ford.)

“Truck leadership means never resting, and the Super Duty team has been tireless in finding ways to improve the industry’s most popular heavy-duty pickups,” said Joe Hinrichs, executive vice president and president of the Americas at Ford, in a statement.

The engine will remain the same size, meaning Ford has not touched the bore or stroke of the engine, but in just about every other way, engineers have improved it. To begin with, they’ve pulled the twin-compressor turbocharger in favor of a larger single unit that will have a larger turbine. The turbo is a key upgrade for the 2015 model because it allows Ford engineers to create a much-improved exhaust brake setup that will now offer an activation switch on the dash — something that was missing on previous versions.

The extra power required the torque converter to be upgraded as well, helping to more solidly deliver the increased power to the wheels. Many other aspects of the engine have been upgraded, including the main bearings, crankshaft design, dampers and gaskets. Ford engineers have even added material to the cylinder heads and exhaust manifold to compensate for the increased power.

No details were offered as to how this new engine and technology will be phased in or if the existing and new engines will be offered at the same time. However, this will be the only engine available on the new 2015 F-450, which will include many changes as well. See our separate story for more details.

To read the complete 2015 Super Duty and Power Stroke press release, click here.



How's that for your magic fairy dust?

I predicted same styling, power and torque boost (with no specific numbers), and manual exhaust brake. I really want to see Ford bring out a new body style, but I guess it will be 2015 for the F-150 and 2016 for the Super Duty.
For 2015, Ford will wait for GM to announce specs for the Duramax, ensuring they remain best in class.

@Alex - I agree. Ford releases a statement that they are implementing huge changes to the Power Stroke, they wait for the competitors to "blink" first and then one up them. The 6.7 should in theory have way more design room left in it as it is a relatively new engine. The Duramax is at the end of its life cycle so I expect GMC will have a harder time of reliably upping the power to keep up with Ford and Ram.

That's ugliest engine I ever seen. I wouldn't want it in any truck.

All new model is a 2016 MY as others have mentioned previously.

@zviera - Ford has an ugly motor, never heard of anyone worry about that before.

Do you spend all day with the hood up on your truck staring at the engine?

I know that there are multiple jokes inherent to that comment but really?

On a related topic, Ram and Cummins just announced that the 2016 6.7 ISB I6 will have significant changes. They also needed to change the etc., etc., etc. to handle the added power.

Anybody else sick of Ford's press releases that say NOTHING?

I don't care how powerful an engine it has, until Ford changes everything on the Superduty, from the ground up, I'm not going to buy one. This platform was designed 20ish years ago, and needs to be redesigned to compete with the new platforms that Ram and GM introduced 1 and 2 years ago. Both trucks are far superior then the SD.

I'm glad Ford made such a good platform, they have made serious bank off of it. But it is time to for Ford to step to the plate, they are so far behind right now it isn't funny. But the outdated platform still sells so I guarantee they just throw another front clip on it can call it "all new" again.

What Ford doing here is the equivalent of GM taking a 94 Corvette and updating the powertrain, interior and exterior every five years and calling it all new. Can you imagine how bad of a car that would be?

Lou, SD drivers never need to open the hood to stare at the engine.

They need to lift the cab! :D

Good to see they change the turbo as it seem to be the most common thing that was breaking on current 6.7L

Yes I do.
I believe, if something is nice, the engineers took extra time of thinking, how to make it and work properly. Cummins is one beautiful, powerful and reliable engine. Ford Power stroke is not.
Doesn't look nice, doesn't have the same power like Cummins and doesn't come with same warranty like Cummins. So yes, I am right . I don't want to see this engine in any of my truck. Ever.

@ASE Certified - funny.

If that is the case, why bother with a hood?

Every time I go on here I expect proactive comments but it's just filled with trolls, most of them Ram trolls.

I guess you Ram trolls. You guys need to grow up.

We already knew it wasn't going to be the new model. However, the SD has only been around since 1999 and has been majorly updated 3 times since then...and a 4th huge upgrade NOW with frame and supension changes on the F-450...this is ancient? Are you kidding me? I don't hear any complaints about GM using an engine design from 2001.

I've seen people argue that Ford should do what GM and Dodge are doing. This amuses me. Perhaps Apple should adopt Nokia's cell phone strategy.

I've also seen people argue that Ford should turn back the clock and build HD trucks with light duty sheetmetal and different frames. The argument against this is that both vehicle types are too specialized, and especially that building a cab with a firewall capable of handling the 6.7L Scorpion is overkill for the F-150/V6, meaning wasted space and poor aerodynamics.

If GM & Dodge are so superior, then why does Ford outsell them, combined?

Glad to see Ford is back to offering a real F-450 pickup instead of that fake F-350 based version.

So, are we to believe the rumors that the V-10 will be phased out over the next few years true?

Did the 2015 6.7L Powerstroke loose that goofy dual waterpump setup?

I don't expect to see much out of the GM HD's other than the new sheetmetal and interiors for a while. But I think they have some big surprises on the way.

I love power wars.

Ford divulges just enough information too get peoples attention but won't release official numbers. Could it be that they are waiting to see what GM is bringing to the table with their Duramax?

This new set up should allow Ford to be able to sprinkle some more fairy dust for a couple more years. Just teasing ;-)

I love these Truck Wars!


Ford never seems run out of their magic fairy dust. Maybe they need to sprinkle some of it on that ugly and outdated body as well as the chassis. It sucks to be a Ford guy these days. Ford seems to have lost their way to be honest.

No it doesn't. Ford doesn't outsell Ram Cummins in Canada.

These upgrades coming from Ford on this engine aren't just because of competition.

What is occurring in the US very soon regarding emissions?

The engine has to be made at least (similarly) Euro V compliant.

I have read a document from our government describing the change from Euro IV to Euro V and then to Euro VI.

This process will be very similar to what the US is required to achieve.

The biggest cost incurred to the consumer was the jump from Euro IV to Euro V. This engine will cost more, so a horsepower gain will make it more palatable.

Soon within a couple of years the US and Euro systems will almost harmonise with each other.

I hope the quality of your diesel fuel will improve as well.

As for gaining more power from a diesel, just add more fuel. That mean more NOx, CO2, particulates, etc. More compression (higher boost) equals more NOx as well.

There more to what goes on than meets the eye.

Even if the motor lasts 500K, the body will be rusted out in 200K if you live north of the mason dixon line.

@ASE Certified, GM's platform is a low slung frame joke and dates back to the early 90's. They so called upgraded it for the 800 series which was very little of an upgrade at all. The 2011 upgrades for the 900 series were a joke too. Just a few select beefier parts on the same exact design they always used. All it did was make the truck ride rougher with those thicker torsion bars. If anyone has the oldest design it's GovtMoCo. Ford at least uses a swing arm SFA-Coil set up which is far superior. So does Dodge-Ram. And seeing how it was Dodge that designed it in the first place for their 94 model, I'm sticking with them. The real truck of the group.






The Duramax engine is 13 years old. Beyond minor tweaking the turbo, down-pipe, inner-cooler, and software there isn't much Chevy can do to improve the engine. Bosche could help by designing injectors that will last 500,000 miles but Bosche either isn't willing or able to do such.
I doubt Chevy is in the the financial position to finance the design of an entirely new diesel engine so Chevy lovers are going to have to make due for a while I suspect.
One thing they could consider is some type of mild-hybrid for the diesel, but I suspect they would be very weary of being the 1st to attempt this in a 3/4-1 ton segment.
Allison may be able to help GM out by coming out with a 7-8spd Allison transmission.

Congrats to Ford on improving an already good engine.

It does sorta look like a rats nest.

Old technology.
No improvement to MPG.


I hope they put a better/bigger turbo on the SD's. They have had some turbo issues with the current one.

Why does it say they pulled the dual compressor setup and opted for a single turbo? The current PS has only one turbo. Are they meaning they talking about 6.4PS to 6.7PS?

brandon: the old turbo had two compressor scrolls on it. See this description from when the engine first came out:

Think of It like this. If they do come out with a engine with more torque good for them. ram has Cummins Cummins is used in everything some of their engines produce 2,500+ torque? cummins also has much more experience with a Diesel engine Cummins would come back with more torque soon as they did this......I mean come on people there's a reason people don do Powerstroke swamps. Glad to see Ford trying to catch up to the Ram Heavy Duty. but why 2015 soo far away?

the big 3 have done a great job of improving performance on their diesels. i'd like to see some major increases in fuel economy. seems like a good place to start is with an improved design of the dpf. the current design was good for a 5-7 mpg loss.

Glad they are updating the turbo, from what I've heard and read the turbo on those 6.7 Powerstroke’s are the weak links. The turbo shows its limit when you start adding power to it also.

Why scrap the old Duramax engine design for a new one when it's still successful? Not only are they quicker in stock form (compared to the Ram and Ford) but they make good power. But like the turbo is for the 6.7 Powerstroke, the Allison is the weak link for the 6.6 Duramax. Start throwing real power at the Duramax and the Allison slips and goes into limp mode. The only problem that I've heard with the D-max's was the lb7's injector issues, and the lly overheating. I haven't heard any REAL issued with the lmm or lml.

Maybe this one will have something different than the tail lights from a 99, the tailgate and bedsides from a 2003, the mirrors and cab from an 07. One can hope right?

I dont really care if the Duramax doesnt have as much power or is 10years older than the Power Stroke, I care about the drive-ability and work-ability of that power and until the SD gets to the top of the mountain first a la Rumble in the Rockies, HD Shootout, and HD Hurt Locker... I couldnt care if the SD had 2x as much power. GMC for me. One measure of how hard an engine is trying is how hot it gets and I remember from all the HD tests the GMC held set temps for coolant and the transmission had the lowest temps even at Davis Dam during HD Hurt Locker. Heat generated is a direct reflection of how hard something is working to achieve a given result. I remember the SD and Ram both had some pretty toasty trans temps on those climbs. That's going to affect reliability down the road when the gearbox sludges up and pukes its guts out from cooking the ATF every time you work it hard.

Technically, you could say that the GM trucks had better coolers than Ford and RAM. From my experience the Duramax is a higher RPM diesel (it makes more power in higher RPMs, usually due to General Motors adding a lot of Torque Management), which in theory would mean that it was working as hard or harder than the Powerstroke and the Cummins. You can chalk up the lower trans temps to the Allison and the trans coolers.

Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs) are what you would want to measure to see how hard the engine is working. If the transmission is haunting for gears (i.e. getting hot), than that is a transmission tuning problem and not so much the engine.

Ford is the clear winner regarding the all important question of fuel economy. I have a 2011 Powerstroke and can get 23 mpg at 65mph unloaded, I have a 3.21 rear axle. Chevy only offers a 3.71 axle, the Cummins used to have the worst fuel economy before they adopted the SCR system, but still are behind Ford. No one has commented yet on this fuel economy matter.

I have a 2011 Powerstroke with a 3.21 rear axle and can get 23 mpg cruising a 65 mph unloaded. Chevy with its 3.71 rear axle is a few mpg's behind and Dodge was even worse before they adopted the SCR emissions system, but are still behind Ford's fuel economy. No one so far has commented on this important issue of fuel economy.

This is the first mechanical update to the 6.7L PSD and it shows that Ford is paying attention. The engine was criticized for high altitude performance and the trailer brake, Ford made changes that rectify both shortcomings. They also almost certainly upped the power and torque to class leading figures with room on the table for more when the competition counters.

It's obvious the Cummins butt lovers here haven't had much experience with the 6.7 PSD. I drive them both every week and the PSD feels stronger as well as faster. Not to mention the PSD doesn't have a check engine light on like the Cummins or a sticking exhaust brake with nearly exact same mileage and service. Guess it's easy to get hung up on a name.

No news on Ford increasing their payload. They are so behind the times in payload. Every Ford I see on the road is squatting when under load. I talked to a truck camper dealer in New Hampshire who has owned Ford trucks for over 20 years and he tells me that the Ford Super Duty with dual wheels is the only one ton that he has to beef up the rear suspension to haul the heavy truck campers. He says that he does not have to anything to the GM or Ram trucks to haul the heavy campers. And that swing arm suspension on the front of the Super Duties hangs so low to the ground and looks cheap and weak for a heavy duty pickup.

I still prefer the ancient ford HD design. People complain about it not changing much, but it's hard to improve when you already have the best design to start with. I'm sure they have considered it before and decided it just isn't worth it when it is still the most preferred design according to the all-important customers. I wouldn't mind if they kept the same basic design that they've had all this time when 2016 model comes along. Sure they could make improvements, but there is no need to redo every aspect of the truck. For example I hope they never change the door handles. They look good, function well, and I've never had a problem with them. And I love the open feel of the interior on the HD fords and the dip in the front door windows. Things that they should NEVER change. They do a really good job with each new model of just improving it one way or another. Even if the only improvement is to the looks of the grille, headlights, and interiors. The engines have had their ups and downs, but it seems like the 6.7 is a success and they are improving it where they can. One problem with an all-new truck is that there are countless things that can go wrong. It's hard for them to design all all-new parts that are all going to work better than what they had before.

Oh my! Talking about desperate. I had to look at my calendar twice to make sure what year it is! It just tells you Ford's got NOTHING. 2015 news!? For days they were yapping about "Big Announcement" and that's all they got?
"oh yeah... we tweaked the Power Stroke a bit" LOL

It's so funny how they got played. It's obviously they came prepared to only up GM. They were waiting for GM to up them and GM instead went the proven and reliable way. This instantly killed Fords "Big Announcement" because if they gave you any numbers they would be upping themselves.... haha and loosing an ace in the process.
2015!? Really!? Big news two years into the future is "tweaking an engine"? WOW. Desperation at its best.
They're last to the table with new trucks. F150 is nowhere near finished. New SD is obviously not even in the picture yet. I probably shouldn't even say 'new' because every time is say it, that pulled article comes to mind where some dude from Ford said their trucks won't change much for a WHILE.

They tried to steal the thunder from GM in Detroit earlier this year, meanwhile GMs new trucks are on dealers lots and selling like hot cakes by now and Ford is bringing you this world shattering news.... haha

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot they announced new cowhide for 2015 King Ranch. They probably looked at GMs new High Country truck and ordered their engineers to work on new cow breed. :)

Mean while......Ram is the Class leader.

All Guts

All Glory

All Ram!

Seymore Rosen: I get 15mpg average on my 2012 f350 with 3.55's. I have never seen close to 20 mpg's even at 60 mph. How are you getting 23?

And I assume you mean 3.31's. Don't offer a 3.21 rear end with a power stroke.

430 hp / 860 lb-ft

Haha Ram Cummins. Talk about junk. First off they are slow and have too much torque without the amount of horse to back it up. No one like worrying about replacing the rear end in the pieces of junk. Ball joints still go out like almost every 30k and headgaskets. Tell me how the Power stroke 6.7 is not the superior engine out of all?

One is not Obama motor co. Nuff said

I don't understand how people are complaining about Ford sprinkling fairy dust on the engine to up the power. When you use a new fuel system, bigger turbo, beef up the heads and change the internals like the crank and things that's not fairy dust. Those are real upgrades, not just computer tuning. Also all those people complaining about Ford never redesigning. The cab and body lines look amazing in my opinion and why would you need an all new design if what you have works great. An all new design means your old design was a failure or outdated but in my opinion Ford's isn't. An example is Rams new front suspension is dam near close to what the Super Duty has been using since 2005. Ram chose to use it because even they said it was a heavier duty/stronger design compared to what they previously used.

i'm on my 3rd ford. my last 1 a 2011 250 sd 6.7. half the fuel sensors are too sensitive and the ones that need to be aren't. for instance, the water in fuel sensor that doesn't go on if you have water in the fuel and get hit with a $10,000 bill that ford won't cover under warranty. or maybe ford has a scam going on so when the low fuel pressure light comes on, which is the only thing that came on and truck died on the spot, they say you have contaminated fuel and charge you so they don't have to fix or do a recall on these garbage engines. 3 ford 1 dodge and a chevy, and the chevy is the only truck still going!! i'll take a chevy over a ford any day.

word on the street is Power ratings will be:

465 HP
910 TQ

everybody here loves fords why else would they spend there time reading all about the new ford engine. Inquiring about it. They sit there on there computer wining like little babies crying but deep down they want a Ford but to scared to drive one. Cant handle the power or the girls that come with it. Stay in your moms basement Oh and tell your mom I will be by later to pick her up in my FORD!!

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