Ford's 2015 Power Stroke Gets Huge Upgrades

6.7L PS Diesel Engine II

Ford will make significant upgrades and design changes to its 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbo-diesel for the 2015 model year, the automaker announced at the 2013 State Fair of Texas.

Although no exact power ratings have been released, Ford says this will be the most powerful Super Duty engine ever. Whether it will beat the Ram HD’s 850 pounds-feet of torque produced by the current Cummins or Ford’s own class-leading 400-horsepower number, we’ll have to see. (Nobody strings us along better than Ford.)

“Truck leadership means never resting, and the Super Duty team has been tireless in finding ways to improve the industry’s most popular heavy-duty pickups,” said Joe Hinrichs, executive vice president and president of the Americas at Ford, in a statement.

The engine will remain the same size, meaning Ford has not touched the bore or stroke of the engine, but in just about every other way, engineers have improved it. To begin with, they’ve pulled the twin-compressor turbocharger in favor of a larger single unit that will have a larger turbine. The turbo is a key upgrade for the 2015 model because it allows Ford engineers to create a much-improved exhaust brake setup that will now offer an activation switch on the dash — something that was missing on previous versions.

The extra power required the torque converter to be upgraded as well, helping to more solidly deliver the increased power to the wheels. Many other aspects of the engine have been upgraded, including the main bearings, crankshaft design, dampers and gaskets. Ford engineers have even added material to the cylinder heads and exhaust manifold to compensate for the increased power.

No details were offered as to how this new engine and technology will be phased in or if the existing and new engines will be offered at the same time. However, this will be the only engine available on the new 2015 F-450, which will include many changes as well. See our separate story for more details.

To read the complete 2015 Super Duty and Power Stroke press release, click here.



I really wish everybody would stop all the crap about the exhaust brake! This will be an expensive problem to fix when it starts sticking or when it doesnt engage. Brake pads are cheaper than trying to fix exhaust brake problems. Love the Ford 6.7L Powerstroke. The majority of the people who used the trucks to do what they were designed to do had o very few issues with the powertrain coming from a tech of takes care of a fleet of over a hundred 6.7L Powerstroke Diesels! F150s are still unstoppable work machines. Its truley amazing what those half ton trucks and do and go through. They are highly underated, 5.0L and 3.5L ecoboost!

So, its now 2014. Almost spring. Ford has now begun building the new 2015 SD 6.7 powerstroke D. I was so impressed with all the shittalking on it two years ago, I became one of the first people to have one built. 2015 Ford F350, 6.7 Power stroke diesel, crew cab in a dually configuration with 3.73 gearing. I couldn't rely on anything GM had because their cab was far too closterphobic and well, a bit dated all the way around. Dodge? I'd be out at least $12K or more by the time I built a truck that could pull my 2014 43.5 foot fifth wheel, toy hauler. My initial desire was dodge however, after serous and careful consideration, I choose Ford. Better engine, way more interior cab space where it counts and a long bed that the megacab, simply doesn't offer. Only drawback with I can see is Ford doesn't do fold flat rear seats with their SD trucks dammit.

The jealous fks sure run there mouth quik go pout in your underpowered dodge you panty ass btch

My name is Gregory Chiartano, and I am an attorney investigating the problems with the Ford fuel system. Please contact me to discuss; I may be able to help. Call 504.470.3232

My name is Gregory Chiartano, and I am an attorney investigating the problems with the Ford fuel system. Please contact me to discuss; I may be able to help. Call 504.470.3232

Let's all be real here I've owned all 3 . Cummins. Outdated technology, consistently year after year loses hp race , garbage transmission, worst interior, and cheapest suspension that falls apart far too early. Hell I couldnt even make 430 at the wheels with the 6 speed auto without a rebuild and new injectors n turbo. Meaning to make the same power with tunes in dmax n Ford for 1300$. I need 8000 bucks more to make the same with dodge. Cummins should be 10,000 less so you truly get what you pay for. Garbage. Garbage. Garbage. For a Cummins your paying for the least power. Check the #'s people, worst transmission, and cheapest body that also falls apart bar none the fastest. But hey the motors last. Chevy has top two truck along with Ford , great interior, and best diesel motor of the last 10 years and a capable transmission. Well done Chevy. The new 6.7 has the most technology, strongest tranmission by far , I had two 6.4's and 6.7 now with all of them over 500 at wheels with nothing but tunes and intake n exhaust with 0 problems. Ha dodge tranny would of fallen out of truck as well as THE ANCIENT MOTOR DOESNT HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY to just make 500 without lots of upgrades . As well as incredible interior , a lasting body, good looks and great gas mileage o ya and the highest hp #'s along with Chevy year after year. So theres reality people. Cummins does have one thing going. An outdated motor that lasts that is about to get thrown out due to emissions restrictions getting harder....they better get to the drawing board asap. When you buy something do your hw first. I read the facts, not just here say from grandpa Joe .

All the dodge and chevy/gm guys say is ford is the same body and frame redone over and over blah blah blah. Fact is ford doesn't over extend themselves and need a bailout. They build what is necessary to be the number one selling trucks year after year after year. Need I say more? This new engine is gonna be great and built in house unlike the others who probably never will do the same and yet other owners think they actually drive what the vehicle is badged. Lol toooo funny.

The Navistar 7.3 turbo diesel motor was the best part of the truck.
I will never own a Ford again. They don't rust out! They just simply won't run!

Bought brand new 2015 Platinum F350 Crewcab, now 22000 km, Death wobble, 4" lift with 33" tires installed by Ford dealer. Tried to fix with Dampers. Stabiliziers. new tires. One ford dealer says other ford dealer did not install lift properly. Now it's back in the shop. I do not want to drive this truck anymore. It's almost killed me 2 twice. What am I to do. The dealer is not stepping up.

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