General Motors Reveals New HD Trucks

GM HD Denali 6 II

Photography by Evan Sears

In the biggest news at the State Fair of Texas, General Motors brought out celebrity sports announcer Mike Tirico, the voice of ESPN’s "Monday Night Football," to introduce the refreshed 2015 Chevy Silverado Heavy Dutys and GMC Sierra HDs.

The new Silverado and Sierra HDs share many of the same foundational and powertrain choices, but the big differences are in interior and exterior design cues, many of which parallel the 2014 light-duty trucks. Changes include new front grilles, power-dome hoods, new cab construction and configurations, and a vastly improved interior. It’s worth noting that GMC showed us its new premium Sierra Denali package on both the 2500 single rear wheel Sierra HD and 3500 dual rear wheel model. Both seem packed with more features than ever before.

It’s worth noting, separately, that GM engineers did not update or upgrade the frames or powertrains this time around; both were updated in 2011. With that said, GM announced the pickups have a higher maximum payload number, a higher conventional tow rating and a higher fifth-wheel max rating. We’ll know more once we get to drive some early production models at the end of January.

GM HD Denali 8 II

GM HD Denali 5 II

GM HD Denali 4 II

GM HD Silverado 5 II

GM HD Silveado 6 II

GM HD Silverado 2 II

GM HD Silverado 4 II



Nice, very nice.

"It’s worth noting, separately, that GM engineers did not update or upgrade the frames or powertrains this time around".....Why isn't GM using the new Direct Injected 6.2 liter in the HD? When Ford's 6.2 is rated at 385hp/405tq, and the Ram 6.4 Hemi is 410hp/429tq the GM at 360hp/380tq is a bit behind the curve. I can't figure out why a company would come out with an all new design, and not update the engines, like they did with the 1500's.

Yawn, someone wake me up when GM actually brings something worth looking at besides fresh sheet metal out to market! Wow, brand new trucks and they have nothing new, no new upgraded engines, no new updated chassis, no new updated suspension, now new updated trannies..... but they've got 5 new USB ports in the cab!! Man, that's one helluva truck..... not!!

I'm with you aj, what is GM thinking about??

Ram is making GM look stupid with what they've done in the past 18 months!! Even Ford has something new to offer in '15! If I were a chevy fan I'd be a shamed of the new trucks!

I suppose it would be reasonable to increase payload and trailer weights by however much weight the new cabs save. Perhaps GM was concerned about using an aluminum block in the HD application. Yes, the power on the old 6L is lacking- more now than ever. Hopefully they can come up with a HD version of the new engines soon and won't make us wait 3 years until a midcycle refresh.

The new 6.2 is not meant for HD use. It's a subject that gets flogged all over the internet. It'll happen in a similar way the 6.4 Ram has. The light use version will be turned into a stout HD version with a different power curve. There's also a 7.0 that could potentially be tuned and turn the HD gas engine segment on its ear.

Google Ford "Battle of the Heavyweights". End of discussion.

[Beating the dead horse] Powertrain updates? I acknowledge that the current LML Duramax goes toe to toe with Ford and RAM; however, with injector and combustion technology advancements there is a lot left on the table. The 6.0L gas engine continues in its current form too? Even the base RAM 5.7L Hemi outperforms it. On the other hand, they addressed the primary shortcoming of the GMT900 platform: interior. I like the current momentum at GM but my expectations aren't met.

Nice truck. It has its plus and minuses like Ford and Ram, but it will be a huge player in the HD market obviously. The black trailer mirrors on the Denali should be chromed out for a $70,000 truck as the regular mirrors are. It looks nicer than the 800 models; in fact, these should have been the 800 models seven years ago.

Dang it, I meant the 900 where it says "800."

Why use Mike Tirico?


Yes they should have updated the Drivetrain but they havent.... Here is why

The 6.2L is NOT(I REPEAT NOT) ready yet because it is not compatable with being a BI Fuel Engine, where the 6.0 is already set up for that.

The "NEW" transmissions are NOT ready yet.

The Dmax Has up grades COMING

The BIG reason why they did this "REDO" Is because eveybody was COMPLAINING the it was SO "OUTDATED"

For better or worse GM is taking after FORD bringing out small pieces at a time instead of "ALL @ ONCE"

Being the "NEW" GM Medium DUTY trucks will be out by 2017 you can be rest assured that NEW UPDATES to powertrain and chassis ARE COMING

Damn ugly truck..... little wheels with big oversized wheelwells also why the grandma step... your allready on the ground.....
Ram and Ford are real mens trucks......

I think the trucks look very good.
But this urea tank on the passanger side is a joke.
This tank depands lower than the frame.
Please fix this issue.

I like how they were able to integrate the front fender design with the dually bed sides. Great job there. But the GMC dually should have the little plastic flares like the front fenders have and it doesn't. It ruins the look. I guess that's why they're only picturing them in black. Oh GM, anything to save a few dollars. One other thing: these are nice and all... but they absolutely don't raise the bar one bit. And still nothing for the F-450. Sad.

Forget the low slung frame; that low hanging air dam would get ripped off on my farm.

@John - I've noticed the trend that all of the nose clips on pickups are getting lower to the ground. I've had plastic cladding shatter like glass is -40C winter weather with plastic pushing through deep soft snow.
It is all in the name of gaining a 1/2 mile per gallon.

I agree with Bob. How GM could justify having the new Sierra HD dually models being mismatched like that is mind boggling. The rear wheel wheels should have the same type of trim molding around them that the front ones have on a $70k+ truck. It looks very mismatched otherwise. The Silverado HD looks better, but it could use some blackout trim tape on the doors where the B-pillars are located. The granny steps might be overkill for some people, but they do an exceptional job in hiding that ugly Urea tank attached to the frame on the passenger side.

@aj: the 6.2 is a play engine not made to handle HD loads. ie, the wrong engine for a heavy truck. It's just there for people like johnny doe to get excided over.

Lol, more payload, more towing, no changes since 2011=GM borrowing Fords fairy dust!

@Lou: Agree with you on the plastic air dam; however, isn't it pretty easy to remove? I was paging through a manual for the '03 Chevys (slow work day) and found a how-to on removing it--just take out some plastic clips.

@Snapdragon McFisticuff - I've seen guys do it, just don't drag the bottom of the bumper or catch it on anything. Things don't clip back on well when that happens. I'd rather have metal down there but the metal bumpers on these new trucks are flimsy too.

@Snapdragon McFisticuff- usually when you remove items like that, you're left with the remnants of the bumper attachment points hanging down in the breeze making it look stupid. More importantly, you leave yourself open to more drag at higher speeds, reducing MPG, since you're altering the aerodynamics of the truck. Now, if they made these bumper attached air dams a little smaller and then put an additional diffuser under the front cross member support (like Ford does with the F-150) it would be a much better solution.

GM isn't going to put a engine or trans until they are proven, like my trucks 500,000 plus miles with min. problems.

If I were a chevy fan I'd be a shamed of the new trucks!

@Whoever, Chevrolet fans are Not necessarily fans of GM. GM has destroyed Chevrolet for me.

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