Let's Get Back on Track

It's no secret there are quite a few PUTC fans frustrated with how some are choosing to comment on the stories we're posting to PickupTrucks.com. The majority of our readers are some of the most insightful and passionate pickup truck enthusiasts you'll find on the internet, and all the truck manufacturers know that. That's why they come here to check out what we're talking about.

Unfortunately, there are a few people abusing the privilege and responsibility that comes with wanting to make a contributing remark about a story or topic we've introduced. In fact, we've seen a lot more disrespectful responses in many conversations lately. We know there always will be disagreements and strongly held beliefs, but when the discussion turns personal or opinions get intentionally misrepresented, nobody wins, least of all other readers.

Additionally, we are aware of the abuses regarding name choices or posing as other longtime attendees and are discouraged ourselves by this. We don't understand what value this has or what objective it serves, but the most we can do is ban IP addresses or email accounts and then wait to see if they pop up again using a different computer or other route to the internet. Of course this silly game is a waste of our time and of yours, but our only alternative is to shut down the site's reader-response capability, which would severely limit the ultimate value PUTC is attempting to offer.

So where do we go from here when the actions of a few so negatively impact the choices of the well-behaved and interested pickup enthusiasts? We'll have to wait and see. For now, we are considering all options and hope you will continue to keep our discussions at the highest levels for the sake of others. And, as always, we thank you for continuing to make us one of your regular stops on the internet, but understand that could change when the abuses of a few put us all at risk.

We don't want to shut down the opportunity our readers have to respond to, add to or even offer questions about the stories, road tests, news items or commentaries we post, but we will if all posting readers don't include the respect for others as one of their main responsibilities. Thank you for your time.


The original Smtrthnu agrees with this post.

We have been waiting for this! Please it would be great if you could just keep an eye on the comments, delete the ones that are inappropriate with maybe a warning or two, and then just start banning IP addresses that continue to abuse. Start deleting comments while posting a warning and people will start to get a hint I think.

Thank you Mark.I come here several times a day and reading the new articles,and I try to get through the comment section but to no avail.It's loaded down with 'fan boy' children so I move on.I'm in my 60's and really have no patience for nonsense,so I leave the posting to the kids.I hope this works.Again,thank you.

Was Beginning to be a lot oh High School comments and my Dad can beat your Dad up Stuff along with the Whole "GOVERNMENT MOTORS" comments ... I enjoy your up to the minute coverage and head to head comparisons even if you don't like the brand that comes out on top ...We live in the U.S.A and not everyone likes the same things ...But hope you keep up the good Work Mark and everyone behind the scenes that bring us good information

I say take away the anonymity. Set it up so you have to use your Facebook or Google+ account to post a comment (because, seriously, who is on the internet nowadays that doesn't have one of those) and if someone gets abusive ban them completely so that it doesn't matter what IP address they post from, their account itself is banned.

I agree with Jonathan. Revamp the login so it is tied to FB, G+, etc... That alone would help cut down quite a bit on the childish name hijackers and those who attempt to clone other identity here just for the purpose of trolling.

I enjoy this site for the info but it gets old quick that there are those who, when disagreeing with folks, immediately spam the thread with insults, racist comments, ad hominems, etc....

Hopefully the vocal minority here who cause these issues will get the message and sow some maturity from now on.

Well said, as some of the other posters have said, keep up the good work.


Hopefully it will cut down on those that post stuff under a different name to agree on what they say.

Active moderation with abusive posts physically removed or edited to remove offensive material should be the first step. Once people realize their posts will be removed or 'cleaned up' in short order, they may settle down.

While I agree that banning iPs and email addresses are another means, that should be the second stage, followed by, if necessary, banning a block of IPs should the culprit be one of those that use IP-hopping to get around blocks. As a final resort, each commenter must register for the site and suffer active moderation for a period of time to get a 'feel' for that commenter's activities. By using a locked down username/password, fake users are impossible to create without extra effort which should slow down such abusive individuals.

This is an open forum is it not? If it is then suck it up and ignore the DAs. To be honest I like reading some of the stupid commits and arguments. But who cares about the first amendment right!!!! I remember when I was young growing up my mom told me sticks and stones may breake my bones but words will never hurt me. I guess she was wrong seems like words hurt you baby's more than sticks and stones. Why don't all you babies move to China. Then you can cry about how you can't say nothing negative without going to jail or worse. AND YES I HAVE A RIGHT TO SAY THIS I HAVE SPENT 14 years of my life defending this once proud country and am still doing so.

I am a weekly viewer of this site, however, I no longer comment on the posted article. I used to read through the comments and began to loose interest in all of the" my truck is better than yours" remarks. I am a loyal Dodge - Ram fan and own multiple Dodge trucks. I do not argue the competition in a way that is aggressive, and would like to see the same from others. I would like to again, comment and express my opinion on the topics posted, but will not do so until the spam stops

@Jeremy, the First Amendment has nothing to do with comments on a website... it just means you can't be arrested for what you say. The First Amendment does not protect you from consequences, though - just as someone can kick you out of their home if you behave poorly, a website can indeed dismiss you for the same reason. This website is private property and PUTC has the right to create and enforce rules as they deem necessary and appropriate.

Mark, hopefully the more active moderation will help, but it has to be steady and visible. People need to be aware that a moderator is present and doing the job, or the problem members will follow the old George Carlin driving mantra, "cop didn't see it, I didn't do it."

Why don't we allow free speech and if you don't like what is being said then don't read it or better still go to another site.

Grow up folks we don't need censorship by Mark or anyone else!

Lots of people here can dish it out, but cry like babies when they get it back.

I see it's starting again.

@lohchief - sorry to disappoint you...maybe I can email you my posts for approval before I make them....lol

@ roadtrip point taken well said sir well said.

I can live with the Fanboi comments but the name changing is getting old. I'm all for freedom of speech as must as the next redneck but there is no need to keep changing your name or posting under someone else's name if they are well known on the forum. I mean how many Bob's, Lou's, and Hemi guys do we need? Grow the hell up and post under your own name.

If Mark reads this is there anyway we can get the name thing cleared up? That would be the first thing I would look into. That could help curb some of the BS before it ever starts.

You can't invite everyone in the world in you house and expect everyone to get along. This is what comes with putting yourself out there.

@ Jonathan > I'm not on facebook or any of those other social media outlets. Don't assume everybody is on every bandwagon.

Stop blaming it on the readers or a few bad apples, and start blaming the site.

This is what happens when you have an open forum.

Most of it is NOT coming from bad apples but from ones that were once NORMAL posters, but turned to the bad side once they were made fun of for some or their ideas (which causes them to resort to trolling instead). Then it just becomes a free for all and everyone starts trolling in one way or another. And I mean everyone.

I don't blame any of the readers. I blame the site. Name one mainstream auto site that allows OPEN comments by anyone? There are none. The comments section is easily fixable with a log in based system and once again I don't blame any of the once normal posters who turned to trolling. I blame that site that created them.

Agree RE: a facebook login.

Great news Mark. As I mentioned to you when we met at the NTEA, I often wonder how you find the enthusiasm to write your news stories with the large amount of immature and off-topic remarks made in the comments section. Keep up the great journalism! I am not so sure linking PUTC Comments login to G+ or FB is the answer though as some people do need some privacy to our true identity. I like the idea of banning IP addresses the most since hiring a hitman is illegal

People can hide behind fake names or their right to freedom of speech but rights come with responsibility. That means if you want to speak your mind, you must do so respecting other people's rights. As previously pointed out, PUTC is privately owned and they chose to allow open access to the news area. They can revoke access any time they want.
I welcome any intervention short of shutting down the news area to bloggers. Anyone can set up access through other sites like Facebook, Google, or Type Pad. All are free and one must have a valid email address to receive confirmation. I bet that the majority of fake posts and trolling are done under false email addresses.
@Really - new name, who are you...... really?
@GMCGURU - another new name.

Lou - it would be nice to have my name back.

Disqus is another option. I'm looking forward to the change. BTW, the new Yukon XL looks fantastic. I thought the 6.2 would be an option across the entire lineup. Oh well. GM needs a freaking diesel in it!

Yes, I get on here as well as others and talk about what I think and ask what others think...then you just get the most disrespectful comment back. I understand every1 has their opinion but don't mean you have too bash others. Good dar guys and mark still waiting on that Ram 3500 vs F450. Lol

Mark Williams.

Just give us our own login to this site. The fixes all. I don't deal with facebook or tweeter.

@Mark Williams,
what happened to RAM3500 you were waiting for for shootout? Did I miss this article with detailed
pictures like you did for Ford?
Don't you think, that this is part of the problem of your web site?

Bout time.

What is that old saying " Conspicuous by their absence"...........

To Mark Williams, PUTC staff and Cars.com staff - thank you for listening to those of use who care about this site and enjoy its existence.

I personally don't mind to much about the so called arguments, whatever, people think differently. I hate unrelated silly posts though it's a annoying to read:




Best this!

Best that!

on every single article no matter what it's about. I would apprieciate on topic comments the most. Some discussions in the comments have value and good information. I used to read them often but not so much lately because it's frustrating to skim through the garbage. Unrelated posts, people arguing about usernames etc. (not to take away from peoples concern over that, i just skip through all that because there's no point for me to read it or care). Im not sure if trying to fix any of this actually will but I thought the way the comment section is layed out is pretty cool. No signing in, whatever name you want. It's a shame this many people complain because it may lead to changes, maybe for the better probably for the worse but changes either way.

I think the only way to moderate this site is with a heavy hand initially.

The site needs to be manned and as soon as a worthless blog is posted, delete it.

Like children we will need to be trained.

I have noticed not one person is pointing a finger to names which is good. But, I also noticed the trolls have yet to post in this article.

I also think if Mark kept on adding more articles quicker there will be less trolling. Even if the aritcle is on fuel quality or engine oils, anything technical that can be tied to a truck. Even more overseas news.

But, like all of the other sites this site needs to be policed. Mark should also force the manufacturer's professional bloggers announce that their job is to blog and sell pickups.

Even any interested party like unions that want to convey viewpoints must admit to their presence.

since Mike Levine left the site hasn't been much good anyway. The forums are full of spam- which they weren't before. They were also a lot more spy photos and stories

bring back mike

@Mark Williams: As pointed out in some of the comments, the only real solution is to review the comment and if deemed offensive, abusive, blatant lie, etc., delete it!

Why? Because your reputation depends on it; YOU are the only visible person on this site.

Yes, we have freedom of speech but not when someone can make an anonymous comment at the expense of someone else's reputation.

Some people will do what they can get away with; couple that with anonymity and you get this article.

If am only 41, and avoid facebook, twitter, etc... For various moral principals I won't get into.

I have been online on mailing lists and forums since the '90s.

Set it up do it is open to all - but require a secure login with unique login (username and password tied to an account with legit e-mail confirmation) for posting. Someone can say their "Lou", but won't guess "the" Lou's password.

After a 3 strikes (warning/deletion) of inappropriate post, suspend or delete the account.

Honestly, I usually have trouble getting 1 of 2 funky words right - maybe because my mobile lacks resolution.

@Mark Williams
This comment;
"We don't want to shut down the opportunity our readers have to respond to, add to or even offer questions about the stories, road tests, news items or commentaries we post, but we will if all posting readers don't include the respect for others as one of their main responsibilities."


This will not work. The person/s right now are not respecting this site, us or even yourself. Will they change? No.

This site allows for this behaviour by it's laizze faire approach to moderating. As you told me high school kids and college kids blog on this site. Do you think they care?

The using of false and multiple names, using other names, including mine on many occasions has become rampant since the end of February this year.

Multi posting of crap is rampant by a person/s as well as multi posting of other peoples blogs.

A self governing site will not work. Like any forum or even society a set of guidelines/regulations must be set, audited and policed.

Also, like society we need better and improved security as technologies advance, like Credit Cards of old, would you use one now? If your bank made you use an old style Credit Card what would you do?

Look at Lou when he thought he had secured his name. I think you guys running this site know what needs to be done, then do it, invest and make the site better. The rest of the world is improving electronic security, maybe PUTC should enter into the 21st Century.

If the problem is the site owners don't want to invest into realistic systems to protect the individual bloggers the site will gradually worsen. You can't blame the many because of the few.

Maybe the site owners need to look at themselves and not just their wallets.

Simple neglect is the root cause. It isn't rocket surgery.

The once great PUTC Forums were abandoned to the trolls and spammers first, due to simple neglect. In that case, it was a choice by management.

Nothing short of fundamental change will solve the troll problem. And that starts will ending the neglect. This was once the best site on the net for Pickup enthusiasts. It can be again, but its going to take real dedication from the management team. So the question is, Is Management up to that task? Yes or No?

totally agree! Perhaps a user id and password should be required.

In addition approval to join.

You don't have to totally shut down comments.

Just make people log in to post!

Or make people use FaceBook to post.

If you do either of the following, you'll eliminate the poser posts and you can more easily ban users like me who continually rail on nissan for not listening to its core buyers.

This is really one of the few websites left where you can comment anonymously. That's nice but with all the misbehavior taking place, it's obvious we can't be trusted with anonymous comments.

I read the articles (wish they were more of them) but have stopped reading the comments. I have been on this site for over two years and only commented a few times because of all the negative comments.

The best way is to stop the open forum and create a unique login (FB, Google +, or membership) and then police it. It might be possible to open the forums again later after it settles down.

I would like to stop all of the fan boy stuff too. I've owned Fords, a Dodge, a Chevy, Toyota and some Jeeps, and they all were good, some were better, some were worse.

Just wish the commenters would grow up.

A quick look into the Forum's will show you the fate of the Featured Articles comment section. NO moderation, NO control, NO future... Cars.com doesn't care.

Oh...another wait and see approach. I see. I've been waiting and I see now...or, no... I see now because I've been waiting. I see! Nope, I thought I saw something. False alarm!

Nothing will be done. Just like last time.

And it would be nice for Lou to have his old name back. Agree.

Some trailer park trash brand haters on this forum ruin all discussions. If you are incapable of an educated, intellectual level discussion regarding trucks. Flip on one of your 19 satellite dishes and watch Duck Dynasty and leave PUTC to the more civilized individuals.

You can shut down the entire internet and GM trucks will still be poorly engineered, unreliable, and low quality garbage. At the end of the day what have you accomplished?

Wait, that's not the issue.... The issue is the name calling and personal attacks and general immaturity shown in the comments section. It makes pickup truck owners look like rednecks, and it undermines the credibility of this website. So I think it's best if everybody stop that activity.

I have no problem with logging in to make a comment. Mark I would like an old truck segment and/or a junkyard segment on old trucks similar to Truth About Cars. Just a suggestion because I really enjoy those articles and other readers would as well.

For all you guys who want to seriously talk trucks

come over to


This is where the core PUTC members went.


if you troll your gone, we have a bunch of very active mods (I am one). There is no 3 warning system, this site is for adults and you will get NUKED if your a tool.

"Today the United States faces the significant challenge of restoring the traditions of free speech and diversity of information. Free speech involves the use of the Internet to express the mass quantities of ideas across the nation and across the globe. To many people, new information and communications technologies are the link between the problems of yesterday and the possibilities of tomorrow. The gulf between the computer fluent and nonfluent will become more serious as more and more information is available only through computerized databases and information services."

@Breathing Borla - Glad to see you go, but if that site is so good why are you still here? I love people who feel it is important to talk down PUTC and say that the other sites are better. Nevertheless they continue to follow and post here.


Thanks Mark! I hope this will calm the childishness down!

Why don't we get back on track and start reporting on the newly released details/photos of the Tahoe/Yukons coming out in the Spring?!! GM owns 75% of the full-size SUV market, and with good reason, so how about reporting on that? Most of us on here drive trucks, but a lot of our spouses drive Tahoes, Suburbans, Yukons, etc and I'm interested in reading your take on those vehicles as well. Good job all the way around, but how about reporting more than just "trucks?" Full-size SUV's are in the same ballpark. :)

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