New Super Duty Testing Video Looks Familiar

F-450 PS 2 II

During the introduction of the new-for-2015 Ford Power Stroke, set to debut in the next-gen Super Dutys, the people at Ford showed all the attendees at the State Fair of Texas a testing video, documenting the results of their head-to-head one-ton tow test with both the competitors in attendance. For fans of our Heavy Duty Hurt Locker from a few years ago, many of the backdrops will look familiar.

The video reports many of the extreme engineering test results performed when pushing the one-ton haulers to their limits at the Davis Dam grade on the Arizona/Nevada border and the Loveland Pass in Colorado, right next to the Eisenhower hill climb, just like we did when conducting our Rumble in the Rockies. As you might expect, the video doesn't provide too much detail about exactly how each truck was set up or why Ford limited the weight of each trailer to 20,000 pounds. Still, that's a good amount of weight.

We still don't know exactly what the horsepower and torque numbers are for the new Power Stroke, or how the maximum towing and hauling capacities will be affected (remember, the 2015 Ford F-450 has gone back to a chassis cab platform), but we're told it will be the most powerful Super Duty Ford has ever offered. Which we take to mean Ford will be looking to take back the towing crown from the Cummins Ram. 




So, why doesn't Ford test it's F-350 against RAM 3500 and Silverado/Sierra 3500 trucks? If they're going to do this testing; let's make sure the competition gets to bring the RAM 4500 and Chevrolet/GMC ???? to the party. Just asking?

I like the satin nickle look they are going with on the higher end grills, looks a lot better then the chrome.

@Trucks Rule Because Fords f350 don't offer a 4.30 rear axle and Ford would of got it's ass spanked like always.

So Ford went to the future to get a 2015 model to compete with GM/Ram 2013 models???

First, I assume that Ram in the test is the Cummins HO with 850 ft-lbs.
For the Ford to beat the Duramax and Cummins that badly, I'm guessing 475 hp and 900 ft-lbs of torque.
I can't wait to see who is the 1st to reach 500 hp/1000 ft-lbs.
My guess is it will be Ford.

I still love my 310hp/520 ft-lbs Duramax/Allison combo.

Am I watching the same video as you guys, it clearly says F350*

*preproduction model

Yup the Blue Oval's magic dust is some awesome stuff!!!! Ford will always be the King of Trucks! Just get used to it & embrace it & love it! You will be a much happier camper in the end!

I agree with Ron the satin look of the grill looks distiguished and bold not "blingy." Hope this rubs off on the F150's

good test; axle ratios favored the ford especially over the chevy. alot of us really would like some fuel economy numbers both empty and loaded. much appreciated!

So it takes a ford 1.5ton to be competitive with a 1ton competitor?

I bet this thing will end up with 450 hp and 950 torque. Then when GM or Cummins ups their power, Ford will release a "flash update" like they did when the 6.7 Powerstroke first came out to make it 400hp. The new turbo and updated transmission should give Ford a lot of room to reflash with a more powerful tune.

Wow! Who would have thought that a Ford video would have the Ford winning? Not I! If Chevy would make a video, who would win? Chevy of course! Why do so many get excited over this hype?

So, the 2015 F-Series Super Duty in that video is a F-350 with a 4.30 rear axle. :-)

I wonder what the results would have been if the Ram & Chevy had the same gear ratio as the Ford?

Not really surprised... HD Hurt Locker Super Duty had a 3.73:1 rear dif and got spanked by the Silverado in almost every test(I remember it being over a minute difference to the top of Eisenhower). So they bump the power and pop in a way lower rear dif ratio on a truck that already has a transmission with deeper gears than the Chevy even when they both had the same dif ratio for Hurt Locker. The comparo between the Dodge with 4:10's is a little bit more accurate although the HO Cummins didnt do very well at hurt locker either against the older SD.

Its a PR film though, and pretty cool to watch. These are the trucks I will most likely be looking at buying in the next few years when my current ride pukes (160k miles strong and still kicking) so its fun to see how competition is heating up.

yes lets all have the same rear axle ratio

@John - Great catch! I too noted the "pre-production model" disclaimer, and I too am more than a little skeptical. After all, the pre-production vehicles are assembled by hand. Ever part is carefully inspected. Every component is the finest example the assembly company could get their hands on.

The fact is, pre-production vehicles (as well as press vehicles) are *unnaturally better* than standard production models. Ford doesn't deserve any recognition for anything their hand-built truck does (or doesn't) do. That's why Consumer Reports buys every vehicle they test off a dealer's lot.

Toyota - whom I dislike immensely - at least had the decency to pull the space-shuttle-pulling Tundra off a local dealer's lot. That makes their video a lot more plausible than Ford's...

Interesting that the power stroke isn't as dominating at higher altitudes. Comparing the distance to margin of victory seems to point that the cummins and duramax are better tuned between sea level and high altitudes. I read they modified the turbo to better work with the exhaust brake; lets see that comparison. Still a vast improvement and I guess we will see how things unfold between now and actual release.

Welcome back mike. How is ford treating you?

There's too many variables in this video - the Chevy has a way taller differential ratio than the Ford ! What output was either the Ram or the Chevy ? The true test will be PUT.C's "HD Hurt Locker". I look forward too it !

@Alan: It's good! Great team to work with. Honored to have the opportunity.

For the Dodge to beat Ford off the line as bad as it did at Eisenhower. especially with the 4.30 gears that the Ford had the following must apply.

1. The power boost to the Ford must not be as great as some might think from the advertisements.

2. The switch to the single large turbo, has destroyed the low end torque off the line. Lots of turbo lag.

3. Third point. That 4.30 gear is going to kill fuel mileage. What's the point in having all those gears if you still have to have a 4.30 rear end. For super low end grunt go with a low range in 4x4 out of the boat ramp.

With that low of a rear end I can imagine a transmission that is hunting for gears all the time.

And for the price of any of those trucks I could build two Ford/Cummins 4x4 with completely rebuilt driveline using over the top aftermarket top of the line materials.

Mike Levine, Please post here more often.

This my friends is called smoke and mirrors. Clearly, Ford is using a F450. Look at the fender flares on the front of the truck that extend over the front bumpers! This is only a characteristic of the F450 & F550 trucks. They are needed for the increased track width of the heavier duty front axle needed to meet FGAWR targets, just like RAM's 4500 and 5500. Note, that RAM's 4500 is actually a 4x2 5500 with lower GAWRs and GVWRs. So, you say that Ford claims this truck is their F350? Maybe it is ONLY badged as one. Maybe their "max tow package" on the F350 is actually a reduced GAWR & GVWR F450 like RAM's 4500? Since this is a PR video, naturally Ford would bring their best stuff, and not an apples-to-apples comparison. I am certain it would be a near tie with the RAM and Ford both running the same gear ratios.

@Mike Levine- Come on man, can't you at least get Ford to stop treating us like we're naïve fools? That test is the exact same kind of test you "encouraged" Mark Williams to do with the recent 1/2 ton shootout where Ford was using its Ecoboost with Max Tow package against Chevy's regular half ton package! Why not wait until you can get GM's best offering, the 6.2 liter with Max Tow Package so that it's an even match? We all know the answer, because the Ford would have been whooped! This video is the same kind of "smoke and mirrors" stunt you pulled with the half tons. Please Mike, help give this website a little more credibility and respect with unbiased, true "apples to apples" comparison testing. The fact that you're working for Ford and these kind of tests that favor Fords are happening, is a joke at best. We've all known the connection to Ford and this website was strong, but the bull$hit being posted around here is getting pretty thick lately. You guys are starting to give journalism a bad name, all on Fords dime. I guess "professional journalism" really is an least around here. Good luck guys.

Interesting. The badge says F350 and the video says pre-production but the wheels are definately F450.

To the whiners saying that Ford needs to use a 1.5 ton to beat a 1 ton - hasn't anyone realized that the 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, 1 ton designations do not mean sh!t anymore.
Ford has set up the F350 to be the heavy hauler and the F450 to be the heavy tow rig........ at least that was how it was set up last year.
Remember - Ford lost to the Duramax with the F450 so that isn't a vialbe excuse.

The one thing that Ford does not say is what engine is under the hood of the Ram. It most likely is the HO 6.7.

The ones that are saying it is all rear end ratio's need to study up on transmission ratio's. In the "old" days of 4 speed manuals, and 3 speed auto's - rear end ratio's played a huge role. In some cases, a taller ratio may be more beneficial since the truck would be less likely to run out of wind at higher speeds.

If the Ram is beating the Ford off the line, that most likely demonstrates a potential weakspot with Ford's "bigger" turbo. It might not deliever as much boost down low as the other variable vane turbo's.

We must remember that this is PR at its finest. Here is an interesting question.....

Why didn't Ford run the test for the entire run (7.6 miles) and not just 4 miles at Eisenhower?

@Chris - Chevy has always cherry picked shootouts with the 6.2. Ford sells 40% of their trucks with the EB3.5. How many 6.2's are sold?
With that being said:
I do think that there should be a shootout with every available engine that is made by a company. Test them all at once. Sure it would make for a huge test but that is the only way to know for sure which engine is best.

That would show that for 99% of buyers the top dogs ie. Ford 6.2 and Chevy 6.2 are "ego boost" engines and nothing else.

If I needed a 6.2 Ford or 6.2 Chevy to tow, I wouldn't be driving a 1/2 ton.

Dear Ford, please come back with the same configured truck but use the same 3.73 gears as the Silverado. Something tells me that you won't. You may fool some with your trickery but not this avid truck guru!

@Lou_BC: That's a 2015 F-350. See the wheels and count the lugs - 8. The 2015 F-450 has 10-lug wheels. The Ram was the HO Cummins.

@MikeLevine - thanks for the information.

Nice to hear from you again.

The truck is a F350 with the same 17" wheels as the 2013 F350
Since 2008 Ford has had the option of a wider track front axle on duallies hence the fender flares, it decreases the turning by alot. The 2015 F450 will have the 19.5" wheels just like the 2008-2010 F450 pickup did.

@Lou- This site isn't supposed to be run by manufacturers, they advertise themselves (somewhat) as "unbiased" but we all know different. That 1/2 ton shootout was scored mostly on performance of the engines. The Ford won ONLY because it had more power and torque than the Chevy and Ram. The article had a disclaimer that Chevy's optional Max Tow Package wasn't available at the time of the test. Well guess what???!!! Then don't do the test until it is!!! Ford got to put their best foot forward, regardless of how many they sell, so why not allow Chevy to do the same? What is the point of a 1/2 ton shootout with towing the primary factor if one of the trucks is handicapped? Pit your best trucks and options available against each other and see what happens. That's what I, as a reader want to see, not one manufacturers top options against another's base engine. We get it, Ford's Ecoboost has more power than Chevy's 5.3 and Rams 5.7. Those engines are more in line with Ford's 5.0 so let's compare those.

I don't care if one truck is 10 or 30 seconds faster than another! That is not the reason I buy a truck !

So ford brings their job 10 Powerjoke, with tuner hidden in the dash, bump power by 150HP and have way lower gears than the others and they win, what a shock.

Now lets see that Super Dud on the chassis twist test and watch the tailgate explode.

Didn't ford do a similar video when the 6.7 was released showing the PS beating the competition, and then when PUTC did the hurtlocker the GM destroyed it.

But IMO the better truck does a better job controlling and stopping the load. IMO the Ram and GM both do a better job at that.

Acceleration has very little to do with towing, otherwise semis and trains would do 0-60 in 8 seconds.

@DaffyDuck- Well, Ford was embarrassed by GM in the last Locker HD Truck Shootout, so they set out to be sure that didn't happen again. Their little fairy dust trick of doing a "software update" to increase HP and Torque ended up being a backfire of epic proportions. GM with "less power" still beat them handily in most of the tests and came out on top. I think GM decided that for their 2015's, they had all the power they needed and were more focused on improving the safety and reliability of their trucks. All Ford seems to care about is drag racing their trucks and bragging about it. Total Fail on Fords part, once again. Can't wait to see the 2015 Chevrolet HD, it looks great!

The power wars oscilate each year. This is Ford's turn. Stop being a bunch of sourpusses about it. Chevy will have the most power next year, and then it will be back to Ford. That's just the nature of the game. Crying about it won't make it not so.

@Mike Levine, we miss ya bud, keep coming back!

Wow this is getting crazy. That chevy got smoked by the Ram too. And it was not long ago that the Duramax Allison combo was king. It's not as if the GMs don't have enough power. Who needs 1000 tq? I would prefer 600 and save some fuel. I think it's time there was a smaller displacement diesel option in an HD truck. After all it's not every day I pull one of our tractors over Davis Dam or Vail pass.

Not impressed. 4:30 gear in the Ford vs 4:10 3:73. Funny. Ford must think we all drink their kool aid lol. No tranny or engine figures on the Ram. Mean while Ram is the king of towing period. How long has the Cummins been the same config in the Ram? It's proven reliable. Some Dodge trucks with a million miles. Ford's diesel history is not the best to say the least.

I would assume had the test been run the whole way up the hill instead of halfway the Ram would have won with it's dual radiators. Willing to bet the Ford would start derating due to heat. Ford must be pretty nervous to already be showing 2015 propaganda when the 14s are just hitting the lot the last couple months. Just for clarification, was this the 385/850 Cummins or 370/800?

Well let's think about this guys I need you all to read this if you can.

Anyone remember when the new Powerstroke came out and Ford put videos on their website? Then chevy did the same thing?

On chevy's website the Chevy won. On Fords website the Ford won....then diet he test in the Hurtlocker and the Chevy won. Everyone see the picture?

I'll wait till I see pickuptrucks truck comparison before I just decide what truck is better


@Dodgeguy, the Ford videos compared the 2011 Super Duty to the LML Duramax (2010), the LML wasn't out yet. Then GM brought out the LML and did the videos and the Chevy won. It's the same story here. You can wait until GM does its next power upgrade and Chevy will win. Then you can wait until Ford does its next power upgrade and Ford will win. Yes I see the picture (from an unbiased perspective). Closed-minded people filter out the negatives of one manufacturer, while filtering out the negatives of the others. Just like you filtered out the fact that Ford's test was before the 2011 Duramax came out. But keep thinking one truck is perfect and the others are terrible if it makes you happy.

I have to agree with you.

How many comparisons do you see concerning the cost of running a truck for business purposes.

What is the cheapest and most reliable truck?

For 1/2 ton pickups yeah the little boys can bang d!cks over 1/4 mile times, but work trucks really should also be about running costs.

The quickest might be nice, but I suppose every business needs a HD to do a 0-60 time in under 9 seconds :-)

Why did Ford only do 4 miles at Eisenhower when it did 7.6 miles at Davis Dam?

That just seems fishy to me I am not saying this to bash any of the trucks because I would buy a Ram or a Ford. If your going to do tests like this do each test at the distance in miles.

Everyone complaining about the gearsets forgets to take into consideration tire size:

Ford: 34.1"
Ram: 33.2"
Gm: 32.5"

A larger tire size needs a lower gear ratio to maintain the same overall ratio.

Even if Ford ran their non-max tow 3.73 truck and Ram ran their non-max tow 3.73 truck, to even out the gearsets with GM's max tow 3.73's, it still wouldn't be fair. You would have to run all the same tires too.

Even then, you STILL wouldn't have a true apples to apples test, as each truck was optimized to run with their original tires.

As it sits right now, the fairest test is simply Max Tow vs. Max Tow vs. Max tow, because then you're looking at the best performing truck each manufacture has to offer in that particular weight class. So in a fair test, you do end up comparing a 4.30 geared Ford against a 4.10 geared Ram against a 3.73 geared Chevy/GMC.

Nice bit of Ford advertising.........

Can only be taken seriously when all trucks are the same model year.

@Paul810 - well said. One must also consider the characteristics of each engine. One needs to look at dyno runs to see where they actually produce the best power.
Posted HP and torque specs do not paint a clear picture.
6.6 LML
- 397 hp @ 3,000 rpm
- 765 lb/ft @ 1,600 rpm
redline @ 3,450 (grade braking = 4,800 rpm)

6.7 PowerStroke
- 400 hp @ 2,800 rpm
- 800 lb/ft @ 1,600 rpm
redline @ 4,000 rpm

6.7 Cummins HO
- 385 hp @ 2,800
- 850 lb/ft @ 1,700 rpm
redline @ 3,500 rpm

The Ford and GM engines both have torque peaks at 1,600 with the Cummins slightly higher at 1,700 rpm.
The Cummins and Ford share the same HP peaks at 1,600 rpm. The LML has a HP peak at 3,000 rpm.

I was surprised to see that the LML had a lower redline than the Cummins.

On paper, these engines are close but we've already seen that what is on paper does not translate to real work performance.

@HEMI V8 - How can you use a "paper tiger" argument that the Ram Cummins is the tow king?
We've seen it all before, the best on paper is not always the best on bitumen.

If Cummins Ram wins the HD tow shootout, then you can make that proclamation.

Ford still stacking the deck with a 4:10 to Chevrolet's 3:73, to Ford that is a fair comparison.Kinda like the best in class fuel mileage with the CMAX

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