Pets Should Always Ride Inside a Pickup

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By Brian Wong

Ford and the American Humane Association have teamed up to raise awareness about safe pet transportation, specifically in regard to how they ride in pickup trucks. "Dogs Ride Inside" reminds owners that by following some basic safety rules and using common sense, many serious injuries and pet deaths can be prevented.

An estimated 100,000 dogs die each year riding in truck beds and many more are injured, according to the American Humane Association, which offers several quick recommendations for keeping pets safe as they ride along:

  • All animals should ride inside the cab and never in the bed, where they can hop out. Even with a bed cap and specialty harnesses, you don't have immediate access or complete visibility.
  • Whenever possible, it's always better to have your dog ride in the backseat, ideally in a pet carrier and/or strapped in with a pet seatbelt. Pets in the front seats can be a distraction to the driver.
  • Although dogs love sticking their heads out of windows, they can be injured by flying debris. Eyes and other mucus membranes can become seriously irritated, causing problems as well.
  • Finally, never leave a pet unattended inside a vehicle, especially on sunny days. A cracked window isn't enough to keep them cool, and quickly climbing temperatures can be deadly.

Check you local laws to make sure you are acting responsibly within the law and protecting your pets. Click here for the full press release. 



About 11 years ago, I was on a highway in NJ. In front of me there were two dogs in the bed of an F-150. Suddenly the driver had to swerve hard to avoid another car, and one of the dogs fell out, only to be ran over by another car. It was terrible. I am not going to lie, but I cried when I saw that, being a dog lover myself. From that point on I vowed to never let my dogs ride in the bed. People cannot do it, so why let Fido? I own two wonderful dogs, a female Alaskan Husky, and a Pit Bull, and they are like my kids. I want to make sure they are always safe in my truck. I put down a blanket over the rear seat when they are in the truck, and I have harnesses for them that keep them in place in the event of a sudden movement or accident.

Another reason people buy a $57000 truck..Used vehicles smell bad especially if a pet was in it,plus the seats,console,door panels,dash are all ruined if a dog/cat were in it.

I am a car/truck guy and not a pet person...So my vehicles dont smell of fecal matter nor dog/cat hair...You cant get that bad smell out..I looked at used trucks and even after shampoo,detail they smell and you can tell a pet was in it by wear on seats,panels ect.

Put a pet in a cage tied int he box if need be,otherwise leave them at home in the backyard pen !

furthermore,dont complain a truck costs $57000 yet you have pets,ditch your pets and the free cash you save will ensure you have cash to buy your next ride in cash ! Dont complain..its to much but my dog costs me $10000 per year LOL !!

I tether my dogs in the box for short trips to the river or closest trails. The tether lets them move around a bit in the box but not jump out or fall out. I used to have a transport "crate" for my Golden Retiever but my wife gave it to a friend not realizing how expensive the thing was.
I used to have 2 labs but I had to put down my old one due to cancer. (@MatthewJohn - I'd be the same way and I've seen some nasty sh-t in my life) They both would lay still on the floor of the crew cab on longer trips. I hate my wifes 8 pound rat of a dog. it bounces all over and whines and snivels. I kinda hope the thing will fal out the window ;)

@JJ - each to their own but there are a lot of hunters out their with some very expensive gun dogs.

One thing I noticed, shouldn't the dog be in the back of the truck not the front?
You aren't supposed to put kids in the front that are uinder 85-90 lb. Same should apply to dogs.

My insurance company won't cover injuries to dogs if they are not secured in a transport crate of seatbeled in with a harness.

I can't resist so with that said I would think most of you guys are dog on roof type of guys. LOL

Why not invest in a proper animal carriers for the back of your truck? Most pet shops have them.

Like kids, they require capsules and seats.

I never let my Border Collie working dogs in my truck, trucks are for people, the bed is for pets and debris and whatnot. THese are not cheap dogs so I do use one of those checkerplate steel boxes that is like a truck toolbox in the bed of the truck. Like Big Al says, invest in a proper method of transport like the dog box and then the situation that JJ talks about won't happen and the dog will be safe. I hate vehicles that pets are allowed in, it grosses me out al the hair and crap, and I am a farmer! What belongs on the farm stays on the farm in my opinion.

Better to be outside dog guy than a dog eater.

I ride my dog in the back of my extended cab except for the short trip to the neighborhood park, I will let him ride in teh bed since its lower speeds. I did have my dog in the back seat and I had the back sliding window open. The 80 lb black lab decided to jump throught the window into the bed, that scared me as I was on the interstante at the time. I never thought he would even fit through the opening.

@Rick: On most animals, the head is just as wide as the rest of the body. If they can get their head through, their body can squeeze through no problem.

@David - depends. Even some of the labs I've seen (traditional British strains) have some big heads and the chest is still bigger than the head. They have the opposite problem in many cases, thick muscular necks similar in size to the head and some can be real Houdini's when it comes to slipping off collars.
I has a canopy with a stiff sliding camper window, I left it just big enough so my black lab could stick her head through when I went to visit a friend. She broke the glass getting her shoulders through and jumped out the driver's window to come see me. Even the golden retrievers I had (also British variation - big heads and broad chests) could not fit their heads and then their bodies through a hole. My one golden could easily climb and 8 foot high fence if he caught a whiff of a bitch in heat.
On the other hand, my wife's rat of a dog can fit his body through any hole his body can. I keep thinking, where is an eagle or fox when you need one? LOL.

I don't agree. If they're going in a carrier anyway, what's wrong with the bed? And if they're not, I'd rather the dog jump out than distract the driver so he hits somebody else.

Finally a topic near and dear to my heart on PUTC. When I knew I’d be traveling from Vancouver to Washington, D.C., for six weeks I longed to take my hamster, Maggie along —who, despite his name, is a boy. But travel can be very stressful for hamsters. How would he cope? To test the waters we took a weekend “test trip” and Maggie was completely unfazed by riding in a car or being in a new environment. We were good to go!

BC Air is the only commercial airline to welcome hamsters to fly in-cabin, so I booked a flight when Maggie would be asleep (which was easy, since hamsters are nocturnal) and chose a seat in front of the wings, so it was quieter. BC Air’s Traveling with Pets gives you all the details except one: You’ll have to take your hammie out of his cage and carry him through the scanner at security.
To carry Maggie on the plane and in the car I bought a small carrier – approximately 12″ x 8″ x 7″ high at its peak. Hamsters love to dig, so to make him comfortable and give him something to do, I scattered a generous amount of chow, seed mixture, and Twigs treats on the floor of Maggie’s carrier. On top of that I added a mix of used and fresh bedding and his hut. I carried this small cage in a lightweight, slightly aerated tote bag and on the plane I kept the carrier in the tote to minimize drafts. Keeping your hamster hydrated is a major concern, so I offered Maggie water, fruit and vegetables periodically throughout the trip.
I also packed a larger cage that, when taken apart, fit easily into my 30″ suitcase. Instead of bringing food and bedding, I bought those in Arizona and donated the leftovers to an animal shelter before I flew home.

Worked out great I now use the small carrier in my F150 to drive Maggie around town. I strap the carrier into the back seat so that the air bag won’t punt the carrier across town. The only issue is Maggie can’t look out the window, but better safe than sorry. As far as riding inside the truck, I would never consider putting my hamster in the bed of the truck. You never know when a hungry crow or cat can come by and there goes your pet!

@LOU BC - "I keep thinking, where is an eagle or fox when you need one?"

Real Lou, Fake LOU, Real Lou BC who ever the hell you are, I'm sure PETA would be happy to hear that you would like to feed your wifes dog to animinals in the wild. Maybe she should consider feeding your ulgy ass to a fox and keep the dog. Less Touble that way, other than the poor fox having that bad taste in his mouth.

Heck yeah. My pals ride up front, except they get to ride in the bed, around the recreational park, if weather permits. 15 MPH max. But I take them everywhere with me. Work, play, whatever, when the situation allows. Dogs are meant to be with us, all day, everyday. They're not yard ornaments.

Here's the rascals now.

@Denver|||Mike - Keep them away from LOU BC, he'll feed them to the local wildlife.

I've got five dogs, and they all ride unleashed in the bed of my truck whenever I take them. Never had any problem.


If you drive with your trucks in the back of your truck if they are not in a kennel, even if they are tethered, YOU WILL GET A TICKET!

Great reminder, thanks Mark

@Maxx - WTF? So you can't carry a little quad sized Asian mini-truck in the back of your HD even if you strap it down? Wow, talk about tough laws ;)

Go F yourself Peta (the username peta) I'm with Lou_BC on this one. Those small POS toy dogs are useless, real dogs had a true purpose back in the day. If my Rottweiler were to eat a Chiuawa

Im a little late for the fun here but i let my German Shepherds ride in the back of my truck everywhere I go and they love it. As for the little yapping rats...they make great shark me i know. But please dont dis PETA "People Eating Tasty Animals".

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