Ram Truck Shows Off 2014 EcoDiesel

Ram EcoDiesel 4 II

Photography by Evan Sears

Ram recently showed its 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel and 2014 Ram 2500/3500 pickups during a media drive outside Los Angeles; unfortunately, we didn’t get any fuel economy numbers for either. That changed today at the Ram press conference this morning at the State Fair of Texas. Although not officially announced by the EPA (which won’t likely be until late November), Ram chief Reid Bigland said the truck maker is expecting its EcoDiesel to beat its own best-in-class fuel economy numbers (a title held by the 3.6-liter Pentastar engine paired with Ram's eight-speed transmission) in the half-ton segment. By Ram’s estimates, the number should be at least 27 mpg on the highway. 

Ram EcoDiesel 1 II

Ram EcoDiesel 2 II

Ram EcoDiesel 7 II

Ram EcoDiesel 5 II




@zviera - since you didn't like the looks of the 6.7 PowerStroke, can you point out where that pretty new 3.0 Ecotec diesel is hiding?
Must be under all of that plastic.

I really like this engine.

This VM diesel is the best in the VM range.

27mpg average on the highway seems a little lower than I anticipated, I expected near 30mpg on the highway.

But towing a 6 000-7000lb camper trailer should see it getting at least 17-18mpg.

If Ford can drop the 3.2 Duratorque or Baby PowerStroke in the F-150 they should be able to achieve better FE and be able to under cut Ram on the cost of the diesel. The inline 5 engine is cheaper to produce.

They might be a little slower in acceleration.

Didn't PUTC get 15mpg towing a 3000 lb boat? How can it get better mileage towing twice the weight with a less aerodynamic load?

Well, then it's getting a couple of mpg's less than I thought.

Also, it's a new diesel, it'll take 15 thousand to run it in.

Completely different vehicle I know.. but my Jeep Liberty with the VM diesel got 26 average MPGs and 15 with a 6,000 lb. trailer hooked on. I was very impressed. If that engine had been in a slightly larger 4x4 I'd have kept it. I just out-grew the Liberty with family.

A barn door front on a TT will cause more drag than a boat. Towing mpg's will likely be like every other diesel truck towing.
9-12mpg. Naturally it will do better with a boat. What makes the Ram appealing is the great ride and now being able to get 27mpg on the hwy. Only draw back is the cost of the diesel option and in some parts of the country diesel is considerably higher than reg gas. Ram never intended for the 1500 diesel to be a heavy hauler or they would've went with the baby Cummins. But it wouldn't of returned the higher mpg's.

@Big Al: so why would Fords bigger diesel get better mileage in a truck with aerodynamics not as good as a Ram, and on top of that, no air suspension? Because you say so? Because you have a Ford 3.2? Or because they will gear it down so it barely turns any rpm, with their outdated 6 speed? Complete with tires like the little Dynopro Hankooks, that say A/T on them and are total pavement pounders?

Ram should take the Gm commercial we have here, shows an F-150 out of gas and a Silverado (complete with smaller gas tank) stops to help, anyway they should show the Ram driving by! Lol, you trying to sell Ford!

Dodge is stepping it up. Looks a lot better than that Titan turd that Nissan is offering with a cummins

if the EcoDiesel dosen't get 30mpg it will fail!!! diesel cost more premium gasoline ever if fords new truck with the 2.7l ecoboost gets 27 mpg no one will be able to fill it up it will be a bigger mistake then ford going with aluminum body truck. when is chrysler go to learn not to make big mistahes the y have almost failed twice

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