Raptor Sales Fuel Production Increase

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Retail sales for the popular Ford F-150 SVT Raptor during the first part of 2013 are reported to be up 14 percent, having one of the shortest days' supplies in the industry (meaning the amount of time a truck stays on a dealer lot before it sells). The unique Ford performance truck has been one of our favorites from the day it was teased as a special project almost seven years ago, and it continues to attract more attention as the pickup truck segment gains momentum.

As a result, Ford, which must believe that the 14 percent increase in sales for 2013 isn't close to appeasing demand, is announcing it will increase production from three Raptors per hour at the Dearborn (Mich.) Truck Plant to five Raptors per hour. That's an increase of 66.7 percent, which is much higher than any other production shift for a specific model we've heard about lately. Is Ford planning for something it's not telling us about? Could this be the final push to get as many Raptors into dealer hands as possible before the power package goes away or turns into something else entirely? Or are they shipping so many Raptors overseas at gigantic profit margins they can't help themselves? No matter what the reason, we're just happy they're making more.

No doubt Raptor sales will continue to be strong until the close of the year, but we expect there to be some strong changes coming as we get closer to the reveal of the 2015 F-150. More to come.

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Hmmm,a Ford Raptor with that V8 5.0L Cummins would be sweet.I know,just a daydream..

Why don't this site report on GM trucks as well? I didn't see a story on new 6.2 specs, or that Silverado topped consumer reports. What's up with that??? Definitely biased site!!

Wow - that's awesome. Just goes to show that the consumer appetite for $50k pickup trucks is only going to get bigger.

Of course, speaking as a guy who has a hard time stomaching a $20k MSRP, I'm pretty sure this also means my days of buying a new truck are LONG gone.

@lohchief - Ford has been fixated on Ecoboost engines. I suspect that the Raptor will see the EB3.5 as the new engine. High placed rumours are that Ford will follow VW and replace all of their engines with smaller turbo versions.

"According to a high ranking Volkswagen executive, within four years conventional naturally aspirated gasoline engines will be extinct at the automaker, replaced with diesel powerplants and turbocharged gasoline engines. Mark Trahan, VW of America’s executive vice president for group quality, said that the few conventional naturally aspirated engines the company sells will eventually be replaced with forced induction engines. “You have to have a turbo these days,” Trahan told The Detroit News. “We only have one normally aspirated gas engine, and when we go to the next generation vehicle that it’s in, it will be replaced. So three, four years maximum.”

Trahan’s comments follow on the heels of remarks by Joe Bakaj, Ford Motor Co. vice president of powertrain engineering, who said that naturally aspirated engines could may see their end in Ford’s lineup.
“At some point in the future that will be an option,” he said. Bakaj did say that hybrid vehicles, which pair conventional gas engines with electric motors, would be exceptions. Ford has invested heavily in its EcoBoost line of turbocharged engines and it has also advertised the EcoBoost brand heavily as combining the power of larger displacement engines with the fuel economy of smaller motors. Analysts estimate that 3 million vehicles will be sold in the U.S. this year equipped with turbocharged engines, up from 2.1 million last year.

@ Kyle,

Mine too.

The raptor is a neat looking truck but who can afford it?

I think it's the same old people buying these. The blue collar guy who can't afford it and puts off buying health insurance for his kids to make the monthly payment. This automaker cartel isn't really in business to make cars anyway, they're in the financial services business.

@Kyle - $50K is a lot of loot and too rich for 1/2 ton needs. But most full-size 4X4 pickups and SUVs with any kind of luxury (leather, nav, sunroof), start at $50K MSRP.

For someone that's already in the market for a hard loaded 4X4 (w/ offroad pkg), the Raptor is a small upgrade, price-wise. But you do get way more equipment/software than the aftermarket can reasonably provide, even if the Raptor is far from BAJA 1000 competitive.

Ford should increase the price if they can't keep up with demand. I mean who would they be gouging? This would be above all the options the the dealers are piling on.

I'm not saying GM, Fiat and the others are stupid for not coming up with an answer for the Raptor, but... OK, that's EXACTLY what I'm saying!

@The Real Lou and Iochief
I think we are witnessing the tail end of an era with engine selections.

As I have repeatedly stated, the new turbo diesel powered vehicles are returning as good FE figures as a majority of the hybrids (non EVs).

The 5 litre V8 Cummins that Iochief talks about is nice, but a much lighter and more powerful diesel would suffice.

Even Porche have a 4.2 litre V8 diesel with 286kw and 750nm of torque. The Porche Cayenne weighs over 5 000lbs and it's returning 30mpg on the highway.

No gas engine of that power will ever be constructed to achieve the same FE figures.

Even a tuned 3.2 Duratorque like I have can put out 200kw and 650nm of torque, that will be more than enough, even in a Raptor.

The GM specs for the 6.2 were reported on PUTC back in June: 12k towing, 420 hp, etc. .

As of last week, GM came out with another story on the same issue. Nothing changed from the prelimiary specs except the 10 extra ft lbs of torque. Does this deserve a nother story? Not really. GM just wanted to get another story out of it so they played the preliminary specs game.

On Ram, Mark Williams said the Ram photos would be placed on twitter and facebook and they were several days ago.

Try to keep up and stop criticizing the coverage as biased.

That's why I argue that people will spent an extra grand or two for a diesel half ton pickup.

Drive a raptor is like drive a Harley you never no when you be stuck beside the road :)))

As someone stated, the biggest news of the week is
Chevy's 6.2L 1500 engine with 420hp/460 ft-lbs

If demand is that high why do you want ot increase prices?

Why not increase competition?

This proves that the chicken tax and other technical barriers can be lifted to give more competition and reduce prices of pickups to the consumer.

Someone might even want a global Ranger Wildtrak, nice pickup and a very capable off roader.

Leaves a TRD Taco for dead.

Like I said,it was just a daydream......but I do think that as small clean diesels make their way into 1/2 tons,both gm and ford will have to step up to the plate.I suggested the Cummins 5.0L diesel in the Raptor because it's overkill,just like the Raptor is in both price and abilities.Kind of a parody.

maith: the only time I have been "stuck " on the side of the road on a bike, was when my Yamaha quit charging, and when I found out the stator cost $500!!!! I went out a bought a Harley, and have never been "stuck" by the side of the road, or anywhere else for that mater, but on the other hand my Ecco-Boost left me by the side of the road a couple of time waiting for the tow truck, and both times? it was a HD Ram 5500 flat bed!!!!

@Miath - I'm sure that you find yourself completely amusing and the very fact that I am answering one of your posts must have you firing a wad into your coloured underwear (yellow front, brown back). Ultimately, your cowardice hurts PUTC and if you do have a problem with Ford then you should have the intestinal fortitude to debate me face to face without hiding behind your fat ass.

The 6.2 specs is not big news. It is an old zombie news article from back in June rehashed slightly changed by GM. If they released the fuel economy specs then that would be news.

Why is Lou so hostile??!!! Maybe his Ford truck is giving him trouble like mine does. When this happens I tend to get irritable!!!

GMAuthority is not a reputable nor credible news site.

June 2013:

Nice to see the ford Raptor is doing well, but if I ever had 50k I would love to get a Ram power wagon . We poor folk can dream .

I think a supercharged Coyote is a good engine to.

The 5.0 litre Cummins should be good for 400hp and 800ftlb.

The problem is the weight on the front of the Raptor and the Raptors low payload. The Cummins might only allow for a driver, no passengers, or even a picnic in the back:)

@FordTrUcks1 sorry about my comment I guess someone can take it the wrong way. I've been posting here for years, but this was a tough day...I had Rubber Band Ligation. For all you Rambo's this is Also called banding, this involves placing a very small rubber band around the base of my hemorrhoid inside the rectum. The band cuts off circulation and the hemorrhoid withers away within seven to 10 days. A real pain in the ass, but hey I deal with it.

@BAF0 - I don't want a price increase. Or I should say I don't care either way. It's not my money and I won't be buying a Raptor. At least not a new one. But Supply/Demand should always dictate price. And it does when you consider when and where rebates & incentives are offered.

It's not Ford's fault, there's nothing that competes with the Raptor. And Ford has it's own profit driven reasons for not bringing the Ranger to America. So what?

You can not convince anybody that US truck prices would drop, especially the Raptor's, if we had a lot of crappy global trucks for sale in America. The price of the Wildtrak is just about insane. Who buys them? Why not just buy 3 Protons or Ssangyongs? Are you saying your biggest selling and high end truck prices are impacted by your disposable trucks. And are your cheap, throwaway trucks a big part of the Aussie market?

And why do you care if these trucks sell in the US in small, token numbers? I'm not convinced those global truck OEMs give a damn. And why don't you cry for all the crappy 'world cars' that don't or can't sell in the US? Who's the spokeswoman for those?

I'm not saying the Ranger is a crappy truck and the same goes for the Isuzu, Nissan, Toyota, VW and Mazda trucks. These are good trucks, I'm sure, but their US branches and or business partners would balk at the idea of cannibalizing their related or competing US cars, SUVs and trucks.

And global trucks don't offer anything different or better than the mid-size trucks we have or have had here.

Put a diesel in a Tacoma, Frontier or Colorado, stiffen their suspensions, decrease their legal capacity and we'll have the same trucks you have in OZ. Except they still won't sell.

Why not offer a full range of pickups from mid-size to commercial heavy duties in OZ? Maybe there's no meaningful market for full-size trucks in OZ or maybe Aussies aren't accustom to them. But we've given mini and mid-size trucks every opportunity to succeed in the US. No funny conversions for high dollars or shoddy South America builds.

A $3,000 diesel isn't too much when it's rolled into the payments of a 1/2 ton. But it's not that desirable of an option in 1/2 tons when a robust and rumbling gas V8 is $3K less and does the same job. And $3K buy a lot of regular unleaded. At least that the frame of mind of buyers. They're rather spend it on dealer installed wheels, lift, ect.

We have a Fake Lou arguing with a Fake Fordtrucks1.

Those GM and Ram guys are getting desperate.

Rator is one awesome truck.

I agree with Dave. There is no hurry in re-reporting what was essentionally reported over 3 months ago. The GM PR Team is trying to gain traction again on the 2014's and the 6.2L that was quickly forgotten. Maybe if GM revealed the mpg and it beat the EB it would be more newsworthy. PUTC probably won't cover the 6.2 again unless and until they do a test drive of a 6.2 L or GM reveals the mpg and it beats the competition.


What was that article back a few days ago all about? Are you working on changing the comments? May I suggest allowing other readers to rate positive or negative for each comment. If the negative outweighs positive too far, automatically delete or hide the comment. That way you wouldn't have to have someone read every comment and the readers could have the comments how they want it.

As for the raptor. Cool truck.

What if the fake Lou is actually Lou?

Lou could be posting as a fake to get others in trouble or to petition for a sign in system. The world may never know.

@Socretes - thanks for proving once again that you fake posters are morons.

It is Socrates.

Sorry to hear about the problems with your anus Lou. You may try one of those Sits Baths. It might help soothe the pain.

Notice Lou neither confirmed nor denied that he has posted as the fake Lou.

I am not a fake poster. I simply do not want to use my usual name to pose this question as you or someone else may take this as an attack and then start using my name like you have used the others.

Unless it is shown otherwise I will have to wonder if Lou is posting as the fake Lou or vice versa.


@The Real Lou
There is even a Fake Big Al from Oz.

I don't think the article the other day on trolling could be considered a failure.

It appears to be only a couple of people at most.

I don't have the proof, but I believe it very well may be BAFO posting as the fake Lou to draw Lou into his own battle against the site. Don't trust anyone especially BAFO, a known troller and spammer.

@ bafo
It's Porsche you moron.

@Socretes- why don't you fire off an email to PUTC complaints department.
They have access to the IP addresses of every post made on this site.

I'm sure that they could ban my IP if you are correct.

But then again, you couldn't even be correct with the spelling of one of the most influential figures of mankind.

PickUpTrolls.Com would love to hear from you.

@zviera - finally, a Ram fan that admits that the current "hemi" design traces its roots to Porsche. It still is a hemi even though Chrysler has a trademark on the name and called a Mitsubishi 2.6 litre a Hemi.

Why would I complain to PUTC? It's not my problem.

Even if they do ban IP's they said they hadn't yet and it doesn't stop people from getting back on and posting.

Theoretically you could be posting as the fake Lou from multiple IPs and there would be no way to prove it is your or not.

Although it is more likely that BAFO is the fake Lou.

I do agree with the poster who said a rating system to vote up or down the comments would be a good idea.

Lou, If you are truly not the fake Lou but are the real Lou, I believe you, but I do not believe BAFO.

BAFO is not innocent, but a known troll. Speaking of bad apples, BAFO was sent here from Australia to disrupt the apple cart at a North American truck site. This is a fact and the only reason he is here.

fake Lou = BAFO

The only thing not fake is the vast accumulation of masculine bovine excreta.

What is fake? What is real?

What is PUTC? Control. PUTC is a computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to get people to buy this.

[points to a picture of a 2014 pickup truck]

Don't believe it? Think it's not possible?

I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth.

Freedom of speech means nothing when that freedom is twisted into a perverse distorted form used to stifle free speech of others.
Ridiculing and defaming others while hiding under a veil of anonymity is cowardice in its lowest form.
Those people spit on the graves of the glorious dead who defended our freedoms.
Free speech is completely wasted when one no longer is able to discern what is true.

Welcome to PickUpTrolls.com

I don't care who had what name first. The moment Lou gave up the name Lou he gave up the implied right to use it. He went to a TypePad account with a different name. It now becomes an issue of fair use. Anyone has fair right to use the name Lou, no permission needed, and there isn't anything he can do about it, short of requesting a sytem that can vote up or down comments.

Back on topic, the Raptor sales are impressive because you can use any plans to purchase one and they don't have any factory rebates.

Typo: can't use any plans to purchase one

On the subject of infringement, and Lou being worried about a fake name he gave up being used by someone else, NONE OF THAT releases HIM from liability. Lou was called out for trolling GM owners, and copyright infrigtement in the Don't Trust Your Truck's Computer post.

He copied a long post from another website, probably from some other dot com news site. Beware, Lou, you CAN get sued for copyright infringement.

As you said, PUTC has access to the IP address of every post that you make. All the respectful owner of news article that you stole to make your troll post has to do is get your IP, request your contact info from his ISP and sue you and this site for copyright infringement.

I know it seems everyone likes to grab articles and post them on here. But that doesn't make it right. Only post a short portion and give attribution if you have to do it.

Protect yourself and respect the rights of others and welcome to CopyRightInfringementTrollingByLou.com

Lou is pirating material for his blog? And he is using it to troll GM fans who simply asked where the 6.2L specs article was? Or the one for Silverado topping CR? Wow. Lou is getting to be a very jealous and a desperate sad little ford girlyman.

Yes, DMCA notices will be sent to Lou for pirating.

After finding out Lou has been using pirated material in his blogs I have no sympathy for him. Lou doesn't practice what he preaches.

You are the one!

I remember 18 months ago or so DenverMike screwed up and sent on of his post that was directed at you and published it on PUTC.

The message that DlM sent on went something like this "we have a live one (in relation to RobertRyan). I have had him going for a while now."

I have pointed this out previously. So you guys are a team.

Why is it you want to destroy this site?

Well, I'll be, KEN is a DlM teamster.

"And why do you care if these trucks sell in the US in small, token numbers? I'm not convinced those global truck OEMs give a damn. And why don't you cry for all the crappy 'world cars' that don't or can't sell in the US? Who's the spokeswoman for those?"

BAFO is the spoleswoman for posting the oppositie of the topics in the blog posts and taking the anti-American viewpoint. This could be the beginning of the end for BAFO at PUTC. I heard that he has one more strike before his IP will be banned for violating polices.

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