Raptor Sales Fuel Production Increase

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Retail sales for the popular Ford F-150 SVT Raptor during the first part of 2013 are reported to be up 14 percent, having one of the shortest days' supplies in the industry (meaning the amount of time a truck stays on a dealer lot before it sells). The unique Ford performance truck has been one of our favorites from the day it was teased as a special project almost seven years ago, and it continues to attract more attention as the pickup truck segment gains momentum.

As a result, Ford, which must believe that the 14 percent increase in sales for 2013 isn't close to appeasing demand, is announcing it will increase production from three Raptors per hour at the Dearborn (Mich.) Truck Plant to five Raptors per hour. That's an increase of 66.7 percent, which is much higher than any other production shift for a specific model we've heard about lately. Is Ford planning for something it's not telling us about? Could this be the final push to get as many Raptors into dealer hands as possible before the power package goes away or turns into something else entirely? Or are they shipping so many Raptors overseas at gigantic profit margins they can't help themselves? No matter what the reason, we're just happy they're making more.

No doubt Raptor sales will continue to be strong until the close of the year, but we expect there to be some strong changes coming as we get closer to the reveal of the 2015 F-150. More to come.

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@BAFO - I don't have anything to do with DenverMike.

You are still abusing the privilege and responsibility that comes with wanting to make a contributing remark about a story or topic PUTC has introduced.

The story is Raptor sales and like clockwork you are talking up diesel once again. Get it a rest.

Diesel and DenverMike is all BAFO ever talks about. Is BAFO like a stalker or something? As for destroying the site, the site has been going strong for almost 20 years and Team BAFO managed to destroy the comments section in 1 year.

It's not all BAFO's fault. The "destroying of the site" has been greatly exaggerated by BAFO because that is his goal. The source of the issue lies with Al at 75%, Lou at 20%, and horseplay at 5%.

A little horseplay is normal and can be dealth with. But whether Lou realizes this or not, Lou rarely makes a post that isn't disrespectful or trolling. This causes normal posters to fight back and troll.

BAFO just brings nothing to the site but spam, lies, bogus conspiracy theories, and negativity and it is time for him to be taken off the site.

A bit of a troll are we? Here is something on diesels, delivered by you. So if you are going to bitch, make sure your own backyard is clean first.


These knuckle-headed manufacturers need to get off the high HP/TQ kick and develop more fuel efficient vehicles. I'd love to see that little cummins make it to production.

Posted by: Ken | Jul 13, 2012 9:50:46 AM


Remember guys, you seem to be the ones bickering and arguing. I have always tried to post good information like the Real Lou. But if you school kids want to screw around and destroy your playground keep it up.

What are you going to do next? Go to another playground and destroy it? Grow up.

Well this is not a good information you are posting.
Porsche is not a Porche and 750nm of torque is really just 750 nanometers.
It must be 750 N·m or 750Nm.
But I don't know which grade is learning this stuff now, so you can come across this later.

I haven't seen Frank in a while maybe he got banned.....I hope.

The Rator is a cool looking truck, but most of these I see driving around suburbia, I doubt most of them ever go off the pavement.

Not hating on the Raptor, but it's not truly a “Baja truck”. For starters it has a crappy rear blocks in the back instead of an extended leaf pack. Secondly it has mid-travel front coilovers at best. For $50k, you could buy a generic half-ton, buy a long travel suspension kit, pre-runner flares, and rear Deaver leaf packs for well under $50k.

But everyone I know that has a Raptor never leaves the pavement with it, so to each their own.

@FRANK IS A TROLL - I hear Frank is having Lou BC's love child. He's been feeling a little sick in the morning and hasn't been able to post.

sidetrack note :guess the article the other day was for nothing, these posts have got worse not better...

on topic note: nice raptor truck though ! people can hate on em all they want but they are selling and that's all that really matters doesn't it, the few on here that hate on them really are insignificant in the grand scheme of things, so for the majority that do like them these articles are good news !
helps keeps the other manufacturers on their toes which make a win win for everyone

@Trolls, really, calling me out. I read the articles and have nothing to say to you silly trolls. I'm just that much better than you. I get a laugh, lol!

@FRANK IS A TROLL - I hear Frank is having Lou BC's love child. He's been feeling a little sick in the morning and hasn't been able to post.

Posted by: Lou | Sep 19, 2013 8:19:07 AM

Thank you for the information, Lou. I will have to send him some flowers or a fruit basket to cheer him up. Maybe a flaming paper bag filled with dog poo would be better. LOL

"We have a Fake Lou arguing with a Fake Fordtrucks1.

Those GM and Ram guys are getting desperate. "

@Lou_BC, it's ridiculous. Desperate is right. I knew this thing would be a hit when it first came out. I don't have the need for one but I'd like to drive one sometime. You'd think Chevrolet of all companies would have addressed this truck by now. Seeing as Dodge did with the RamRunner. I always thought it was still a half hearted attempt for Dodge though.

@John - It's not that it's $50,000 Baja truck as much as it's a $5,000 option only available on $45,000 hard loaded 4X4s (Lariat equivalent). And you get the 6.2 V8 included for that price.

King Ranch buyers have no problem paying the $5,000 premium over the Lariat that does zero to improve the performance of the truck and it does not come with the 6.2 V8.

@FRANK IS A TROLL - "Thank you for the information, Lou. I will have to send him some flowers or a fruit basket to cheer him up. Maybe a flaming paper bag filled with dog poo would be better. LOL"

No problem happy to give you the news. I just hope I didn't
Spoil it for the happy couple. I'm sure they'll post pictures when the big day happen. Here are some picture of Lou BC and Franks family from the baby shower.


The gripe should be that GM does not have anything to compete with the Raptor. All I have ever owned is GM and it frustrates me to no end that they have NOTHING to compete with the Raptor.

At first GM claimed Raptor was a niche market. Freaking year after year increasing sales for Raptors. Now what do you have to say GM?

Can GM build something better than the Raptor? Yes without a doubt.

Will they? Looks pretty F'ing doubtful.

@ Denver|||Mike That's not what Ford markets it as, it’s a “Baja” ready truck according to all the commercials that I’ve seen. And I would not consider the 6.2 to be much of an "upgrade" when the majority of people (shown by sales) prefer the Ecoboost in the F-150s.

Needless to say, if you plan on using the Raptor for what Ford has marketed it for, there are upgrades that need to be done before it can do any sort of low end “Baja” driving. Starting with getting rid of those rear lift blocks for real leaf packs.

As far as I'm concerned, no truck is worth $50K... not even $35K. It may be a popular truck, but I'll wait until I can buy one for about $20K and maybe not even then.

Welp... It sure looks like the latest shot at moderating these forums died as quickly as all the previous ones.

Those who like to tout the "Freedom of Speech" line, remember one thing. It's still possible to be sued or worse for defamation of character. This site is a privately-owned site as well, so if they choose to ban you for things you've said, they have every right to. It's not like you're able to go into a Catholic cathedral and start preaching Satanism, after all.

One Alot of people by raptors not to Baja but because they need more off road capabilities than thier previous trucks offered. Have you seen how low some of these newer trucks fron bumpers are even with out the air dams? the fact that you get all terrian tires and more ground clearnce and skid plates to boot. As other brands have turned half tons into SUVs with beds for people who care about sedan like qualities and sheer hp. The price isn't bad either 43k for a extended cab that gives you all the off road functionality or 46 for a crewcab. for comparison I test drove a 2014 serra all terrain slt nice truck but they wanted me to pay 47k for it. the propblem is that alot of dealers load the raptor up with worthless options the two sticker pakages cost 2k. the truck is the most capable factory off road pick up. Also i got mine for 37.5 its a 2010 with the 5.4 moon roof and luxary pkg so they are not expensive you just have to be skilled at negociating.

@John - It depends on what "Baja" means to you. The Raptor certainly isn't a 'Trophy Truck' and would need extensive mods to compete even in the 'stock class'.

$50,000 gives you a huge budget for building a Baja style truck, especially if you start with an older rig. The Raptor is luxo truck regardless, and not my thing to begin with. But I'd like to see you build a desert runner that can keep up with it for $3,000 in parts/labour (that doesn't include the $2K 6.2). And not that any regular truck needs a 6.2, but the Raptor is one heavy 4X4 and can make good use of a big stroking V8, powering out of sand traps in 4HI.

As an outsider it appears the Raptor is a wannabe vehicle. It has real off road credentials, but it is marketed to those who cruise shopping malls and want to make a statement.

Any lift that requires blocks is a poor lift option.

Cost a lift kit that uses springs vs a lift kit using blocks.

I think an Eco Boost Raptor would be a great option, but also I do think a real off roader with a small diesel option would be great as well.

I would think in the US there are off roaders like we have here that do off road touring. Diesel are the best option for this style of off roading.

Even the better Dakar pickups are going diesel.

@Big BAFO from OZ - It's not that the Raptor is marketed for cruising shopping malls, but owners will use them as they see fit. If people buy big chainsaws to trim hedges, you can't blame the chainsaw makers. Just the wrong tool for the job. Or should Raptor owners confine them to dirt roads and never on pavement, fwys, cities, malls or drive-thrus? What if it's their only vehicle?

And I'm not convinced Raptor owners are that willing to thrash on such an expensive truck, enough to leave obvious signs of abuse. But who says you can't give it a good thrashing offroad, wash it, then hit the mall circuit with the wife with zero visible signs of abuse? (on the truck, not the wife)...

@ken - wow, when did you go to law school? That acid trip you took has left you with some false memories.

If there was another LOU, then that person would have the right to use the name but if you were to read his posts, they all target ME.

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Passing on news stories in the realm of the "public arena" is not copyright infringement".

looks like you and the Fake Lou need to study legal rights since you both are completely clueless.

Stick to trucks, you will sound less stupid that way.............. actually, that won't work for you either.

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anyone who is tired of the trolling can click the link below and file a complaint.


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