Spied: 2015 GMC Sierra 3500HD Crew Cab

3500HDdenaliKGPaction II

Spy shots by KGP Photography

It's getting close. GM's redesigned 2015 models of its heavy-duty pickup trucks are on their way, and our spy shooters are seeing a few variations make their way onto the open ranges. Here's what they've told us:

"We just got our best shots yet of the swankiest version of GMC's new HD pickups in the guise of this prototype for the 3500HD Denali dualie. With only some thin graphic camouflage covering most of the body and a small bra up front, this latest prototype gives up just about every exterior design secret on GM's wide-body, heavy-duty pickup.

"The massive Denali grille shows through the bra's mesh opening, and the projector-beam headlights peek through the openings in the camouflage. Out back, we see steps cutout (and tapedover) in the rear bumper. The fender swells over the dualie's rear tires show a smoother, more flowing design than on the current model, which juts out prominently from the bodyside."

We'd also add it looks like GM made some rear bumper modifications as well. By wrapping the rear corner, it looks like the big trucks will get the same foothold bumper corners as the light-dutys to make bed access easier. Our guess is that GM will probably incorporate a few other bed upgrades that we've already seen on its light-duty pickups.

3500HDdenaliKGPface II

3500HDdenaliKGPside II

3500HDdenaliKGPrear II

3500HDdenaliKGPfront II


will the 2015 HD trucks debut athe texas state fair

will 2015 HD trucks debut this falloff this year

How does paint get is side the fully boxed frame ??? Ford don't have one and dodge don't care.

- The same way we do our John Deere tractors. It's called E-Coat. You charge and dip them just like wax. You get a shiny durable long lasting finish. It's much like powder coating yet far more economical. The new Silverado is a wicked machine in my book. I don't know about the 3/4 tons yet until I see them on the lot. Chevrolet Smallblocks are bulletproof and so is the Duramax diesel. You can't go wrong with either. They should E-Coat the frames still. The dirt rinses right off, you can touch it up with paint, it's not messy and it looks so much better. We went to E-Coat years ago.
Posted by: ThomWerman | Sep 11, 2013 5:54:57 PM

Hey Thom, you wouldn't by any chance know BrianHawn would you? He was big on JD tractors.

I'm not a fan of that outboard DEF tank. These trucks are made to tow and haul and not for hardcore offroading but these tanks are still vulnerable.
Most studies I have read of late put the GMC trucks as being the most reliable. They also have the best return on investment with their diesels when compared to gas. That might be related more to the fact that the 6.0 is hard on fuel and is woefully outdated.
I'd like to know what is under the hood and between that frame. That is what matters in the HD class. It will be interesting to see if GMC comes out with a new Duramax as opposed to one more update on an old design.

@ Small Al not from fictional land of OZ,the wizzard is in my pants,Dorathy rode it !

Troll - your spelling proves once again that you are a moron.

"Remember todays Chevy smallblock isnt the same as the old ones..the new engines have nothing to do with the 350 GM."

You can say that again.

I bought a Chevy Trailblazer with the 5.3L smallblock and 4-spd, figuring it would be a bullet proof drivetrain, since they've used that setup forever. After a short while it developed a pretty significant oil leak, which would end up flinging onto the exhaust and burning off (and smelling horrendous).

After some research I found that it's a pretty common issue with GEN III and GEN IV V8's to have an oil leak from around the rear main seal. You have to drop the transmission to fix it, which in the Trailblazer required dropping most of the front of the drivetrain as well.

GM's recommended fix? Put RTV sealant in the holes where the oil leaks. (The TSB number is 05-06-01-034J.) Kind of ridiculous. Luckily it was still under warranty, or it would have been a $3,000+ repair.

I won't say what I bought after that, but it was an aluminum block V8 from another company and, in 102,000 miles, I haven't had a single drivetrain issue.

I'm sure GM has got their stuff together a bit better since then, but I don't take it on faith anymore that GM's V8's are dependable. They're not the same engines they used to be.

@ Dooms

Yep, the 6.0L in my wife's 2009 rig had the same problem.

Although, things weren't always candy canes and butterflies--the only V8 I've ever blown-up was a ZZ4/L98 smallblock... .

You mean that huge azz box under the passenger side door is the DEF tank? Wow I can see this is going to be a maintenance and PR nightmare waiting to happen.

@The Fake Lou aka HemiV8/Turdx4 Tom/zveria etc
Whatever you reckon sunshine.

@AllAmerican, check the last article. Lou BC, (not the real Lou) said the EXACT same thing to me. I guess it's an automated deal. Dunno. Unless the guy has nothing better to do, or say... What a fag.

Nice truck, no question the strongest chassis in the industry (and I know). Yes, the DEF tank is very low, but a set of running boards hides it nicely. That truck is way to long and wide for serious off roading, so the DEF tank location is a non-issue anyway.

I say GMC and Ram are the way to go for HD pickups.

@UncleBud - I went away from "Lou" because this site hasn't been able to control all of the trolls. Multiple fake posts using my name have been all over this site. I went to a Type Pad" registered name. "Lou" wasn't allowed under their registration process so I went with my TTAC name Lou_BC. Even variations of that name have been fake posted all over this site.
Trolls have really hurt this site. That is why I've been referring to it as PickUpTrolls.Com.

@snowman, The 2013 Class leading Ram has the 8 gallon def tank between the frame rails and up out of the way. It has a 34 gallon diesel tank.

@HEMI V8 - Snowman actually using his trucks hard and uses them for work. He had purchased a Ram HD at the same time as a new GMC HD. Do you want him to outline all of the problems he's had with the Ram? and IIRC, snowman is also a HD mechanic.

Hummm, looks like the HD trucks don’t have quite as squared off wheel arches. I agree, the DEF tank location is just horrible. Not a fan of the low hanging frame either. I am a Chevy guy by label but in reality if I was in the market for an HD truck it would have to be a RAM. Can’t beat a Cummins backed with a manual transmission along with a chassis fitted with a SOLID FRONT AXLE!

There are posters speculating that the targeting is in an inside job. They are currently searching for evidence that is an inside job from TTAC, a competing website.

Somebody dropped a dime in the forum that the trolling posts were coming from outside of the United States, the UK and Australia specifically.

Australia and the UK.

I just found from an administrator that the trolling posts are coming from the UK and Australia. I canonot post attachments here. Help.

@Mike - why would TTAC target this site? They rarely cover pickups and unlike this site, do not have an issue with fake posts.

I am told they are getting a lot of complaints from readers about single IP addresses coming from the UK, China and Australia making comments under multiple names in order to "promote questionable points of view."

They say they will watch more closely for the posts coming out of the UK and Australia and China. They will start this week to block the IPs from any UK and Australia blogger that they say are spoiling the pickup community.

Canada and US IPs are not under watch at this time.

They have gotten hundreds of complaints about posts coming from single IPs in Australia posting under multiple names to "promote questionable points of view."

@Mike - "promote questionable points of view."

Please list some examples?

The questionable posts were coming from someone making false allegations that the website is owned by the UAW and that the readers are working for the UAW. The reported posts were coming from the UK and Australia. IP Address Location Information:
My IP Address:
My IP country code: AU
My IP address country: Australia
My IP address state: Northern Territory
My IP address city: Darwin
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My IP address latitude: -12.4667
My IP address longitude: 130.833

Unfortunately, there is a number of individuals who believes they can say anything they want and just make things up like the website or its readers working for the UAW. Whenever an untrue statement is made, the one that harms the reputation of a business, Internet defamation takes place. The site is going to start block the IPs starting next week.

BAFFO is on the hot seat. He cannot prove the scurrilous claims he is making against individuals and the site. Therefore he needs to be immediately stopped or banned.

Aerodynamics will be the way to go. Like I stated those 'big rig' grilles really do nothing, except look ugly (opinion). The easiest way to improve FE is to reshape.

Here's an interesting link into future truck design.


A front a little more aero than this would look nice.


HDs will gradually look similar to these.




An aero front on a truck will improve FE.


Interesting link on a US aerodynamic truck. Pretty good, pay attention to the view from the top down, a wedge.


A very old Canadian aero truck.


Another old one looks British.


I don't think people buy these things for Gas mileage, I think the 1/2 tons have gotton way to boxy up front in recent years especially the Ford and GM products, thiers no need to have a hood that high, makes it hard to see in front of you when offroading or just parking also off coarse is not good for fuel economy, plus it looks ugly.

GM is still riding at the top!!! Sales keep climbing and they keep coming out with new models. The greatest comeback story in the financial world. I love to read the negative comments from the Ram and Ford boys because I know they are just hurting inside because of the success GM has shown in the last couple years. If you boys would like to be a man someday, we would love to have you jump on board and own the best built, longest lasting, and cheapest to maintain trucks offed today.

@BAFO u can keep your girly euro look I will keep my ram twin turbo cummins with the power to back up the looks with good mpgs to boot!!

The Ram does have the Aero look, thats why I think its the best looking truck on the market.

everything on the market is aero compared to a ford truck. especially my mary kay hot pink f-150 with the pink fuzzy seat covers.

Ram has the best aero. That's why Ford and G.M. have copied the look.

The government is getting closer to selling all of its General Motors stock.

The Treasury Department said in its August report to Congress that it sold $811 million worth of GM common stock last month.

The report dated Tuesday says the government has recovered about $35.4 billion of the $49.5 billion bailout it gave the Detroit automaker. That means taxpayers are still $14.1 billion in the hole.

Update!, the Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon have been fully exposed, got to gm.com to see the photo.

GM is still riding at the top!!! Sales keep climbing and they keep coming out with new models. The greatest comeback story in the financial world. I love to read the negative comments from the Ram and Ford boys because I know they are just hurting inside because of the success GM has shown in the last couple years. If you boys would like to be a man someday, we would love to have you jump on board and own the best built, longest lasting, and cheapest to maintain trucks offed today.
Posted by: greg | Sep 12, 2013 7:40:17 AM

@greg I don't know what qualifies as the greatest comeback story ever in your book. Maybe because Twinkies came back? In the auto world GM has not proved anything nor has it proved it has "came back" yet. Considering the tax payers are still in the hole by billions and GM has still not paid back their loans to the despair of the GM faithful who keep trying to say they have I would not call this a comeback. Also considering for the year they are still 50k units behind the F-series in sales I fail to see your logic in that statement. I get tired of GM fanboys crying saying "Well Ford's SD is not the same as the F150. Whaaaaa!" Lets get technical if you wish. Ford has 2 trucks to GM's 4 trucks. Yes I said 4. One could make the argument that GM only has 2 but that's not true. They have the 1500's, which with the new models now sport some differences while the same is true for the HD's. So GM now has 2 half tons, and 2 HD's and still can not catch Ford in sales with completely new models! Also the fact that the lessor selling of the 2 is actually the better looking model is a joke! Chevy is the bread and butter but the GMC looks better hands down. No the real comeback is Ford who didn't need the bailout money even though Congress was trying to force it on them. They simply said no, pulled tight their boot straps, and went to work about fixing their mess while the other two went panhandling on the streets of DC.

@Mike I don't if you said was true but if it is and this site if finally going to do something with the trolls and spammers then all I can say is its long overdue.

What about switching to a forum where you have moderators that can monitor the post to make sure everyone stays on topic and does not attack one another?

Just a thought. That seems to work for most of the other auto sites I go to. If not then at the very least I hope this site can get serious and change it so everyone has a unique log in matched to their IP address. All this name changing is getting old. Its one of the reasons I don't come to this site as much as I use to even though I enjoy the stories very much.

@Shawn GM is having a great come back you Ford nannie.
They matched Ford profits last quarter stock prices are raising, vastly improve vehicles coming on across the board with the best of quality and winning awards. Now as for the trucks they just came out 2 months ago pretty much all high end crew cabs. The double cabs are finally rolling out next will be single cabs and the two top of the line Chevy High Country and GMC Denali along with the class leading 420hp 460 pound feet of torque will been come soon. Ford will never have a come back story cause they still suck and sell pure junk still!

3rd photo down from the top, IFS torsion bar, yuck.

GM owns 74% of the suv market and it looks like that is going grow even more with the introduction of their new models today. I wonder why Ford or Ram can not even come close to competing against GM in this segment? Because they know they can not even come close to matching what GM offers.


Here is a listing of sales for the month of July (August not out yet for some reason). As you can see out of the top 10 sales Ford has the number 1, 5, & 9 spots. GM has one in the top 10 at number 3. Counting up all the GM number vs. Ford, Ford had 513,323 sales vs GM's 555,942 sales. Even without counting the other manufactures it becomes pretty clear that GM does not have a 74% ownership of the SUV market as you claim.

One handed greg or who ever: If Ford sells pure junk then the truck buyers of America have been buying junk for almost 40 yrs and spanking gm's butt year after year. You don't become #1 by selling junk. Gm and fiat ram sell that well enough on there on so just calm down and shut the old pie-hole boys and girls.

Typical GM fanboi. All talk and hype but no facts to back it up. Even when you go and get the facts for them then they still won't except it. Here is something shocking that I learned while crunching those numbers. How many SUV's name plates GM has vs. Ford. Even if they just beat em barely in total sales look at the increased cost they have carrying that many name plates in the manufacturing process. Ford slimmed down and got lean while GM is back to its old tricks of getting fat and still building trucks and SUV's while they have a huge inventory to still move out to the dealers. All it will take is for the economy to skip a beat and GM will have to go running with its hand out again.

The new GM SUV copied the F150 headlights. I am not surprised at all. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, is what GM has been doing the last 100 yrs. LMAO!


@Shawn - Well since you’re into facts Shawn-of-the-brain-dead let me give you some. “Ford slimmed down and got lean while GM is back to its old tricks of getting fat” They slimmed down alright, they stop building Lincoln’s and opted for the ecobust. In fact for 2013 JD Power rated Lincoln as third based on the problems per 100 vehicles; Chevy ranked 12th, Ford Ranked – 13th (to bad Ford doesn’t make a Lincoln Pickup...lol). Yep FORD, the boneheads, dropped the division with the better quality rating…the idiots “slimmed down” alright...slimmed down on quality!

Lest you think I’m a “typical GM fanboi” I’m not. GM, Ford and Fiat build crap!

BTW – you spell it ACCEPT not except “facts for them then they still won't except it.” IDIOT!

@Shawn Nice try to make Ford look good you Ford Slappie HA! WE are talking full Size SUV Shawn not cross overs DUH!


Take look GM throwing a whoop down on Furd!

@Frank them don't look like Furd headlights it's not even close to looking like that PILE OF TRASH Furd builds!

@ Experience aka probably go blow you're boyfriend and get some real Experience

Yea I caught the misspelling after the fact even though technically I did spell except right. Nice try though Bob or whatever names you are going by these days.

As far as the JD Power ranking the only thing that hurt Ford was the Sync system. It had little to do with the mechanical side of things. Nice try though...

Here you go boys. This one is for you.


@pickuptrucks.com Where's the feature on the new Suburban Yukon Escalade press release today?

They finally have a big GM suv with powerfold flat folding 3rd row seating. And they get the Gen5 powertrains.

big story but no report ?

@Big al: I think what is killing little wanna be trucks overseas, like in austraulia, is the fact they are just that, small, little beds, come on, you act like an engineer, or call yourself one, 800 ft pound torque trucks need more cooling!

dont get me started on your overated payload ratings, lol

I wonder if they will put that 6.2 in them? Oh wait, it wouldnt handle 2500/3500 work, lol! It's just made for half tons, so people that buy Shivy shirts can brag, but yet it can't handle lots of heavy work! probably needs 91 ovtane too! We do know it needs revved to 4100 to make max torque, and once we get some K&n air filter dyno numbers, pre their air filter, (which is where this site dyno's their trucks) we can see how it dors, till then you get the poor old 6.0 and you get the high revving detriot engine, lol

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