Spied: 2015 GMC Sierra 3500HD Crew Cab

3500HDdenaliKGPaction II

Spy shots by KGP Photography

It's getting close. GM's redesigned 2015 models of its heavy-duty pickup trucks are on their way, and our spy shooters are seeing a few variations make their way onto the open ranges. Here's what they've told us:

"We just got our best shots yet of the swankiest version of GMC's new HD pickups in the guise of this prototype for the 3500HD Denali dualie. With only some thin graphic camouflage covering most of the body and a small bra up front, this latest prototype gives up just about every exterior design secret on GM's wide-body, heavy-duty pickup.

"The massive Denali grille shows through the bra's mesh opening, and the projector-beam headlights peek through the openings in the camouflage. Out back, we see steps cutout (and tapedover) in the rear bumper. The fender swells over the dualie's rear tires show a smoother, more flowing design than on the current model, which juts out prominently from the bodyside."

We'd also add it looks like GM made some rear bumper modifications as well. By wrapping the rear corner, it looks like the big trucks will get the same foothold bumper corners as the light-dutys to make bed access easier. Our guess is that GM will probably incorporate a few other bed upgrades that we've already seen on its light-duty pickups.

3500HDdenaliKGPface II

3500HDdenaliKGPside II

3500HDdenaliKGPrear II

3500HDdenaliKGPfront II


@TRX Tom I bet the 6.4 could get better torque than the chevy in half ton rating tuned for more torque than hp

Lol. funny how the same person"s" posts under different names to agree with what he/she says. get a life dude.!

I think the new Sierra and Silverados at least the 1500's should have this front end and interior as the new Tahoe and GMC looks so much better in my opinion.

By the way I think Pickup trucks.com should cover body of frame SUV's since thier trucks, moreso then some of the vans I've been seeing lately.

@TRX 4 Tom You can get a 6.2L in the new GM SUVs and no you don't have to run 91 in the new 6.2L. Try reading info before talking jibberish.

I can not wait until Johnny Doe and Hemi V8 with all their aliases are BANNED!!!!

They'll ban you first frank lol

@papa jim - PUTC has never covered SUV's. Mind you any story that mentions GMC's new 6.2 should have some mention on this site.

@The Real Lou
I do think PUTC should cover SUVs, ie 4x4 wagons with hi/lo only, along with with all light commercial vehicles, ie LDT/MDT.

The reality is these vehicles compete head to head with pickups vying for sales.

@johnny doe

You do have the run 91 to get the "advertised" HP/TQ figures on the 6.2L.


The think the DEF tank would look a lot better if the tank was more contoured to the underside of the truck instead of that 1920's antique looking ugly square box they're using.

Also, the GMC headlights look awfully small on the extended height front end of the 2500. I think the revised stacked quad headlight treatment of the new Silverado, even though it's not perfect, is going to look better on that model.

We'll be buying one.
Hope we can order it with a factory drilled / dealer installed 5th wheel hitch like with the F450.
Ford stuck their customers with several generations of bad Powerjokes so Ford didn't need Govt money. Had Ford made good on the bad motors and trans,, Ford would need Govt money,, just like you do when ya buy a house, ya borrow from the Govt. No difference.
The reliable Duramax and Allison trans, almost lifetime lasting brakes that stop the best in class, precision steering,, best MPG, reasons enough to go GM.

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Commerce should operate under a free market, not the government. That said, this is a nice looking truck; and like your understanding on mortgages, you have no clue about Power Stroke diesels.

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@Lee, just what I thought. You have no intelligent answer to give. Just a juvenile harangue. Do you even know what you are so upset about? If you read all my posts, you will know that I am impartial to a particular brand. You'll get over it ;)

@Alex - I doubt it, looks like PTSD has already set in.

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@Lee Vining - wow, you need to lay off the caffeine.

@Lee, I know why you're so upset. That fact that you get so worked up about my opinions shows that you know I have credibility. You have zero credibility, so nobody really cares what you think. Go look it up on Wiki ;)

I am glad that new trucks are coming out with diesel engines, these will surely perform a lot better than some of the engines that we have right now and will help to protect our environment as well.


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