State Fair of Texas 2013 Highlights

Ford_Display II

Photography by Evan Sears 

In the sweltering Texas heat, with temps more than 90 degrees in the shade, truck makers positioned their forces to launch their latest salvos in the ongoing pickup truck war. Some are transforming their half-tons into different shapes and sizes, while others are beefing up their heavy-duty models. One thing is clear: If a pickup maker wants to survive in the biggest market in the country, they’d better show something special and substantial at the State Fair of Texas. Here are the highlights we saw during press day this year:


GM Reveals New HD Trucks

Video: 2015 Silverado and Sierra HD

Ford Upgrades 2015 Power Stroke

Ram Shows Off 2014 EcoDiesel

Toyota Shows Tundra/Tacoma Texas Edition

State Fair of Texas Highlights

Video: New Power Stroke Testing Video

Video: We Interview New Power Stroke Engineer

Chevy Unveils Black Ops Silverado Concept

Chevy Unveils Volunteer Firefighter Concept



Interesting choice of words they used, best-in-class conventional towing. Ahh, maybe they are talking about best in class "bumper" towing... aka, from the receiver hitch?? Well at least Ford brought an updated engine & best in class conventional towing .....that's a lot more than GM brought to the fair!!

I do not think GM is too worried about Ford after 3 redesigns to Ford Powerstroke,they finally dropped the twin spooler and went to what GM,Ram had done long ago a single variable spooler.And after the beating Ford took from the GMC truck in the "Rumble in the Rockies" does it really matter what claim Ford tries to make at a state fair.I look forward to fair and balance test.Not like Ford phoney video at the fair when everyone found out Ford ran a 4:10 against a 3:73.

People do have to understand some companies don't even offer an equivalent gear ratio in the set up tested. Each and every truck has their strong points and weak points. All of them if driven nicely get 17-20 MPG Highway empty. I am not sure about in your area but most of these trucks don't even get used as a truck now-a-days most are cars used on a weekend to pull a trailer that a half ton could easily pull.

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