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We met Mike Ryan a while ago when he was promoting his Pike's Peak freightliner race truck at the 2013 Mid-America Truck Show (link), where he told us he'd be working with Banks Engineering on a completely new type of high-performance powertrain. Several months later we got to see Ryan and Gale Banks do some fine-tuning of the 2,000-horsepower Super-Turbo engine. The 14-liter Detroit Diesel engine has both a supercharger and turbocharger as well as a unique methanol-injection system that comes on in stages, depending on how much power is needed. 

The testing seemed to pan out pretty well, with expectations and predictions high for a world-record run on the newly paved course at Pike's Peak. Unfortunately, Ryan’s record run was thwarted with by rain and moisture on the course, so much of the grip he was hoping for on the corners (remember, his truck has 2,000 hp) was gone. Thankfully, he was able to open up the semi-truck racer on every straightaway. In the end, however, he fell just short of setting his desired world record but seemed quite optimistic about coming back next year to get it done. Here are a few photos and a video. 

For more on the truck and all the technological master work that had to be done, click here




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Mike Ryan engine II

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@Mark Williams,
It would be a Pikes Peak record for that Class of Heavy Truck not a World Record.

Sometimes I see the diesel truck fanboys tooling around town, I feel like deep down they all imagine they are driving this thing as they try to square off against other cars or cut people off on onramps. They probably also imagine this was easily obtainable performance just from an EFI live tune and dpf delete... smh

actually I take back some of what I said above... this thing smokes a whole lot less than the trucks of the kids I see tooling around town, that must mean this thing is way slower

Well, that smoke is unburnt fuel. Maybe if they has gas injection they might get more complete combustion.

The guys blowing smoke are wasting money.

The biggest turn off of diesel trucks for me is the people who drive them.

Never did understand racing a semi truck, just doesn't look fun and you have to slow way down to make turns. If I was racing I'd be in a car, now pulling competitions would be fun but not driving around a solemn sitting three feet off the ground in a diesel truck.

@Canadian !

You can lump in the truck drivers who live the the suburbs with the "import midsize sedans /small car" drivers. They think their pickup trucks are sports cars.

Although I do enjoy seeing them aggressively pass me and thinking to myself, "they just burnt $2 in gas to get there 10 seconds quicker".

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are numerous Internet resources targeted at the gay trucker. A Google search of the term "gay trucker" will give you a pretty good overview of what's out there. While the Gay Trucker’s Association has the goals of a trucking professional association, most of the pages offer tools for truckers and their admirers to hook. These include Gay Truckers Classifieds, Big Rig Men, the All-Bear Truckstop and Truck Chaser. This last one includes cruising tips and safety advice.

Enjoy boys!

its all about that DD15 baby.. god I love this engine on my Cascadia keep on trucking..

Detroit Diesel has become more German than I realized. Mercedes owns the On Highway Engines. Tognum GmbH the Off Highway engines and BoschLLC owns something else.

@ CDN Mark, I enjoy (when Im in the wife's TDI) mashing my foot on the fun pedal and watching them waste those $2 and still be stuck behind me :)

@ Canadian! my mother always had a saying, if you throw a rock into a dark alley, the dog that yelps is the one you hit... in other words, your spirited defense of "truck owners" means my comments probably struck a little bit too close to home for you, you need to settle down. Also your comment is a giant flaming logical fallacy, I said B and you said "no you are wrong because I have seen A more often than B"... which in reality means absolutely jack sh*t... sorry

I don't if turbo charge and supercharge can work at the same time?

@devilsadvocate - @@Canadian ! is also @Canadian Ram owner and several other alias's related to Dodge and Chrysler. He is the same guy that was talking about getting nailed going 150 mph in a 60 mph area. He has also said lame assed stuff like everyone in the BC drives 40 kph minimum over the speed limit. Since all speed limits in BC max out at 60 mph or 100kph he is saying we all drive 140 kph or 85 mpg.
He is a troll like so many on this site.

Looks like there still are fake posts using my old name and my new blog name. Any post not linked to my Typekey site wasn't made by me. I'm sure these trolls will find a way to disguise that as well.

Detroit diesels were some of the first engines to run superchargers and IIRC, those superchargers found their way into drag racing. The 6-71 blower is a prime example.
Cool truck.

I remember that racist rant you had about a year ago.

I would think many cars in Canada are 'foreign' small and medium cars. A 'Big 3 car driver or a pickup driver would never cut anyone off. Maybe if the pickup is a Nissan or Toyota I suppose they have a tendency to cut off people:)

The unfortunate aspect of pickups with diesel is most remember the lame ass chipped/modded trucks that belch out smoke and never realise that most HDs probably have a diesel.

The guys that chip and bypass pollution controls are quite irresponsible.

The post by Lou BC Posted Sep 3, 2013 9:51:53 PM is a troll. The Troll is saying he is not a troll, I'll leave it to you to decide. I've always gone bu Lou and Lou it is.

This is really hurting PUTC, but they don't seem to care.

When I was I dream of being a racer and seeing this is great.

This is a very cool race! As a fan I'm really glad I've read it.

that was a huge one.. :)

Are this using gasoline engine or diesel? It has a massive turbo and I don't if this truck also has supercharge. looks awesome

Diesel engine has both a supercharger and turbocharger as well as a unique methanol-injection system that comes on in stages, depending on how much power is needed. This is Awesome !

All I can say is: Amazing!

That was cool! Really awesome!

the engine looks gives you nice drive.. how much CC was that ?

wow.. that was awesome. i hope i can ride to that semi truck.. so cool.

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