Toyota Shows Tundra-Tacoma Texas Editions

Tacoma emblem II

Photography by Evan Sears

Toyota likes to remind people at the State Fair of Texas that it is the only truck maker to produce all of its full-size pickup trucks in Texas, along with its V-8s in Alabama and transmissions in North Carolina. The latest iteration of Toyota’s Texas Edition Tundra will be a stand-alone option package only for Texas dealers and will cost $4,195 when ordered on the double cab or CrewMax models. Toyota will also offer a Texas Edition Tacoma for statewide dealers as well, listing for $3,195, but it will only be offered on the four-door double cab model (not available on Access or regular cab models).

Tundra TX II

Tundra face II

Tundra rear II

Tacoma TX 1 II

Tacoma rear II

Tacoma TX 2 II



It would be nice to hear information about the Hilux and Taco replacement.

I hear the chassis and suspension is being designed by Toyota Australia.

I've already tried posting this twice, we'll see what occurs.

I did a quick google search and came up with this. The Toyota Technical Centre in Melbourne is having input, it seems Australia is becoming a centre for pickup design.

Actually this might be the new Hilux/Tacoma, coming out in 2014?

It looks like a hybrid of a Hilux crossed with a Taco.

I do know Toyota have been working with BMW on diesel tech for smaller diesels.

Here's the link of what the 2014? Hilux/Taco will be like. Interesting.

I can see lots of Taco influence in the 2014 Hilux. Hmmm?

The problem is they still have that dreadful diesel.

Boy, talk about problems blogging on PUTC!

I can see lots of Taco influence in the 2014 Hilux. Hmmm?

The problem is they still have that dreadful diesel.

I think it might be nice to have some sort of information on these TX editions, not just how much they cost.
I like the gray flares on the Tacoma- you don't see many like that on DC's

So...any info on what the Texas Edition actually is? Any pictures of the interiors? Anything? Bueller? Bueller?

A mine of information, this article is.

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The Taco still looks pretty good for an old truck. I'm hoping the upcoming re-design upgrades just about everything, though. Also, I have my fingers crossed that the DCSB will be available in Canada in automatic trans. for next gen. (not just DCLB)

I'd love to see the Tacoma and Hilux blend into one modern package. A Beemer diesel but with Toyota reliability (I'm sure I'll get flamed for that reliability comment.. Ha Ha) would be welcome.

Sadly with another refresh year for Tacoma, US customers can see Toyota is going for max profits rather than giving their customers the best truck for the buck. Why upgrade engines and transmissions when your assembly line is at max with old tech. Maybe the new Colorado will force Toyota to update the Tacoma. Yes the TEXAS looks good but where is the improved mileage?

In case anyone was wondering which maufacturer was first with a Texas edition pickup, it was Ford with thw Amarillo edition Super Duty, then came the Ford King Ranch, after that Chevy came out with the "Texas Edition" Silverado, then of course many years later Ram came out with the Lonhorn, and Lonestar.

Just a truly terrible looking truck. Toyota needs to drop out of the truck game and stick to making bland economy cars.

Texas Taco give me a break! C'mon Toyota stop screwing around with repackaging an old worn out truck and give us a new model! Really?!

Cummins is working on a 4 cyl diesel that would be perfect for the Tacoma.

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