Truck Wars Cause Confusion for Auto Writers

Super Duty Truck Wars II

With pickup truck sales likely to hit the 2 million-unit mark by year’s end, which is something we haven't seen for almost eight years, a lot of automotive writers don't quite know what to do about it.

If you recall, many auto writers and journalists said pickup trucks’ popularity hinged on the fact that the people buying them were doing it for image or fashion reasons. When industry sales dropped, many said this was appropriate because those people didn't need trucks since they weren't performing much work with them or using them to their full capabilities.

Of course this is the same group that can't help stating how the redesigned 2014 Chevrolet Corvette and other sports cars are fun to drive, though those buyers will never get close to squeezing out the car’s full potential. And I'm sure there are many full-size sedans that spend their life without at least four people in the seats and a trunk full of gear, but you'll never hear any criticism about how those buyers shouldn't have bought that car in the first place. That particular comment seems reserved for those purchasing pickups.

And now we have sales volumes for full-size pickups ready to break records again as people are coming back to pickups in huge numbers — at rates that are surpassing industry averages by a good margin. How is this to be explained? As Bob Hegbloom, head of the Ram brand, put it at a recent media luncheon, "Once a pickup truck guy, always a pickup truck guy."

So maybe it is that those buyers who had to leave their pickups behind when the recession hit are back in droves. Or it could be that we've never seen pickups with so many clever options or towing and fuel-economy technology before: now we have EcoDiesel, cylinder deactivation, trailer-sway control, tailgate steps, hugely improved interiors, connectivity, powerful V-6 engines, eight-speed transmissions, with even more technology coming.

This is a good time to be in the pickup truck business, but maybe an even better time to be in the market for a new pickup truck. There are a lot of choices, and significant investments are being made into future products. Maybe the average auto writer doesn't know what to do with the strange, new trend of growing pickup truck sales, but customers sure do, especially since they're getting so much more bang from their bucks on dealer lots. Just look at the average transaction price of a full-size pickup truck. It'll make any full-size sedan salesman drool.


Men buy Trucks from General Motors becuase they are reliable Trucks for Work and Fun, they out perform Ford and Dodge or Ram.

And before we start boys who cares about Canada and Australia, Mexico sells more Trucks then those two combined and yes they sell more Fords in Mexico.

Already the trolling and unnecessary comments begin. Please Mr. Mark.....! Help those of us who enjoy this site without the stupidity.

COngrats for pickup manufacturers!!! Congrats to all those who have bought or will buy a new truck soon!

Its a no brainer when you look at the cost compared to what you get in terms of capability and luxary features at a price thats hard to beat. Look at how much SUVs cost. One of my Friends just bought a 12 z71 tahoe that had been sitting on the lot for 45k and another friend bought a 13 f150 fx4 crew ecoboost with nav and appearnce pkg for 41k the ecoboost gets better millage more rear seat leg room, venalated seats, nav, more towing hauling and off road capabilities and is faster and more powerfull. I could even through in the silvarado into the mix, you can get an LTZ z71 with the new ecotech 5.3 for less than a new Tahoe z71 , and the sivarado will out preform that tahoe in every catagory. gone are the days where SUVs only cost marginaly more than a comparably equiped pickup. An expidition el xlt 4x4 cost 47k msrp, an ecoboost lariat stickers at 45k with 3.73 elocker ecoboost and 4x4

I've owned pickup trucks since the early 70's after I got married and got rid of my last muscle car.I have loved each and every one of them,and worked them for what they were supposed to be used for.

Today's trucks are several orders of magnitude better,in all areas.Now I'm looking into a diesel midsize in the next year.I know GM will have a diesel offering for the new midsize twins,and I believe that Nissan's Frontier will end up with the new ISF Cummins I4 clean diesel.

I think that Toyota won't be far behind in a diesel truck as well as maybe Ford,and Jeep,sooner or later will finally offer their pickup with a diesel.

Our pickup truck future is looking very promising for us diesel lovers as well as the more 'performance' minded gasser folks.And,the more competition,the better off all of us will be in choices as well as our favorite brands.It's all looking really good now.

Another reason is that most of the trucky SUV's are gone now with only the core models like Suburban and Tahoe, and Expedition left and those have not been updated as much as the pickups especially the expedition getting worse fuel mileage.

It would be interesting to know how many pickup truck buyers that just kept their trucks longer instead of getting newer trucks. I have a feeling that less truck buyers abandoned their pickups for cars and crossovers than just kept their older trucks a few years longer. I think the increase in new trucks sales is mainly due to deferred purchases which caused a pent up demand for new trucks. Eventually these buyers decided to pull the trigger and buy new trucks.

It's the stupid liberal mentality. If they don't see a use for it, then nobody should be allowed to have it. If it's something they like, then it's ok (no matter the reasoning). Seriously, people should be allowed to buy whatever they want and be left alone.

I posted an article yesterday on our pickups and the same trend is occurring here in Australia. Also I read that the UK is experiencing the same but to lesser degree.

I do know in the US and Canada not only men drive pickups, but also women. To the real men out there I bet your wives also determine and influence what truck you buy.

Especially now that the pickup globally has become a mainstream family SUV.

There are people like me who were initially looking for a 4x4 SUV and end up with a pickup. But SUV and CUV sales are increasing as well.

Out of the 10 vehicles I've had in my life 7 have been pickups. Two have been dual cabs, but they were my last two.

Possibly another reason for the increase in pickups, SUVs, and crossovers is that they are more multipurpose than a sedan or a sports coupe. People are looking for more utility out of their vehicles.

"Once a pickup guy, always...."

read between the lines:
As long as it's a 4-door, $55,000 pickup. But if you want a 2wd 2dr shortbed, well you're s.o.l.

I remember a time when almost all cars came with a V8. Now except for a few they are dying off. Maybe some of these folks are forced into buying a truck since it has V8 power???
I drive a truck because it tows my trailer. I would much rather be driving an SRT Challenger 6.4 Hemi white with blue stripes down the top. Trucks are cool off road but nothing handles like a car around corners over the posted speed. ;)

I also wonder why truck sales are growing with the prices for a new truck so high. My last pickup was used and my next truck will be used. The money is better in my pocket then a dealer's pocket.

@mark williams--No offense, Mark, but writers and commentators are writing for their editors/publishers/advertisers, not for their readers. Not consciously, mind you, but, all the same.

Today's publishers are under enormous pressure from syndicates and sponsors to produce content according to a particular template.

I had my own columns years ago; later on I sold the web software that huge newspaper and media chains use to manage content/advertising and to publish (to print, or to the web).

The pressure for writers to be ahead of the curve, to suit the thought-leaders, to satisfy advertisers, often produces a culture within the media that ends up losing touch with the subscribers and readers.

After more than five years of the Big 3 pushing "green" and "eco" the American buyer still wants V8 power, loud exhaust, cold air intake and a surplus of hauling and towing capacity. After Lord knows how much cajoling and fuss, the Chevy Volt, spite all of its taxpayer subsidies, tech prowess and great design work, is hard for dealers to sell.

Big gas guzzlers--even with all of their EPA penalties, and unstable fuel prices at the pump, still attract hordes of buyers in the US.

I drive one! In fact, I just paid off my 2009 Silverado and a new half ton is in my sights. No turbo, no diesel, no hybrid, no green.

I really enjoy your website and the coverage.

@Big Al, this might be of interest to you: an Australian review of the current F-250 6.7.

$150,000 from a small importer, Ford is missing an opportunity.

@Jeff S
I think you've hit it.

Compared to 30-40 years ago we are more affluent. People are doing more. We want and can afford vehicles that allow us to do those additional things we thought of as a luxury back then.

The US also has had a period of slow growth and this included vehicle sales. Business will gradually need to replace their older vehicles.

Judging by the increase in business activity in the US compared to the increase in pickups trucks, one could assume some businesses are holding onto their cash.

Pickup sales are increasing quicker than business activity.

Pickups are the new muscle cars.

And yes, it rocks when you can go anywhere and tow/haul anything with your 4 door family hot rod.

Fuel prices are high here - did some googling and see that americans loved hitting the road this summer and burned a bunch of the reserve and supply and demand raised prices. Pickups selling well will burn more dinosaurs and drive gas up - I liked it better when less people burned as much gas as I do :)

It's a real pity we don't have the manufacturers supplying pickup from the US.

Even if they are double the price they are in the US they would sell some. Enough to recoup the cost of designing a new dash and steering setup.

It seems the US companies want to sell thousands at a time. The only hope would be Ram. I do recall back in the late 90s Ram was considering selling Rams here, only V8s.

They would also have some tough competition from the Japanese who already have a foothold. But, you have to start somewhere.

I wouldn't call the pickup the new muscle car. I think they are more the new station wagon, people mover.

If they were the new muscle car, wouldn't a single cab V8 2WD be the biggest selling pickup?

Hemi V8, where have you been, modern V6's have far more power then V8's of even ten years ago. No need for a V8 in a car unless you have to have the sound. Even in trucks V6's are becoming more commonplace. Yes I still like a V8 camaro or Mustang for the experiance but in anything else its not really needed.

I would much rather be driving (a car).
Posted by: HEMI V8 | Sep 24, 2013 7:05:24 PM

Did Hemi V8 just expose himself as a poser? Not a real truck guy.

@papa jim - I do agree with your statement. I have started blogging on TTAC and one of their Canadian contributors was blackballed by Ford Canada for a harsh review of a Lincoln he tested. They also pointed out that it is ONLY fare game for magazines to slag a product when it has reached the end of its lifecycle and the replacement has been released. They even had a news story lately of a editor of a magazine who for years had ignored to comment upon extremely common problems with Porsche and the guy finally had something negative to say.

Magazines and car companies exist in a symbiotic relationship. They both need each other. Unless one does like Consumer Reports and randomly buys its vehicles from car lots, that relationship will continue. Many editors and writers talk about having "insiders" that provide them information. I would bet that most of those "leaks" are controlled by the PR department.

PUTC does aim its stories to its target audience - truck buyers and the story above is evidence of that. It may be true in many respects but is does encourage us truck buyers to continue to look at "us" as a separate and distinct demographic.

With that being said, I do enjoy Mark Williams editorial and review style. He definitely is less politically correct than his predecessor Mike Levine.

@Dave - HEMI V8 is a fraud.




@Dave - lately you seem to be into taking excerpts from people's blog entries and posting them without any context.

This is exactly what HemiV8 said:
"I remember a time when almost all cars came with a V8. Now except for a few they are dying off. Maybe some of these folks are forced into buying a truck since it has V8 power???
I drive a truck because it tows my trailer. I would much rather be driving an SRT Challenger 6.4 Hemi white with blue stripes down the top. Trucks are cool off road but nothing handles like a car around corners over the posted speed. ;)"

When I was single, I had dirt bikes, quads, street bikes and a truck. The truck carried my dirt bikes and quads or towed my toy trailer. It was used for hunting and fishing and getting me through the winter or got me where I wanted to go when I wasn't in the mood to ride in the rain.

Nothing wrong with being able to afford multiple toys or wishing that one had multiple toys.
Trucks are great because they can be your hotrod, family car, hunting rig, toy hauler, winter rig, work around the house rig and on and on.

We all have been guilty of being too aggressive with each other and holding grudges.

We can reduce the impact of trolls by ignoring them and we can improve things by cutting each other some slack.

We are truck guys talking trucks.

Shouldn't that be the only thing that matters?


I like HEMI V8, but there has always been something that is not quite right about his posts especially when he starts in with the truck recalls. It kind of makes sense after him admitting he is more of a car guy.

I also wonder how he has any proof that his Mustang caught fire due to a recalled part. How would you know what the issue was if you got rid of the car before the recall?

Also, full insurance is required for the entire length of a loan from any bank so he has himself to blame for trying to cheat the system.

Today's cars look all the same, Ugly soaps on 4 wheels,v8 only for rich, boring ,i prefere an American pick-up truck, the last survivors of a great past.This is why people love Trucks


Let's all agree to practice what we preach and stop all trolling.


I don't have a problem with you and was only teasing. You are a good person and a hard-core truck guy.

@ AllAmerican

Dude, GM is a joke pulling numbers out their arse just so they can be more capable on paper and to their cult following fan boy following. Case in point, look at the new 2014 Silverado's towing numbers.

Chevy claims that it's Ecotec 5.3L (355 hp/383lb-ft) 4 door 4x4 with 3.42 gears can tow 9,800 lbs. In contrast, Ford rates it's 5.0L (360hp/380 lb-ft) 4 door 4x4 with 3.55 gears at 7,700lbs. Both are virtually identical even down to the 6-speed transmission in both that have almost the same ratios in every gear. How can this be that Chevy rates it's truck for 9,800lbs? That is higher than even a 3.55 Ecoboost (9,600 lbs tow rating) and 3.55 Ram Ecodiesel (9,200lb tow rating) which both have substantial more torque and HP down low than the Ecotec 5.3L. A Ecoboost has more power to the wheels than the 5.3L has at the crank between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm yet Chevy says it's 3.42 can tow more than a 3.55 Ecoboost by 200 lbs more. Where are they pulling these numbers?

One could argue that those others don't count since they don't go by SAE J2807 standards. Well the Tundra does and it's 5.7L (381hp/401 lb-ft) 4 door 4x4 with 4.30 gears is only rated for 10,000. How is it that Chevy rates it's 5.3L with a 3.42 only 200lbs shy of a more powerful Tundra 5.7L with 4.30 gears and goes by SAE standards?

Either GM is knowingly lying about how they rate their trucks or their idea of towing is only doing 45 mph in first gear with the engine at 5,000 rpm while pulling up a grade 7 hill. I think GM needs to re-evaluate what they say their trucks can do because as it stands currently, they are making themselves the laughing stock of the truck world by posting numbers that all others know are not true. Maybe they are just hoping that blind fanboys or people that don't know better will not even bother to test drive the competition. If they did, then I would bet that GM would not sell as many trucks, and Ram would be in second place followed by Tundra.

99.9% of the blog readers cannot follow the rules, but I will try. From this point forward, I will: 1) stay on topic and 2) stop name calling. If anyone else will do same, feel free to say so.

Namecalling or personal attacks occur when a person substitutes abusive remarks for evidence when attacking another person's claim or claims. Not to single out Lou because I have done it too, but here is a perfect recent example:

@Alex - I doubt it, looks like PTSD has already set in.
Posted by: Lou_BC | Sep 14, 2013 11:41:04 PM
@Lee Vining - wow, you need to lay off the caffeine.
Posted by: Lou_BC | Sep 17, 2013 12:58:10 AM

This line of posting and "reasoing" is bogus and simply a personal attack because the attack is directed at the person making the post and not the post/claims itself. This type of post is considered trolling and is what feeds "the trolls."

We can agree to disagree with other forum participants without going off-topic or name calling. Would I say some has PTSD, the same insult Lou used, if the person was sitting across a table from me. Or would I be more respectful? This is something for us all to think about.

Hey AllAmerican,

I worked on a big freeway reconstruction project in Utah and we had new 2010 & 2011 Chevy 2500's on the job. Let me tell you they were the biggest piles of junk I've ever driven. We broke interior door handles all the time, one truck went thru 6 at $400 each. The throttle bodies kept going out, we lost hubs on half our trucks that were in my department. We had doors get miss aligned so bad the dealer had to fix them. Every truck had it's wire harness replaced on both head lights because the wires were so small that they would fry off the back of the bulbs. The body panels were so thin they would dent if you sneezed on them. The front bumper end caps on the '10's were made out of plastic!! The back bumpers are made out of stamped tin and riveted together. But I will say, the brakes were amazing, they are the only thing that didn't wear out! My whole crew hated those trucks.

But don't feel bad, our mechanic had a 2010 Ford F550 service truck was in the shop so much that they took it back on the lemon law. The 2011 F550 didn't fare much better, the shop drove it as much as our mechanic! The mechanic said that he hated the Fords and swore never he'd never buy one.


Do I have to contact the authorities?
Nutjobs like you are creeps, perverts and stalkers...

I would be careful if I were you, I may start to investigate your behavior because I for one do not conduct searches on individuals and then publish all they can about another person without even bothering to tell them...

In fact I am going to write a letter to this site seeking your banishment, LEAVE personal information where it should be!

How old are you? You are acting like a child and if I have to get law enforcement to protect my family from personal threats and attacks and invasion of privacy, trust me i am leaning to that side...

I would be careful if I were you and others on this site!
Posted by: oxi | Apr 12, 2012 5:37:40 AM

Hey Oxi,

Are you out there? I wanted to clear the air. No I am not a stalker. If you read this, I apologize. You are right. Have a great day and I hope you come back to the blog really soon.

@Me: that is a lovely story that you just made up.

Why do you Ram trolls keep comming on here typing that stupid guts glory ram slogan which was came up with by a FRENCHMAN. Oliver Francois who is chief of Chrysler's advertising.


Trucks handle excellent these days. I test drove a Ford F-150 Ecoboost (by myself) and I way amazed how i could keep up with the quickest of cars (the ones that were obviously speeding around the bends) around highway overpasses and downhill curving roads. If i had my 2001 Mazda Protoge doing the same speed around the bends I would probably spin around.

I'm amazed by the handling of modern trucks. And with the air suspension on the Ram it will probably handle even better.

Trucks have come a long way.

@ALL1 Ford has done the same thing remember the 5.4? They said it could tow 11,000 pounds and it only had 310 hp 365tq. The 5.3 with max towing package is 11,500 pounds with 355hp and 383 tq.

By the way you're numbers are off 4wd crew cab standard box with 3.42s is rated at 9,500 pounds and a 4wd crew cab short box with 3.42s is 9,600 pounds. You put in the 2wd's tow rating. Talk bout laughing stalk at least use the correct numbers

I'm sure Ford would love to hop up their numbers too, but when you put a turbo charge car engine in a million pound truck and try to tow with it they know they'll be blowing head gaskets left, right and center when trying to rev the crap out their Eco boost with more MPG friendly rear axle gears. Yep you can bet you're butt they won't up the 5.0L tow rating when they can milk the blind Ford fans for an extra $2,000 to get the Eco boost that they can make even more money on when you bring it to the dealer ship to be fixed.

"Chevy claims that it's Ecotec 5.3L (355 hp/383lb-ft) 4 door 4x4 with 3.42 gears can tow 9,800 lbs. In contrast, Ford rates it's 5.0L (360hp/380 lb-ft) 4 door 4x4 with 3.55 gears at 7,700lbs. Both are virtually identical even down to the 6-speed transmission in both that have almost the same ratios in every gear. How can this be that Chevy rates it's truck for 9,800lbs? That is higher than even a 3.55 Ecoboost (9,600 lbs tow rating) and 3.55 Ram Ecodiesel (9,200lb tow rating) which both have substantial more torque and HP down low than the Ecotec 5.3L. A Ecoboost has more power to the wheels than the 5.3L has at the crank between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm yet Chevy says it's 3.42 can tow more than a 3.55 Ecoboost by 200 lbs more. Where are they pulling these numbers?"

Here is another example that makes you go hmmmmmm.

2014 Silverado 5.3 4x2 DoubleCab 355hp is rated to 11,500 lbs.

F-150 5.0 4x2 SuperCab 360hp is rated to tow 9.500 lbs.

Also I forgot to say a Chevy truck is around 200 pounds lighter then a comparable Ford truck.

The reason pickups are so popular now is the price and incentives you get. I can count multiple families here who were after an SUV because they couldn't stand a minivan. They get to the lots, and theres a big shiny SUV, but next to it is a big shiny crew cab pickup loaded that is $10,000 less and has much better technology for fuel economy.....

Hmmmm, do I really need a 3rd row of seats.....nope, pickup it is. Throw on a hard tonneau and have lots of trunk space too..

@PUTC: The writing is on the wall...

Read the article closely

@Big Al--Cars and trucks for the most part last much longer than they did 30 to 40 years ago. Many people I know who can even afford newer vehicles keep them anyway because they are not having any problems with them and feel it is a waste of money to keep a vehicle for only a few years. Also many people were very hard hit by the financial crisis in 2008 and many smaller businesses were cash strapped. It is hard to find a lower mileage car or truck that is in good shape. Many trucks that are used have high mileage and the price difference between a late model and new is much less.

I myself keep my vehicles at least 10 years and keep them in top mechanical condition. I also keep the interiors clean, wax my vehicles 3 times a year, and keep 2 of my 3 vehicles garaged. I hold to the saying that one of the oil commercials said several years ago "You can pay me now or you can pay me later." Regardless of brand if you do routine maintenance and preventative maintenance on any vehicle it should last at least 10 years and 200k miles. My 99 S-10 looks brand new and runs like a new truck even though it is almost 15 years old. The 2000 Taurus my wife had was the same and the dealer that I traded it in it resold in a week at asking price. I like new vehicles but I also like to good reliable service and long life out of any vehicle that I own. It is also a nice feeling to have enough money to buy a vehicle and have the time to shop for the vehicle that best meets you needs instead of being pressured to buy because your old vehicle is unreliable.

Unless I need to haul stuff, I'll drive a car. Pickups are wheel-barrows with engines to me. They burn too much gas for casual use.

As for sales now? Which types of trucks are selling? The media spin is that work-trucks are driving these sales.

@johnny doe

So you are saying a 3.42(still MPG gears) Ecotec 5.3L in a 4 door that gets it's torque all the way at 4,100 rpm will tow up to 9,000 lbs up a 3 grade hill without backing off 10 mph or more from the speed limit? Right, and I am the Pope. Sorry to tell you this, but that ain't going to happen no matter what you are willing to believe from GM. Do I need to post the video again to remind people what Chevy considers towing? It couldn't even hold 50 mph in a 60 mph speed zone while towing less then what Chevy rated it for with the pedal all the way to the floor and rpms above 5,000.

Say what you want to say about my little turbo 6, at least it can tow 10,000 lbs up hills without requiring it to work it's brains out to get the job done. The 383 lb-ft that it takes the 5.3L 4,100 rpm to make only takes 1,700 rpm from the Ecoboost and it is still climbing. Hell, it is still above 400 lb-ft by the time the Ecotec 5.3L finally gets to it's peak torque.

Here is a quick run down of their comparison in pulling torque going by each manufactures crank dyno. If you know the law of 5250 rpm then you you will know that the Ecoboost has more horsepower than the Ecotec with a wide gap in the lower rpms as well just like it's torque.

Engine: rpm/lb-ft
Ecotec 5.3:1,500/295--2,000/325--2,500/340--3,000/350--3.500/370--4,000/380--4,500/375--5,000/365

Ecoboost: 1,500/370--2,000/385--2,500/420--3,000/420--3,500/415--4,000/410--4,500/390--5,000/385

So tell me how could a Chevy with it's 3.42 MPG gear out tow an F-150 Ecoboost with a shorter for towing 3.55 gear when their transmission ratios are almost identical. It ain't gonna happen. Be jealous all you want, you can simply buy a Ford to ease your pain.

I drive my SD every day because I like it. Bottom line. It's big and roomy and fairly luxurious. Plus I can put it in 4x4 and haul things when I need to. My wife drives a Platinum F-150 every day. For pretty much the same reasons except it never hauls much in the bed. We do use her truck to take to the lake on weekends and tow the boat with it. Trucks are like the muscle cars of the 60's but better. They're big, roomy and fun to drive. I wouldn't even buy a regular car now.

And the car companies are following the laws of supply and demand. As I said in the Ram 1500 Diesel article, for 40K, I bought a minivan for the wife that has gotten 30 mpg on the freeway loaded. Image be damned, she was getting a practical car for our needs. After a year, ask her how she feels about her minivan?! Trucks are the same. at one point, they were practical, utilitarian, and inexpensive (relatively). My friend bought a 2012 Ram 3500 LongHorn for 66K. Where is the reasoning for 55K on the 1500? As long as the marketing BS continues and people spend their life savings on depreciating assets, this will continue. As for me, I am now in a wait and see mode for the used car market. Trucks, even the luxury ones, do tend to be beat up after time. I have no problem doing maintenance on an older vehicle that get's the job done. The truck market is currently a prime example of a bubble, much like the dot com and real estate bubbles of late. They are/have priced themselves out of range for the people who truely use/need a truck. For my business, I am now looking at the new euro-styled vans due to comprable capacity and much lower price. If properly configured, I may have one more new car in my life. May be time to trade up from my 15 and 8 yr old vehicles. Then again, they are paid in full and my kids may actually get to drive them!

@ALL1 It's simple why the Eco Boost has a lower tow rating I said it but you're to blind on the ford o aid to understand it or didn't bother to read. Fords 5.0L would handle mostly be rated around the same as the GM's 5.3L towing numbers if the Eco Boost wasn't in the engine line up. They maxed the Eco Boost out and charge you $2,000 more for over the 5.0L. They wait for it 2 blow head gaskets like poor sandman4x4 found out with just a cold air intake and cat back. Then they try to screw you out of the warrant to make money. As for you're video that truck has 3.08s not 3.42s. As for would the 5.3L drop 10 MPH with 3.42s on a 3%? It looks like it would do the speed if not over the as it was on the Eco Boost butt gaining speed on a steeper 7.2% grade with 8,500 pounds in the light duty shoot out

As you say be jealous all you want, you can simply buy a Chevy with a bigger displacement engine that will handle the stress of pulling a load to ease your pain not having to worry bout popping head gaskets over working a small displacement force induction engine.

@johnny doe

It is one thing to go from 0-40 like in that test that the Ecotec was 2 seconds behind the Ecoboost an 3 seconds behind the Hemi which is a lot in a 0-40 test. If you want to get a clue of how far that is, have you and a buddy have a drag race with him having a 2 second head start. However, it is another in holding speed going up an incline when towing without having to be past 4,000 rpm to do it. This is a harder test of an engine and is why people that tow prefer diesels or engines with a lot of low end torque. I cangguarantee you that if you loaded your 3.42 Ecotec 5.3L with 9,000 lbs in the back that it will not, I repeat not hold the speed limit going up a grade 3 and you will have the pedal floored with the engine in high revs the whole way up. I have had 10,500 behind be with the cruise set at 65 mph going up a grade 3 without loosing speed or having the rpms past 3,500. I can video tape it next time if you want me to show you or you can just youtube itit since there are plenty of examples. Can your 3.42 do the same with just 9,000 lbs? I don't think so....actually I KNOW it can't. That is why I said in previous posts that Chevy's idea of towing is obviously different than Ford's. But atleast the Chevy gets better fuel mileage, although that is at the sacrifice with power.

Also, just because an engine is turbocharged does not mean it will wear faster. What wears an engine out quicker is being in the high rpms all the time, and poor preventative maintenance. Being that the Ecoboost is a low end power engine, it does not need as much rpm as the Ecotec 5.3L does to get moving or to tow. The Ecotec 5.3L gets it's peak power in the higher rpm therfore it has to keep it's rpms high to have power when towing thus making it wear quicker.

I definitely feel that trucks are the new muscle car here in Alberta. There everywhere and faster louder than most cars on the road. I never see camry's racing light to light but trucks are all the time. I never hear people talking about the new 1.8l piece of crap under the of their car but ive been stopped several times this summer and asked whats under the hood of my ford in parking lots, is it fast, hows the mileage. Its an era of fun and good times in are exceptionally powered trucks right now. No one cares about the sedan you bought but everyone is excited about your new truck and can't wait to buy theirs soon. At a $109 a litre people can afford the gas right now to have lots of power, take their family out in style and take there quad out on the weekend all with one multi purpose hotrod of a truck.

@Dave - sure. If you stop pullling information completely out of context of the conversation.

1. My PTSD comment was made jokingly towards a guy who made all sorts of inflammatory and defamatory remarks towards Alex.

2. Oxi - WTF? He has posted all sorts of personal information all over the net then got defensive once one pointed out flaws in his logic or inconsistencies in his commentary. I even pointed out the danger of all his information posted. What do you think of a guy that even posted a picture of his house with the MLS number prominantly displayed?

3. Wow - you consider telling someone to lay off the caffiene as trolling> Again, that guy was getting all agressive over another guys post.

Dave - with all of the false name posting going on, it is hard to decipher who one is talking to, but if you are the Dave that is usually around here - you do get all defensive when one challenges you on points you are trying to make. All of the nonsense (can i use that word without crushing you?) you have posted is proof.

I have been trying to ignore trolls and if I respond sarcastically, it is in response to odd posts or fan boy posts. If I chose to address a troll, I have my reasons, and I am not going to reveal them to you.

Hopefully that clears up your recent obsession with "out of context" cut and paste.

If you want to discuss a topic, i have no problems with that. If you are going to insert information then provide ALL of the information. If that is impossible, at least provide the link to the rest of the information.

Passive aggressive is your approach or is pointing out that fact trolling?

Don't answer - that was a rhetorical question.

@Dave - one last thing, feel free to complain to PUTC if you do not like my posts, unlike the trolls that are ruining this site, I have a valid email address and only post from 2 different URL's.

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