Untouched 1958 Chevy Pickup Sells for $140K


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When a dealership in Pierce, Neb., decided to put all of its classic Chevrolet hardware on the auction block, more than 10,000 people showed up to get a closer look at automotive history. Some of the vehicles had less than 2 miles on the odometers and have been stored indoors for more than 60 years.

At the end of the day, NPR reports the Lambrecht Chevrolet dealership put almost 500 vehicles up for sale, with the most impressive finds being pickup trucks. The highest purchase price paid at the event was for a 1958 Chevy Cameo pickup (with a manual column shifter, of course) that had been driven only 1.3 miles. It fetched $140,000.

Additionally, a 1958 Chevy Apache 3100 Series pickup with 5 miles on the odometer, was purchased for $80,000.

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Nice truck.

They say untouched, but it looks like that chevy has a little bump on the head.

Something definitely touched the roof

I'm thinking when it was in the shed (a few of the cars were actually stored indoors), something got placed on top of it that over the course of a few years dented the hood down.

I'm thinking an overweight bird flew into it the very first day they pulled it out of the shed.

There was a full article in Yahoo. The roof of the barn where some of the cars were stored caved in. Damaging some of the cars. Great reporting PUTC ... this aution has been on Yahoo front page over a month ago and reports came in yesterday ... at the latest. Been too busy to readthe news lately.

Some of those vehicles should've went to museums so everyone has a chance to look at them. I mean come on, you can't drive them without destroying their originality (parts are still 55 years old, brittle and probably deteriorated) and having them sit in some rich guys garage as a conversation piece is a waste.

Just clean them up gently and take 'em to an automotive museum and be done with it.

A lot of history went on the auction block. I agree many of these cars and trucks should have gone to museums. From what I heard many collectors not only from across the country but around the world came to bid on these vehicles.

The way it's sitting high in the front makes me think the engine is missing.

It takes a GM product to hold it's value. The roof was dented when the roof on the garage collapsed from a heavy snowfall.

Old Chevrolet trucks are worth a mint. There's no denying that. Yes, worth much more than most Ford trucks. Especially Chevy trucks from the 20's through the early 90's. And double especially the mid 40's through the early-mid 70's. I must say I've always preferred old Chevrolet cars and trucks to both that of Ford and Dodge. They were better looking and Chevrolet powered. It's only since the 90's where Ford won me over. This new Silverado though is pointing back in the right direction. Can you imagine what this auction would have brought in terms of dollars on Barrett Jackson if these things had been in better shape? Chevrolet's from 1973 and back are worth a fortune. More than just about any other company-brand in existence. Not even Cadillac's command Chevrolet type money.

More proof they should make Chevy the luxury all in one truck model and ditch GMC Sierra?

@Ken: That's a product of the camera angle...but I see what you mean.

They should've sent Dr. Henry Jones to the auction. He would've made sure some of them ended up in a museum.

More proof they should make Chevy the luxury all in one truck model and ditch GMC Sierra?

@Karl, they should have dumped the Sierra a long time ago. Offered the Chevrolet with a couple of grille options like Ford does and rolled the Denali trim over to it. Now slotting above the High Country. Then Chevy would have a complete truck line to compete with Ford and Ram. GM labeled trucks should have been axed anyway. Their suv's are taking away sales from Buick and Cadillac both on top of Chevrolet. It's too much. Just roll Denali into Chevrolet and be done with it. GMC was a dead brand walking before the Denali trim anyway. Chevrolet is for work and luxury both. Just like Ford, Just like Dodge.

@JeffS, I agree. Isn't there a Chevrolet Motors museum somewhere this stuff could have gone to? At least a few of them?

@Karl, I think that will happen eventually. Denali is what's important, not GMC itself. Notice they don't put GMC on the steering wheel? They use Denali. As long as it's Denali, I don't think the badge on the front matters.

@ greg ,
Chrysler products sell for over $1 Million dollars,not just powered muscle cars,but late 20's to 50's sell for over $100,000..

Fords also sell high..not just GM products.

I had just recently heard a guy make a comment about motorcylces, " Tis better to have one on the road then four in the shed".

I think that it is good to have people want to collect and store vehicles as "time capsules" but to store them and not look after them or not use them?

@ the real Mike,

Chances are the new owners wont drive these(too bad),they will be better off in a private collection then a museum,furthermore most Auto Museums are owned by collectors,and feature cars they own or other collectors own.


People went crazy because of all original and low miles..

Barrett Jackson is not the only auction and not the auction with the highest selling price,furthermore private sellers bring the money too.

Hemi Mopars sell for over $1 Million dollars,and old late 40's Chrysler's go for well over $150,000 ! Mid-Late 50's DeSoto's,Chryslers,Plymouth's,Dodge's go for $200,000.
Chevy was not a performance leader(sure rare 427 and 454 ls6),a 440 Mopar kicks any Chevy and the HEMI puts them all to shame,only problem is they cant get traction.Tested when new a 440 4barrel (not a 6 barrel quicker) Cuda runs low 12's with a 10" slick (modern tires have more grip) stock skiny 14's it spun down the whole 1/4 running 14 seconds going sideways ! Hemi's were low 11's with grip.The 1950 Chrysler started the performance wars with the HEMI,then the muscle car the 55 Chrysler 300 ! The Pontiac GTO was given the title of the car that started it but a 55 300 will run with it ! Yes the mid-late 50's cars as 80's early 70's get no traction off the line thus reported times are slower.

Plus nothing sounds as good as a Mopar,the idle of them the gear reduction starter,the lumpy idle even with a stock 383 4bbl has a nice lumpy lobe to it.Heck even their smallblocks sound good..I have a few old GM's for sale 68 Chevelle SS 396 350 horse,71 Nova SS and a 72 Olds cutlass 442 with a 455.Also a Boss 302 Stang,429 c.j Torino,and a whole bunch of Mopars in my collection..

"It takes a GM product to hold it's value."

-LOLOLOL!!!! THIS article is About CHEVROLET! NOT Government Motors you Clown. A GovtMoCo truck Could NOT Bring HALF OF THAT MONEY!!! BIG DIFFERENCE. And ANOTHER Reason the GovtMoCo Sierra should NOT EXIST! A WASTE of the Taxpayers Dollars to fund TWO Trucks!! I STILL want My Money BACK from that SHAM. CHEVROLET is FINE! SCREW GM.

@Canadian Dodge RAM Owner, the GTO was a dog. I had Dodges is the 60's without Hemi's that would stomp those heaps on the street. I could only imagine a Hemi would have obliterated them. Chevelle's had all the balls of the big cars outside of a Charger. Mustangs with the 429's had all the balls of the smaller rides that I remember. Camaro's were ok too if they had big blocks.

@Karl, Sierra's are redundant. They've become a feminine truck anyway. I wouldn't be surprised to see it dumped and have the Denali trim go to Cadillac's suv line or that of Chevrolet.

Beautiful truck! Love those classic Chevrolet's! To be a Chevy dealer back in that era must have been a blast. From about the 80's or 75 or so onward it must have really sucked. That's when Chevrolet turned into mostly cheap junky rental cars for some reason. I'd love to own this 58!

From the previous articles posted about these cars the dealer was not collecting these cars as much as accumulating them over a period of 50 years. Lambrecht did not resell any of the used cars or trucks he got as trade-ins nor did he sell remaining models of new cars and trucks left over from the previous years. This is more of a case of hoarding than collecting. If you go on the NPR link there is a picture of a 56 Chevy interior that appears to be eaten by mice.

If you remember the Charlie Thomas auction in Houston several months ago, those trucks were collected over several years and were in much better shape. Charlie Thomas owned a Ford dealership and several other dealerships with various brands. Jeff Wyler does the same thing as well. Wyler is actually building a facility to display the various cars and trucks he has collected. Thomas was a collector as is Wyler, Lambrecht not so much. Most of the Lambrecht vehicles will be restored by collectors.

What a great truck. When it comes to Chevrolet, you can't beat the Corvette and Silverado. At least the old ones. GM in general doesn't appeal to me but the Chevrolet Motor Division they had dominated the landscape for a long long time. You can't deny that. Great designs, great engines.


@Mopar, that's because counterfeit trucks aren't worth jack long term. Just a Chevy with a different grille. Always was, always will be. Stupid now, stupid then. Just stick with Dodge.

They had a '59 Impala there that I REALLY wanted. Unfortunately, I couldn't get there to view or bid and couldn't afford what it finally sold for.

Do you guys have any more pictures of other vehicles they had for sale, it would be really cool to see.

Chevrolet should have dumped GM like a bad habit during the BK. Then they might have class leading trucks and cars like this old stuff again worth owning over a Ford.

My timing is perfect, once again. I discovered I absolutely love the 1958 Chevy Pickup just a couple of months ago. Saw one in person in Reno last month and went absolutely nuts. Now, about the 140 large entry fee... again... a day late and a dollar short.

@Todd, GM (IE: GovtMotorsCo) is in the toilet again. Touché, they should have just been One Chevrolet and gone all out with designs and quality. Dumb. I'd expect nothing less from the legacy of Obama and his Government Motors enterprise. The sooner Chevrolet dumps GM, the better.

Anyone want to guess what a GMT-800 or GMT-900 will go for 55 years from now? lol!! What piles of cheap Chinese dog crap those 2 models were. The new one is better but not the best. Old Chevrolet's were great, new Chevrolet's for the most part suck. GM has always sucked.

Pages 1-23. THIS is why Chevrolet sucks now. Nothing but junk. They lost nearly every loyal customer they ever had including me. Screw GM for wrecking Chevy. This old stuff is golden tho.


Screw GM for wrecking Chevy

-And this is why we call it the depressing saga of Chevrolet. "GM's Bi*ch".

I don't like GM either. Chevrolet on the other hand, I can get behind.

That's a powerful and classic chevy. With it completely restored you probably can sell it for 225k. It will easily cost 25k to restore it, I would consider this an okay investment if the owner sells out in the next 5 years. If he waits 15-20 years it will easily be half a million.

Half a mill? Are you sure? I see the value but it's going to take more than 25k to restore it and I' don't think you would get 225k now even then. I think "auction fever" took over and ran up the price.
But, who knows!? You may be right about 20 years from now!

@Old GM Guy--I agree that those at this auction probably paid more than the going rate, but Eric could be right there are not a lot of these older Chevy trucks around and the market is still hot. I doubt it would take 25k to restore this truck, but if someone paid 140k for this then they can afford to restore it. Nice truck.

Old trucks are much expensive than you thought. even trucks laid still in the garage the older it is the higher the price is.

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