Video: GM's 2015 Heavy Duty Pickups

GM HD Silverado 6 II

Photo by Evan Sears

At the State Fair of Texas today, Mark Williams got an up-close look at the new 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty and the 2015 GMC Sierra HD. The pickups sported new looks inside and out, and a few new cool features as well. To see what changed, and what didn’t, watch the video below.



That gray dully pulling the 5th wheel looks pretty darn nice. Now if only I could get one for each day of the week.


I feel like Chevy could have done a better job with that bumper design. It just looks strangely out of proportion and overly bulky. The plastic air dam/faux skid plate combo on the bottom doesn't help either. If it wasn't for that bumper it would be a fairly nice looking truck.

Nice, looks like GM and Ford will continue to have total control over the heavy duty market.

@Paul810 - It was meant for the new Transformers movie, but they just decided to keep it across the board...

@Mark Williams - What did you mean by "The interiors are more differentiated than ever between GM and Chevy?"

Aside from the logo and lighting color, I couldn't find any other differences. What am I missing?

I wonder if there will be a medium 4500/5500 duty model to fill the gap left by the Chevrolet Kodiak and GMC TopKick. The 2015 Ford F450 Super Duty and Ram 4500/5500 as well as the International Terrastar should light a fire under GM's rear in that segment.


GM Medium Duty Trucks by 2017

I'm just not feeling GM. They're a let down with both the new styling and powertrain. I thought they'd come back with a bang from that new powertrain factory.

Why would they do such a closeup of the HD Chevy? I keep expecting its shape to change on the command "Autobots Assemble". LOL

Love the sound of that Hemi V8 in the Ram Runner at the end of this video.

It is nice to see that they got ride of those cheezy cheap looking plastic vents on the back of the hood.

I actually brought over the gooseneck rental trailer in the big satellite picture in the video and had to load it up for the California people. The little blue lift truck did not want to load on the trailer that day either because of a low battery or high load angle. So I had a guy in a suburban pull me up with some chains. There was also a big orange lift truck although it would of almost exceeded 25k trailer weight rating so the producers didn't want it. Anyways the trucks are photo shop and some more satellites added ect.. The original picture that they put together on the laptop was a red 3/4 ton. Kind of a let down only seeing a digital truck . Its always entertaining though delivering to the Film Industry as they are always blowing stuff up and doing chase scenes for up coming movies.

I think GM had a focus group tell them HD drivers want to drive Simi's. Ford too. That barrel hoop grill band makes sure it isn't mistaken for the half ton.

Why not wait for the new drivetrain w/8 speed? They are practically giving these away in the 2013's. They gave my work buddy $1K more than he owed on his trade-in and that was after big discounts! Won't be long before they are out of date.

Jugger; I wish my BIL could get me into those closed sets. He builds sets for Universal. He loves watching shoots when they rig those cannons under the cars that kick them over in the direction they want them to flip. Nice perk for sure. I'd happily pay to see that.

this guy is big and cute

i must be missing something too on the inside? not bad still like my gmc hd better. bring back the 8.1 guys!

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