Chevy, GMC Half-Tons Prices Jump

Chevy Silverado TX II

Prices for the 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 and 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 are rising substantially, the Detroit News reports, and both nameplates have seen their base prices rise by more than $2,000 when compared to their introductions in April.

When they debuted, the Chevy Silverado had a base price of $24,585, which was right in line with the outgoing 2013 base-model pricing; it is now listed at $26,670 with an additional $1,095 destination charge. The 2014 GMC Sierras debuted with a $500 price increase. With this most recent increase coming for new trucks built after October 7 (meaning that trucks previously on dealer lots theoretically would not get the price increase), some GMC models could be as much as $2,700 more than the outgoing 2013 models.

Some GM half-ton competitors wondered to us if this indicates that GM will embrace a more aggressive incentive strategy for Chevy and GM. "Anytime you have a dramatic increase in price like this, that means there's usually something big coming around the corner," those sources said.

Director of Marketing and Strategy for Chevy Truck, Maria Rohrer, said "this was the plan all along. We wanted to price the new truck aggressively up front in order to make sure we made the transition as smooth as possible for dealers between the 2013 and 2014 models … now, we're ready to move forward."

GM's Sales Reporting spokesman, Jim Cain, noted in the same Detroit News article there are only 20,000 2013 Silverados and Sierras on dealer lots, so GM considers the transition almost complete. Demand for the new models has been strong, Rohrer says, with dealer orders for the premium trim package, called the Silverado High Country, running about double what GM expected. "With demand like this, we don't have any plans moving our incentive targets," she said.



Tundra prices did not change for their 2014 models.

" that means there's usually something big coming around the corner,"

Seems G.M. has always got something around the corner or next year. How about today? How long will G.M. fans wait?

Members of my family stopped waiting and already switched from G.M. to Ram trucks. It's hard to lead from behind.

@ Rick
Tundra didn't change a damn thing with their so called truck.
A few pieces of Crome doesn't cost much, they should be a lot cheaper.

GM trucks are already overpriced, even low to mid level 4x4 double cabs are over 40K.

something big is going to be in the form of big rebates, camouflage to make you think you got a good deal when all you did was pay full price

I've seen a few of the new trucks on the street lately, I believe they've all been the dark red color. The outside is growing on me, but that dash will never get my approval. I'll keep my Ford thank you.

I expected the prices of these models to have been increased when they were introduced, and when they weren't I figured GM would eventually do so, but not this soon.

"Director of Marketing and Strategy for Chevy Truck, Maria Rohrer, said 'this was the plan all along. We wanted to price the new truck aggressively up front in order to make sure we made the transition as smooth as possible for dealers between the 2013 and 2014 models … now, we're ready to move forward.'"

- Somehow this makes me mad. I would've rather seen the prices higher from the start instead of you trying to trick us.

And gee whiz, a $100 increase for the destination fee alone! I have a feeling this won't be the only price hike we'll see for these models, and they're not even a year old yet! And why did the Chevy models debut at the same price, but the GMCs came out $500 more?

If I was to buy one today, news of this would make me mad I didn't buy it yesterday.

With that said, I still do like these trucks, and would like to have one someday. But I think I'll wait a few years for the HDs to come out and be finalized.

Am I the only one who thinks these "new" trucks look waaaaay to similar to the last generation?!?!?

I'm sure they will appeal to the GM crowd, but c'mon, the look is almost identical. I'm no Dodge fan, but I have to admit, the Ram is still the best looking full size.

@CDN Mark, yes the look is very similar to the previous model, but there's only so much you can change on a vehicle to make it look different, and actually I thought the current Rams also look very similar to the previous generation ones. I would say that GM's amount of facelifting for the current gens is about equal to Ram's most recent facelifting.

Test drove the new truck today in the ltz and the only good thing I can say is it is smoth and has plenty of room. But the truck seems like it could use more power and another thing I can say is the parts need to be alot better quality because you can just look and touch the dash and the technology and tell it is cheap and as I suspect this silverado will probably have many other quality parts issues as the last to generations have. And the gps and tech dash seem to be slower than fords and dodge/ram.

"Government Motors" Same product but a higher price tag!

Please Mark, Do not call Chevrolet trucks "GM" trucks. No matter how much you want to, no matter how much you want to associate the two, no matter what you do. Chevrolet people and so called "GM" people are not one in the same. Chevrolet people don't like GM and barely tolerate GMC for that matter. As a matter of fact, Chevrolet people tend to dislike GM very much so. We do not view them as the same company. Never have and never will.

Do the new GM trucks have the tilt mirror option still in reverse?

they barely made any money on them before, cause you could get one for a song (after all the incentives) Now resale will go to crap, they will really have to sell them a whole lot less then MSRP, well if thant to sell. Sorry GM, it's a tough world out there. Good luck with the dumbass Chevy vs all, what a joke!

This the week the seat recall comes out. Such a strong truck!

Buffett is dumping stock. Yet he recently bought GovtMotors shares. Odd. I wonder if he's being bought for a higher price? To raise the value of GM stock perhaps for the Treasury? Yep. You can bet on it. I too think Chevrolet needs to make a Clean split from GM and Fast. GM has done nothing good for Chevrolet for 40 years and counting. They only cared about garbage like their fake Saturn company, fake Pontiacs, fake badge engineered GMC's and so on. Yet Chevrolet of old by loyalty has dragged GM forward kicking and screaming even though GM made them fake too. Screw GM and their global empire. Holden, Daewoo, Buick China and the rest. They aren't American. They didn't deserve a dime of our money. Chevrolet Motors and Cadillac were worth saving. Yet they wouldn't have needed taxpayer funding and Government assistance welfare to continue. The rest should have dropped dead.

Long live Chevrolet and Cadillac Without GM. They never would have needed the Government. GM is bad bad news.

They should have just priced it accordingly to begin with. "GM is so great they are keeping prices is staying the incentives.....yes $1500 incentives.....wait a minute over $2000 price increase." All within a month? I'm not buying that this was the plan all along. If it was their plan it backfired. Sales down 11%.

This the week the seat recall comes out. Such a strong truck!

@TRX-4 tom, you don't even see commercials for the Chevy "strong" truck. It's all GM's GMC truck here during halftime. Obama's country at it's peak of power. pushing their strong steel bed. Nothing for Chevrolet. I think Chevy is dead in the dirt as far as trucks go. It must be some sort of strategy with GM and GM trucks. Kill off Chevrolet and go from there. Some suit in a boardroom made a really stupid choice. I can't stand GM. They are so anti-American it's not even funny. I concur, whatever Chevrolet can do to ditch GM, they need to do. Let GM go down with Obamacare. Chevrolet however will always be in my thoughts and my prayers. It's good to see I'm not alone. I hate what this country and government are becoming. I likewise hate GM. Ford, Toyota, Nissan and Dodge win here. Chevrolet loses. I hope GM-GMC loses by default for what they've done. Let China have them. They are no longer American to me.

GM's 2014 launch is in chaos. This is embarassing.

"Rohrer says, with dealer orders for the premium trim package, called the Silverado High Country,"

@MW, Pffttt. Please. Premium Trim? Compared to what? A 1995 Hyundai? I sat in one. It has Zero, zip, nada, Nothing on the Platinum from Ford, Laramie Limited from Dodge or Platinum from Toyota. It's a poor mans attempt at a played out western trim that Ford has had since 1999 at best for the love of God. Premium my ass. My F-150 has running boards that retract on demand. You're lucky to get that in a Cadillac let alone something from Chevrolet. GM made them so cheap and cowboy junky it's not even funny. Here's the kicker, All trims from the Big 3 for trucks come from the same supplier. The blame here lies solely at the feet of Government Motors. They are cheap, cheap and cheap. They only care about their GMC truck. We all know that by now. This High Country demand by dealers is a joke. I feel bad for the dealers if anything. That and the idiot Chevrolet loyalists who buy into this crap and Still don't get that it's GM.

I don't think raising the prices like this is a good strategy. It is much better to price these trucks competitively and not have huge discounts. Regardless of fan boys which are rampant on this website, GM products are competitive. I have owned Chevys and other GM products for over 40 years along with Ford, Chrysler, and others. I don't have the hate for GM that others have on this website, but I think this is a bad strategy in the long run. As for the Chinese, they eventually will be making many of our vehicles just as they are making most of our clothing and small appliances. Most corporations are multinational and owe their allegiances to their stockholders and not to the US. Lower costs and not having to deal with unions are major reasons for exporting jobs.

GM increases the price so they can later increase the discount.

BrianGJ, Chevrolet will never ditch GM especially since they are one in the same basically.

Don't worry, the increase will only last this year, come 2015 the GM trucks will be in the dust again and they will have to discount these trucks greatly to move them.

A lot of work goes into designing and building a vehicle, any vehicle.

I think we should stand back every now and then and realise this. They cost, and it's very competitive. Hence the chicken taxes, design regs, etc to protect what you've got.

I costs more to pay the UAW workers and their lerks and perks. Restrictive work practices cost, everything costs.

I concur with Jeff S that more and more product will be imported, but on the other side of the coin Cummins is making the ISV in the US and the US will export.

Hopefully the US exports more, but what the US builds has to be competitive and of a high quality, better than the Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel my friend just bought new and picked up this weekend. He's pissed, Chrysler wouldn't fix the problem. I wonder how much the Ram shares with the VM diesel Grand.

I would love to get my hands on a full size truck for the money you guys pay, even the Canadians would.

Odd that they would raise prices when they are offering factory rebates already.

This scam is kind of like when a store has a sale and raises all of the prices before the store opened. If it is a jewelry store and the sale was 20% off, they raise the prices of all jewelry 20% so to defraud the customer in thinking they were getting a deal.

This will also make it easier for GM to have two very distinct pricing structures for the Silverado vs. the new Colorado/Canyon.

I'll bet their marketing people have researched this magic number and will use this data. Probably $3500.00 less in MSRP or thereabouts will move buyers to the smaller truck

It just makes more sense to raise the prices a little (like $500) and to not discount so much later on. It is like the jewelry business except the profit margins are so large in the jewelry business that they can cut prices 50% without any prior price increase and still make huge profits. If Ford and Ram keep their prices the same then they will get more sales.

@Big Al--If anything the American manufacturers need to make a more concerted effort to concentrate on quality if they hope to export more vehicles. This is a huge mistake on Chrysler's part not to make your friend's Cherokee right. Honda and Toyota have retained customer loyalty by making a quality product and making good on defects. Much easier to retain customers by taking care of any problems than to lose customers and try to gain them back at a later date. Toyota and Honda manage to do little or no discounting and retain a loyal customer base. This should be what Ford, GM, and Chrysler should put as a number 1 priority and not being the sales leader. A good product and good service will go more toward growing market share.

@Jeff S
He picked up his diesel Laredo this weekend in Darwin and drove it 350km back home.

He decided to trial it with some easy off roading.

He was in a large patch of soft sandy loam when the Jeep stopped.

The Jeeps suspension is raised, in gear and 4 low.

The engine will not start, it can't be taken out of gear with all four wheels locked and the suspension will not lower.

Roadside assist will not help because he isn't on a gazetted road. Chrysler will not help because he's off road (not bad for a vehicle marketed as an off roader).

Some guys went to help with snatch straps, winches and they can't drag the Jeep because its all locked up.

I think he will need a large 4x4 tractor/front end loader or dozer to drag him out to where it can be trucked or trailered out. But the vehicle will have to be jacked to put on the truck or trailer. What a nightmare.

Expensive business up here in the Outback to break down. Especially in a brand new vehicle.

I considered the VM Grand Cherokee, I'm glad I bought a Thai built Mazda at the moment.

you get much more for your money for Ram brand. The Price increase will push the real truck people over to Ford and Ram...Leaving that low riding Grandma truck on the show room floors.....

You like something build cheap,and a cheap price get a ford,you paid what you get....

Big Al from Oz Why not jack up the jeep some get blocks under the tires dig under it some and unbolt the drive shafts.




Nice to see reject Frank is still using my name.

Through my travels last week I saw a large number of new Chevy and GMC trucks in the northeast. Black and white are the colors of choice for sure.

@johnny doe
Its not my truck. It's also a new truck, 2 days old.

How far from the a road it is, I don't know. All I know is what the guys told me. I don't think he's more than 40km from town.

Also, I don't know how they retrieved it in the end. They might have done that.

But they were talking dragging it. I don't even know if they disconnected the battery to reboot the electrics. Even limp mode would be better than what he got at the moment.

I still haven't goggled to see if this is a common occurrence with the Grand Cherokee. It seems the electronics have gone haywire.

Do the Rams use the same 4x4 system?

I personally think they're all underpriced, so cannot fault GM on this.

IVE GOT A 2014 LTZ and while it is not "Perfect" and no truck is, I believe it is the truck to beat right now.. my 2007 sle z71 1/2 ton has 203k and runs like a champ with a tuner and intake, and has lots of life left in it.. It has more wind noise (addressed in 2014, more engine noise, also addressed, and has a couple rattles, also addressed) it currently needs cats, but other than that it is a great truck with zero mechanical issues... If this new truck is any improvement over the GMT900's then it will be a great long lasting truck for sure... You govt motors idiots and other fanbois need to get a life... for crying out loud the Fords have looked the same for ever, as have the dodges... Chevy's and GMC's Front ends have changed drastically.. doors are inlayed now, cab is completely different... when driving bye one on the highway you ABSOLUTELY CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE....might actually go look at one.. you know get up off your butt, get off the computer and go look at one...

I don't care for these Walmart pricing gimmicks. It's disappointing to see them play similar games. First a big press release boasting how they did such a great job redesigning the new model that there would be no price increase. Now they jump the price by a large margin, likely to add fake discounts to make up for the slumping sales. They are only a few months into full production of this all new model and the sales are slowing while Ram and Ford continue to gain market share. Come on GM, clean up your act!

Perhaps part pf this pricing increase is to make room for the entry of the Chevy/GMC mid-size truck coming next year. Such a move could certainly make the mid-size more appealing.

ummm: I wish you many safe and sound miles in your new truck, and also am tired of the BS about how the new trucks from GM look so much like the last generations, as if the Ford SD has changed at all! I believe between the two Ford Pickups, the tailgates are any of the past 15 years! on the SD will interchange! not to mention ALL the glass! and you can even "update" your 1998 to a 2010! any time you want to, and it is almost the same with the F-150! just a few improvements here and there, at least in the F-150's the engines are all new, for a while there in the SD it was only the diesel getting any attention. Also as far as the Rams go? yes there are bigger differences between the years, and I would go so far as say even more so then the GM trucks, but I agree some of the fanbois here are out there!

Here's the timeline on GM's pricing strategy:

1) Boast how great a job they did designing the new trucks that there would be no price increase.

2) Boast about rolling out incentives of $1000 or $1500.

3) Quietly increase the price by more than $2000.

Shhhhhhhh. Nobody will notice they are paying more than full price.

No one likes increases in prices.

But they are inevitable, just like paying taxes and going to the $hitter. Sooner or later it will happen.

Does this leave the door open for the other manufacturers to increase prices?

GM made the first move, sort of like banks when increasing interest rates. No business wants to be the first to increase cost.

@Hank, I'd rather Chevrolet not be associated with GM either. I know they're the same thing these days but I still don't like it. The further they can get away from GM-GMC, the better. GM is bad news from the 1900's. Government funded and all.

What a JOKE. The Mexican crew cabs are built with cheap labor and you never see a discount for that. How come Ford can build them with UAW labor and don't price them selves out of the market.

Full sized trucks are massively overpriced now. way above rate of inflation. I say knock down the chicken tax and let the imports over here to lower some of our domestic gouging.

there's a little trick to remember, guys. If a model isn't moving, the dealer will end up holding the note. For the first month or six weeks, he's got it in his inventory at no cost to the dealership. After that, he owns it.

When you know how long a new car's been on the lot, you have some persuasion on your side. The dealer loves to turn product, the faster the better.

the rest is easy--and fun.

Take cash if you can. Makes the negotiation real simple, no?

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