Cummins Reveals More Details About New Engine

ISV 5.0L 1 II

It wasn't that long ago that Nissan announced it would be using a new Cummins engine in its next-generation full-size Titan pickup truck, presumably a 2015 or 2016 model. At the time we had very few details or images of the V-construction (a first-ever for Cummins) motor other than some preliminary horsepower and torque specifications. Now we have more.

At a recent press conference in its hometown of Columbus, Ind., Cummins offered more details about its new 5.0-liter V-8 ISV motor, called the ISV5.0. Because of its size, Cummins hopes this engine will be popular with the pickup-and-delivery segments, light- and medium-duty commercial trucks, and even downsized school buses and motorhomes. Here are some of the technical highlights of the new turbodiesel.

  • Was designed to be similar in size to other gas V-8 or V-10 models
  • Uses compacted graphite iron in the engine block
  • Has a pair of high-strength aluminum-alloy heads for weight savings
  • Offers a pair of thick composite valve covers for strength and quietness
  • Employs a dual overhead camshaft strategy with four valves per cylinder
  • The Bosch high-pressure common rail system uses sophisticated piezo injectors
  • The variable geometry turbocharger design is both simple and efficient
  • An all-new advanced ceramic glow plug system is quick and cost effective
  • A two-stage fuel system (with dual filters) makes combustion super clean
  • The ISV motor uses cooled exhaust gas recirculation, a diesel particulate filter and a selective catalytic reduction setup with a downstream diesel exhaust fluid injection to meet current (and future 2016) emissions standards

Cummins will start production of the new engine at the new Columbus plant by the fourth quarter of 2014, with the engines going into medium-duty bus and truck platforms soon after that. Nissan has not officially announced when the new Titan will debut, and Cummins isn't saying either — nor will either company talk about costs or possible take rates.

Because this engine is likely to have quite a few different applications, Cummins is offering several maximum horsepower and torque ratings to accommodate a wide range of uses. We're expecting the Titan to offer close to 300 horsepower and a minimum of 560 pounds-feet of torque. More information on those fronts is sure to follow.

For the full Cummins press release regarding the ISV5.0, click here.

To download a PDF of the ISV5.0 brochure, click here.


ISV 5.0L 2 II

ISV 5.0L 3 II

ISV 5.0L 4 II

ISV 5.0L 5 II

ISV 5.0L 6 II

ISV 5.0L 7 II



Ron, Cummins went with Dual overhead Cams for lower noise, higher engine speeds, and for optimal placement of glow plugs and injectors

@Dav - you make a valid point which will be completely lost on those with brand fixations.

The Ram VM V6 3.0 diesel is also DOHC.

Big Al and others asking for more power,
At least intially this engine is going into a 1/2 ton truck. You can't put 400 hp and 800 ft-lbs of torque in a 1/2 ton with out the transmission, rear axle, driveshaft, and most importantly frame of a 3/4 ton chassis. In other words, for an engine that powerful you would need seriously heavy(weight) and heavy-duty parts. 400 hp and 800 ft-lbs of torque could twist the frame of most 1/2 ton trucks under aggressive acceleration and under heavy load. That kind of power just is not possible without 3/4 ton hardware. Crawl under a Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax and look at the size of the rear differential, and the size of the frame members and compare it to any 1/2 ton truck. You will see a significant difference and it has little to do with payload capacity. Undoubtedly, the Cummins 5.0 has more potential than 300 hp and 550 ft-lbs. At that output the engine is probably not under a lot of stress. Imagine how durable that engine may be at that output. 300,000 miles may be doable without breaking a sweat.

Nissan should immediately require all employees to undergo a drug screening and send in drug sniffing canines to root out all the crack smokers that come up with these ideas.

For a forecast on how well this engine will sell one only needs to look at the NV van sales figures. The shoebox on wheels was a total flop.

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@ nlp

go look under the rear end of the tundra. other than full floating axles they are built just as large....... not saying they wouldnt want to upgrade stuff for that type of power but the 10.5 ring gear in the tundra is just as heavy as whats behind the duramax and powerstroke and non dually ram 3500's.

Folks by some of the tech i see on this engine is VERY Toyota-ish. DOHC V block using a cooled EGR like the 4.6 V8 does. I wouldnt be suprised if we find out Toyota has had a little to do with the research on this engine.......... Obviously they have been doing some work with Cummins since the new Ram Cummins 6.7 HO has a Toyota transmission behind it. be interesting to find out for sure........

I think you check out how much a Porsche Cayenne weighs. Maybe as much as a 1/2 ton 2WD. This is what the engine is fitted to.

From memory they weigh about 2 300kg.

@Alex and the Real Lou,
Thanks, Alex. I've just researched and found an interesting link.

It explains, simply the infighting here on PUTC.

The guy we are dealing with is a "Unprincipled narcissist".

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Here is the link, yes, Wikipedia.

Lou I wonder who this describes :-) It can be so dim when the sun goes down and the lights are out.

Good stuff Alex.

See the spec sheet? 800 lbs for engine plus 100 for after treatment? Duramax is 835 lbs. No wonder Ram passed it up for half tons. 3.0 VM Motori is only 50 lbs heavier than Hemi. This would be 350-400 lbs heavier installed. Those knocking the 3.0 VM need to google "Banks 630T". This is a very stout and well designed motor.

I had high hopes for 5.0 cummins, but really disappointed that it weighs so much. Sounds like it should be in 3/4 truck rated for 350-400 hp given it's weight.

At the time we had very few details or images of the V-construction (a first-ever for Cummins) motor? not quite, may be for on-road duty. But hey make NG powered spark ignited stationary V12 engines for the oil and gas industry.

I'll let you know what it's like as soon as they are available! Unless Ford decides to give me the baby Powerstroke in the next 150 I'll be buying the Nissan. Banks has already had this engine for a while offering it for marine applications and getting awesome power numbers. Hopefully it will be ofering the mods for the Nissan shortly after it's released. Might force me into more upgrades for my 12 Powerstroke so it will hang with the Nissan, lol.

Love my Titan for 8 1/2 yrs now, but new 5 ltr looking good for trade after kinks worked out like my 05... brakes anyone?

aluminum heads i remember how all the cummins guys used to rag the duramax for aluminum heads and now ford and cummins both are using aluminum heads.

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