Ford Settles Class-Action Suits Over 2003-2007 Navistar Diesels

2005_ford_f-250 II

Automotive News is reporting that Ford Motor Co. has reached a settlement with dozens of class-action lawsuits surrounding engineering issues with the 6.0-liter Power Stroke V-8 twin turbo-diesel that was offered in select Super Dutys from 2003 to 2007.

The engine was supplied to Ford by Navistar International and had many well-documented issues with the exhaust gas recirculation system, oil cooler, fuel injectors and turbochargers. The issues surrounding this 6.0-liter engine were one of the prime reasons that lead to Ford taking the engineering and design of a new 6.7-liter single-turbo V-8 in-house in 2010, for the 2011 Super Duty model year. The Navistar-built 6.4-liter Power Stroke was offered from 2008 to 2010.

According to Automotive News, the settlement directs Ford to pay for certain deductible amounts for some customers, depending on the number of miles on their Super Dutys, as well as $150,000 in total to the 16 named plaintiffs in the class-action suits.

Those with a diesel-powered Super Duty between the model years 2003 to 2007 can contact their local dealer for more information or go to Those eligible have until Dec. 31, 2013, to download and submit claims to the settlement administrator.

6.0L Power Stroke II



About time! Cummins and the 53 block...

Cummins & Duramax > Powerstroke

by a mile

I'm glad I never owned one of those engines. What a disaster that was.

It's very difficult to understand Ford's senior executive team during the 1998-2005 timeframe. Former big wigs Nasser and Bill Ford Jr made decisions about product that make your head spin.

The beef with the F-Series diesels is beyond words. You take a truck that sells for north of Fifty K and piss off your very best and most loyal customers to the extent that they have to use Lemon Laws and class actions to get fair treatment.

one of my friends always drove Suburbans, for years, for towing boats and campers.

He bought a couple of 3/4 ton and 1 ton FSeries diesels that drove him nuts. He finally had to Lemon Law the trucks.

Why treat loyal customers like that?

Twin turbo, huh?

The Ford Eco Boost will be the next one.

I'm glad Ford got away from Navistar when they did, that Company also had issues with the EPA, this is why some Navistar trucks run Cummins.

"The Ford Eco Boost will be the next one." - TROLL

Will be the next what, what is it TROLL?

Why don't you crawl under your rock and post on GM stories only. You're annoying in everyway. TROLL!!

Looks like my truck up top. Blue, extended cab beauty. I'm glad I'm not much into diesels because this engine was a junker. It earned the name power joke for a legitimate reason. Good to know they're real Ford diesels built in house now. They'll still need more proven time in the fields to build trust. Buying a diesel would have been a tough time the last 10-12 years. The Cummins is old reliable but it's so loud and has this annoying sound to it. The Duramax is great quieter engine but you had to buy a not so great truck to get it. It's much like everything else has been since the latter 90's. A Chevrolet engine in a Ford truck would have been ideal. Gas and diesel both.

Ford = Garbage! What a surprise. :O

@johnny doe. The 3.5L ecoboost V6 has been in production since may 2009 with no inherent issues that plague the motor with reliability issues or catastrophic failure. Unlike the Navistar diesels, the ecoboost was built by ford for ford. I think after 4 1/2 years if the ecoboost was to show its weakness it would have already. So go bash on something else johnny doe

@Frank The next class-action suit. The funny part is if you look at International trucks with the 6.0 they had far less problems.

johnny doe is a troll.

This era of Ford diesel trucks done more for sales of RAM/Cummins & GM/Duramax trucks than anything else.

Ford jerked so many customers around on warranty claims.
Its not the customers fault that a mfr. decides to power its truck with a POS.
If you build it, then you need to stand by it.
No wonder Ford never borrowed cash, they just didn't perform warranty work on Power Strokes.

Duramax and Cummmins > Ford 6.7 Powerstroke

I know a guy that runs an 2012 F-350 6.7 with a service bed on the back. He said it spends more time in the shop than it does out making money for the company that he works for. He and his colleages have begged their boss to buy either GM or Dodge trucks. He said they get better deals (fleet discounts) through Ford, so that is what they end up with. So much for going in house for your diesel technology!

@kibbsford Im not bashing just stating the obvious. Read forums/news and learn the facts some of the crazed Ford fanboys don't want you to know.

Power joke this week, ecoboast next week.

Power joke this week, ecoboast next week.

Posted by: charlie | Oct 25, 2013 11:59:47 AM

ecoboast, Good one! I think the Ford fans prefer Ego Boost though, especially that Frank guy. He is surely looking through rose colored glasses!

It was the engine from HELL! And Ford's engineering was just as bad! The dealer had to pull the cab off the frame to remove the engine. And some of the people that bought this junk, went back to Ford and bought new again. That just make the saying You Cannot Fix Stupid so very true.

Here's my beef with the whole Ford 6.0 fiasco. that engine came around in the beginning of the era of serious diesel tuning/ performance enhancement, and was specifically touted as a hot rod truck engine. Just go back and read the PUTC articles about it, braggin on the V* gas like horsepower curve and driveability throttle response etc. So even out of the box it was a pretty hot deal. Then take the far out in left field tuner crowd and up the power and any latent manufccturing shortcomings rears its uggly head.

Its a two way street, because yeah lots of Ford customers got jerked around, but Ford also got forced to cough up huge for a bunch of knuckle dragging tuner boys who popped their otherwise good 6.0l trying to make it a race engine in a 8k lbs truck. People are right to point out all the problems IH/Navistar didnt have with their own 6.0l powered trucks. Its just an all around disaster.

It's a shame that a problematic engine (not a Ford engine) was in an otherwise good truck (I'm not a fan boy).

"Duramax and Cummmins > Ford 6.7 Powerstroke

I know a guy that runs an 2012 F-350 6.7 with a service bed on the back. He said it spends more time in the shop than it does out making money for the company that he works for. He and his colleages have begged their boss to buy either GM or Dodge trucks. He said they get better deals (fleet discounts) through Ford, so that is what they end up with. So much for going in house for your diesel technology!" - TROLL

Wow, don't know how many times I heard the "trucks spends more time in the shop." comment which is utter TROLL B.S. because, if that was the case it would have been deemed a LEMON. But as always, TROLLS never have anything constructive to say. They should all stay within their Truck Brand stories only, they are f'ken annoying in every way and I can't seem to realize that such ignorant people exist. But then again, this is f'ken America.

I wanted to sure my video I made the other day when I thought my SPAM 1500 could out pull and Land Rover.

Boy, was I wrong. I am so sad my SPAM 1500 let me down. NO MORE SPAM!!!!!!

Best thing to come out of the 6.0 fiasco is ford's 6.7l. We've had much better luck with them than the 6.0l, 6.4l, or 6.7l cummins.

I wish they would bring out a smaller diesel though. Like offer the 4.4l diesel in the F250/350 SRW trucks. I'd gladly give up ~100hp if it means better fuel economy.

Wow, don't know how many times I heard the "trucks spends more time in the shop." comment which is utter TROLL B.S. because, if that was the case it would have been deemed a LEMON. But as always, TROLLS never have anything constructive to say. They should all stay within their Truck Brand stories only, they are f'ken annoying in every way and I can't seem to realize that such ignorant people exist. But then again, this is f'ken America.

Posted by: Frank | Oct 25, 2013 12:34:47 PM

What ever dude. I have know this particular guy for 7 years, and I would take whatever he says to the bank. During my time here, you don't have anything good to day about any truck that is not a ford. So I guess that makes you a fanboy TROLL!

@johnny doe
I see you have a very short memory, hell GM build garbage for years, which almost put them out of business (Remember 2008 government bailout) I had a GM Chevy piece of junk. GM was still using unreliable old pushrod v-6's and v-8 in the cars while Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc all change to OHC engines which are way more durable and reliable. The American public got feed-up with the junk and started buying Asian engineered and build autos, and GM lost $billions. Today I own a 1994 ford ranger 325,000miles most reliable vehicle I have ever own, 2005 Nissan Altima 226,000miles no problems, 2007 Toyota Tacoma 140,000 no problems solid as hell, and 2011 Toyota 4runner loving it solid and durable. Will never buy another GM product that uses pushrods engines.


I think this was the same engine put into ambulances. A handful spilled their guts on duty and this resulted in entire fleets being grounded. I bet they might some of the 16 plaintiffs if thats the same engine.

I will stick with my old 7.3L international motor it is just broken in with 145,000 miles and still running strong...

I have been waiting for this day for MANY years, this is when fords wanted to beat GM/DODE in H.P. torque numbers and the manufacture of the engine said " the current engine will not handle a turbo" you will have too wait for a new engine . Ford said ok and then put a turbo charger on them seals. NOW THIS.

@johnny doe
As for the ECOBOOST solid engineering, hell brilliant thats why Ford is the leading pick-up sales not afraid of trying new technologies to the pick-up world. Ford did its homework when designing and building the ecoboost engines, the only failure that I has been reported is intercooler issue, which is a easy design fix. No problems with the engine blocks, pistons, rings, DOHCS, variable valve timing controls, heads, valve springs, bearings, timing chains, water pump, engine electrical components, cam adjusters, and HELL NO PROBLEMS WITH THE TURBOS. THE INTERCOOLER IS A SYSTEM ATTACHMENT TO THE ENGINE NOT PART OF THE ENGINE ITSELF. NOW I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IS CHEVY CONDUCT A VIDEO SHOWING THE ECOTEC V-8'S AND V-6 GOING THRU THE SAME DURABILITY TESTING THAT FORD DID WITH THE ECOBOOST. PULL A ECOTEC V-8 OFF THE ASSEMBLE LINE, DYNOTEST FOR 100,000 MILES, TAKE IT TO A SPEEDWAY RACE AND RUN 24HOURS NONSTOP PULLING A 11,500LBS TRAILER AT 105 MPH, THEN DRIVE FROM FLORIDA TO OREGON, AND PULL 5-8,000LBS LOGS UP AND DOWN MOUNTAINS, FINAL TEAR THE ENGINE DOWN TO CHECK FOR DURABILITY.


The issue that Ford had with the engine besides not being reliable was that Navistar was supposed to pay a percentage towards the warranty of any truck that had engine problems, but they wouldn't, that is one of the main reasons Ford dumped them. If I recall correctly Ford even had a law suit against them to pay for their share of the warranty.

"A contract dispute between Ford Motor Co. and Navistar International Corp. became public Thursday when the automaker sued Navistar in state court in Michigan for allegedly refusing to live up to terms of a long-standing supply accord.

For a decade, Warrenville-based Navistar has been the sole supplier of the diesel engines that Ford puts into its heavy-duty pickup trucks.

Now, however, the automaker and its key supplier have locked horns over the price Navistar is charging Ford, and also over the extent of Navistar's financial obligations in warranty claims involving its engine."

The reason the 6.0 had less problems in International's own trucks is because Ford did not want to pay the price for that engine. In order to meet Ford's price target, the 6.0 that International built for Ford had cost reductions such as smaller diameter head bolts, etc.

No doubt that one reason Ford did not need a government bail out was because of the best selling International powered pickup trucks that brought in loads of cash to Ford. International basically kept Ford afloat for years.

International also has been building Ford's medium duty trucks for several years. Open the door of a Ford medium duty and you will see the label saying manufactured by Blue Diamond Trucks. (not blue oval).

International is building the new Caterpillar heavy duty trucks, too.

I liked the 7.3l International Power was simple and rugged. I will however stick with the tried and true 5.9l Cummins 12valve to power my trucks...Bob is right....there is verry little difference in the 12v cummins im my truck and in my buddys logging equipment (skidders, knuckle boom ect.) There is something to be said when you have a medium duty engine in a pickup.

Where to begin with this... Ford should have done the right thing no matter how bad International jerked them around and done right by its customers. If anything that's the only thing you can fault them for. International should be paying out the bulk of the money. They designed the damn motor for school buses but then let Ford have it without testing the EPA BS that was not required for the school buses.

As many people know if you get a reman 6.0 built by a reputable shops such as Blackwater in VA or Ford Powerstroke Remanufactured in NC, these motors tend to be some of the best out there and will hold up and go the distance. There were a lot of design flaws straight from the factory that should have been corrected once they became known but for a couple of reasons they were not. Ford was losing money on the 6.0 repairs and they took International to court over it for billions of dollars. Needless to say the customers were the ones who got screwed in the end.

The site of my truck is the best.

I just find it funny that all these IDIOTS are blaming FORD for this Fiasco. FORD had been complaining to Navistar for years and got a bunch of promisses that never paned out. Thats when they built the 6.7. FORD Fought to help its truck buying publick by pushing through Warantees to repair them. Now here are more TROLLS Bashing the ECOBOOST and as usual know nothing really about it. Someone else here was surprized at the Amount of stupid people posting those stupid will never stop so just enjoy the fact that we know better than they do ahahahahahahahahaha

A shame the 6.0 had some problems when most owners have a good experience with them. They pull hard and sound great doing it. Still, I don't blame those who have had a nightmare with the engine to seek compensation for their troubles.

SilverRaven needs to stop chugging the blue Ford Kool-Aid. It is effecting his brain. Junk is junk man.

Frank.. Ive also got a Buddy that works in the Oil Filed and His Company uses the F350's with 6.7ls.. says it has all kinds of power, but that it is junk ans is always in the shop.. I Also work in the Oil Field and Drive ALOT, thousands of miles a week... And i cant count how many New 6.7ls ive seen broken down on the side of the road, or on car haulers being towed to the Dealership... I personally think that Ford is trying to keep something under wraps... Im a duramax fan by a long shot and just the other day I seen a New Duramax and a 04 Duramax broken down not 1/4 mile from eachother... sad sad day for a Duramax fan.. But my gosh have i seen a Crap Load of 6.7l Powerstrokes littering the highway everywhere...

The reason the 6.0 had it's problems wasn't b/c the Ford version was cheaper. It was b/c Ford hopped up the programming to keep up with the horsepower wars. The 6.0L was only rated at about 225hp from international. Ford used the programming to push them to 300hp. Most of the parts on both the international version and ford version are interchangeable. The reason International wouldn't pay their warranty percentage is b/c Ford pushed the engine well beyond what it was designed for.

I thought as you did until I owned one. It was in the shop literally every three months. Ford spent over $10K on warranty work on my truck alone and it still leaked oil and never ran right when it was cold outside. And I pampered the crap out of that truck. I was glad to get rid of it.

There is an argument to be made about Ford pushing the motor beyond its limits BUT International should have known what Ford wanted. I'm sure there were plenty of internal meetings about what targets they were trying to shoot for. No instead International made a motor for their buses and then tried to pass it off as ready for Ford with all the EPA BS that was never fully tested.

And this is why when you get a Reman and give it the full Bullet Proof Diesel treatment and EGR delete they pretty much run forever.

@VVTI yeah I would be too scared to buy a 6.0. My 5.4 Triton has been extremely reliable though. Thinking about a Cummins 6.7 for my next toy when I can afford it. I hope they put the Aisin in the 2500 because I don't like what I hear about the 68RFE.

Every brand has had problems at one time or another. I rarely ever see newer model trucks broke down.
I am always skeptical when I see a guy going on about how unreliable a particular brand is. That sets off my BS meter. ESPECIALLY when the dude finishes his rant and starts going on about his favorite brand.

I've heard all sorts of stories about the 6.0 and the only guy I knew that owns one hasn't had any problems with it. He is a HD Mechanic to boot. He mentioned the "small" head bolts but only saw problems on modded trucks. He saw a lot of turbo problems on the initial 6.0's but that was easily fixed with a change in oil supply lines to the turbo.
As far as the 6.7 is concerned, the guys I know that own them have had ZERO problems.

The guys I know with Cummins powered Rams are 50/50 as far as love/hate goes. A few guys I know have had ZERO problems and a few have had problems with them. The other issue is some guys loved the engine but said the rest of the truck was crap.

The only diesel powered truck that I've never heard any real serious complaints about is the Duramax.

We probably will never know the real truth behind who caused the problems with the 6.0. It may of been Ford or IH but most likely is both their faults.

Someone outta file a class action suit against Ford for building such Fugly outdated trucks. Anyone wanna join me?


Ford only pays your deductible back if you paid it more than once and you were under 100K/5year warranty.

As a recent 6.0 powerstroke buyer (yes I brought one) I did a hell of a lot of research on to the engine and it's problems. There are some major problems with the engine, but a lot of the issues are lack of knowledge. It is possible to foresee the main issue, and any knowledgable 6.0 owner will monitor the problem. The engine itself once the issues are fixed is actually a very very good engine, once any owner has spent the money to fix it the engine will out last the truck.

I love my truck and she runs well. I am slowing buying the aftermarket upgrades that fix the stupid design from Navistar, I have removed the ford coolant that contributes to the problem and run the coolant that international use who have little issues with the engine.

My point is don't assume the engine is junk until you really understand the issues with the engine.

They had such a winner in the 7.3L Power Stroke. It's a shame they felt they had to change. They was in school buses, ambulances etc. along with F-250's on up.
It's been bullet proof for me and expect many more miles of good service.
Everything on the truck will wear out before that engine expires.

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