GM Pickup Production Slows at Indiana Plant

2014-GMC-Sierra frnt II

The GM assembly plant in Fort Wayne, Ind., that produces 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra half-ton regular- and double-cab pickup trucks has cut its daily production rates to accommodate a supplier issue.

According to Automotive News, not enough axle shafts are being produced at the American Axle & Manufacturing plant in Silao, Mexico. The Fort Wayne plant, according to reports, is down as many as 200 pickups per day because there aren’t enough axle shafts for the new pickups.

The production situation is complicated by the fact that GM has several new full-size SUVs, built off the same new platforms as the pickup trucks, that need the same axles; they are just now coming online. Additionally, early ordering of the 5.3-liter EcoTec3 V-8 in the regular- and double-cab pickups has been higher than expected, forcing GM to make difficult decisions regarding where the existing axles should be directed.

The last of the three plants that will produce the 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500s (in Flint, Mich.) is scheduled to start production in the next month. 

2014 GMC Sierra AAM axle II



GM needs to dump American Axle and go with a company like Dana

@Craig - Dana? I'm sure that Toyota and Nissan could put in a good word for them ;)

Yes, Dana one of the biggest axle manufacurers in the world. I know Ram uses Dana, Nissan does although I think its a Dana 44 not the 60.

@ shawn .... I Have a pic of the made in INDIA ....PIC ..... PLEASE CHECK BEFOR SAYIN PLEASE > I WILL check again!!! FRIEND. YOU A ON THIS> on the super duty trucks. 350? 450 550.

@Big Al...agree. the use of various grades of carbon steel in manufacturing is the technology of the 1890s still in successful use today. Making suitable axles is a perfect example.

Any story about manufacturing on this site gets the yahoos going with their fan boy stuff.

@papa jim
Forging has been around since the iron age, it's not some fantastic technology.

I don't think some really understand the manufacturing industry and what constitutes 'technology'.

Forging, casting, machining, stamping, etc are quite basic manufacturing techniques that have been around for over a century.

Look at a tin can, probably as hard to manufacture as a fender.

We have done a study on metals and believe it or not India makes some good steel and so do the Russians. Hard to believe but true.

If you buy cheap wrenches, buy the Indian ones.

@Big Al from Oz - true and funny how you mention assumptions based on nationality.
Years back when KTM came out with some very light weight compact 4 stroke bikes they were using titanium valve springs. They had failures and it was traced back to a "certain" country of origin. The Russion sourced metal was fine.


Ram does not use dana axles in any of their trucks. The half ton axles are still the 9.25 chrysler design produced by zf these days. HD trucks run AAM axles as they have since 2003.

It's not American Axle's fault if GM built too many crewcabs and the crewcabs are not selling.

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