New York Judge Puts Nissan's 'Taxi of Tomorrow' in Park

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By Brian Wong

Nissan's "Taxi of Tomorrow" has hit a wall after a New York Supreme Court judge ruled that New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission does not have the authority to force taxi operators to purchase a certain vehicle.

The "Taxi of Tomorrow" program was a large part of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's effort to reform the city's taxi industry. After winning a fierce competition, Nissan was named the sole supplier of taxi cabs for the city for the next 10 years, a contract some have estimated to be worth approximately $1 billion. The program was scheduled to start Oct. 28 and required all newly purchased, non-hybrid New York City taxi cabs to be Nissan NV200 vans.

But those plans are now on hold after state Supreme Court Justice Shlomo Hagler ruled in favor of the Greater New York Taxi Association, which filed a lawsuit claiming that the TLC did not have the authority to compel taxi operators to purchase a specific replacement vehicle.

Nissan officials had planned to provide as many as 26,000 NV200s over the lifetime of the deal, and as of now have no plans to stop production of taxi versions of the NV200. According to, a Nissan spokesperson said the company is disappointed with the court's decision, but it would continue to produce up-fitted taxi cab models of the NV200.

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Your headline "New York Judge Puts Nissan's 'Taxi of Tomorrow' in Park" is misleading. The *program* was halted by the court decision, but as noted further down in your story, the Nissan NV200 taxi itself can still be sold to any NYC taxi operator who wants to buy it. Thus the Nissan Taxi of Tomorrow is *not* "in Park" if it can still be purchased.

The Taxi of Tomorrow project is in park. Bloomberg's exclusive contract to Nissan has been denied.

Probably the judge thought the little Nissan vans were to ugly to be all over the city streets.

Who dose mr Bloomberg think he is ! I thought this was a free country .
Improved safety standards yes, but telling folks you have to buy one brand of Taxi vehicle is dictatorship .

Bloomberg is a total Clown !!!

Stuck up dolt,he pushes for people not to enjoy life and wants us all to wear grey coveralls (men,women,child) and all have shaved heads,and only use public transit,taxi or walk.He is against everything a normal person wants or strives to be..He is not for freedom,he is a communist ,basically.He wants to dictate what everyone does..People like this should be shipped to Iran !!

He is a small,short guy and he like most short men,they try to prove something to everybody because they are lacking in height !

Furthermore,left wingers are total clowns and all should move to Europe,Africa,Iran if they hate America so much as they all hate our way of life and praise islam for some odd reason !!

There is a sure fire way to stop the sales of these NV 200 taxi's in NYC.

Just have NYC put a 25% tax on them, that will slow down their sales and you can claim that they are still available to the taxi operators.

I can't believe in the US a particular brand or type of vehicle can be dictated.

I the Taxi company states you can only have Nissans or whatever I can understand, but not a government body.

It like saying only McDonalds is only allowed in NYC and not Burger King.

Imagine that.

P.L. you are sounding like Mr Bloomberg now, telling certain people where to live. You are a hypocrite!!!

I believe that it was struck down because in a democratic country you cannot force anyone to buy a certain brand.
It would make more sense to have rigid standards with a list of suppliers that meet those standards.
BTW - this isn't new news. It was reported elsewhere Oct 9 12 days ago.

Why does post articles about vans but not SUV's?

JB, I agree we get articles about small front wheel drive vans but we can't get an article on a solid axle full frame Suburban or Tahoe.

@ JB and John: You sure are right there. As long as the Suburban, Yukon, Expedition, Sequoia, Armada, heck, even the Escalade and Navigator are based on pickup truck platforms, they're still trucks in my book.
Not to mention, The Truth About Cars already covered this article on...October 9th!

As far as the actual article goes, I think that if the NV200's are really that great (and I hope they are--a FWD minivan makes a helluva lot more sense than a grossly outdated RWD, BOF car platform), they'll be able to possibly corner the market even without Bloomberg using his overreach to force independent businesses to buy them.

We should always take steps to improve our lives and the world around us because we WANT to, not because something or someone says we HAVE to.

@Big Al From Oz ,
You are so right mate, I would miss my whopper, this is the same bloke who tryed to ban 32oz Drinks at fast food joints .
cheers ,


P.L. Is right. Banning larger drinks.... I'm all for healthy living, but you shouldn't force on people what not to buy. Even a completely fit person might buy a large drink.

I will not even get in a Prius taxi so just say no.

Is this the same clown that tried to ban people from buying 24oz Cokes? I'm tellin' you guys...this socialist, liberal, bullcrap Administration in D.C. is rubbing off on other parts of the country and it's a sad day. Sad day indeed as we watch our freedom slowly erode away.

I've always been of the opinion that that most American of American cities - New York - should have American branded cabs. That Nissan NV200 thing is like Q giving James Bond a Hyundai instead of an Aston Martin or a Lotus.

As a non-American I've grown up with the image on film of big yellow Ford Crown Vics and Chevy Caprices plying the streets of Manhattan - that's what I expect to see. Not a trumped up foreign van with windows - OK that's what the Transit Connect essentially is as well, but at least its a Ford!! NYC cab drivers should buy whatever tools for the job they see fit.

@WXman - slowlt erode away? Umm, looks like the USA is riding a bullet train in that regard. Read up on the Patriot act or the claims made by Edward Snowden.

Some other major cities have standardized the taxi cab.
It's for safety and security reasons.

I was under the impression they were going to be using the *e*-nv-200, the electric ones though. I know there is some backlash over that because it takes time to charge them and time is money when you're a cabbie.

I wonder if there would of been aruling like this if the winning vehicle had a Detroit badge on the hood?

They could wait until next year when Chevrolet starts selling these same vans.

Too bad for Chevrolet. Aren't their new small vans nothing but Nissan vans with a Badge Job? What a joke.

@joe. Spot on. Typical GMC Government Motors Corporation procedure. Is it a genuine Nissan? Or is it a genuine Chevrolet? Who the hell knows anymore. Might as well take the Nissan. At least it's a genuine van and not a forgery. Broomberg is a liberal in disguise. It figures. Louis Chevrolet and even William Durant both must be turning in their graves. Gotta love Govt Motors and Obama.

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