Racecar Driver Gives Shelby Raptor a Spin

Shelby-Ford-SVT-Raptor-4 II

It's always fun to watch a car guy try to figure out how to handle pickup trucks, especially a specialty truck like a Ford Raptor. Toss in some extra-special performance tuning and custom parts from a place like Shelby American, and you can see how quickly his world can get turned upside down. We certainly had a good time with the truck as well, when we gave it a thrashing outside Bridgeport, Texas a few months ago.

That said, former racecar driver and TV personality Justin Bell on the Motor Trend YouTube Channel does a pretty good job figuring out how to have fun with the 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Shelby Raptor on the Vegas Off-Road Experience dirt course. No, he doesn't get anywhere near the limits of the truck, but yes, he does it all with a British accent. We’re not sure this truck qualifies as being "blown up to outrageous performance levels," but we're sure it was fun going flat-out on the desert course.



WHOOPPPTEEEE FRICKIN DOOOOO. Another VIDEO ON THE STUPID CRAPTOR. Whoever runs this site must get aroused just by hearing the word CRAPTOR. Give it a a rest and GIVE OTHER TRUCKS ADEQUATE COVERAGE. Oh well...we have to keep the MEAT HEADS LIKE FRANK HAPPY. The heck with everyone else. LET ME RUN THIS SITE FOR A DAY....I'LL MAKE SOME WHOLESALE CHANGES!!

Hey Bobbie, If GM could build something even remotely close to the Raptor then they too could have people lining up to do stunts and videos. Until then, back to your corner.

Someone builds a pickup that will eat a Raptor for breakfast.

Oddly enough the pickup is German, from a reputable manufacturer. It develops about 530hp and 570ftlb of twist.

Probably the ultimate pickup, it even has portal drive.

The video is at the bottom of the article. Well worth watching.


Hey Big Al, thanks for posting a half million dollar truck that will eat the Raptor for breakfast but will most likely only be sold in the Middle East. Real relevant.

And from Chevrolet? Nothing. Ford has become over the last 10-15 years what Chevy used to be. It's like SouthPark. Substitute Chevy for Kenny. Kenny even wears Chevy orange ironically. GM Killed Chevy! Bast#@ds.

Screw that company for what they've done to Chevrolet.

"It drives like a school bus in the confines of an urban environment..."

Honestly, people around SoCal see embrace driving these things like that. Just another commute to work.

Hey ed, this site is similar, lots of good vehicles the world outside of the US doesn't get, like the fantastic Merc pickup.

It's really great that you appreciate the fine engineering in the AMG 6x6 pickup. But maybe you'll get them, even with the 25% chicken tax.

I actually had a close look at the diesel 6x6 G wagens at work. I would love to even own a diesel version.

If you think about it, some of the ideas behind the Raptor they are used on this Merc 6x6. Build and sell a pickup that is really a big boy's toy, it's just the Merc is for bigger boys.

It is sad that you think the US will not get them, oh well. They are awesome pickups.

Just be more positive.

How can people say GM isn't innovative, or can't compete with the Raptor?

It's called a Chevy Avalanche, people! It's got all the macho coolness of a Honda Ridgeline, the sleek plastic body components of a Trabant, and, best of all, it's really exclusive because nobody buys it and now it's discontinued!

You people better start liking what Obama Motors is producing or they're just going to stop listening to what you want altogether.

Choose the Guts

Build the Glory


They're building Glory in Mexico now?

Looks like a fun truck . Not my cup of tea. The Ram power wagon is more up my street.
I hope this Shelby rap comes with free sick bags if you are the poor bloody blokes sitting in the back.

30% of Shelby's customization business is now Raptor.

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This is the morder day version of the Hummer, people buy them for image to drive around in. If its used out in the desert its a great truck but when used as a vehicle to pickup groceries its not so great.

@ Big Al from Oz
That Merc would eat the Raptor for breakfast???..lol

Put them both in the Baja 1000 and see who wins!

Nice! I will have this truck soon, I'd rather have the SuperCab with the 5.4L.

Give me a break. The mid west has tens of thousands of miles of gravel roads that would have given a better test of the truck.

I can't believe someone would try to suggest it takes 750 horsepower to spin the tires taking a hard turn while going 45 miles per hour on a gravel road.

Sorry but I didn't see any testing being done here that couldn't have been done cruising the downtown strip on a Friday night.

Until oxi and I see a modded Raptor go across Antarctica or make it to the North Pole and in combat in some civil war somewhere around the world with mounted machine guns or anti-air guns or an armored version, the Raptor is just a toy!

More REAL off-roaders trust Toyota small pickups and suv's around the world!

The vast fleet of UN armored and unarmored vehicles are Toyota's likewise!

In fact the U.S. Embassies trust more Toyotas than Fords around the world likewise as well as escorting U.S. military generals in hot spots where U.S. forces are not deployed for security and other matters...

Ever wonder why Toyota's are in just about every nation in the world? I do not...

Good job Toyota!

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Posted by: Michiagan Bob | Oct 11, 2013 12:26:25 PM


Big al

I think you are correct that the Merc is a very capable vehicle. And while it is running properly it would eat the Raptor.

The dual real axles add to much complexity in my opinion. It increases length that may be fine for military uses but not true hard core rock crawling. Strait line driving in deep mud may be fine. But what happens when you must turn the vehicle? A lot of side forces will come into play.

I think it would face the same challenges as a dual wheel vehicle faces. To much of the ground contact with regards to total area, not footprint.. I can see that in a turn the vehicles rear axles could be wedged between objects. While trying to escape such a situation there could be a huge amount of stress on the tires sidewalls.

I agree every type of vehicle will have good and bad points. My preference is toward towing. So I would prefer a dual rear wheel type vehicle. As long as you are loaded only to a point that you float over the surface, a Dual wheel setup really doesn't have a great detrimental effect.

Single rear wheel vehicles can have a large tire footprint. Single rear wheel tires of course are best for deep mud, Most likely even rock climbing. But huge tires restrict the type of camper you can carry or trailer you can tow.

I have also seen that vehicles sprung for long wheel travel. Are not deigned to carrying very much weight.

Justin is a former "racecar driver" ??? Dose he know "rims" are for motorcycles & bikes...and the Raptor "has 35" rims".
Wow this guy is clueless and he gets paid for this.

@BAFO - The Chicken tax never slowed down cut-rate $5,000 import pickups during the mini-truck craze/fad/invasion, but it stops a $500,000 6X6 in it's tracks??? That thing would never be DOT compliant even if 3 A$$HATS wanted one.

@JK, Yes Justin was good in US racing his father is Derek Bell, the English Sportscar driver who won LeMans

@George Correct the Hilux will eat the Raptor Off Road. That is why Ford is having a South African team prepare a Mustang engined Global Ranger to take on the sleeved down Tundra engined Hilux in the Dakar Rally, running at the end of te year.. My Money is on the 3 litre Diesel engined Mini.

Wy gm need to build a raptor,you did see ford build a avalanche,,gm have a good experience whit off road pickup to challenge ford anytime,,

"Reports suggest a figure close to $1 million is likely."

LMAO. So it takes $1m to eat a Raptor. PUTC suggests BAFO is off his rocker again.

^^ Lol @ Tom, ^^

Looks like anyone saying something against the "alllmighty" Raptor is going to get drawn and quartered by the Ford fan club.

If anyone has looked at the specs on the Merc 6x6, it is an impressive rig. It is a case of the bourgeoisie vs proletariat. The former has the Merc and the latter, the Raptor.

In my part of the world, the Raptor suffers from "too's" times 3.

Too expensive

Too thirsty

Too little in the way of capacity

I'd like to see a FX4 package with slightly more wheel travel and better shocks but not requiring flares. That way one can get better capacity with better suspension.

I sure that the Rambo's will point out that there is the Power Wagon but for a 3/4 ton truck, it has its own "too's" times 3.

Too expensive

Too thirsty

Too little capacity (for a 3/4 ton)

Man this is one awesome factory built truck. No one has anything that can touch it, not dodge, not gm, not toiletoder. I want one and think I'll start looking as I have put it off long enough. Leave it up to FORD to come up with this kind of truck and just smear it in everyone else's faces, especially the ram guys. Boy I would hate to be them and keep losing over and over again. Way to go FORD!!!!

@Mikes FX4
So, how do you judge a good 4x4?

Because it can win a Baja?

It would be an interesting race, I even think the AMG might win.

Faster doesn't always translate into better. How much fishing camping, hunting etc equipment can a Baja racer move, then tow a boat.

I think the Raptor is useless for what most use a 4x4 as. I see the Raptor as a larger version of a quad. Great off road attributes, but useless to take you somewhere for a week or even a few days to get away from it all.

Like a Baja Racer or quad/bike a Raptor would need to be floated in on a larger truck carrying extra fuel and spares and your camping gear to use.

The Raptor is a great looking piece of equipment. But I don't consider it a viable off road vehicle, even less so for an 'outdoorsy' family.

It's a boys toy, mainly purchased to impress others because most who buy them have never been off road or could maximise it capabilities.

Here what the 6x6 AMG is based on. I think it was bought and probably is more capable and reliable than many 'mass' produced pickups.

It runs the previous Benz V6 diesel that was in the Grand Cherokee.


@truck CRAZY, "Man this is one awesome factory built truck. No one has anything that can touch it, not dodge, not gm, not toiletoder. I want one and think I'll start looking as I have put it off long enough. Leave it up to FORD to come up with this kind of truck and just smear it in everyone else's faces, especially the ram guys. Boy I would hate to be them and keep losing over and over again. Way to go FORD!!!!"

Posted by: truck crazy | Oct 11, 2013 4:48:58 PM


Fords Raptor was already beat in four wheeler test by the Dodge Power Wagon. (apples to oranges)

Mopars Ram Runner beat Fords Raptor.

You must be confused between Chevy and Dodge. lol
Ripp already makes a super charger for the Ram Runner.




Ford SUCKS RAM RULES!!!!!!!!

I do agree with you, it is a Shelby 'rebuilt' truck.

So then why do you insist that a Top Fuel, Keith Black is a Chrysler? A Keith Black is further from a Chrysler product than this Shelby is from a Ford Raptor.

Sort of doesn't match up, does it?

Is your methodology that you use in debating all issues biased?

This would make most of what you state irrelevant and inaccurate.

@Big Al from Oz

Well i live in SoCal and there is alot of wide open desert to the east. The Raptor can cruise over 70 mph on ruff terrain which i doubt the Merc can. But like you said what kind of offroading? Heck a jeep would go places the Merc could only dream of in tight trail mountains. And what now a Raptor can tow now? My cousin has an orange 5.4 Raptor and he packs his family and camping equipment while towing a 26' boat similar to what i tow with my F150 thats on my name Link and it tows it no problem. I also see Raptors towing 30' toyhaulers packed with gas stations, water and offroad toys inside.


Further more. Ford has nothing nor Chevy to compete with the original civilian 4x4 truck and combat proven Dodge Power Wagon.

BAFO, "So then why do you insist that a Top Fuel, Keith Black is a Chrysler?"

Did ford design the supercharger on this shelby Raptor?

Keith black "His relentless obsession to improve existing designs was evident throughout his career; He wasn't the first to produce aluminum Chrysler Hemi blocks, but his design was the industry standard." Get over it! You call yourself an engineer?

BAFO got his engineering from 3rd world Country. He thinks push starting trucks is the newest idea.

BAFO, Get this through your head.


BAFO, Get this through your head.


BAFO, Get this through your head.


BAFO did you get you're engineering from a dirty washed up old USA cereal box why study eating bugs and cats in Hong Kong playing with your small ding dong?

WTF Frank stop using my name dude, you are the biggest child on PUTC! Frank stop using my name and grown the hell up!

BAFO, Get this through your head. IT'S DESIGNED AFTER THE 426 CHRYSLER HEMI.






DESIGN=an outline, sketch, or plan, as of the form and structure of a work of art, an edifice, or a machine to be executed or constructed.

I don't care if you lived in Bolivia.

The Merc will outperform a Shelby Raptor, especially in the desert. That's were the military version was developed in Australia and the Arabian desert for the AMG version.

Also, if you read my comment I have never stated the Raptor is not good off road. Just its a toy, and it is.

Dodge V10 6x6,


Dodge 51 Power Wagon 6x6,

Dodge power wagon 6x6,


I would actually get excited about driving this one. Love the supercharger whine. I would love to see a 5.0 V8 EcoBoost in this thing.

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