Ram 1500 Wins 2013 Texas Truck Rodeo's Top Award

TTR Ram_1500_towing II

Forty-one members of the Texas Auto Writers Association met at the annual Texas Truck Rodeo to choose their favorite pickup trucks once again at the famous Knibbe Ranch outside of San Antonio. Although there are 23 different vehicle categories, nine of them are awarded to a pickup truck.

This year at the 23rd annual event, the winner of the coveted Truck of Texas award went to the 2014 Ram 1500 with the new 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel V-6. This is the third time in four years the Ram 1500 has won the top prize (the Ford F-150 or F-250 has won it the seven times before that). In the eight remaining pickup competitions, a Ram vehicle won all but one. Surprisingly, the significantly revised — inside and out, and with a completely new line of engines — 2014 Chevy Silverado did not win a single award.

Additionally, TAWA members awarded Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. their Distinguished Service Award for leadership for being the first and only truck maker to implement the Society of Automotive Engineers' J-2807 towing standards into its full lineup of pickups and SUVs (more than three years ago) while the rest of the industry drags its feet. We congratulate and appreciate Toyota for their early adoption as well, especially since it is ultimately intended to benefit all truck buyers who want to tow safely.

To read the Chrysler press release, click here

Here is the complete list of pickup categories and winners.

  • Mid-Size Pickup Truck: 2013 Nissan Frontier PRO4X
  • Full-Size Pickup Truck: 2014 Ram 1500
  • Luxury Pickup Truck: 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn
  • Heavy Duty Pickup Truck: 2014 Ram 2500 HD
  • Off-Road Pickup Truck: 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
  • Best Powertrain: Ram Truck /Jeep 3.0-Liter EcoDiesel V-6
  • Best Commercial Vehicle: 2014 Ram ProMaster
  • Truck Line of Texas: Ram Trucks
  • Truck of Texas: 2014 Ram 1500


TTR Ram_Longhorn II

TTR Ram_ProMaster II

TTR Ford_Raptor II



Wow Ram is stacking up awards....more awards over the past 4 years then ford and Chevy over the past 4 years.

I bet Ram would have got best offroader with the Power Wagon too, just didn't want to make it look like they were getting everything. I like the Raptor but its more of a desert racer then a hard core off roader machine like the Power Wagon.

I would have to agree Joe,

GM needs to fall on the sword in failure.

I look forward to test driving the EcoDiesel however, Ram wins a competition with an engine that isn't available?

Well done Dodge...I mean Ram! Big kudos!

Mopar also cleaned up with Jeeps if you look at the full scoring. Is anyone here from TX? Is this a serious competition or is it a mopar dominated fair?

Good job Ram.
Keep up the good work.

This is not bring truck sales????

Didn't Ram also win the recall award this year? Looks like a clean sweep of possible awards.

Ram has been trying very hard and now reaping the benefits. I just wish these manufacturers were paying attention to what Land Rover is doing with the Range Rover. A diesel-electric hybrid that gets 44 mpg combined and does 0-60 in under 7! I would like that in a pickup. Maybe diesel-hydraulic if its cheaper to buy.

GM's new truck didn't win anything?


Ram has been trying and they are getting the gongs.

Now, that has to translate into more sales.

Awards and commendations don't mean much if they are hanging on the wall behind your desk.

I can't believe they even considered a Frontier!

Boy, a sad state of affairs for the mid sizers.

Well its a given that the Colorado will get them in the future. Here the Colorado is at the bottom of the new release mid sizers.


Aww looks like tough times for Chevy fans. There's always next year.

"Surprisingly, the significantly revised — inside and out, and with a completely new line of engines — 2014 Chevy Silverado did not win a single award." - OUCH!

GM needs to go back to the old ad campgains of questioning the manhood of people who don't buy their products. Also bring back Howie Long. Letting Howie go was a big mistake. The new guy is boring and sucks...


I agree with the rewards, except the Promaster, what were they smoking???

It's marketing. GM went too far the other way in the marketing. GM needs to go back to the old ad campgains of questioning the manhood of people who don't buy their products. Also bring back Howie Long. Letting Howie go was a big mistake. The new guy is some whimpy dork who is boring and sucks...


Letting Howie go was a good idea. That guy is boring as crap with his monotoned walk of the dead voice and character. What Chevy needed to do was put forth more effort and be more innovative. The Chevy is a decent truck but it has not new or state of the art in it.

@Joe, I agree. Howie was a total poser. You don't let clueless jocks talk about trucks. I'm not surprised Dodge took the win. This is a very good looking truck now with a solid lineup. Dodge trucks never looked as classy as they do today. They have the Power Wagon-SFA offroader, RamRunner-Raptor fighter,Laramie Longhorn-King Ranch fighter,Laramie Longhorn Limited-Platinum fighter,1500 with coils and airbag suspension, Ram box for cargo storage,tucked away frames on the HD's like Ford,and just all around a vast improvement in quality from the 08-09 model forward. Kudo's to Dodge. I won't ever own one but I can see why many would.

Nice to see Ram Trucks doing so well. Well done Ram!
I am just scared to buy one because of reliability problems .

I'm surprised that the Pornmaster van won. Who were its competitors?

Ram/Chrysler/Fiat has done a considerable amount of R&D into their product lines and it shows with these awards.

Congratulations to Marchionne and Co.

I am NOT surprised to see what happened to GMC. The "raise the bar" campaign obviously applied to just GMC. They improved the trucks significantly from the GMT900 platform but they barely caught up to the competition.

One has to remember that Ram's "new" trucks are considered a "mid-cycle" refresh. Ford did a "mid-cycle" refresh with their motors in 2011.
Ford and Ram still have their "all new" trucks around the corner. GMC is going to get their ass kicked. That is the way competition should be. Too bad. I like the new Sierra and Silverado.

I do like the RAMs as well. I didnt buy one because the past reputation and my expirence with older Dodge trucks. For no other reason, Ford trucks have always performed well for me. Time will tell. I see RAM as the only real threat to the F150.

I'm from Texas, and worked in the auto industry. This is NOT a Mopar show. This is one of the biggest auto shows in this region. All the major brands are there. Chevy, Toyota, Ram, and Ford have all done big reveals there before. The Texas Auto Writer's Association is a pretty big and reputable group as well. Ram is doing what most of the other manufacturers aren't - they're self-examining their stuff and listening to what the customers say they like and don't like, and they are doing their best to deliver. Ram isn't affraid to take chances and change things around - especially if it means more customers will give them a shot. GM, Toyota, and Ford seem to be more interested in doing what they want, then trying to convince the customers their way is best.

DaffyDuck in JD Powers last quality rankings Ram was 9th in quality and Ford was 20th. Chrysler said that it's top goal is bringing up the quality of their vehicles and I think that's showing. I think they'll just continue to get better and better. Plus Ram has gone from 11% market share to around 19% in the past 5 years. Most of the reviews I've read on Rams this year, they all pretty much say that Rams interiors are the new industry standard, even Mark with pickuptrucks.com said that in the king of beast comparison, I think the quality is there and hopefully it'll get even better!

Way to go Ram! It's good they are finally owned by a company that wants them to be the best trucks on the market and it's showing with all the new technology Ram has brought to market in the past 2 years!

Poor Chevy fans, all they can brag about is corner steps in the bumper and 5 usb ports in the cab, oh and a God awful ugly truck!

Where is the award for the most recalls?

Scott your out of luck, there is not award for most recalls.

maybe this is just nitpicking, but....

How can a vehicle (any vehicle ) win such an award when it is not for sale? Specificly, the pickup that won was the Ram 1500 DIESEL. That engine is not available. Consumers have been waiting for that very same engine in the Jeep Grand Cherokee since it's announcement in March of 2012. No Grand Cherokee has yet been delivered to any PAYING cusomer in the United States. Automotive writers, yes, Overseas, yes, Just not here. They are being buildt, but ALL of the 'ecodiesel's are beening held. Apparently for some EPA c*r*a*p. Until that is cleared up there willing be no Texas truck of the year because it does not exist. And remember, reguardless of the reason, it will not happen until the EPA/ US gov is back up and running.
Now the Grand Cherokee has been held up for more than a year because of ??????????? And remember that was before the EPA closed because of the gov shutdown. How long after that mess is cleared up before Ram gets it's fecal matter in a group and actually builds them for BUYERS?

Calling all Ram boys!

Save your hoots and hollers for the year end figures. Then we will see who sells the most new trucks.

Headline in today's USA Today: Chrysler inability to get new products out is a worry.

Fiat-Chrysler cannot launch vehicles on time with high quality.

Its not about who sells the most trucks but who gains the most. We all know Ford sells the most but Ram has a much bigger increase in year over year sales.

@Joe tell you what, Joe. I bet that Fiat's CEO would rather have Ford or GM's sales revenue that Ram's. Just askin'

@Joe - it all depends on where Ram is gaining sales. If it is at the expense of Ford and GMC/Chev, then it impacts those companies bottom lines. If it is pent up demand ie. old Dodge owners upgrading or "image" buyers returning to trucks, then it is going to increase Ram sales but not decrease anyone else's.

@Me - Initial Quality is a different metric than their durability ratiings.
If you look at brand "Durability" averages, Ram came above Ford by a few points but if you look at pickups only, The GM/Chevy HD siblings took the top 2 spots, the out going Avalanche was #3 with the F150 #4.

Papa Jim I don't know what each company takes in and what it spends. Largest revenue doesn't mean most profit as you have to look at everything from empoyee expenses to develpment and manufacturing costs. I'm just looking at the truck with the most increased sales year over year.

Led by a 131.4% increase in Ram light-duty pickup production, Chrysler’s total truck output was up 39.2% compared to last September. And give Chrysler Group a net 22.2% increase.

Overall Ram brand production was up 66.7%,

More class leading innovation

More class leading options

More award winning bang for your buck

Ram trucks!

Year over year
Ram +23%
Ford +21%
It's not much bigger, and they are both on the upward pace. If it matters who gains the most, look at the montly change Ford +9.8% to Ram's +8.4% and Ford's percentage gains are on a larger number - if you care about who gains the most, it is still Ford.


At LEAST, GovtMoCo Sierra's did NOT get a mention! Long Live Mopar. Dodge always has been and always will be #1. The Dodge Brothers even helped build FORD! Government Motors RUINED Chevrolet. Sorry Chevy guys! Thank Obama and Govt Motors. Buy a DODGE! The REAL Deal.

"I'm just looking at the truck with the most increased sales year over year...Ram has a much bigger increase in year over year sales."

Through September 2013:
1) Ford increased sales +95,773
2) GM, Chevy + GMC increased sales +86,064
3) Chevy increased sales +62,575
4) Ram increased sales 49,144

Posting just Ram sales is deceptive. One can say that they have made huge gains but lets look at the big picture:

September Year to Date Sales Gains (when compared to same time last year)

Ford F Series - 20.7%
Chevrolet ------ 21%
Ram ------------ 23%
GMC ----------- 20.9%

If you compare Ram to everyone else, no one has gained any real ground on the competition.

In reality, Ram with all of their new product options have outpaced the competition by a very slim margin. They are 2.3% ahead of Ford in % gains, 2% ahead of Chevy, and 3.1% ahead of GMC. But if you factor that into total sales, it isn't much.
Ford outsells Ram 2:1.
Chevy outsells Ram 1.4:1
GMC(combined) outsells Ram 1.9:1

If Ram's production is 39.2% higher compared to last September, that means they are padding their dealer inventory with 16.2% surplus.

but Ford and Chevy have a much higher percentage of fleet sales then does Ram. Just remember that, and honstly who cares Top Sales doesn't mean top truck by any means.

Chevrolet trucks have been in the crapper since 1999 quality and looks wise. Their 2500's have been in the crapper ever since they went to their torsion bar low slung frames in the early 90's. They are cheap crap now and have poor designs. Ford, Dodge Ram, Toyota are the go to trucks.

Chevrolet trucks have been in the crapper since 1999 quality and looks wise. Their 2500's have been in the crapper ever since they went to their torsion bar low slung frames in the early 90's. They are cheap crap now and have poor designs

--- And ya wonder why George Strait won't endorse Chevrolet on his farewell tour next year. Funny, he did for decades prior. He was the Chevy Man of the potential High Country crowd. GM is so screwed up it's not even funny. I hate that company now.

They all have their highs and lows, haven't found a perfect truck yet, that said you can't really go wrong in buying any of them.

"Surprisingly, the significantly revised — inside and out, and with a completely new line of engines — 2014 Chevy Silverado did not win a single award."

Not surprising at all! The new Silverado/Sierra is/are lipstick on a pig. Same Sh!t, Different Day.

Given that Ford, Tundra and Titan offer nothing but cosmetic changes as well, just like the Silverado/Sierra, that leaves the innovative RAM with its tiny diesel as the distinct class leader.

RAM may sell a respectable number of them, even at the premium price.

Ram does snuggle up to Texans with Texas Editions, Longhorns and a general western themes. Ford has the King Ranch and Toyota has some Texas assembly, but neither really compares to Ram's cowboy fetish.

I'd like to say well done Ram but.... Now if you can take all those shiny awards and build a truck that doesn't have numerous issues and is falling apart by 60,000 km's that would be a achievement. Ram is innovative and builds a nice looking truck.... my last three were Dodge /Ram.... this has ended because their service departments expect you to live there. I never had a truck rust out a front bumper before especially the first year with no fix or have a brake job done and be told rotors can't be turned... new mopar rotors...oops sorry they're warped. nine visits later and still brake issues. A rear end after three return visits from the recall ready to fall out of a truck .... I didn't dump $47,000 on my last 2009 ram to watch it rust in their service department.... I say garbage and no customer loyalty.... I have gone through three dodges to my co workers and neighbors one ford..... I jumped to Ford and could not be happier. Rams are all looks and are service nightmares... buy one and experience it! Heck buy three like I did and then realize no amount of hope or regular service intervals will save you from the curse of Ram ownership. put all the lip stick you want on a pig it is still a pig! Awards mean sweet tweet because of marketing dollars.... Ownership and enquiring from those that own the brand paint the real picture.... Ram will never be number two let alone number 1 because of reliability. Half the customers buying ram today will more then likely not purchase again after living the guts/glory ram service issue nightmares!

@ty: diesel GRAND Cherokees been out for awhile now, you are behind. Maybe you are thinking the CHEROKEE? Which is new. Maybe you are like Lou, who says he is in BC but never mentions Ram has sold almost as much as the two GMs in Canada. What's new from Ford for the next year, anyway? Lou likes lowriders, makes me wonder if he ever goes off the highway, and he must live near the coast, where there's less snow? Yeah, I lived in Tacoma for two years...

@TRX 4 Tom - still trying to decipher your rant. Oh, you are butt hurt because not everyone on this planet worships Ram.

Just pointing out numbers and yes, Ram outsells Chevy or GMC in Canada but not combined. Well at least not the last time I looked.

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