Rams Don Mopar Glitz for SEMA

Ram 1500 Beachcruiser II

Mopar, Chrysler's accessory and performance parts wing, announced it will be headed to the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association Show in Las Vegas (Nov. 5-8) with 20 Mopar-modified vehicles, several of which will be Ram 1500s. This is the only sketch we have so far, but you can see there's a strong beach cruiser theme here, complete with surfboard racks, roof-top storage (ala Nissan Xterra), fender flares, bigger wheel and tires, and a small suspension lift.

We'll have more coverage of all the mild and wild custom pickup trucks at the SEMA Show with full coverage starting from the show floor on Nov. 5. We'll be posting updates and news, as well as shooting a few videos with the craziest people and trucks you've ever seen. More to come.



Just curious - do Mopar accessories affect the factory warranty?

I think by the way some guys talk on this site a Keith Black has the full Fiat/Chrysler warranty.

Instrument-cluster backlighting on some midlevel trim packages may function intermittently. Federal regulations require all information displays be clearly legible. Some instrument clusters with a digital memory may not activate as intended.

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@ Lou_BC ,

I would guess so,in my area many dealers have new lifted trucks and cars that are done up with Mopar Parts.I know Mopar parts do have a warranty,and if installed on a new vehicle by the dealer I would assume the full warranty would be still intact.

@Big Al from Oz,

No,as Keith Black is not a Chrysler company,though they use the Chrysler 426 HEMI block from Chrysler,as they were allowed to...Just like any crate motor by any specialty shop,get a Toyota,GM,Ford crate motor from a company and that company warranties that engine,not the original manufacturer of the engine !

Just like if you buy a new Dynacorn classic car body,you dont get a GM or Ford warranty !

I guess you too are upset Toyota,GM,Ford only use a Mopar HEMI in Alchohol,top fuel car and boat racing...Sorry for your loser race heritage engine in your vehicle you drive,as you guys always bring this up...odd !!

It just amazes me when there is an article about a Chrysler product,people start to bad mouth them or the fans !

Obviously GM,Ford Import fans are jealous of them ! That is true,like they say, If you cant beat them....Join them,as racers did with the HEMI !!

Ford,GM,Imports tried many years to beat the Chrysler HEMI,spending hundreds of millions of dollars doing so,but always failed and they were putting drivers safety at risk.So finally a few years ago they said enough is enough with this unsafe jealousy,and engines of non Mopar engines,so they made them to use only a Chrysler HEMI as it is the safest,most reliable engine around ! Its proven and that drives Non Mopar fans jealous everyday and badmouth any Mopar on this site and others daily just because of jealousy...I feel sorry for you people,please get over it !! You always bring it up..Hell,I never had a 426 Hemi as my 440 blew every car away anyways and that drives them nutts too !

Please stop spamming your hate for Mopar and the owners of Mopars..it makes me even more proud not to own anything but a Mopar as you non owners are like little spoiled sniveling children !!

I was looking through a Mopar parts catalog at the dealer and it did state all of the items (4" lift, etc.) were covered if installed by the dealer. There could have been some exceptions I didn't notice but that's what was stated outside of any fine print, which I did not read.

@Trevor - I've seen every dealer in my town add aftermarket stuff to their trucks. The Ram dealer seems to be the one that does the most of it. They all tend to "look the other way" when it comes to warranty if they installed it.

BTW - Big Al was joking with the Keith Black comment.

WHEE HA! That there is a fine looking Mopar! I hope it got a Purple Shaft! Us Ram guys love us a Purple Shaft!

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