Recall Alert: 2014 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500

2014 Ram 1500 II

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 11,000 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickups manufactured in the third quarter of 2013 are affected, many of which are on dealer lots already.

The Problem: Instrument-cluster backlighting on some midlevel trim packages may function intermittently. Federal regulations require all information displays be clearly legible. Some instrument clusters with a digital memory may not activate as intended.

The Fix: Chrysler Group engineers will update the cluster software at no charge to customers.

What Owners Should Do: The recall is expected to begin next month when the Chrysler Group will notify all affected customers and dealers about the specific trucks. For more information, customers can call Chrysler at 800-853-1403.



Great Job Ram for taking care of small issues like this, most others wouldn't even bother.

Yes, but for most others these sorts of kinks are worked out before they even leave the factory.

Come on, Ram. Your trucks look great, they drive great, the new EcoDiesel looks superb, but there's thousands of potential customers out there being turned off because of little things like this.

Ram may have more recalls but they take care of their customers and all the little things. I could see Ford skipping a lot of recalls or minor problems

What part of " Federal regulations require all information displays be clearly legible" do you guys not understand? This is not something Ram just decided to take care of because of the goodness of their heart. They would have been forced to by regulations regardless. Its a good thing they caught aand are fixing it. I had my dash lights go out at night in an old Honda Accord I drove in college. It's a scary thing not know what speed limit you are going especially being in a neighborhood known for a lot of cops.

POS Ram, looks like The Dodge Girls are more than used to taking their POS trucks time after time back to the Dealer. Let me save you time and effort, you might as well leave them their until the 2015 come out roaring. Lol

Breaking News Ram is still a POS Truck.

Sometimes i wonder if some of these problems are the work of sabotage. lol. top dogs in the assembly line or quality

i was really hoping for ram to step up thir game and get over this bad quality reputation.

There might be one 2013 Ram recall announcement for each month of the 2013 year. WTF is going on at Ram?!

AllAmerican - read my post yesterday....if you feel your ears burning there is a reason for that. WHy must you be a complete fanboy (read "idiot")?

Recalls happen, yes Ram has admittedly had several of them, but they also do not have the resources Ford or GM have due to their smaller size company so mistakes are more likely to happen.

Ram has been the front running in innovation, with innovation comes some hickups and I have no qualms over buying a Ram, there great trucks at least when you shut the doors and hood you get a nice sound of quality, can't be said about the Ford I looked at last weekend. The door shimmied to a vibrating close when I shut the drivers door and same with the hood.

Back in the old days, Lucas Ignition systems in British cars were so bad that it was called The Prince of Darkness.

One fellow joked that a Lucas equipped car had 3 (not 2) positions on the headlight switch ON, OFF, and FLICKER.

Sounds like RAM may be trending in that direction. Hope not, because the 1500 might be my next half ton. With a HEMI.


Feel of quality?! The doors on the ram trucks feel like they weigh about 10 pounds!!

Kind of a bummer, but it sounds like it doesn't actually effect the trucks performance or operation, just the visibility of the screen in the dash.

Meh. Hopefully its an in and out fix at the dealer, not a "leave it here for 5 hours" kind of deal.

@ papa jim

I heard in the Ram forums that the Ram products that come out of the Mexico plant and actually better than what comes out of the US factory. I don't know how much of this is true, but some Ram owners in the forums seem to thinks so. Maybe it has to do with that whole drinking and smoking pot while on break thing they had a few years ago. Buy the one made in Mexico and maybe you might be safe.

Ram on top of it hardly. As a former owner of a 2009 Ram with the M34 rear end recall and waiting a year to have the recall implemented because lack of parts then three return visits after wondering why the clunking noises sound like the rear end is going to fall out of my truck... oh we re-torqued the pinion nut.

Ram trucks look nice and drive nice when new.. things start to change after 50,000 km's. My last three trucks were ram and dodge until I seen the light and got fed up with the B.S. Hard to have brand loyality on junk!

Compare the Ram normal maintenance schedule to a Ford. Big difference.

Ram is throwing all the bells and whistles at their trucks to draw customers... in the end it comes down to cost of ownership and how much time is spent in their service departments.... took the last three vehicles for me to finally say Ford and Gm make better trucks. Compare all three trucks after five years of use and the dodge/Ram is no where near the playing field of Ford or GM. I was Mr. Mopar and the inferior product made me of all people drop my brand loyality once and for all. The GUTS are on recall, the GLORY is spending numerous visits in the service department and the TRUE GLORY is when you see the light and buy a more dependable and reliable brand!

Ford Sucks period.

I think Ram made the right call. Ford not so much.

Ford to pay $17 million in U.S. settlement over slow recall.
Thu Aug 1, 2013 11:34am EDT

Ford Motor Co (F.N) agreed to pay nearly $17.4 million in a settlement with U.S. auto safety regulators for failing to act quickly enough last year to recall vehicles with a defect that may cause unintended acceleration.
Sound familiar. Toy 0 Ta! ring any bells? lol

Solid state instrument panels have been a problem since the beginning.
My son had a 89 GMC Jimmy a solid state instrument panel. What a horrible piece of hardware. Huge businesses were started in the rebuilding of bad panels.

The article seems to suggest that the problem can be fixed with a re-flash. Hope that is true. Changing a instrument panel can be a big deal. But I suppose practice can make perfect. LOL

My son got rid of the Jimmy and bought a 99 Nissan. More electrical gremlins. This one had a problem with mismatched metallic electrical components in a tail light. Replaced the receptacle with one out of pick a part. Guess what, in short order the same problem, the permanent solution was to use some aluminum foil to help complete the contact for the light bulb ground. haha

From there he bought a very nice looking 99 ranger 4x4. guess what. Oil gauge is fluctuating. We know it isn't the pressure. It bounces from 0 to normal. Hope it's the sending unit, I don't want to change another instrument panel.

The front hub is coming Fed ex today. 18 inch wheels and 35 inch rims are not easy on those auto hubs.

But he's not about to get rid of those fancy rims and tires. even though it will cost him 800 dollars to replace those tires on a truck he only paid a thousand dollars for. ( Yes he almost stole that truck)

@popa john
You don't get to be the best selling pick-up for over 30 years selling junk. In 2008 both GM and Chrysler were about to be liquidated as corporations for selling inferior vehicles.


Ford 4x4 Pulse locking front hubs are pretty close to junk. On average I see they last between 40 and 60 thousand miles even with stock wheels and tires.

My F250 had over 180,000 miles on it and I never changed out the hubs once and I used 4x4 all the time. I worked great every time. Experiences will vary I guess.

@ALL American, Funny, Don't be surprised if your G.M. truck is not where you parked it. LMAO!

2013 Chevy, GMC trucks recalled for roll-away risk
More than 69,000 vehicles affected

Read more:

Someone on this post said something about Ram being part of a small company, and having not enough funds to get things right? that's funny cause I thought Fiat was one of the largest vehicle manufactures in the world? as lest bigger than Chrysler was, at one time, but not as big as GM or maybe even FOMOCO, but not just a company that makes only pickup trucks? Still most of the folks I know that have a Ram/Dodge truck has had good luck with them, I have had good luck with my 2003 Dakota, and have no problem with looking at, and maybe even buying a new Ram in the not to distant future.

My Dad had a 99 Durango, that thing was was bullet proof 175K and the only thing it needed was ball joints.

The problem with the ford hubs is on the f150 2004- present. Its the integrated wheel end (iwe). They don't just wear out and need to be replaced every 40-60'000. When in 2wd they have no wear what so ever. They are not the strongest though. It's a plastic like material with hard gears fused into them. I broke one on my truck when it was 3 months old. I was doing 4wd donuts in the snow. The piece split in two leaving the gear end grinding in the hub. Ive done alot offroading with them even with 35's over the last year And a half and they've held up fine through that. Its a warn product.


Do you know that on a ford diesel the maintanence schedule for oil changes is 7,500 miles. On the Ram with the cummins is 15,000. What does that say about your maintanence schedule? Also what about warranty?

Its a dash light people! At least its recalled and is no cost to the customer.. RAM is a newly redesigned truck from the ground up. Not a ford that has used the same basic vehicle with a few changes here and there since 1999!

@Sandman4x4 - I am not sure what exactly you are saying, but I suppose you are referring to my post that said:

"yes Ram has admittedly had several of them, but they also do not have the resources Ford or GM have due to their smaller size company so mistakes are more likely to happen"

It seems that I must get technical to explain my point. How many people does RAM employ? Fiat has little to do with this as Ram is developing the product, not Fiat, and it is not like Ram is given all the knowledge, funds, or production information that Fiat has. Yes, Fiat owns them, but other than that, not a lot is done between the two companies that would help them. Ford Trucks division and GM have so many more people and so much more money to play with, especially Ford. Who was hit the worst in the recession? Ram. They do not have the same resources and yes, they are a smaller company, even though they are owned by a big company. Look at the output of the plants. Fords is cranking out over 100K more than Ram this year. Obviously a bigger company with more funds to work with. Volume is good. I hope you understand now.

recalls all the time, just saw this for GM 20,000 recalled

nothing new

Defective Trucks
Ram Sucks

It's a recall a day with these fiat trucks.

@All1 - I had read a story that listed quality of build by region. Japan, China, SE Asia #1, North America #2, EU #3.
It did not differentiate Mexico or USA.

@HemiV8 - every brand has documented cases of unintended acceleration.
In some cases it can be hard to locate a problem and since the Toyota recall, it has become a convenient scapegoat for poor driving.

In your case, you are not seeking the truth, you just want to deflect attention away from your favorite brand onto other brands.

I do think that recall threads should be posted with the comments section closed because intelligent dialogue rarely ever occurs.
This thread is a perfect example, we have fanboys on one side bashing, and on the other side - fanboy apologists, and fanboy counter bashing.

It is a minor recall but I'm more concerned with the fact that it required a software reflash.

@Lou bc, Can i trust you to tell the truth? I heard from a couple Canadians that Dodge Power Wagons are not sold in Canada. Is this true?

This is not news. This is something that happens every month for Ram pickups.

@Really, What make, model, year is your truck tough guy?

Y'all have to keep in mind that Daimler sold off Chrysler's electronics division to Siemens before they bailed out of the company. As such, Chrysler is having to re-build that division and are probably forced to start everything from scratch. It's not like they have older software to fall back on any more and minor glitches WILL crop up and have to be addressed.

This is NOT Chrysler's fault, but Daimler's for putting them into this strait.

@HEMI V8 - you are correct. There are NO "Dodge" Power Wagon's sold in Canada.

You must of missed the memo - Dodge doesn't build trucks any more...................

Ram does.

I do see Ram Power Wagons but they aren't all that common.
I've seen two that looked like they actually were used hard off-road. I've seen one used as a work truck and it was loaded heavy and was squatting in the rear pretty bad.

Since you probably will bring it up, I've seen a couple of Raptor's that looked like they were used off-road. I've seen one as a work truck and at least the driver of that one wasn't dumb enough to overload it (like the PW guy).

@Vulpine - really?
DaimlerBenz may of sold off their electronics division, but who was responsible for developing this software?

If they don't have the "in house" expertise, I'm sure that Fiat does (or maybe doesn't???)

The buck stops with the owner of the badge on the fender.

Ask Toyota - they took in on the chin for rusting Dana frames and for sticky gas pedals made by CTS Corporation.

@ brandon507

I should have stated gas engines. My hemi 1500 did light duty towing... dealer indicated service should be 25,000 km's to change diff fluids.tranny and transfer case.

Ford gas f150 requires 96,000 km's compared to the ram... oil changes are the same..8000km's is recommended.

ford plugs...96,000 km's ...Ram 50,000 and Hemi is dual plugged.

I know Cummins is a great diesel however I know of two friends who were pissed when injector and lift pumps failed and dealer accused them of putting in dirty diesel and asked them if they were oil field workers. Neither of them were and were not covered for warranty. One still has his ram the other bought a duramax after eating a $3600 bill. Both trucks also had the front ends replaced twice before 160,000 km's.

My 2009 hemi developed rear end problems after recall. Brakes done at 50,000km's and back to the dealer nine times...scary. Love how you can't turn a ram/dodge brake rotor then order new factory parts only to discover they are warped from the factory! I think I replaced every bulb in the truck two or three times.

My last three Ram/Dodges have been very inconvenient and costly. By 2010 I was complaining to dealer the front chrome bumper on my SLT was rusting away. Complained to Chrysler ....both complaints fell on deaf ears. Have you ever owned a new truck and had the front bumper rust within the first year? Ever have to carry tools to change headlight and taillight bulbs? The dealer watched me change a headlight bulb and said they should hire me because I became a pro at replacement! My days of loyalty have sailed I will never ever by another Ram or Dodge. Oh if I ever run into the voice behind the uconnect chances are I will punch the dumb bitch in the mouth.

Thanks Lou BC. :) I also heard that Ram is number one in Diesel truck $ sales $ in Canada.

@Lou BC, Does almost everything you type on here WRONG!

Here is what Diaz said, "“I want people to understand that although we will market and brand our Ram trucks as Ram trucks, they will always and forever be Dodges,” Diaz said. “They’ll always be VINed as a Dodge."

Why don't you fact check before you go on you daily troll.
What else you got to do all day. lol

Its not confusing at all. Truck has always been Dodge Ram and Diaz says it will stay that way. what do you find confusing LOU, that Dodge Ram has become the best truck available and the Ram name is getting tons of publicity by getting guys like you who keep saying that Chrysler is in trouble and needs to market their product better? Well this is a dam good way of getting people talking about their product and want to learn more about it, kind of like GM inviting Ford to a Tug of War (a useless test but a good way to get people all riled up about the outcome and the fact that it proves nothing),, lots of publicity for GM none the less. Any publicity is good and this is marketing from Chrysler... its got you reading about Dodge Ram now, doesn't it? The new Dodge RAM HD is all the talk in town these days. Go to a Dodge truck dealer and notice all the guys in Ford/GM/ Toyota trucks coming in to take a look at the Awesome Ram Heavy Duty Cummins.

Posted by: sean | Jan 22, 2010 1:09:07 AM

@R3NSTONER, Mike of Colorado City, TX on Sept. 11, 2013
Satisfaction Rating
This morning I get a call from my daughter to say that while taking her kids to school, she had stopped briefly to put some gas in and, while fueling the station manager and several other people rushed to her vehicle with fire extinguishers. My daughter quickly got my grand kids out and, stepped away to let the guys do their job. Once the fire was out and things cooled down a bit. it was evident that the cause was from the exhaust swelling up due to heat and pressure of a clogged catalytic converter system. Thanks, EPA IDIOTS. You nearly burned my daughter and grandkids alive due to your stupidity. Ford should recall this whole damn line of vehicles (but won't) due to costs. I would not buy a Ford nor recommend one to anyone. Automotive mechanic-20+ years.

Just saying my 99 ram has 366212km on it. Owened it now for 7 years and no major issues. Rebuilt the tranny to handle all my power upgrades but other than that nothing but regular maintance stuff like brakes and fuel filters. Replaced my vp44 about 4 or 5 years ago also but that was kinda my fault.

@HEMI V8 - is Diaz currently employed by Dodge, er Ram, er Fiat?

You seem to think that everything I type is wrong because you have spent the last 10 odd years down wind of a sheep's buttocks or is that goat?

Oh I forgot a Bighorn is a sheep, much like you ;)

ou seem to think that everything I type is wrong because you have spent the last 10 odd years down wind of a sheep's buttocks or is that goat?

Oh I forgot a Bighorn is a sheep, much like you
Posted by: Lou_BC | Oct 4, 2013 1:21:00 AM

@Mark Williams,, It is starting again. LOU IS A TROLL!!!!!! Ban him from the site..

That Ford camp is desperate.

All I can say is I have 2011 3500 Dually Diesel Laramie edition and LOVE it, its a monster to pull my horse trailer and has as nice an interior as any car I own (better actually). I have had ZERO problems with it at 40,000 miles and actually just ordered a new 2014 Longhorn version last week. Say what you will but I know from owning several since 2000 that they are real workhorses and dependable.

Kenny, The problems didn't start until 2013 with all the new electronics, epa diesel carp, and whatnot.

I recognize that with very high end and complex electronics come certain issues and the newer architecture of these trucks electrical systems will challenge its dependability but would you prefer to go back to no amenities and hard point ignitions? Hell if I pissed an moaned every time my computer farted I would never get anything done. I will tell you that with these newer vehicles no matter the brand that you simply cant screw with ANY part of the electrical system without causing some sort of backlash, gone are the days that you can climb under the dash and wire in stereos and amps as if they were nothing. Today if the vehicle didn’t come with it don’t try and add it later. My father used to bemoan of the “Good old days” when you could pop the hood on his old Packard and fix anything himself. But he sure liked the way his new Cadillac Fleetwood drove forever without having to fix anything at all and had lots of creature comforts!

@HEMI V8- I'm sure that you find yourself completely amusing and the very fact that I am answering one of your posts must have you firing a wad into your coloured underwear (yellow front, brown back). Ultimately, your cowardice hurts PUTC and if you do have a problem with my comments and the repair sho then you should have the intestinal fortitude to debate me face to face without hiding behind your fat ass.

@ HEMI V8 yeah no ram or dodges will ever catch fire because their in the service

yeah motor trend Ram test vehicle up in smoke.

Guts glory,,,hey whats burning

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